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  1. stress ah stress!

    Thursday, May 27, 2010

    my new hurley jacket and my boots! the other way of wearing it. :D

    uni was stressful today. stayed at uni till like almost 6.30 pm which i have never stayed so late before. i was busy doing my programming assignment with nina at the help desk and still didn't get things right.

    oh god it is horrible!

    all my stuffs are due tomorrow. i have a blardy 2000 words report which i haven't write. i know i left it till the last minute. my fault, i admit it. :D

    then the programming assignment is also due tomorrow. i have a lab test at 1.30 pm. )))): tomorrow tomorrow. everything also tomorrow!

    i can't wait till the day is over. seriously can't wait!

    but mum is leaving on saturday already. )))): although i'll see her in less than a month in malaysia, i'll miss having her here, i'll just miss her la...

    oh god exams are around the corner.. no no. but i also wanna get home fast. so means exams will come fast too. ):

    but malaysia here i come yo! now that cheers me up! :DDD

    mum fried mee hoon tonight for my dinner. it is so good. i miss her cooking though she doesn't cook very much, but when she does, i'll love it. (: i came home feeling so hungry and was greeted by a plate of nice looking and smelling mee hoon. yum yum!

    now i have to work on my ethics report. oh god. i wonder how long i will work on it tonight. sei lo.....

    okla i better go. ciao ciao!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

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