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  1. soul sister. (;

    Tuesday, May 18, 2010

    chopped half of my original fringe length off!

    hey hey!

    was out today with mum to highpoint for lunch and some shopping. (((:

    had laksa king's combination laksa! :D nicee!

    then just went walking around and bought some accessories. until like 3 something we left. took a tram back to moonee ponds.

    OMG i tell you! ughhhhh i hate hate the kids or teenagers or whatever they are. those that are in high school. they are so horrible my god! spitting at one and another, bullying, pushing each other from one side of the tram to the other. horrible horrible people!

    i thought the students that take the same bus that i do are bad enough already but these maribyrnong college students are way way worst!

    quickly left the tram at moonee ponds and went grocery shopping with mum at coles.

    grocery shopping also ended up buying $70 plus already. oh oh and i am gonna cook risotto tomorrow night and prolly going to highpoint again tomorrow night with aunty doris cause they are having some sales. like the whole shopping centre sales kinda thing.

    yes i am cooking tomorrow. (: lets see how it turns out. if good, then i shall recreate. ((:

    hehee chocolate balls. ((:

    this is what i bought today. :D

    oklaaa.... tomorrow i have a maths test. ))): don't know how i'll fair le. oh god! and and i love love the weather! its 6.6 degrees. ((((:


    sher xoxo.

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