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  1. words of wisdom huh.

    Sunday, May 31, 2009

    i just hate you. thats it.

    did full shift today. and also will be doing it tomorrow. 10 to 10 le. soooo tiring.

    went to the padini fair thingy and shopped somemore today. bought two pants and one skirt that each cost 13 ringgit. (: damn cheap.

    work has so much drama.

    the biatch came up to me and ask me about the stupid membership. and even asked "who can apply for it? only chinese is it? indian cannot? malay cannot?"

    fuck her man. i know i am racist but it is thanks to people like her i do not like indians and therefore it makes me racist. by the way it is a known fact that i am racist. so what?!

    and i am damn happy that i manage to make her say sorry to me. i damn happy and relieved with that very song feeling. not talking to the person and snapping them off actually works to make someone apologise. ahaha!

    i guess i should take your words of wisdom. i wonder since when you had such thing. and since when it actually makes sense.

    truth to be told, i really miss you. it feels good to be refreshed on how was it like chatting with you. and getting those advices from you that everyone thinks it is bullshit but somehow works. (:

    i am currently watching Twilight. the start really damn boring. and i am still not at the intresting parts yet. if there is any.

    i have been dragging myself to watch this because of the main actor. he is soooooooo not lengzhai! and not yeng. nothing at all! he looks so much better in harry potter. but still not lengzhai.

    i think Ed Westwick would play a better role for this. which is the guy i am starting to get attracted to in gossip girl. ahah! apart from chace crawford la.

    sighs. i still have 20 days to work. i hope the countdown is fast.

    and... i am hoping for more midnight movies. its been so long since the last one. and you.. day by day, words about you gets lesser in my mind. is it a sign that i am slowly giving up?

    it is better to give up? i dont know. maybe it is in long run but now, i dont know. sighs.

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Lifehouse - Blind

  2. i really have to wait till next year?

    Saturday, May 30, 2009

    i miss him. ):

    screw streamyx. because of the stupid blardy streamyx, i cant online for sooooo many days.

    i have soo much to write but i dont remember much already. i guess i shall only write about one particular thing that got me soo emo over.

    my cousin left to india already. and will only be back on the 5th of august which i will already leave to melbourne.

    he did come and look for me for lunch before he left but when i received his sms telling me goodbye, i was actually tearing on my way to get food in jusco.

    i was really really sad and was smsing qi hong so i told him about my rants. people always leave but... it is so hard to see people leave and when i leave myself. lets just hope he goes over to melbourne to find me soon enough. ):

    well.. that was the 27th may update. this will be the today's update.

    I HATE THEM! i hate people at work. why is it that they get to go late to work, dont attend meeting and yet they dont get sounded badly? i mean isnt punctuality the main thing at work or anywhere at all? idiots. screw them.

    but when i just raised my voice abit and was having the intention to joke get sounded? why does it have to be so unfair? i am sooo hoping for the day i leave. i no longer love my job. i no longer have fun working.

    after all this blardy shits, some stupid malay customer pula get on my nerve. stupid malays. i am not being racist or what laaa. but this kinda of malay have no future at all!

    i thought after a nice chat i had yesterday with you, i would at least deserve a nice day today. mana tau it is soooo bad.

    luckily i had my mum to come over at 6 pm to go dinner with and went shopping with. went to zanmai then went to the padini fair thingy which i spent about 100 plus with 4 tops and 3 bottoms. (:

    sighs. i really hate people at work. i miss my cousin. ):

    and you... good luck!


    music addiction : How Do You Sleep - Jesse Mccartney feat Ludacris

  3. sighs. i wonder.

