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  1. why kill the whole family?

    Monday, May 31, 2010


    i was watching anastasia last night. call me childish whatsoever for watching cartoons but this is my favourite favourite cartoon when i was a kid.

    i watched it a million times yet i still watch it again. watching it again makes me smile like a kid. like a kid that has no worries but to just be happy.


    woke up at 10 something this morning and left the house by 10.45am. got to uni at like 12pm? and stayed in uni doing my maths assignment and borrowed my electronics textbook and went to sushi sushi to get the sushi packs and left at about 1.25pm?

    first stop was to southern cross station.

    spencer street fashion station.

    i needed to get there to get a pair of shoe for my cousin. but it ran out of size already. so i just walked around and left.

    oh oh and the guy in aldo told me that there is a vacancy asking me if i was interested. should i? or should i still root for nike? hmm...

    anyways i'll text him one day and prolly drop my CV.

    then i left to south wharf's DFO cause i haven't got what i was looking for yet. some tops for my cousin.

    bumblebee tram number 96. ((:

    so here i am.

    walked around for a bit. got the stuffs and ciaoed by 4.15pm. and got home at 5.30pm. :D

    tonight's dinner was all cooked by julian. the steak, mashed potatoes, veggies, mushroom and onion gravy were all made by him.

    not too bad eh? :D

    watched tv after dinner. masterchef, mentalist and csi miami.

    and i am starting to pack my stuff for home cause i know once my exam is over, i won't have the time to pack. so better pack now and see if i exceeded the weight. if yes, i could still upgrade it. :D

    oh and i also watched 500 days of summer yesterday.

    not too bad. a weird story about love.

    it isn't typical. from a different perspective i would say. odd but okay. (:

    i shall ciao now. bye bye!


    music addiction : Daniel Beddingfield - If You Are Not The One

  2. today was just like any other weekend i had before my mum came. time flies though. i haven't been properly hanging out with cherly and jia shen for like a month already.

    so first it started off by me waking up at 10.30am after sleeping at 3.30am. got ready but before i could leave the house, i couldn't find my house keys! i have no idea where is it. until now i still don't. shit!

    got to melbourne central and witnessed a man strangling a guy. it was weird and crazy la somehow.

    then met up with jia shen and cherly and then went for lunch. i was practically starving. so we went for chinese at dessert house on chinatown.

    after dessert house was pancake parlour.

    raspberry and rhubarb pancakes.

    i personally like it. i am more of a savoury person but occasionally sweet stuff could satisfy me as well. :D

    i got back at about 5.30pm? lingered in the room watching shows and then dinner. dinner was fried salmon and vegies. (((:

    then i sat down nicely watching tv. first was masterchef then was BONES! have i said how much i love bones?

    next week is the season finale. ):

    just finish skyping with mum for like an hour plus. and now i have a shopping list. have to buy back clothes and shoes for people back home.

    prolly i'll do the shopping tomorrow or tuesday. if not i won't have time already after this.

    now i am off to watching movies. ciaozzz! tomorrow i'll have to get back to uni for a while and then go shopping for their stuffs.


    with love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Sweet Deposition - Temper Trap

  3. yesterday i was too tired and too stress to start up blogger and blog. i was at uni till 8 pm. i've never ever stayed so late in uni before. i was just in time to catch the last bus home yesterday night.

    i was doing my stupid programming assignment. i hate hate programming man! i was nearly at a point where i just wanted to cry and give up. )))):

    enough. talking about it i also damn stress already. thank god it is all done!!

    oh but the good thing about yesterday is that my first class of the day, my professional skills class, my soldering project i got 10/10!!

    my very own FM transmitter.

    at least my day started off happily.

    but ended like shit.... ):

    then on my way home in the train after all that mess i had inside my head that nearly torn me apart,

    i saw this guy that looks like my maths lecturer.

    seriously my maths lecturer looks like an undertaker. he doesn't look like a lecturer at all. (:

    today my day was pretty not bad. i woke up at like 12 something in the afternoon then helped mum with her facebook and she cooked noodles for me to eat then we watched a walk to remember.

    had dinner at a restaurant called first taste at footscray.

    lotus stem with chicken feet and peanut soup.

    it is my favourite and i miss it so much. finally having it after like 10 months? love it!

    prawn dumplings.

    and my claypot rice with beef fillet in black pepper sauce.

    mum left for home already. but i'll be seeing her after 3 weeks so i am more happy than feeling sad. :DDDD

    but exams first. sien sien.

    okla. i wanna watch show till late late and then wake up and go out for lunch with cherly and jia shen. (:

    nitey night!

    much love,

    music addiction : Art of Love - Guy Sebastian and Jordin Sparks

  4. stress ah stress!

