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  1. Black or White.

    Monday, May 27, 2013


    This week is the last week of uni for the semester and now that classes are coming to an end, means exams are approaching just around the corner. In less than two weeks.. ):

    I am dreading exams but I am really really looking forward till it is over because once my last paper finishes at 930pm, I am flying back to Malaysia the next morning at 935am. I so so SO CAN'T WAIT!!

    My life since the boyfie went home has been nothing but staying home and hanging out with aunty D. So there really isn't much to update about. All I have been really doing is going to uni, doing assignments, assignments, idling, reading ebooks, watching shows, online shopping and the basics of sleeping and eating. And also, dreaming of the day I get back home of the things I want to do and the go to places with the boyfie. In short, I miss him too much!

    Especially when the weekends come, I always think that "Oh, time to pack some clothes and go see the boyfriend day and night for 3 days!" Then... it'll hit me, reality sinks in that he isn't in Melbourne instead he is back in Malaysia enduring the painfully hot weather. And there will be nights where I am totally sick of my horrendous assignments and I wished that he is just within reach and I could just slack for a moment with him. All the more in adds up to my misery...

    I think shopping is the only thing that is keeping me sane.. Online shopping to be exact. Dresses and cheap bidding on good branded quality items on eBay! Plus also the madness of 50% sale @ Chemist Warehouse! 50% off ALL cosmetics! And with me right now being into the "makeup phase", 50% is too darn tempting okay.. And so..., of course I did some stocking up XD

    I have vowed to never looking at anything online anymore until I come back from Malaysia in August! No more looking will save the hole burning through my wallet. No looking equals no buying. Looking always means buying one I tell you... No more shopping for the time being!!!! Time to concentrate my attention on only one thing, exams!

    HEHE but still, I'll just show you guys what I got from Taobao! I found a reliable agent for it because it is not easy buying stuffs from TB as it is mainly for the China people only because you need a china account to purchase items from there. Basically it is a massive online wholesale website. Think eBay but bigger and in complete chinese!

    New camera bag!!! Makeup brush set, One Piece 16GB pendrive for the boyfie and the Toshiba Flash Air SD card!!

    I finally bought the flashair wi-fi SD card! Totally totally worth my money!!! So convenient for me! I now longer have to take double photos. No longer need to take pictures of one thing on my camera and my phone for instagram purposes. Now can straight away transfer the beautiful pictures taken with my camera to my phone for instagram! WHEEEEE! Happy!!!

    My new brush set (a Sigma brand dupe) that comes with a nice container and superbly awesome turquoisey colour!!! Love the colour so much! There's a powder brush, angled blush brush, foundation brush, eyeshadow brushes, angled eyeline brush and a lip brush :DDD They are inexpensive and soft! Well... I am happy with how the quality turns out to be considering how much i paid for them :)

    Now come the cutest thing ever! Custom made camera case! It is made specifically to the camera model and its like super padded inside! Fluffy and soft! 

    And soooooo cute! I have a thing for polka dots and hearts and ribbons! :D LOVE THIS! 

    $11 Angel Biba dress from eBay! Love the lace sleeves and bareback and the bustier skater style! The only down side, is it being a tad bit too short! Safety shorts is a definite need and also not too high heels. If not seriously very very short... ):

    And moving on to my only outing with a friend in the last two weeks. In the last two weeks I only see people in uni, aunty D and J only! Sound so sad but really quite sad lorr... ):

    Simple makeup I had on for a short outing with aunty D. Simple seems better sometimes!

    Which resulted in these buyings. They were 50% off! All that for less than $25!

    And then straight tried on the bright red lipstick that I just bought! What do y'all think? :D

    On Saturday, I met up with Cherly @ St.Ali.

    Cherly's Skinny Latte.

    My freshly brewed Soy Chai with Honey! Been so so so long since I had a good pot of Chai Latte! Love this!!

    Cherly ordered their House Smoked Salmon with Gnocchi and Poached Eggs.

    And I ordered their Kimchi Scramble with Sourdough Toast! SO yums!!! :DD And suprisingly filling!

    It was just catching up session. I haven't sat down for brunch with her in ages and figured I won't be seeing her much until I come back to Melbourne in August. Because exam period I tend to hibernate at home and not see anyone one.

    After brunch, we went to Chez Dre for cakes and then DFO South Wharf for some shopping. Compact catch up of whatever that has been going on in less than 4 hours and we parted ways. Cause I had to rush to catch the train from Southern Cross in order to catch my bus home. I didn't want to reach home when the sky turned dark.. Hate how the sky turns dark by 545pm!!