    Tuesday, May 26, 2009

    the random day out. will i have anymore random outings like that anymore?

    or anymore trips with my friends?

    i am sooo lazy to update about penang. i shall do that tomorrow laa. i am ina sudden mood where i am lazy to type much bout penang yet.

    but well... i passed by places i use to go before when i was there last year with the bunch of them. it made me think about before.

    how much i didnt enjoy the trip in the inside. passing by the hotel front. the shell station that chun kit ran over and hi jacked our car. new lane's food stall. gurney plaza's cinema. the midnight mcdonald session. the butterfly park sign board. the loading bay lift at gurney plaza.

    lorong selamat. jalan kelawai. jalan mccalister. the rest stop that cherly too over jia shen's car and went all the way up to 140km/h in seconds.

    it was a fun trip before this with them. but i just somehow wasnt myself during the trip. sighs.

    i wonder when i will have trips with my friends again. all my friends in malaysia that i wont be seeing till next year end or probably longer.

    was talking on the phone with jia shen just now for almost an hour and realised how soon it is that i am leaving. and how much i am not catching up with much people because of work.

    my dear friends, at least let me say a proper goodbye to all of you here before i leave. dont let me leave without saying goodbye and a goodbye hug.

    after not hearing jia shen's voice for 3 months, i dont know how to start the conversation. i miss the presence of him being always around. well... at least he'll be back soon. (:

    i am not sure whether the feeling i am having now when i am thinking about australia is excited or dreading to leave. i want to go there and study soo badly but likewise i dont want to leave to a stranger place and leaving everyone behind.

    i know i will like it there when i go there and get settled. but first things first, the leaving part is what i hate.


  4. i need a time off.

    Sunday, May 24, 2009

    i liked it.

    just came back from watching Night at the Museum 2. it was a good movie. i prefer this second part more than the first part. and it was funnier.

    it was a good watch.

    i am leaving to penang later at 5 am. and will only be back tomorrow. i am sick and tired of work. i am no longer happy working there.

    people at work suck. the new ones that entered less than a month spoils everything. i used to be happy and looked forward to work but now it is the total opposite.

    i hate work. i dont like the two new girls. i cant stand them. they create soo much of problem of something that is sooo minor.

    i'll be taking emergency leave tomorrow cause something came up and i'll be going to penang. and now, she shall feel how i felt working for her because she couldnt turn up to work. serve you right.

    thank god i tendered my resignation on the 19th. so means i am leaving on the 19th of next month. now... all i am looking for is the day i stop work. i cannot stand it there with those people anymore.

    i cant work with people i dont like and still have to act as though i have nothing against them. go die la the both of you. this is why i hardly have indian friends and this is why i never considered of making friends with any.

    i dont like them and they make me hate work. i dont know how people can actually stand them at all.

    i know laaaa... i dont like damn alot of people but still... i dont have to talk to the ones i dont like before this. but now?! i see them almost 12 hours a day and EVERDAY! fuck.



  5. he won.

    Friday, May 22, 2009

    i am more than happy that Kris won!!

    he is just a talented singer to me. i love his acoustic sides. the piano and the guitar. sounds sooo genuine to me and so real. i love the way he sings. i just like him. <3

    the way he sings and his humbleness is just soo right.. he is good. mind me by being bias but... he is really damn good. thats how i see it. (:

    i know adam will get famous sooner or later. but he still lost. and its not about him being gay or not but he annoys me with his tone of singing. i just dont clique well with the adam lambert style. and he is tooo screechy.

    he lost. (: too badd.

    much love,

    music addiction : Kris Allen - Ain't No Sunshine

  6. annoyed.

    Thursday, May 21, 2009

    adam's singing style gets on my nerves.
    its annoying~!
    his high pitchyness and the too imitating over a rocker type.
    he reminds me of Steven Tyler and he doesnt give me adam lambert feel.
    its weird that people loves him but i totally dont at all.

