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  1. lazy to blog but have to.

    Monday, July 19, 2010

    i am so lazy to upload the pictures on my weekend fun.

    1. genting and stayed in resort world and also went in to the casino
    2. played casino war with RM200 at hand and also left with RM200 in 4 hours
    3. ate cup noodles at 4am

    1. went back to Raub
    2. drove a Honda Civic for the first time
    3. Grandma's 80th birthday

    1. Durian Orchard
    2. back to KL
    3. pudu beef noddles for dinner
    4. last night yum cha with adrian, tim, ferns and yao yun. ad and yy was one and a half hours late!

    today nothing much la. going out dinner shortly then going uncle's place.

    tomorrow will be out to fetch mum and cousin to work in the morning then drive the car back then go out with qihong for a while then go and pick mum up from office then going out for dinner.

    i guess thats pretty much it.


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