    Some sunset pictures I captured over the past few days.
    The 1st was taken just when the plane was landing at Essendon Airport, the 2nd taken at the corner to my house and the 3rd was taken overlooking the Tullamarine Freeway at rush hour. Took the last shot while I was out on a walk to the post office to collect my parcel :)

    Love sunrise and sunsets! The colours of the sky are absolutely breath taking! Altho I only catch sunsets because I am too big of a pig to ever wake up for sunrise :P HEHE In fact I don't think I have ever seen a proper full view of a sunrise. Now, that shall go into my bucket list! :D

    Outfit of the day.
    Peplum Dress: Su-Estilo
    Tights: Asos
    Boots: Promod
    Coat: Valleygirl
    Necklace: Sportsgirl

    Statement necklace are love!! Am still experimenting with ways to put on makeup. But I think I am doing fairly alright lah hor? :)

    That's it for now! This post has like more than usual number of pictures of myself XD Whenever the makeup is on, it calls for selfshots! I have to appreciate and document down my work that takes up at least one hour of my time because I am a super perfectionist and also my lack of skills hehe :D

    Wokays.. heading to bed... Last week of uni coming up! Expect lesser updates... unless there are emo exam stress rants..

    *Actually I have been trying to keep myself busy and stay up till the boyfriend comes back home and talk to me. Whenever he is out I always feel so lonely.. My phone stops buzzing and I have no one to talk to =/ But he ain't home yet... Maybe I should read in bed and wait till he gets home to exchange goodnight texts. Then I can sleep schmiling :D*

    sher xoxo.

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  2. The first time we met.

    Tuesday, May 21, 2013

    It's funny from how we used to call each other names, make fun and tease each other and now, to being together together. I find that the old days were so amusing and childish and ironic but they were really good times! I wouldn't trade anything in the world for those memories we shared.

    So much has changed since the day I was late for the college library IT tour back in 2008 and because I was late, I had to share a computer with him. But at that time we didn't talk to each other until one day he decided to turn his head and laughed at my silly mistakes and mind you at that point of time, I didn't even know him. As in I knew his name but I don't know him. And suddenly this boy turned behind and laughed so hard at something silly I was doing.

    And since then, we became friends, good friends. Then things started to change, starting from a movie plan in July 2011 with a bunch of people suddenly became a movie session with only the two of us because the rest couldn't make it. And gradually we started going for more movie dates and dinner dates together. At the beginning, to me they were just friendly outings between two good friends but one day, it just hit me that maybe I don't see us as just good friends anymore..

    Eight months later, he became My boyfriend My best friend. My person. *Wondering why the long months in between? Cause I had to come back to Melbourne for my semester. Things continued from where we left off once I got back to Malaysia for holidays at the end of 2011 and we Officially happened only after we were both here in Melbourne*

    He has been my love for two years plus now and he still makes me feel as though I am living in the good times all the time. The best thing and memories to happen to a girl for her first love 

    He will always be My Bii. Always ♡


    29 days till I see my favourite boy!

  3. My room.

    Friday, May 17, 2013

    I am so sick of uni work.. At the end of week 10 already and two more weeks till two final assignments due. And then exams. God.... I HATE THESE PERIODS! Always. In slightly over a month and I'll be home. My price to look forward to at the end of this! Malaysia here I come soooooon babeh!

    Long assignments calls for a timeout. Still could afford timeouts cause there is still about two weeks left on the clock.
    I have always and constantly been saying on how utterly messy my room always is. So this time, when I finally got things organised and cleaned up quite decently, it calls for a photo tour of the "neat" room :D *Now, it is currently at 30% of messiness already. Mainly with a pile of worn once only clothes on my bed :P HEHE*

    The photos were taken about almost a week back. Most of the photos. A few from the beauty section were taken just a day or two ago :)

    This is what you'll mostly see when you open the room door (: My lovely double bed.

    Taken from the aisle beside the bed. Love my huge ass mirror!

    My laundry basket and shoe boxes aisle. I do have a fair bit of shoes(hehe) because in the checkered box there are also shoes and this is not the only shoes area XD 

    On the table is my fairies and angels figurines ((: And it is also a table with a pile of old notes and uni related materials and also some junk. But junk that are arranged nicely and untouched most of the time.

    Bags all the way! Some bags and belts are hung behind the door.

    My study table area. And my overly crowded coat rack that was converted into a bag rack :P And the blue drawers are mainly leggings and scarfs.

    More detailed photos on whats exactly in all those frames and collages. here, here and here :) 

    Surrounded by lots of pictures of familiar faces, the love ones back home. Makes me feel as tho I am still home in Malaysia surrounded by all the memories.

    And definitely have to have the boyfie nearby as well. Also, you could see his graduation studio photo at the back :)

    A random aboriginal art that was already hung in the room wayyy before I got here. And now it is used as a frame for souvenirs and memories collected over the years. To some, it may be junk. But to me, they are valuable memoirs. 

    On to the closet...

    The coats and shoes and hats half. Shoes in the bottom right till the left in the inside and fedoras and beanies on the top. There are still some compartments on the left that are just normal storage stuff. HEHE these are my jackets and coats and dresses(they are hung together with the coats, to save on hanger usage) :DD

    Knitted wear on the top and tshirts/singlets/pajamas/jeans/undergarments on the bottom. The left door is covering the jeans pileS and the sock drawers and on the right in the inside is the undergarments in a box.