  7. the sky seems soo gloomy.

    the day just went normal. signed in at work at 2 pm and left at 10 pm. as usual. but... i tendered my resignation already. i will offcially stop work next month on the 19th. i dont feel like working anymore.

    my friend will be back from aussie, my other friends will have holidays. i dont want to be at work and acting like a fake nice person and just work on like that.

    i am more than happy that i will stop work 11 days earlier than planned.

    and i still cared so much over the talks we had. i check my phone almost every hour just to see if you replied as you didnt yesterday night.

    and you did. and you apologized too. but... sighs. i dont know how to say.

    i dont understand why i just gave up on the actual one in my life and now distracting myself to another person that never mattered to me all this while?


    off to watching the American Idol finale soon to distract my mood. i dont like Adam but i somehow know he'll win. but i really really really do not like him laaa.


  8. how come? why is it like that?

    Wednesday, May 20, 2009


    we were chatting till 4.30 am this morning. we may not be close but i've known you for 3 years plus. and our chatting schedule seems to be really off at times. we chat then stop chatting for months then chat back again.

    i tried my first webcaming session with you. the chat with you got me soo carried away till i even sms you after i went offline. i dont understand why.

    i dont know why i sent you those words. words that i have never told anyone and never thought i would say it to you. but i somehow meant it. i wanted it so badly cause i have never had it.

    is it because i am so sick and tired over the one i have all this while dream about to be with soo.. i am simply just satisfied by talking to another stranger that actually pays attention to me?

    liking a person tooo much till i end up giving up just like that. i am mentally discouraged but physically still attached to you. its a bad move at the start that it was you who i chose to concentrate on for this two years.

    there is always a question mark everywhere, everyday in my life.


  9. hot guy? haha!

    Monday, May 18, 2009

    feels kinda funny that i havent been updating for days. i guess i shall just update about yesterday and today.

    i saw a DAMN hot guy yesterday too. i saw fellest yan during my break. i was with vanessa and they were having some b-boy dance competition thingy at the concourse area and fellest was the host.

    and oh my god, he is seriously damn hot! the body and the look is damn eye catching.

    his dance moves are even better. i've seen it and its superbly good to me. but the way he speaks sounds kinda weird le.. but still hot. (:

    i finished work at 6 pm so i asked mum and the cousins to drop by for dinner then catch a movie together.

    went to Sushi Zanmai for dinner.

    jia shen, miss this?

    ate sooo much and was damn full. other than the cold soba, i had sooo much more. a whole piece of unagi, two soft shell crabs, one bowl of tempura squid, a big bowl of something like a shabu shabu, and 6 plates of sushi.

    but... not i one person eat all la. ate with mum and my cousin.

    walk around a while cause the movie was only going to start 9.10 pm and my other cousin and his girlfriend wasnt there yet.

    then... it was movie time. Angels and Demons.

    it was good. a good choice. (:

    the only hot guy in the whole movie is Ewan Mcgregor. his accent is just somehow nice to listen to. and he is lengzhai. :D

    but... the show pretty much tells all about christianity and stuff but i just dont quite agree. the Pope is like a god when he is only a man? all mans have the the tendency to act beyond their controls or saying or believes. how can someone be entirely holy? i dont believe.

    and from someone being soooooo.. into the religion, they tend to do something so wrong to protect something that feels right to them? and say its god's will? stupid plus bullshit.

    well... thats just how i see it. i dont mean to offend of what.

    after movie, went to Makbul for supper then came home and sleep.

    and today i woke up at 12 pm. ahahaha! i am a good sleeper. i can really sleep. (: went to the clinic with mum cause she was sick then went to Low Yat with my cousin and came home only at 7 something.

    bought a webcam and a 4gb pendrive.

    my logitech new gadget.

    finally i have this after soooo long. and i bought it cause of me leaving to australia. okayyyy... lets not talk about leaving yet.

    ate maggi for dinner though and had been smsing qi hong since i was on my way back from low yat. and we made a deal. (: lets see if the deal is kept.

    in Covenant, all four guys are hot. seriously. its soo rare having so many in one show.

    hows the exam coming along? lets hope it is going on good. its really very important and it needs to go on well. its talking about your coming future you know..

    much love,

    David Cook - Come Back To Me

  10. my best wishes for you.