    Thursday, May 27, 2010

    my new hurley jacket and my boots! the other way of wearing it. :D

    uni was stressful today. stayed at uni till like almost 6.30 pm which i have never stayed so late before. i was busy doing my programming assignment with nina at the help desk and still didn't get things right.

    oh god it is horrible!

    all my stuffs are due tomorrow. i have a blardy 2000 words report which i haven't write. i know i left it till the last minute. my fault, i admit it. :D

    then the programming assignment is also due tomorrow. i have a lab test at 1.30 pm. )))): tomorrow tomorrow. everything also tomorrow!

    i can't wait till the day is over. seriously can't wait!

    but mum is leaving on saturday already. )))): although i'll see her in less than a month in malaysia, i'll miss having her here, i'll just miss her la...

    oh god exams are around the corner.. no no. but i also wanna get home fast. so means exams will come fast too. ):

    but malaysia here i come yo! now that cheers me up! :DDD

    mum fried mee hoon tonight for my dinner. it is so good. i miss her cooking though she doesn't cook very much, but when she does, i'll love it. (: i came home feeling so hungry and was greeted by a plate of nice looking and smelling mee hoon. yum yum!

    now i have to work on my ethics report. oh god. i wonder how long i will work on it tonight. sei lo.....

    okla i better go. ciao ciao!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

  5. it was a foggy morning.

    left to uni at 8 am. tired.... i slept at like 1 something. so i was like zombified when i left the house this morning.

    last week of uni for the semester. oh so happy!

    had sushi for lunch. now i am loving the pickled ginger. niceee!

    i actually finished my class at 4.30 pm but i had to stay a little longer to do my programming assignment which talking about that, tomorrow i have to stay back as well. ))):

    i wanna go home early... ):

    oh oh and good news, my second maths test i got 88/100. oh so happy! although the first one i didn't do so well, i did well for this.

    hopefully finals will be alright. as now i am studying complex numbers and those who have taken it before, complex number is complex! it is shit. ):

    got home at 6 something then had mutton curry for dinner! yum yum!

    and watched the time traveler's wife again just now with aunty doris and my mum. i love it. but it is so sad.


    my day was okay today. chatted with qi hong and tim quite alot today. and cherly for abit. then got my ipod on in the train on my way home and thought of nick cause of gives you hell by all american rejects.

    my working days was fun. i really enjoyed. well most of the days. not the days with horrible people to work with.

    i miss them. when i am back, i am making sure i'll catch up with them. :D

    okay, i better go to bed. i am so tired. nites!

    tried on my chunky knits tights and new boots today. good eh, feel no cold at all. :D

    lots of love,

    music addiction : Pink - Family Portrait

  6. i am feeling all sorts. sigh

    Tuesday, May 25, 2010

    my new top for $3.
    paris is love huh?
    can i go there someday with you?

    i watched Dear John last night with my mum. i know i liked it. or more like i loved it. ((: i always have a thing for shows like this. ALWAYS.

    i loved it. as usual.

    not only because it was Channing Tatum who is in the show and not to mention oh-so-amazingly hot, the show is just my thing. never failed to make me feel awwww in the inside.

    it was a typical nicholas sparks story. and i still loved it. (:

    cherly and jia shen came over this morning to give me back my luggage bags and they lingered around for a little while and we left to the city together cause mum had lunch with a friend and i had to get to uni for my assignment.

    argh annoying betul la assignments. ):

    left uni at about 3 something and met up with mum and came back together. before getting home, we stopped by moonee ponds for a while.

    and i bought darrell lea's melted marshmallow with chocolate coating and with peanuts.

    i am not a big marshmallow fan. now that i've tried it, i am never going back again eventhough it was quite nice.

    got home almost towards 6 pm.

    and i fried rice for everybody for dinner.

    pretty satisfied with the outcome. the flavours and all. i am no fancy cook. (:

    watched confessions of a shopaholic and made of honor just now. i just love chick flicks. love it!

    he is indeed mcdreamy.

    watching grey's anatomy so much i just couldn't picture him to be the guy that has rules and sleeps around with different girls every night. well, that's his character in made of honor. so yeaa. he is sexy though. (:

    and luke brandon from confessions of a shopaholic too! (: especially the part where he pick up his own tuxedo. hot and sexy!

    i need something to smile about today. and as usual blogging about hot guys in my opinion does.

    something has been bothering me the whole day. i feel so congested and disturbed in my mind. and i don't know whats causing it and it is frustrating.

    i am feeling emo tonight. and god knows why.

    okay, bye.


