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  1. why why love

    Tuesday, August 28, 2007

    sorry for the long time off-blogging. actually its 8 days not long lah. duriing the holidays was watching a taiwan drama series thats why no time. (smart ryte?? trials is next week! ) ahahaha. actually i finished watching one episode before this and told myself i will stay off it until after trials. =) *hope i'll be dicipline enough*
    but the show very nice to see. aiya you know lah. girls like love love punya show wan mar. ryte ryte? hehehe.

    why why love*
    well i have to start studying already!! crap! i've been saying this since like forever but ended up.... apa pun tak buat!!! okay... MUST START ALREADY!
    ahahaha. trials is for three whole weeks.. wait no. nearly three weeks. *sob sob* that means no more onlining for me. aihz..... but i'll try to update... TRY
    =) smile more to overcome the stress... =D

  2. sabah

    Monday, August 20, 2007

    updates about sabah.

    was in sabah last week so i've skip school for 3 days! damn syiok lah. everybody nicely going to school and tuition and i m holidaying. ahaha.

    overall the trip was fun! ate alot of seafood till get allergic already. =) but one thing that is very sad is sabah don't have hot guys! aihz.... (maybe a little)

    the scenery there is superb! i meant near mount k.k lah. sooo cold somemore. no need air-con also freezing like nobody's business.. =D

    some pics (more to be updated... thats if i am not lazy) only sceneries cause i use my handphone. the camera pictures i havent get it yet. sooo later lah.

    from the airplane. nice*

    another one. with the wing*

    the place we stayed was just beside a shopping mall but did not get to shop. i like the place. very overseas type of feel. ahaha.
    the apartment was called marina court. the view from our apartment was amazing! right in front of the sea. sooo nice.. *aaahh*

    the view..


    towards sunset. beautiful*

    my favourite picture!

    went to the foot of mount k.k to stay one night. the place was superb! cooling and nice. but the road damn bumpy and very narrow too. stayed at the place where people start their journey to climb the mountain.

    mount k.k *this is like 6 in the morning.

    another shot*
    have to get up like 5 in the morning just to see this before its covered by the clouds. sleepy man..
    went back to town to eat lunch and some shopping! but nothing much there lah. except going into the ROXY shop. most of the items are on sales you know... wallets are on 50%.. damn cheap lah. cheaper than here. but the sad thing is my mummy don't let me buy. =( *sighz*
    went to the island also. tried snorkeling but sad to say is i did not see anything cause i was too near the shore. well i don't dare to go any further. *scary cat*
    was at the airport and the stupid air asia flight delayed! i tell you arr... never sit air asia lah. its cheap but damn annoying. everytime also delay! like sitting bus only....

    this is damn nice. it looks like cotton balls*

    the good thing about sitting a flight in the evening.. sunset*
    great trip! nice place too. =)

  3. Saturday, August 11, 2007

    went to segi college again. week 3. same usual thing. there is this common topic among them is Who kena NS? the list of names came out yesterday. Kah tim, yew wei, Jia shen, Qi hong kena. Kah tim was like why all the good looking ones got it? why all the fit ones get it also? huh? why? ahaha.well as far as i noe of alot of my friends didnt get it. there is lesser girls than guys chosen.
    one of cherly's birthday wish was not to kena ns and she didnt. but rumours are spreading that the names yesterday are not the only ones. the official full name list comes out on monday. well i hope not =)
    today they gave us food at black canyon. not nice to eat wan.... =( went to walk walk awhile in summit and qi hong said he wants to carry my handbag.
    he and my nike bag*

    back view*

    look damn gay hor?? somemore he was carrying it for quite a while. went to play daytona after that. manage to play two rounds and i m the winner for both rounds... ahahahaha! ta pao them... *=)

    i like this*

    what lah? play handphone only you tau*

    semangat listen man.
    wait.. no she is not. see wat she do.

    send sms* aihz.

    all also listening to teacher. and me....taking pictures. tsk tsk.

    thats it for today. off to bed! very tired.

  4. just came back from summit for cherly's birthday dinner. first she said at TGI but full house so we went to San Francisco Steakhouse. ahaha. with her family members and all. ahaha.

    there is stef, mun hoe, yao yun, chun kit. jia shen and of course me! ahaha. the food looks nice in the menu....but very expensive lerh. me and mun hoe don't dare order food which is expensive so we ended up ordering Carbonara! yummy yummy. loooove pasta man.... but this is slightly different. they put a raw egg inside. ahaha. *weird but nice!* XD
    the birthday cake*

    cutting cake*

    had a cake for cherly aka the princess for the night and sang her a birthday song. she make wish take damn long man..... but one come true lyk not even one hour after that....her wish was to not get chosen for national service and she didn't get it! congrats girl!

    the speech.
    she even made a speech man. a loooooong wan and holding a pepper bottle (okay its either pepper or salt) as a microphone. you know wat? she forgot to thank us you know... we must remind her. ahahahaha. =) And one line of her speech to us was... thanks for talking to me if not i will die already cause i cannot tahan not talking. ahahaha.

    me and my bestie. happy birthday!!!

    chun kit and jia shen*

    before dinner started we started taking pictures already. to take this picture, i even paused jia shen from sending a message to his girlfriend. ahaha. sorry!

    birthday girl with her meal* yummy

    her food looks damn nice weih... ahaha. XD

    the four of us. girlfriends! one is missing in penang. XD
    michelle malthew... we miss you!!

