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  1. hey hey! i am leaving in like 12 hours a little lesser la.

    things has been pretty bumpy in the morning and i thought it would have destroyed my day. but well, thanks to some people and my family and the outings today, things just got better.

    went out to town around 11 plus. met up with mum and cousin at their work place then left to lunch with mum's customer at imbi.

    some authentic japanese place. it was like a whole bungalo converted into a restaurant.

    one word. nice! that set for RM38. okay wert.

    played the game traffic jam with a 5 year old and i felt stupid. he could solve practically everything. and he is so cute la. 5 but could speak like a 10 year old.

    then left to pavilion cause i was in need of getting a wifi connection to get my timetable done. but bullshit la pavilion. everywhere wifi down cause of some maintenance. i was walking up and down with quite a fast pace and the weather was so hot, i was sweating in the mall!!

    i am so happy i will be back to the cold tonight!!!

    ended up i went to low yat cause cousin was there and he has a friend working there. so i borrowed his laptop to get things sorted out.

    now my thursdays are freeeeee! YAY! and classes mostly starts late!! can sleep late!!! ((:

    went yumcha while ni at low yat. at this hidden cafe who is inside some shop.

    tried their nyonya teh. which instead of using white sugar, it uses gula melaka. (:

    after that, fetched cousin back to work then left back for home. rested at home a while then went out to pyramid for dinner.

    cousin belanja makan at zanmai!

    hotate mentaiyaki.

    toro salmon and toro hamachi sashimi. :D

    dinner was great la. japanese the whole day. i had so much of japanese food this time back. cause i don't have it often in australia. so i am very satisfied. :DDDD

    after dinner went uncle's place and then mamak with uncle, aunty, mum and cousins. then came home and went out ramly with teck wei.

    thank's for bringing me out. (: the friend who i'll see last before leaving. i'll miss him! ):

    i'll miss everyone here. friends and family. :D

    and tim, who i might not see for quite a while. miss all of you! for some, or i would say most, i will see you guys in 4 months!

    love ya'll.

    k la. thought of watching some show. and get myself really tired and sleep in the plane. byeee!

    and i think when i come back, i'll have a new car to drive. :DDD

    much much love to people here,
    sher xoxo.

  2. had brunch plans with steph today. left the house about 11 plus. steph drove me to parade. ((: cause i wanna eat at Uncle Lim's.

    stephy! and her nasi lemak. my friend since kindergarden tau. don't pray pray. :DD

    meeeee.. and my fish porridge.

    then just went walking around. and i got crazy over the clips and earrings which i bought stuff worth RM20 then went f.o.s bought a pair of shorts somemore.

    hehe. ((:

    shopping and walking around la. left about 1 plus 2.

    came home then i slept awhile then cousin came to pick me up to follow him to the workshop that he got his car fixed. apparently his hilux this morning got broken into.

    so went over to glenmarie. then i drove the vios back home and he drove to hilux off to wherever he is going. came home a while then left to yao yun's place to collect some stuff from her mum.

    got home awhile then got ready to go out dinner with the two buggers. ferns and timmy! ((:

    drove the vios out to pick ferns and pick tim from ss15 cause he was just off from work. headed over to sri hartamas which was like so jam on ldp.

    and they were both crapping la as usual. don't know what pknsfc something like that. then trying to make me laugh cause i was in need to pee very badly. and made all the noises la. my stupid friends whom i love la. :D

    got to desa sri hartamas about 7 something. japanese food.

    the sashimi set is gooooood! fresh and cut thickly. syiok!! RM22

    and also tried hot sake for the first time.

    then came home. managed to drive the vios back safely....

    i enjoyed dinner alot la. this two jokers ah forever could make my day one la. tang kah tim, i'll miss you la honestly when you go to uk. when you are in china for hols, tell me and ferns, we confirm come visit you! :DD

    some stuff are bothering me in my mind... ): where are you for me to talk to?



    lots of love,

  3. woke up at 8.15am today. cause i had breakfast plans with qihong. left the house about 8.30am then went to pick him up then went to Nirvana for breakfast.

    my roti kosong with teh o' ais limau. :D i like the way they serve food on banana leaf. (:

    sat there chit chat a little while then left. it was qihong's treat. hehe thank you thank you! got home, rested till like 12 something i went out.

    it was like a very last minute plan la. ended up in one utama with qihong.

    had lunch at secret recipe.

    japanese soba with plain water.

    i wanted to save some money on lunch. manatau also was qihong's treat. ahaha! thank you thank you once again! i tried to pay so hard but he don't let. so yeaa.. my birthday gift worr... :D

    just went walking all over one utama. i love going shopping with him le. he doesn't complain. and give constructive feedbacks. like that only good ma... (:

    i end up buying a paul frank tshirt!! OMG i wanted one sooooooo long. i even wanted to buy the fake one from ebay. cause i just wanted one. somemore blueeeeee! cute man! :DDDD

    and it is cheap. 50% from RM109.90. paid only RM54.95. ((((: love love love!