    Friday, May 15, 2009

    i know you will somehow do it well.
    its important and you know it.

    and omg omg~! KRIS IS IN THE FINALE!!

  11. In the night, I hear 'em talk,the coldest story ever told
    Somewhere far along this road, he lost his soul to a woman so heartless...
    How could you be so heartless?
    Oh... How could you be so heartless?

    Kris is soooooo charming with his voice. obviously i want him to be one of the two in the finale! but... even if he doesnt make it there, he is just a brilliant singer. he'll make it far enough.

    the way he sings acoustic just blows me off the ground. and he is cute~!

    me dont like adam lambert. his high pinching so called rocker tone just dont gel well with my ears. i find it rather disturbing that he is singing like that.

    and he is not cute to me. not at all. he is sooooo gay! and yes he is gay. so maybe thats why he is thaaaat gay.

    results tomorrow night. and the next day which is friday, i am working noon shift soo... i can stay up all night with my junk food and watch american idols and my downloaded shows.

    i found out that i may not be able to download series when i am in Melbourne. how sadd! i cannot live without those 3 series of mine every week laaaaa... ):

    Kris. <3


    Kris Allen - Heartless

  12. work is like shit AT TIMES.

    Wednesday, May 13, 2009

    my god. i never expected work to have so much politics. i mean i know the real working life out there has this kinda "politics" but i didnt expect this much at a small outlet like this.

    apparent the 'you' i mentioned in the earlier post is not the actual culprit.

    there is actually somebody else that is hiding stuff from me when the words was actually said by herself. she was the damn person who started about my attitude towards her.

    fuck it la. i dont even know who is trustable and who is not anymore. maybe the only ones that i could talk to now is the guys. the only two guys. nick and tze hui?

    i dont go along with girls. thats why most of my friends are guys except my 3 close girlfriends.

    so what if my effing lanci face has a problem with you? too bad that you have to bear with this face of mine for another two more months.

    i am going to treat you as fake as i can. trust me i will. i will still laugh and joke and talk to you guys but there isnt any sincerity in whatever i treat you guys.

    i am a person that remembers what and how a person treats me. i might pay you back double. but... this issue, i wont. i wont even bother doing anything. its not worth it.

    why do i have to be enemy with my paycheck? i am going to work and get paid and give you guys hell!

    for me to call the relationship with you guys scary, maybe you should really feel what is scary about the relationship with me. FAKE.

    i'll just talk to the girls for the sake of talking. nothing more nothing less.

    so i guess the guys are the only really nice ones there? i dont want to judge anymore. later i might find out something again.

    just work. pass two months. and get paid and leave! i'll try to have fun and not make work so miserable.

    once i dont like you, i dont like you! i cant stand girls like that.

    just fuck off and screw you if you have a problem with me. you dont come and tell me, then fine. the problem wont go away and i will make it worse for you.


  13. a normal day off.

    Tuesday, May 12, 2009

    my girlfriend. cherly gan. (:

    woke up at 1.30 pm today. i know its late but... i slept late too. (:

    cherly asked whether if i wanted to follow her go parade to find something for her mum. since it was my off day and i havent been catching up with her mum lately, i said okay!

    but she ended up coming at 4 something and all i did in between was cooking myself a bowl of maggi curry. and watching Parental Control on Channel V. which was a total waste of time.

    that show has no meaning. just that i was eating on the dining table and that the remote wasnt near me thats why i didnt change.

    its a stupid show!

    and also hearing some song on V Tunes.

    then left to parade with my bestie. :D walked around and talked. then bought a wall clock then went to cold storage to get some stuff and then sat down at Daves Deli for my potato salad and continue talking.

    its was a good catching up needed from time to time. i just love her too much. and she should know it.

    came back and pretty much waste my time and then mum was already home and brought back dinner. ate and watched tv and online-ed.