  7. today was a very wet day. it was drizzling all the way.

    i went to uni for only one lecture then met up with mum at 11 something. cause mum went to uni with me. she wanted to go to the chemist on glenferrie road.

    met up with her and went for breakkie.

    at blac cafe.

    cajun chicken and avocado and spinach focaccia.

    salmon benedicts. poached eggs and smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce.. yum yum!

    after breakkie we left back out to the city. target was the first stop then went over to smith street again cause i really wanted that pair of boots. the one i tried last saturday when i went with cherly and jia shen and celine and mum.

    it looks loose that day but today with my jeans, it looks alot better. so i bought it. (:

    after smith street we went to southern cross's spencer street fashion station to buy the pair of shoes for my cousin from aldo for $15.

    made a friend there. the guy is pretty nice, marvin? chinese guy born in brunei but already and aussie now. and my mum likes him. plus he said he might be able to get me a job there. and the pay is so good i tell you. ((((:

    but first, i wanna apply for nike then if i don't get it, i shall go for the aldo one provided the offer is still open.

    after that went to the duty free shop on swanston street then left for home.

    was back by 5 something.

    aunty doris cooked laksa for dinner. yummy man i tell you! ((((:

    then i was watching masterchef and the season finale of sanctuary which was all that we had. and i fell asleep as usual. i always fall asleep on the couch and then wake up to come upstairs and feel so energetic. hmmm...

    tomorrow i have to be back at uni to get my programming assignment done. so yea... after this week is over, exams will be here. so not fun!

    bought three pairs of tights today from target.

    and my $30 boots. me love love! and very comfy as well. :D can wear it two ways. :DD

    okla.. i shall go off. maybe i'll watch mercy or Dear John which i just downloaded yesterday. channing tatum is love! :D


    with love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : If We Ever Meet - Timbaland ft. Katy Perry

  8. my shining star.#

    Sunday, May 23, 2010

    hey hey!

    went airport west today with mum and aunty. cause i wanted to go to target to get those tights which i didn't yesterday. it was cheap somemore. so yeaa..

    just went walking around.

    then had late late lunch at about 3 something. and we had KFC. :D

    i had the all stars box. so damn filling man...

    got home and i was watching an episode of amazing race and two episodes of mercy. and one episode of bones and castle on tv. (:

    starting to love castle. (((:

    now he is hot. acting in castle and acted in one tree hill.

    in one tree hill, he was the hot uncle. hot hot!

    and what i bought today. my accessories travelling box and two pairs of tights.

    i guess that is pretty much it. tomorrow back to uni. argh so annoying! but good that it is the last week of uni already. and i have so many stuffs due this coming week! )):

    can't wait for it to be over. then exams will come just around the corner. argh argh!

    but but, after exams, which is after 4 weeks including this week, i will be back to malaysia baby! i shall return! (: i miss miss home so much. not emotionally miss kinda thing but more like the food and the friends and the hanging out and the family gatherings and the families. (:

    but i still love it here! it was indeed a good change for me. although i left so many things at home.

    my dream was fulfilled. i am happy enough.

    much love,

    music addiction : Gabrielle - Sunshine

  9. i just finished watching my grey's anatomy and one tree hill season finale.

    first, what the hell on one tree hill's season finale??????? but yay in a sense that there will be a new season. :D but sad in another sense that i have to wait for so long till it'll be back on again. ): and even more sad wondering whether did the both of them die? ))))))): i want it NOW!

    second, grey's finale was sad and scary and did mention sad? but well, it didn't leave us hanging though. and now i have to wait forever for the next season. ):

    everything that i am watching season ended. ): so not fun!

    i am thinking of keeping up with ghost whisperer, lost and brothers and sisters. hmmm.... i shall download all of that and bring it back to malaysia to kill my spare time. although i don't think i have much spare time but yea. (((:

    was out today with the rest. jia shen, cherly, loong, and yao yun for lunch and including my mum. went to rose garden.

