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  1. Hello peeps!

    I am sorry for the really really bad publishing rate! I am seriously having one hell of a semester and it is literally draining me out like crazy on the weekdays. And when the weekend comes, I just want to do nothing and laze around. But, the good and relaxing times just passes by TOO QUICK and before I know it, the weekend will be over! ): totally totally sad about that....

    Anyways, I am still left with two weeks of studies then my exam is about 3 weeks away.. )): Brightside is, I'll be back in Malaysia from mid of December till end of February! I am in neeeeeeeeed of some friends quality time and am so glad I am heading home to all of them!!! :D Maybe we will go somewhere for vacay???? Well it doesn't really matter to me where we go, as long as we are all together!

    I know I have been super backdated with my posts and this post is going to backdate even more but just bear with me... It's just these memories that I have to commemorate.

    This will be a food post of all the food we had while mum was here! It's been awhile since I properly did a full food post. And here goes!

    First meal out was to Korean food! I seriously do enjoy a good Korean meal! Especially in Melbourne, the Korean meal is so so so good! Malaysia's can go fly kite.. with that I only mean the Korean BBQ because we can seriously get good quality cuts of meats here!

    *Korean dinner @ Toodouri, Victoria Street. Opposite of Vic Market*
    It is a very small shop but you could tell from it's looks that it would be authentic once you walk into the shop altho the deco doesn't really say it.

    Lettuce and sauces for the BBQ meats! Korean BBQ cannot do without their special sauces man! It is like you HAVE to dip it in regardless!

    Sirloin steak? I think.

    And to me, side dishes totally sells to my heart! If the food is good but the side dishes is not good at all, I'll most likely never come back. And these?? They were so good!!! I especially love the simple taugeh/bean sprouts! So simple but so so so good!! And the macaroni salad and of course some good kimchi! I think in total I got them to refill these 3 times for me? They were that good!

    And this is the rice they serve. Unique or what?! Red rice? I just love it!

    Fatty goooooodnesssss!! *slurp slurpssssss*

    Seafood Pancake! Crispy and goood!! We ordered two plates of these!

    Ddeokbokki/Tobokki/Dobokki. They are all the same. Rice cakes! I love chewy things and hence I love this :D

    In short, I really loved the food! It was authentic and GOOD! The meat were all PERFECT! Have no complains whatsoever of this place. And I'll definitely be back!!

    *Next stop was lunch @ Rose Garden, Elizabeth Street*
    Egg Chiffon on rice. SO SO GOOD!

    Yu Hiong Ke Ji! Eggplant cooked in mince and salted fish. MY ULTIMATE FAVOURITE!

    SPICY CHICKEN RIBS ON RICE! My next ultimate favourite!!

    Basically these three that we ordered we all my favourites! Whenever I go to Rose Garden, these are the only ones I'll order and also their Duck Fried Rice. These are the ONLY four dishes that I will order and they are seriously so so good!

    I used to patronize Rose Garden so often last time and now that I only do every couple of months, whenever I see these pictures, I miss it so much! I literally want to eat them right now, this instance! )):

    Next stop, The Meat and Wine Co!!! Had this the night before we went to Lakes Entrance :) One of my favourite restaurants for dinner in Melbourne. Somehow I know, every single time I get there, eventho they are pricey, I know I could always depend on their consistently good food :)

    And because I was there at Southbank earlier than the rest, I lingered around to capture some sunset shots first. I don't think I can say this enough, I absolutely absolutely LOVE the view from and at Southbank!! My most ultimate ULTIMATE FAVOURITE PLACE TO BE IN MELBOURNE!

    Now. just let the gorgeous pictures of the view do the talking! I still have more pictures of this view at night when it is even prettier coming up after the food!

    Gorgeous eh???? Super love my camera! It takes such such beautiful shots and do my favourite place justice! I am sorry for the grains and noise in the pictures tho... Had to lower down its resolution quality for blogging.