    and found out from nick that my shop briefing is tomorrow morning. means i have to go to work at 9 am for shop briefing then go back home then go back to work at 2 pm. sighs.

    i dont care. if the topic is brought up tomorrow, i am going to voice out kao kao.

    had a good chat with Ee Von though. i miss her at work somehow. at least i know she is a true friend. eventhough i didnt work with her long, but i liked her. she is someone nice to talk to. (:

    now, chatting with the aussie friend and listening to my newly downloaded songs. aiyo... my new episodes of one tree hill and gossip girl is downloading damn slow la.

    i want to watch la. ):

    you....... sighs. i dont know how to say anymore. just one word. YOU.

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Ashley Tisdale - It's Alright, It's Okay

  14. go die la you.

    Monday, May 11, 2009

    dont make me hate you. i am damn angry with you! every single time nick asks me about what i think of you, i sure say nothing. NOTHING! and you fucking told people about me?

    about me having attitude problems? what the fuck is your problem? you are trying to sabotage relationships between me and new staffs? get a life la my god.

    i just found out today that you are like that. i dont like you to the max already. dont ask me for any help cause i wont bother helping you for anything anymore. i work and get paid and i'll leave by end of june. so dont disturb me.

    hear this, i've asked them and they said it straight to my face that i do not have attitude problem. so you go fly kite la!

    luckily i am off tomorrow if not, you are going to get it from me. you go to every single person bitching about the other person. get a life laaa..

    i am sooo not talking to you other than work things. what you do to me, you'll get it back. you say i got attitude problem... now i give you attitude problem!

    i give you attitude problem to the max.

    i know i look damn gao lanc when i dont talk. but so? so what if i am like that? as long is i never lanc you before then fine la.

    fuck la. my temperature rising already. stupid small people.


  15. James T. Kirk. Spock.

    Sunday, May 10, 2009

    just got back home from pyramid. actually.. i just showered and now sitting in front of the laptop to blog.

    here is an update about today (09/05/2009).

    woke up at 7.50 am today. ): cause had to go over to uncle's house first so he could fetch me to work at 9.30 am.

    sold 4 pairs of shoes one shot to a Denmark man at RM 1 416. first bill of the day. chunted right? i feel kinda proud. (:

    worked till it was time for break cause i had a lunch date with ferns and tim. as it was already planned at 1 something in the morning. and... wei jun tagged along too.

    ate at Pommes Frites at Asian Avenue. as usual pasta and mussels. but... i was in a hurry back to work so i didnt stay there long to chat with them that much.

    ferns and wei jun came back to the Nike after that to pay me back my balance of RM 50 which was only RM 22. lunch plus movie ticket costs me RM 28. ):

    saw quite alot of people today though. martin whom i just knew not long ago. kylie and xin fei. cherly, liam and mabeline. chun kit, jack and hong jiun. and qi hong and khai shaun.

    went second break with mum for dinner. a half an hour dinner then went back to work. qi hong and cherly dropped by before they left and talked to them a while.

    soon.. it was already time for closing. there was alot of funny moments towards the end of the day that made time pass faster. the new dude, tze hui seems kinda fun to work with.

    after work, went to Machines to meet up with the guys and stayed there a while to watch some rock video clip then left to the cinema. wei jun was trying his luck to get tickets but too bad he couldnt get them. (:

    so it was only me, tim and ferns who went for the movie Star Trek.

    the show is actually kinda good. i somehow liked it. its cool and the humours in the movie is good. i just like it.

    and Chris Pine is actually hot! his eyes is soooo oh-my-god blueeee!! maybe the both dudes i had for companies made the show more worth while.

    after movie, we headed home. tim fetched ferns back first then fetched me back. thanks my dear! he stays in ss15 but fetched us all the wayy back into USJ. good friend eh..

    and now, i am about to fall asleep already. i am tired. ):

    nights people!

    oh ya.. its a good thing that tim managed to actually study in pyramid. remarkable huh? what to do... his finals is next friday and yet he still looks sooo Kah Tim? ahaha!


    coke. airflight details. car. lights. laughs. grey.