    us again. posing* taa-daa

    acting cool man..*
    guess who.*
    damn obscene right? aihz. they even made a video. a funny plus stupid one.

    she and the guys*
    aiyo mun hoe why so scared? no need scared of her one. be not afraid lyk jia shen mar. aiya but i know you very good wan lah. eat also must call first. mum thought you well. good kid. not lyk jia shen. see wat finger he give. tsk tsk. aihz. *shake heads*
    the lala pose. ahahha. XD

    weird picture*

    went to starbucks after the dinner and wasted 10 bucks just to sit there. somemore its not worth the 10 bucks. swt.

    posing in starbucks. hahaha.

    me too. too free while waiting.

    two straws. one suppose to be stef's
    took damn alot of pictures. from like 8.10 p.m (when we finish dinner) till lyk 9 sth weih.. did alot of stupid stuff. but i looovvveed it!!
    shit lah. my leg damn pain! sprained my ankle. now swollen already. sobs. =(
    i enjoyed tonight!! thanks gurl...

  5. Thursday, August 09, 2007

    posting about megan fox today. if i still don't post about it nick lim is gonna be very sad. they say she very hot wor.. all of the guys say so. she is hot lah. got the hot body.

    first saw her in confession of a teenage drama queen. she didnt stand out that time lah. the main actress was lindsay lohan. in that show i never ever find that she's hot. after seeing transformers then everyone know who is megan fox already.

    she is pretty and hot weih.*
    i like those eyes. oh my gawd damn attractive lah. okay fine she is pretty. now i know why nick lim wants to see this post so much. ahaha =)

    she acted in transformers as mikaela. (did i spell it right?)
    tranformers was great! superb in fact. the graphics damn chun man. i like the cars. soo yeng lah.
    chevrolet camaro.*
    i like bumblebee especially. the new car that he change to very yeng. Jazz also not bad. now i something about cars. ahahaha. XD
    today school went on fine. just like the usual time. i like school despite all the homework and stuff but its fun. cant imagine leaving school soon. today suddenly only qi hong ask me to write jawi words on his hand. then kah tim then walter. wassup with the jawi words lah? i find it ugly lah. =)

  6. tuition.

    Wednesday, August 08, 2007

    hie guys!

    don't know why today suddenly so semangat.. tuition was fun as usual lah. got jia shen, cherly, qiqi, stef, dicky and chun kit.

    we took pictures too. we modified alot but thats only gonna be in my phone. if i post it, they are sooo gonna kill me. so this is some of it.

    jia shen semangat study wei*
    which its rare to see him study. ahaha. he say he too smart already. no need to study. same perasaness level with his twin. cherly gan.

    talking to qiqi. he looks kinda good in pink. =)
    complimenting him that he looks good in pink. must make him happy abit. XD

    some biscuits that jia shen brought. its from germany*
    its not bad. abit too hard. he said that pretzels are suppose to be hard. auntie anne's one is modified.

    see lah. eat in tuiton. tzk tzk.*

    look at his face man. chewing. but photographer for the day, cherly manage to capture this shot. make us laugh non stop man.

    this is the good part of having a phone that can add text onto the picture. stef took this picture and wrote that. damn funny man.

    fuyoh.. cherly semangat study man*

    stef too. hahaha*
    first time see them so semangat man. woah. ahaha. *get wat i m trying to say?* hehehe. =D nolah. they are posing for the shot. *laughs*. joking lah. they are studying or more like sopying the answers teacher gave. yes lah. ahaha. =)
    most of the pictures taken by photographer cherly. she wants me to blog bout it so she is taking the pictures. i know lah she too excited already. someones birthday is coming soon. who ar?? hmm... *thinking* i guess i forgot who already. ahahahaha. then no need present lah kay? *evil laughs*

  7. walter's bday

    Tuesday, August 07, 2007

    juz finish watching never been kissed a while ago. i think that show is very long ago cause everyone in the show seemed to be younger compared to now. hmm.. the show not bad lah. i just lyk the ending. it ended with a kiss.

    so today is walter's birthday. my hou heng dai man. hope you have fun and enjoy your day. a day that belongs to yourself. =) xoxo.


    ps: hope you like the present my friend.
    finally people are knowing your full name. thanks to me. yin yin. ahaha. =)

    everything in school today seemed fine. finally at the last 100 pages of a place called here. hehehe. the book is nice. i looovee the author. her books brings alot of imaginations. =) and... love.. ahahaha. *winks*

  8. add maths tuition.

    Monday, August 06, 2007

    school was like normal today. nothing much. but tuition for the first time was full of laughters. all the while add maths use to be drop dead boring. you know lah. all the numbers. hate it. XD
    it all started from here:

    stef: i don't like guys underwear.

    we: yerr. stef what is wrong with you?

    stef: i don't like it coz of my brother. he throws it on my bed. (dam sick ryte?)

    then she started going on and on about underwears. one day she should ask you know who not to wear underwear for the sake of her. ahaha.

    she prefers boxers. ahaha. our theory was she is a guy in the past life. she said she was a sexually addicted one. ahahaha.

    ini stef. believe to be a guy in the past life.

    my beloved calculator

    messy table.

    observe. that is stef's hand.
    for once tuition was fun. that lazy cherly gan didn't go to tuition AGAIN. =)