    left one utama about 4 plus and was home by 5pm.

    slept one hour then went out to fetch mum from work in kl. today is prolly the last i'll ever drive downtown before i go back la.

    eventho tired, i still like driving. :D

    but love driving the civic more. :DD aunt in oz also drives civic but i can't drive that one.... )):

    fetched mum then mum drove and went for dinner. had the best hokkien mee. just that i forgot to take picture of anything. too busy eating. but it was THE BEST! :DDD

    still loves the klcc night lightings!!

    then picked cousin up then went for food again. late night dimsum at kuchai lama.

    all i ate was the escargots cause i was like super full but yet can't resist the escargots. damn niceeeee!

    just got home not long only. after blogging this then i am watching one episode of Hi My Sweetheart then going to bed. apparently i have to be good to myself. so yea.

    oklaaa! byeee..

    with love,

  4. today is a good day!

    Tuesday, July 27, 2010

    went out lunch with teck wei as promised. :D and together with wei ping too. at sarpino's USJ1 for pizza. it is quite nice le.

    zesty italian.

    ranch style chicken.

    was there till like 3pm then i fetched teck wei home then went over to empire to meet up with qi hong.

    walked around empire looking for dorothy perkins cause there is sales and i wanna go see. but ended up the shop isn't even open yet.

    then walked over to parade cause there is dorothy perkins there but nothing also la actually. so just went walking around parade and i bought something... :D

    everlast jacket from f.o.s for RM47.

    okla i guess? always wanted an everlast jacket tho. :DDD so sorta dream come true and cheaper somemore. ahaha.

    drove the civic today. loveeeeeee it!! pick up damn song. tho it took me awhile to get use to the brakes. but still love driving it la! :D

    came home about 5 ish then slept from 6pm till 6.45pm. got ready and then teck wei came to fetch me cause we were going out dinner.

    together with the s9s.

    zanmai as usual. but i don't seem to get bored of that place lo. there was me, wei ping, teck wei, khai shien, brandon, wei xiang, rohit, sean and vincent who came much much later.

    my zaru soba and salmon sashimi.

    and also chicken gyoza. mine. :D

    got home close to 11pm. today had been a great day. tho i am going back soon to oz, i am looking forward to it. cause i know i fully utilised my holiday this time round. :D

    now i shall go watch some new taiwanese series that teck wei gave me.


    sher xoxo.

  5. woke up at 1.50pm today. yeaa i know very "early". HAHA (((:

    then was greeted by a packet of nasi lemak with daging and a plate of paru and pedal. (((: used to be my favourite weekend breakkie. just that this whole month that i am back, i never had it.

    from usj9.

    mum went out to buy for me. ((((: i love her more each day. it is like a never ending love towards her.

    and i could tell that me leaving on friday, is taking up a part of her. but i know she knows i will be alright. :D love you mi!

    then lazed around the house and then went out close to 6pm for dinner.

    went to Hakka Restaurant near pavilion.

    garlic fried kai lan and seafood roll.

    fried brinjal with dried shrimps and chilli.

    crab meat tempura.

    plum sauce chicken.

    and my favourite!! steamed cod fish!! i usually eat that whole thing to myself! (((: but this time needa share... ): HAHA

    then went over to my grandfather's place to collect some stuff from him. he knows i like this kueh and he went to buy for me.

    but didn't want him to travel all the way from wangsa maju by public transport to my place just to pass it to me.

    went to say goodbye cause i am leaving on friday and i could see how much he'll miss me. aww he had always been so cute. and i love him. ((: plus i am his favourite granddaughter. there is a whole big gap in between me and his other grandchildrens. love you datuk!

    was supposed to have ramly with teck wei but raining.. so ramly plan cancelled! ))): the plan shall resume the next few days.... (:

    now going to watch my ghost whisperer. then sleep slightly earlier. promised mr ching to sleep early. if not he might not bring me to lunch as promised. HAHA

    abit hard for me to get that done. i'll try!


    with love,

  6. love this outfit. but just somehow something was wrong with it. thou, the jacket was alright, i don't know when i would wear it also. so in the end, no buying. ):

    was out to sushi zanmai for dinner yesterday with mum, oh lou and xiao pei jie. i lovee zanmai la. i used to love it more last time la. now things are getting more expensive and lesser but i still somehow love it. :D

    mum promise me to bring me and have a feast there. ((: so yea.

    seared medium rare beef slices.