    The top compartment is the skirts and shorts pile. Left is the skirts and right is the shorts :) Bottom compartment is knitted overcoats and long skirts on the left and pajamas tops on the right.

    My accessories and beauty section! 

    All my precious and beloved accessories! :DDDDD Must be worth a fortune :P A whole drawer filled with arm candies and hair accessories. Three stands of earrings and necklaces and still not enough. Boxes needed for watches, rings and other non hangable stuff in the very antique-y small wooden trunk box. And then there is the square box of statement necklaces and the round thomas sabo box with of course my favourite Thomas Sabo bracelet and my swarovski earrings. Actually I do have another egg sized box that has some sterling silver items in it but I left that in Malaysia.

    My beauty section! Makeup, hair products, body lotion, nail stuff, creams, facial wipes and cosmetic bags.

    Look at my nail polishes! Arranged nicely in the continuous colour shades :D So preeeettyy! The Sally Hansen stick on leopard print is new and I can't wait to try them! It's hiding, I hope you know which one I mean. If not maybe you can see it clearer in the last picture HEHE

    My lip products. L-R, Red earth lip gloss, Rimmel lipstick, Revlon lipstick, Maybeline lip balm, Sasa double end lip gloss, Stila lip gloss, Revlon balm stick, Shu Uemura lip gloss and Stila lipstick. I do see this expanding in the future tho! HEHE

    The mascaras on the left and the eyeliners laid horizontally! Except the first one which is a concealer.

    I am an eyeliner junkie. I have all the different types! Maybe because eyeliner was the first makeup item that I got into(lip glosses don't count) sooo I have been always buying and trying different kinds of eye liners.

    The middle area are mostly eye shadow palettes, bronzers, blushers, falsies and on the right is the makeup removers(one oiled base and one is not), hand creams, primer, foundation and eye mask. The butterfly one is a whole package of  eye shadow, lipstick and blusher. Mum bought it from Europe and the brand is Pupa.

    It looks like I have lots at the beauty section and as many of you should know, I hardly put on makeup before so why the hell do I have so much? HEHE Some were presents and some are really really old that I feel sad to throw them away and some were newly bought.

    And recently, I have been quite into buying makeup stuff simply because I think it is about time that I venture into them. Although I don't like to have any on whenever I go to uni but I am sure to use them whenever I go out or something. I will use them!! Promiseeee :))))

    Love all of the items I have! All my eye shadow palettes are awesome! ok...maybe except the cheapo $2 Rimmel one. Both of my The Balm ones are great! The Naked Palette 2 is obviously amazing and the Maybeline neutral palette(on the falsies) is handy too. There is words like base and lid and crease written on each colour. To tell you which to use on where. Handy!

    And I love my blushers! The Stila and the Body Shop ones :D The bronzer from Rimmel is new soo I haven't really been using them as much.

    As I said, I think my lip products will be expanding more in the near future. I have already been eyeing on some Rimmel lipsticks because they are now on 50% which means they are only $6!! And also I bought another Revlon balm stick which is on its way in the mail and and I have been looking at some 3CE brand stuff. It is a korean brand. Still in the process of looking. Not definite yet..

    But there is one definite thing tho, I am waiting on another Urban Decay Naked series item in the mail! HEHEHEHE It costs me $30 so it better be good! Can't wait for that!! :DDDD

    As you can see I am mainly raving on the beauty section because I just newly created that section up. I had a convertible laptop table lying under my bed collecting dust and I thought hey why not put it under the accessories table and put my makeup there? And then the section happened. And I loveeeeee it! It looks organize and neat and easy to look for stuffs. Unless I keep expanding it and then it would get chaotic and messy. For the time being that will have to do.

    So there you have it. The photo tour of my room! :DDD I love this space of mine. Added things here and there to add my own spin to it and made it MY room.

    These two pictures, photo1 and photo2 is how the room used to be when I first got here. It had nothing. Nothing but the bed and the side table which is my accessories table. Because it used to be a guest room. And because it used to have nothing, it used to be a lot more spacious than it is now. Now, I have all of my junk in it. Feels crampy already.. heh And also, I found this picture, that's how little my accessories used to be. Only one not fully filled stand. Look at what it blossomed into right now :P HEHE

    Found this old post, that was how my room used to be when I just got the study table. So empty as compare to now. Less junks then and definitely grew on my bags collection from then till now. And even saying that, I still have three more bags waiting for me in Malaysia. The new ones mum bought for me from the US :DDD HEHEHE

    I guess over the years, I add more of myself into this space of mine everyday. It is my home. The years have flew by and I have moulded myself perfectly in here already.

    Till the next update! Which is likely to be soon cause the boyfriend isn't here which means ill be home most of the time and will be free for updates. That's if I do have an update haha :) Byee peeps!

    sher xoxo.