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Boys Like Girls - Hero/ Heroine

  16. mum's birthday.

    Saturday, May 09, 2009

    woke up at 12 something and waited for mum to come home. got ready and left to pyramid.

    outfit of today.

    i am supposed to pass something to vanessa and its my mum's birthday soo if i buy stuff from nike, i can get 19% cause my mum is the member.

    but i was hungry so we headed for lunch first.

    ate at italiannies.

    mum is too busy with her work calls.

    my set lunch that costs RM 19.90 for a main course, soup and drink.

    the spaghetti is good. i mean it is nice. (: nice enough for me to like it. sauteed mushroom with chicken.


    they were having mother's day promotion. there is a list of main course that will be discounted based on how old your mother is. if your mum is 50 years old then they discount you 50%.

    and the pasta is good. that is mum's creamy clam pasta. its good and soo cheesy. :D all together costs about RM 50 plus. not bad laaa...

    went back to nike and bought a couple of stuff. then left to amcorp cause mum wanted to get something there.

    after amcorp we left to KLCC.

    once reached KLCC, we went to walk around Isetan cause mum is having RM 300 of their voucher and i was looking for a handbag.

    and i found one! but i am waiting for the next Isetan sale to get it. its a Nine West bag and its white! damn nice laaa... i want..

    walked around and also bought some stuff at MNG. even went into Coach and LV. i saw some nice EXPENSIVE bags at Coach and LV. in LV, i only like the Never Full and the Minilin range. but damn expensive lo.

    even in Coach there was nice bag and the leather smell damn nice la.

    mum bought some chocolates from Godiva. i tell you damn expensive. one bar and one small tin of chocolates costs RM 47. and i cant really taste the difference lo.

    walked around more and it was already time for dinner. so we settled down at Nippon Tei.

    at the highest floor.


    the RM 47 Godiva chocolates.

    mum's beef teriyaki set.

    my chicken teppanyaki set.

    all together dinner was RM 70 plus. not too expensive la. reasonable i would say.

    after KLCC we dropped by SJMC a while cause i have a relative in the hospital now. went over to say hi and was there for like half an hour or so.

    came home around 10 something but the stupid connection got problem so cant online.

    my buyings.

    top and bottom from MNG.

    tops from Nike.

    over all i got what i wanted. and will get more from MNG. and thats pretty much it.

    now... i am watching Jumper. Hayden Christensen is hot! seriously. but the show somehow sucks la. the story line is just so flat.
    working from 10 to 10 tomorrow. how sadd..

    k laaa. ciao people~! lest hope i'll meet lim qi hong tomorrow. like damn long didnt see him already. (:

    with love,

    music addiction : Secondhand Serenade - Fall For You

  17. a special day for my mum.

    Friday, May 08, 2009

    its a new day. its the birthday of someone very very special to me. someone who've been through with my through my thick and thin, to my fun and laughters, to my cry and pains. my mum. <3

    she was always always there for me without fail. it seems that the mother and daughter relationship that i have with my mum is just sooo bonded. she's my only one in my life.

    its her special day and i took an off day to go out makan and shop. i love her tooo much!

    japan. 2004.

    china. 2005.

    hong kong. 2006.

    bali. 2007.

    australia. 2008.

    chiang mai. 2009.

    the only important one among all the other ones. my mother. happy birthday!

    omg omg~~!! i am watching American Idol now. and Kris is in the top 3! its a good news. har har. and mum likes my gift for her. a pillow. a fridge magnet. and a crystal apple.

    much love,

    music addiction : Daughtry - No Suprise

  18. sometimes i just dont want to be at wherever you are.

    woke up late today for work. i was supposed to wake up at 12 pm and catch the 12.30 pm bus. but mana tau i woke up at 12.35 pm. and thats also because jia shen's miss call woke me up. if not i will still be sleeping till god knows what time!