    I always only come for their steaks and these ribs! So good! Based on my last experience at Hurricanes in Sydney, I reckon these meat and wine co's ribs are better tho! Maybe just that night at Hurricanes it was not as good as the first time we were there when we when "OMG THIS IS SO SO SO GOOD!" haha

    And also discovered that their Mac and Cheese side dish is so so good!! And inexpensive too! Normally I always just stick to their chips only as sides because their chips are also so good as well(!) but this time thought I should try something different and it turned out to be amazing! I love cheesy things! LIKE REALLY LOVE!

    Another shot of the glorious ribs! And their blue cheese sauce is really good as well! Goes so well with the chips :))

    Mum and aunty Jaime shared their burger.

    And that is it for the food shots because I was too engrossed with my ribs till I totally forgotten to take pictures of the other food on the other side of the table.

    I'll always love The Meat and Wine Co! :D Totally satisfied my tummy that night!

    Thennnnnn, of course I HAD TO take pictures of the night view! This will be my first time capturing the Melbourne CBD night view from Southbank with my camera! Absolutely loveeeeeee it when the night comes! In my books, buildings come to life when the darkness comes in!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LIGHTS! It makes me so so happy just by sitting there and staring at it! But now, it makes me even happier to be able to capture it as perfect as I see it with my own eyes! Baby camera, I love you too much!

    Now, tell me how could anyone resist this view? My perfect kinda view <3

    Random colourful graffiti.

    And then it was time for the fire fountain along Crown Esplanade :) Gives you a good warmth on such a cold cold night! That night was extremely cold for some reason.. Oh wells as if I don't already know the drastic changes of Melbourne's weather. ahaha

    One of the days, or actually for a few days we were at Victoria Market for some food shopping and souvenir shopping. And once you are at Victoria Market, you can never say no to em' Spanish Churros/Spanish Donuts man!! They are literally THE BEST CHURROS EVER! And not to mention, so cheap as well! It is at $1 for 1 or $6 for 7! So worth it and SO GOOD!

    My mummy dearest feeling happy with em' churros and her new ugg boots purchase :D


    Whenever I am in Vic Market, I'll definitely definitely buy these!!

    After those churros for breakkie, we went walking around the city for somemore shopping before settling down @ Chinatown for lunch.

    *Shanghai Dumpling House, Tattersalls Lane*
    Pan fried dumplings. I think they were too doughy.. Not the best I've had.. Cheap but not the nicest.

    Mummy dearest and aunty Jaime with their new scarves! Pretty pretty scarves on pretty ladies :D

    Yangzhou fried rice. Too greasy and oily.... Taste wise, just OK? 

    The normal dumplings.. Same remarks as the pan fried ones. Doughy and not very nice.. I would say it is edible but just on the edible line..

    I haven't been back to this dumpling house in ages man. Like years... I used to go there when I first got to Melbourne with Jia Shen because it is dirt cheap and the food is ok for the price you pay. But I think over the years, this place has gotten worse... Don't think I'll ever be back again.

    Next item isn't a food picture but it is my new love! Mum got it for me and I LOVE IT! It is so so pretty! Not exactly cheap but I love it... Need I say more? :P HEHE

    My new Pandora princess ring! I love this to the max!!! 

    Next food itinerary is a hearty dinner at home over the weekend as mum and pa was going to head back to Malaysia in the next two days.

    Pan fried salmon in butterrrrrr!

    Salad is always need in Aunty D's books. Plus, aunty D makes really really yummy salad dressings!

    Oh this was so good! Scallop spiralli! The scallop was so fresh and huge! And as usual, Aunty D makes THE BEST tomato based pasta sauces! SO YUMSSSSS!!

    Garlic Praws! So sweet and fresh and nice!!!

    As you can tell, it was a seafood dinner feast! And aunty D is and has always been a great cook! Everything was so yummy!!