    teriyaki cod fish!! i love cod fish!!!! (((:

    was home the whole night after that. but yet i managed to sleep like 3 something in the morning. hmmm... oh i finished season 1 of ghost whisperer. so yea..

    today went pyramid hang kai with mum from 1 something till like 6pm. all i bought was a belt from roxy which cost me RM39.

    saw alot of other stuff but its either too expensive or no size.

    bought the sanfrancisco coffee's extreme chocolate. after a year they still had the buy one free one! reminded me of nike working days.

    i seriously miss working in nike lo. the experience. whenever i hear I Wanna the song in a clothes shop, i think of work. seriously miss those days tho there were some unhappy days. but still miss it!

    walking into nike now, feels very stranger like already. last time felt like i knew everything there. now, no.


    then left to mum's customer place and then went dinner with them at selayang baru. i tell you it was like some crab feast. too bad i don't fancy crabs.

    and her son is like cuteeee.. haha 3 years my junior. no no shereena. (((:

    i've just got to notice kids who are mixed caucasian and chinese are either cute or hot. and yeaaa he is cute. (:

    tho there is like a living example for me in aus who lives beside my room la. :DD

    and then went to old taste ss15 to meet up with wei ping and teck wei and joel. khai shien was suppose to come but don't know where he disappeared to la. couldn't contact him.

    was there till like 12.30am. then teck wei fetched me home.

    got back and did nothing till now la. mum is fast asleep on the recliner and i am sitting here doing... hm.. blog?

    guess i will start ghost whisperer season 2 in a while.

    love ya'll,

    music addiction : Lady Gaga - Alejandro

  7. Mr HOT dancer, can i know you?

    Friday, July 23, 2010

    feeling so restless at home right now. downloading chinese songs, singing them out loud cause nobody at home, youtubing on this particular dancer which i like and hesitating whether to watch ghost whisperer on my hard disk or when the lane merge on aod.

    yesterday went out for late night movie at pyramid with tim, ferns and steph. inception again. haha

    i prefer the character of Joseph-Gordan Levitt's Arthur and Tom Hardy's Eames than Leonardo Dicaprio's Cobb.

    somehow the other two seems more interesting to me than the main dood.

    well.. the show makes more sense la after the second watch. but i am sure not watching it for the third time anytime soon. prolly like at least half a year from now.

    got home at ike 2.30am then watch one episode of ghost whisperer then stoned awhile on the couch then went to bed at 3 something close to 4am.

    woke up at 1.30pm. ehehe


    love this song la.

    神木与瞳 - 宽恕











    it had been played on my itunes for 45 times. part of it is because i left on repeat and i slept for like 2 hours la. so yea. hehe

    what to do le after this....?

    i am bored. hmmmm...

    oh oh dancer plus height plus perfectly toned arms plus black tank top is like OMG HOT HOT HOT!!!

    how come i don't know anyone like that in person....? i wanna know you Mr yan. (((: can't imagine how much i will stare at you then. AHAHA!

    hot la hot!


    much love,

  8. woke up at 1 am today. then teck wei texted saying he leaving monash. which leaves me quite sometime to get ready.

    went to eat lunch at sushi zanmai.

    chicken curry katsu don.

    then went for movie. 2.45pm show. like damn full lo the cinema.


    it's interesting and good la. but i feel that the show is abit too long. but well.... it is rather different. comes in from a different angle and perception.

    after movie then left for home already.

    teck wei fetched me home. first he had classes in monash and came to fetch me to go to pyramid. hehe so nice of him. plus today, he was even nicer.

    hehe.. thank you! (((: tho i feel bad. ):

    got home almost 6pm then 7.30pm i left out to pyramid again. this time was for dinner with yao yun as she is going back tomorrow.

    ferns came to fetch me then steph then yao yun from monash.

    ate at zanmai again. alongside with tim and ferns.

    sashimi salad and cranky salmon maki.

    we left pyramid about 10.30pm la. tim fetched me and steph and yao yun back cause ferns had to go somewhere.

    tim was laughing at me cause i was posing for the first shot.

    we were trying to make the carpark thingy turn red. but failed...

    we girlfriends.

    yao yun, i'll see you next saturday! :DDD

    i have about a week more to go. tho i feel like it is so soon but somehow i don't really dread going back la. i just say "aiyo, going back next friday already. so fast...." for the fun of it. it is true what.

    but i guess going back is also alright. well maybe not until i go back to melbourne and start thinking back about what i did here, then prolly i would feel like i wanna stay in malaysia longer la.

    anyways, i think i already fully utilised my holiday back here lo. so yea. good thing! (:

    okla i shall go watch ghost whisperer. then sleep.

    nitey nite.

    with love,
    sher xoxo.