    went out the house by 1 pm but the stupid bus only came at 1.40 pm. damn hot somemore the weather. and sheng loong nicely saw me standing under the hot sun and he messaged me asked me to becareful of my surroundings. alot of snatch thief cases happened lately.

    luckily i wasnt late to work. almost late.

    went to break with ferns then went to get money from the atm machine then went to buy wrapping paper for my mum's present.

    went back to nike and wrapped the present but vanessa complain i dont know how to wrap so she helped me abit. i was in a hurry laa what to do...

    work was fine. time passed pretty fast. and when you work with nick and vanessa together, you'll defintely see funny moments. today was nick chasing after vanessa for his phone. damn funny laa the way he run and the way he calls out for vanessa for his phone.

    fetched ferns home and got him to hide my mum's present in the car. and when the clock struck 12 am, i gave my mum her present and she was shock that it was big. fyi, it was in a nike shoe box. ahaha! easier to wrap what.

    basically today was not bad.

    we talked about you. i just dont seem to stop talking about you just yet.

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Jessica Mauboy - Been Waiting

  19. its thaaat hard. leaving.

    Thursday, May 07, 2009

    i will just miss it.

    miss being in a group. miss having their company. 3 more months and there goes to a whole new place. whole new environment. whole new group of friends.

    watching American Idol now though. i seriously dont like Adam Lambert! his voice annoys me somehow. and he very good looking meh? not at all to me.

    Kris is still my only like. his voice.. (:


    music addiction : Ciara Ft Justin Timberlake - Love Sex Magic

  20. what the hell is this laaaa..

    Wednesday, May 06, 2009

    i am hoping for a brand new start.

    i saw a name. not exactly a name. its an alphabet. it made me thought whether was it you that she meant. i cant help but to notice and care so much.

    i dont want to like you anymore. i dont like the feeling of liking you. i dont want that when i am at another side of the globe, i still like you.

    i dont want that when i see something there, it makes me think of you. i love you sooo much as a friend but i dont like you for being the one i like.

    i guess when this became a problem of mine, i finally realise that the more you dont like a feeling or something to occur, the more it happens.

    it would be soo nice if one day i drop you a text or say hi to you or chatting online or whatever, i dont have that special feeling in me anymore. it is soo much better to talk to you when you are just my best friend rather than being someone i am into.

    the more i want all of this to go away, all of this feelings, the more i can loosen the grip. i hate that i hold on too much.

    people tell me you are an ass. people tell me how not worth it you are for me to spend my time on. eventhough i hear the worst things people have got to say about you, i deny it. i know you are far better than what they say.

    but as time passes, my denial just fades off slowly. i am starting to believe and starting to let go. then you just appear back in my life again and just stay there for a while. and then bring me back to the state which i was trying so hard to let go.

    i hate that the person is you. why cant it just be a stranger i suddenly like. sighs.

    tomorrow and the day after is afternoon shift for me. (: i can sleep longer! but my time is all going crazy. my shop time and house time different. bus routes timing different. which one to follow le?

    and i cant find my cable for my ipod! annoying betul.


    music addiction : The Script - Breakeven

  21. you are my destiny.

    Tuesday, May 05, 2009

    i like small suprises. but just somehow only see people having them.

    met chin yau today though. after soo long of not officially talking to him, i finally did today. and he actually still reads my blog. (: ahah!

    talked for quite sometime and heard some stuff from him and also told him some stuff. even had him admitted over a relationship he had before last time. seee... we girls damn chun in getting informations okay??

    he seem to look more good boy already but who knows... :D but it was nice catching up after so long of not talking much.

    time passed pretty slow today though.

    and.... i saw the cute guy which i saw the last time. the one with the cap. he seriously damn cute. i kept telling nick about him and he shut me off by asking me one question. "you want that guy or the guy you like?". i was like fine. and straight away kept quite. stupid fella...

    today, damn little people in pyramid man. damn little people came in to nike. even the sales was kinda bad.

    tomorrow i am working from 10 to 10. sighs. leg pain laaa....

    dont know why my thigh muscles damn pain. its like too strained or something like that. maybe because of the standing or jumping down from racks? i dont know.

    see laa. always you.