    Red wine after dinner :)

    The boyfie and I shared a few glasses of wine while we watched Running Man on my iPad :) This was before we had a clay facial mask on our faces before we headed for bed. hehehe

    The next day, me and the boyfie decided to head down to the city for some nice lunch. It was because he had to head back to Clayton anyways and I tagged along with him to the city to just catch lunch together :)

    *We settled @ Chocolate Buddha, Federation Square*
    This was my lunch view! It was such a beautiful day!! Vibrant blue sky with extra white clouds!

    My lunch date <3

    This was so yummy!! I didn't know daikon is white radish hahah! But seriously, this was cooked perfectly! So tender and tasty! Yumss!

    Lightly seared ocean trout! YUMSSSS!! 

    And of course a Sashimi Platter! How could Japanese food go without sashimi man!!! ME LOVE SASHIMIS!!!!! 

    The food was pretty good but really pricey.. We paid $63... just for three dishes.. Expensive eh? And for the price we paid, it wasn't really worth it lor I think.. Anyhoos, I still did enjoy lunch tho. More of the view and the company and the cuisine :)

    And then after lunch, the two of us went to meetup with Wei Nian and Tek Yik for more lunch because we weren't exactly filled up with the japanese food we had earlier. And so, we went for cheap and filling asian food.

    *Shophouse Kitchen @ QV*
    Taiwan Lu Rou Fan. It was ok but I've had better ones..

    This place has a huge hugeeeee selection of food man! I am so coming back to try somemore of their food! According to nian, their roast duck is really good! Altho I am not much of a duck fan, but if and when someone says its good, I would usually definitely try it!

    Next stop on the second last day out to the city with mum, we had Korean food! We just had to lah ok! You can't exactly get really really awesome good ones in Malaysia everywhere... In Melbourne, almost always, whatever korean restaurant you go to, you would most likely be served with a decent meal.

    *Oriental Spoon, Latrobe Street*
    YUMSSSS!!! I love their bento lunches!! It is good and it fills you up! Wheeeee I am happy just by staring at these pictures!

    Oriental Spoon is my usual go to place for korean food! They always serve good and authentic korean food!! I especially love their bento lunches and their sweet and chilli chicken! Have been coming back so so frequent in the last 4 years especially for big group dinners because they have plenty of space and they are always consistent and good!

    Lastly, on the day mum left back to Malaysia, we went down to the city in the morning for last minute walking and for some brunch!

    *RMB Cafe, Degraves Street*
    Mummy dearest! <3<3

    My cute mummy with her cute hat! I talked her into buying it and I think it suits her lo! SO CUTE RIGHTTTT!! Love the colour too!

    Had my favourite soft drink, ginger beer!

    Whilst the rest had milkshakes. Pa had the chocolate one, aunty Jaime had the banana?, and mum had their strawberry one.

    Mum's Atlantic Scramble!

    Pa had their Canadian Pancakes. Pancakes with sunny side up eggs and baconnn and maple syrup! 

    Me and aunty Jaime had their Big Breakfast! With scramble eggs :) Sometimes I do crave for big breakkies and they were satisfied that morning!

    We thoroughly enjoyed our brunch! It was super duper filling but yums! This is I think the only cafe on degraves street that I always come back to! Mainly because they serve all day breakfast but also because they are pretty good!

    This girl right here cannot get any fussier with brunch food and if I say its pretty good, it is pretty good! *ahem clears throat* HEHEHE

    And that concludes the food we had while mum was here in Melbourne! So so glad to have spent quality time with them! Looking forward till next April because mum will be coming again!!!

    I am ending this post with a picture of malaysian snack goodness that mum brought over for me and the bf :)

    Malaysian cookie delights!!!! I miss eating these and I specifically requested for these! Wheee! 

    I am hoping to at least have my recent Venus Bay trip post up and running before I go hiatus due to exams but from the looks of it, I don't think I can make it... HMMM... I'll try okays?

    Until then, lots of love and kisses!
    sher xoxo.

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