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  1. i just want... the impossible i guess.

    Thursday, August 05, 2010

    went to pyramid today.

    teck wei came to fetch me about 2 then went to pyramid. first was to buy movie ticket then to lunch at Mcdonalds. :D

    had to try their GCB burger. so yea. celine texted me all the way from oz ask me to try. ahah!

    it was not too bad. something different from their usual menu. but i still prefer spicy chicken mcdeluxe. (:

    sat there and talked for like an hour and a half. and then as usual he needed to smoke then went for movie.

    salt. (:

    tho i don't like angelina jolie as a person. but usually her characters are not too bad. and the show is alright. not as great, but i guess worth my 8 bucks. :D

    got home close to 7pm.

    and OMG! today was so damn blardy hot! the heat was horrid and the glare in the evening was bad! at a point, i wished i was back in melbourne. so yea. :D

    then went melur for drink. but instead had my dinner too. was with mum and cousin and his friend.

    teh o' ais limau and maggi goreng as usual.

    oh crap! my back hurts again. oh god help! okla. i think i should go rest. byee!


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