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow

  22. what are we?

    Monday, May 04, 2009

    friend? brother? best friends? the one in my life?

    today, something just struck through my mind. suddenly flashes of thoughts and images just went through. thoughts and images of the year 2007.

    but just only one particular part. the part where you guys got together. and i actually helped it out. i was there when you guys first held hands. i was there for the first outing you guys had together. even the first movie you guys had together.

    i convince you to make the first move to hold her hands. i purposely bought the tickets so you guys could sit together alone. i dont know why but all this just came in suddenly to me after sooo long.

    you guys were the "known couple". and i was actually the one who indirectly made it happen. sometimes i wonder.....

    last time on my way to tuition, i would see you walking across the street near to the destination you want to go to. to see her. i would always hear about the sweet stuff you guys had and make fun of you.

    i mean those were the days that it was nothing special but today when i thought back, it felt weird and funny that i was actually apart of you two before.

    you, you and you. every single day. the dosage of you just wouldnt go away.

    sighs. friend ah friend.... why laa because of you i am like that? why i care so much and think so much?

    much love,

    music addiction : Rihanna - Hatin On The Club

  23. the photographer's birthday.

    Sunday, May 03, 2009


    hope you enjoyed your day... and you didn't reply my message. how could you? ahaha!

    anyways, happy 19th!


  24. they just never change.

    Friday, May 01, 2009

    hope my life will be as colourful as is it now when i am there. ):

    today is Labour day and we get paid triple for working today. (: and i started work at 2 pm. this whole month most of the days i start at 2 pm and i am damn happy.

    cause..... i can wake up late! damn syiok lo.

    mum dropped me off earlier by half an hour today. soo before work i went walking around and when i walked into MNG i got damn alot of things want to buy man... shit laa! evr since i started working, i became more shopaholic. how sadd.

    somemore last time i didnt like MNG's stuff, but dont know why this season's things attracts me somehow. hmm...

    went to break today with ferns at subway. talked and laughed and talked again. got him updated on some stuffs.

    after break, two colleagues left for home cause they were going for some prayers stuff and only left with me, nick and vanessa.

    mana tau around 5 something, i was talking to nick halfway, i heard the door sensor ring and so happen there was actually a guy walking out the shop. and i pula pointing at that guy to nick then he went and chased after that guy.

    nick shouted at the guy to stop, he really stopped. stupid fella. somemore he was with two friends. the two friends also follow him come into our shop.

    and the great part is they stole one of the cheapest thing in the shop. a pair of 15.90 socks and a bottle that costs 39 ringgit. of all the things, this two. stupid malay!

    the police came and interigated the three guys in our store room cause they needed to check the cctv and stuff. when i went in to take some stock, i heared they kena marah damn teruk somemore say never carry IC out. some stupid shit la they telling.

    they were actually inside our store room for quite a long time. and then they all left to the police station.

    at night they actually came back with their parents and was escorted by the police to pay for the stuff they sold. i tell you damn embarassing. and only malay and indian will do such stupid shits.

    and apparently they stole 600 plus ringgit of stuff in jusco. and they are blardy form 5 kids! somemore say no IC but actually all their IC is with the indian friend. cheap idiots!

    at least our sales today was good.

    overall we felt kinda proud that we actually caught a thief. and embarassed them in front of everybody. hahah!

    oklaaaa.. ciao dulu. feel like going blog hopping and watch some series. nights people! i can stay up late tonight cause i start at 2 pm tomorrow. (:

    i am still sad. and i hate it.

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Halo - Bethany Joy Lenz