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  1. will be here for another week.

    Sunday, August 01, 2010

    for some, you'll know that i am still in malaysia. that is cause i didn't fly on friday. went to the airport, lined up for checking in and all, then they said i couldn't fly.

    apparently it was some ticketing problem and i changed my flight to this coming friday.

    so yea, i got an extra week! (((:

    tho i was so prepared to leave, not leaving seems kinda fun too. :D and already had a few stuff planned to do. ((:

    here goes after my very long day in the airport, went to toyota showroom with mum, uncle, cousins they all cause mum wants to get a new car. :D

    we want this colour too. :D

    when my matrix is sold, then i'll have an altis at home. :DDDD never drove one before and only sat in one, once.

    the gear is so damn cool!!!

    cousin test drive the toyota prius. OMG MAN!!! i want that car!!!!! ((((: it is like damn nice. when you start the engine, there is no sound. as tho as the car hasn't been start up. love it! but it is wayy out mum's budget. it is going for RM175k.

    after that we went for dinner which me, cousin and mum was stuck in the jam for like one and a half hours. just from section 17 to bangsar village. omg man. the traffic that day was scary!

    went to delicious for dinner.

    spicy seafood spaghettini.

    carbonara spaghetti.

    after that was home and i slept from like 10 something right up to the next day 9 something on the couch. i was so tired. just because i made myself super sleepy so that i could sleep in the plane. but well...


    went out with mum and cousin and cousin's wife to be to go see their wedding photos at jalan ipoh again.

    had lunch at yu ai again.

    this time is kon lou with curry soup, RM15. (((:

    got home about 4 something and i slept somemore till like 6 something 7. then lazed around the house awhile.

    finally ate the lo hon ka after buying it for like a month. niceeee!

    then went out for dinner and then went up to genting.

    i brought my laptop and all cause i wanna prepare of not getting in the casino so at least i'll have my laptop and find some wifi spot and online but well.... i managed to get in. :DD

    and just played a little bit from mum's chips. and mum won money. so okla. out of all that went, only mum won. :D

    genting had some myfm thing going on yesterday night. it was like damn alot of people la. but the weather was not too bad. chilly but not until i needed a jacket. (:

    me and mum left the casino earlier and went to coffee bean and yum cha awhile.


    mum... ((:

    left genting about 3 something in the morning.

    on our way down, damn misty!! could barely see the cars infront of us. scary nya... )):

    reached home about 5am. i was so tired already. straight away went to bed. just woke up at like 11 something. teck wei's message woke me up.

    going out to uncle's house shortly for laksa! that will be so good man..... :DDD

    that's all for now. (:


    with love,

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