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  1. Monday, January 28, 2008

    woo hoo i love one tree hill soo much. i just couldnt get bored of it. chad michael murray is hot!! i've only watched episode 1 of season 5. just finish downloading the 2nd episode. woot*

    college was pretty normal today. time passed kinda fast also. had lunch today with tim. luckily got him teman me if not i sure alone at mcdonalds or something. thanks tim!

    went yamcha after college with jia shen, cherly and sheng loong. i tell u ahh, with this bunch of people like jia shen and cherly, eating and drinking is always a problem. they will make you laugh non stop.

    today was just like normal. nothing much. and i didnt see that hottie today. so sadd. two days already =( . but instead i saw youu. you look hot! really goodd.


  2. Sunday, January 27, 2008

    i stayed up till 1 something yesterday to watch stormbreaker. the show not bad. steph told me that the guy in the show is hot. so how could i not watch.. =)

    omg. he is seriously very hot. and he is 18 this year. o0o. his body damn nice. hot hot hot. scouting for hot guys is part of a girl's life. =D

    alex pettyfer*


    my eyes were glued to the tv eventhough i was very very sleepy. =D my new favourite guy. woot* blondes are hot!

    hot body*

    went to pavilion today. i love shopping there. not soo many people. maybe cause the place is big. bought some new year clothes. spent about 100 plus. hehe.

    i m so sorry. i didnt do it on purpose. well everyone have to move on. i have to and so do you. i know you can soo prove everyone wrong that u can. cheer up and accept the fact that it is over. if not you'll be the one who suffers at the end. be strong.

    stay strong. *

  3. Saturday, January 26, 2008

    i didnt see him today. for 2 weeks in a row i've been seeing him in college. mana tau today didnt. sob sob. nevermind. maybe monday?

    so far my classmates are not bad. been going out for break with them. sometimes cherly will join us. they think that cherly is jia shen's girlfriend. haha. opposite attracts. cute lah the two of them. wait. i'll be weird. funny.

    went to taipan with cherly and jia shen today. laughed like mad women lah. with them life was never boring. can laugh and laugh and laugh. i love them lah. jia shen should consider being a comedian. cherly? aim to marry a rich guy? and name the first kid durian, pineapple or papaya. hahaha. =)

    and when cherly is driving please dont tell jokes. its badd. can cause severe problems. like fatal problems. she'll laugh non stop while driving. thats bad. =D

    dont be jealous. its over.

  4. Friday, January 25, 2008

    went to pyramid with my new classmates yesterday. quite a fun group. we watched gabriel. the guy in the show is HOT. the tatto so yeng. eventhough it is a fake one. he looks like J.P Calderon. the model. the only reason that i continue watching the show. but overall its okayy.

    andy whitfield.*

    bought 2 new year clothes from padini concept store. and got my pyjamas pants from f.o.s. it was a good thing that i dont have to go shopping by myself cause i have cherly gan with me. haha. full time shopaholic lah she.

    always inside. fear that it would fly away*

    i hate it. i am always scared of this kinda stuff. eventhough i see youu almost everyday, the feeling youu give me is not the same anymore. dont have the heart pumping fast and adrenaline rushing to your head kind of feeling already. faded away.

    woo hoo. i've been seeing my so called hottie everyday in college. but always from far. a distance away. when will i get to know your name? =) you wore red today.. hehe.

  5. Sunday, January 20, 2008

    college is tiring. but yet fun. sometimes. at least my class isnt that bad. my lecturers are good except one temporary lecturer. everyday also got homework. must get up so early. even earlier than i normally go to school last time.

    friday was the first time i laughed soo much in english class. the funniest is Xenopause. quoted to be men's menopause. =D

    remember i said about a class outing? now it is said to be next wednesday. on thaipusam. i need to go and shop for stuff. i couldnt find it yesterday in midvalley eventhough i practically looked everywhere.

    i found a hottie in taylors. well to me lah. have been saying that he is since day one i saw him. eventhough i dont know who he is, at least the good part is i bump into him almost everyday. somehow somewhere at random i'll see him. =)

    hot + cute =)

    three times means i really mean it. cute!

    everything is turning out good i guess. except the fact that i think i m over youu. nothing is going to happen anyway. seeing youu everyday doesnt make me feel any better. well.. almost everyday. its been 6 months since i see you differently. none of those times paid off.

  6. NYC

    Monday, January 14, 2008

    another day of college had just passed. the same old usual thing. met dickson today after like what? ever since college started i've not seen him eventhough he is just next door.

    there is a class outing this saturday. said to be this saturday. i want to go and watch game plan. haha. hope it'll be fun.

    brooklyn bridge, manhattan*

    have you ever wish to be somewhere ever since you were a kid? mine had always been New York City and i dont know why. =) but i love it.

  7. Sunday, January 13, 2008

    one week of college had just passed. everything seems fine. except for stoopid LAN subject. whenever they have moral studies i'll be alone for one hour ler. luckily i found peoples to teman me. monday is steph, adrian and willie. thursday still dont have. friday tim i guess. but i wont bug him all the time lah.

    hoping to see derek soon. if he ever comes to taylors and visit. havent really had a chat with him for some time.


    will youu see me the way i see youu? i dont even know whats in my mind now about youu. everything seems so blurred. i really miss those laughters of yours around me. <3

  8. Thursday, January 10, 2008

    today my heng dai birthday! Mr. Lim Qi Hong. a.k.a qiqi. finally turning 18. legal for everything and he is soo happy about it.


    me and qiqi*

    have been smsing him since 8 p.m until now. and still going on. it seems he became famous at his ns camp. its good hearing that he is having fun.

  9. Tuesday, January 08, 2008

    college life is not bad.
    so far so good.
    havent really been mixing around yet.
    still sticking to the old friends.
    met a hot teacher though. a white guy.
    according to my first and only a second of glance, he is hot.
    but who knows? a look that lasted for a second couldnt be really trusted.
    so i shall see soon.

    gosh i hate islamic studies class.
    class is so dead. no mood. nothing.
    people around are soo not friendly.
    even dividing ourselves to groups was said to be a hard task.
    no one wants to to get to know the other. too bad.
    never felt so alone in a class before.
    had never happened. it destroy all my mood for the day.
    it is scientifically proven by me that people like me dont fit in with people like them.
    hate it.
    i couldnt wait till the day i m out of that "lecture theater" and never have to walk in again.

    sitting alone. with no one around.*

  10. Friday, January 04, 2008

    started my college orientation today. =) wasnt that bad. my class mentor seem nice. Ms Christine. at least she pronounced my name right. =D

    having my South Australian Matriculation in Taylors. so far so good for the first day. hope to have more suprises soon. =) good ones? even bad ones?

    tomorrow got class till 3 o'clock man. from 8'oclock ler. aihz. hope for the best. =)

    just had a chat with qi hong. after like one week not hearing from him. best wishes for him.

    he wants me to quote this for everyone he knows : qi hong misses us all. =)