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  1. a midnight declaration ♥

    Saturday, July 14, 2012

    there is so much love between us. i am so glad we found each other. in between the title of classmates, we became good friends. now, we are lovers.
    a girl wished for a fairytale love story. she got no fairytale but instead she is blessed with a one of a kind love story of her own. in her life, there will always be him. and this love, will never be forgotten.

    two weeks till i am back in his arms <3

  2. mia-ed for two weeks.

    Friday, July 06, 2012

    i am back!

    sorry i haven't gotten around to blog for the last two weeks. tho i've been really free and really bored at home most of the time, i was just lazy at the same time to blog. now it is all accumulated and there is so much to write about!

    especially my Macau-Hong Kong post, i have no idea when i will get around to it. at least i've got the pictures settled up in facebook. so even if i don't blog about it, or maybe will blog about it after like months, it still isn't thaaaaat bad :P

    its just going to be an all jumbled up post. pictures and captions. i can't exactly remember the timeline of everything. hehe! :D

    first dinner after being back from hong kong. the whole goose was tapao-ed back from hongkong! hahah! yumsss!

    went to lunch in KLCC with mum and my grandparents.

    the grandparents from the dad's side. my grandfather has always put me first in everything (:

    outfit for that day's lunch.
    bodysuit: bardot
    asymmetrical skirt: supre
    wedges: ebay
    necklace: ebay

    dinner that night was in taman megah.

    my so so cute little nephew. he is the ultimate precious in the family right now. haha!

    one afternoon, went to sri gombak for lunch.

    had dried curry laksa. this place is famous for laksa! and apparently their nasi lemak is good too! waiting for dear to be back next year and we'll go eat. he is a super fan of nasi lemak. ahha!

    same afternoon, went to setia city mall for a catch up with the heng dai, qi hong. basically it was just gossips and updates over dessert. and also a little bit of window shopping. hah!

    dinner that night had KFC in it as well. hehe yums! :D

    had my hair straightened and chopped and also char kuey teow for lunch. now my hair is like flaaaaaat.. haha!

    at night was little justin's full moon open house.

    the catered food.

    it was normal? well all catered food taste the same. hah

    the next night went to setia city mall for dinner with mum cousin and grandma. at dancing fish (: a malay-indo place.

    tauhu egg something?

    their famous dancing fish. basically it is fried fish in a special presentation.

    terung sambal.


    mango kerabu.

    rendang chicken.

    kailan with salted fish.

    all of that food for 4 people. ate till super full! but it was really nice (:

    outfit of the night.
    dress: h&m
    bag: random buy from stanley market in hongkong. major steal at RM40!!
    shoes: aerosoles from hongkong. super comfy!!

    went for dim sum lunch at maju palace on monday. really love the dim sum at maju palace! super yums!!

    dinner was at victoria station.

    crabmeat and sharkfin soup! ((:

    my live 800g atlantic lobster!

    cooked in the baked cheese way!

    omg drools!!! and yumssssssss! i finally had my lobster craving satisfied!!

    had hainanese chicken rice for lunch a couple of days back. from this famous stall at USJ11.

    and the uncle fries kuey teow as well. and his kuey teow is nice! not too oily! ((:

    went out for Brave with dickson in pyramid.

    day before yesterday morning's breakfast with qihong and jenn hsen.

    same day, went to pyramid with family for camera scout and also lunch at zanmai (:

    i am finally picking up gym. managed to get a one month free pass so might as well :P was on the steps machine thing for 35 minutes straight and it was about 1.8km in distance. it may not be anything to anybody, but i am a first time gym user. so i am happy! :D

    i just crapped out a post over what i have been up to for the past two weeks. at least i am updating!

    hehehe! will be over in genting tomorrow night and back to hometown this weekend. now, i shall see if i can squeeze in some skype time with the boyfriend then i'll be off to bed. going out with mum tomorrow morning.. nights all!


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