    which i had my mince chicken with eggplant. me love love eggplant now!

    then after lunch we went over to smith street for a little while. we is jia shen, cherly, me, mum and celine.

    celine came to join pretty late and loong and yao yun left back for home.

    after smith street we were in the city a while for a cup of coffee then celine had to go home. so the remaining of us went to dfo for a bit.

    went in when the sky was bright, came out when it was dark. and it was only 6 ish.

    got back on swanston and went into big w for a while to get a weighing machine then left for home.

    jia shen and cherly was still in the city though.

    had salmon and jul's mashed potatoes for dinner. it was so good! me love!

    and after dinner i just sat there and watch tv till now. it is already 1 something. hmmm.. i guess i should go to bed.

    nitee ya'll.

    lots of love,

    music addiction : Mocking Bird - Rob Thomas

  10. yesterday i was too tired to blog. so yeaa.

    my project 2. fm receiver.

    today i was out the whole day. first at 8am for uni then met up with mum in the city after my class at 11.30am.

    went for lunch then headed over to smith street's factory outlets then to spencer street fashion station then home by like 6.30pm.

    had pumpkin soup for dinner.

    i don't quite like pumpkin soup very much but this was good. aunty doris made it. and sorry that the picture is out of focus. i didn't have time for a picture. so yeaa.

    and this is what i bought today.

    one hurley lime green jacket, one nike red jumper, one velvety nike hoodie, one factorie tshirt and one cotton on vest and one aldo ring. (((((:

    i was watching 3 episodes of sanctuary after dinner and i found the character Nikola Tesla is so cool and weird and funny! love love his character!

    acted by Jonathon Young.

    now i am downloading season finale of grey's anatomy and prolly watch my one tree hill season finale. i haven't watch it yet. can you believe it? my one tree hill....

    but now i am down onto a bad flu. like really bad. don't know if i could watch it or not. cause i prefer watching my one tree hill in a nice mood and at home in my cold room peacefully watching. )):

    okla. i shall go now. meeting up with jia shen and cherly and yao yun for lunch tomorrow with my mum. ahah!


    the girl with the red scarf. :D

  11. hollywood is not america.

    Wednesday, May 19, 2010

    maths test today was not bad. (: i could do. yay me!

    got home at like 5 something and i had to start cooking the risotto. yes i cook, you heard me right. i mean read me right. :D

    chicken and mushroom risotto.

    it tasted wayyyy better than it looks. like way better!

    it was successful! ((((: yay! and julian ate so much means it was good. eh he is a fussy person tau, so if he eats it alot means it is good. :D

    after dinner, we left out to highpoint for their winter life sales. the whole shopping centre. opened till 10 pm.

    was there till 10 pm. ahaha!

    had a little of their complimentary champagne.

    bought this fairy for $13. niceeeee!

    i bought this dress for $15. and i got a red scarf from sportsgirl. :D

    now i am watching sanctuary while downloading all my series' season finale. one tree hill, gossip girl and 90210.

    aiyo the season is over. have to wait and wait for the next season. ):

    okla. ciao yo!

    much much love,

  12. soul sister. (;

    Tuesday, May 18, 2010

    chopped half of my original fringe length off!

    hey hey!

    was out today with mum to highpoint for lunch and some shopping. (((:

    had laksa king's combination laksa! :D nicee!

    then just went walking around and bought some accessories. until like 3 something we left. took a tram back to moonee ponds.

    OMG i tell you! ughhhhh i hate hate the kids or teenagers or whatever they are. those that are in high school. they are so horrible my god! spitting at one and another, bullying, pushing each other from one side of the tram to the other. horrible horrible people!

    i thought the students that take the same bus that i do are bad enough already but these maribyrnong college students are way way worst!

    quickly left the tram at moonee ponds and went grocery shopping with mum at coles.

    grocery shopping also ended up buying $70 plus already. oh oh and i am gonna cook risotto tomorrow night and prolly going to highpoint again tomorrow night with aunty doris cause they are having some sales. like the whole shopping centre sales kinda thing.

    yes i am cooking tomorrow. (: lets see how it turns out. if good, then i shall recreate. ((:

    hehee chocolate balls. ((:

    this is what i bought today. :D

    oklaaa.... tomorrow i have a maths test. ))): don't know how i'll fair le. oh god! and and i love love the weather! its 6.6 degrees. ((((:


    sher xoxo.