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  1. kneeling down on one knee?

    Tuesday, September 30, 2008

    getting married?

    jenna dewan and channing tatum should be hitting the bells. well.. the last time i heard it, they are. both of them are just sooo sweet~

    channing tatum is a hottie. seriously. he dance, he plays basketball and football and his body is hot. ever since coach carter he was already in my stud list.

    jenna dewan is pretty. i find her pretty and she dance so well. so they are a good match. :)

    today i went out with cherly and my cousin to one utama. the main purpose was to go shopping. no doubt it is a weekday, it seems to have quite some people.

    walked around one utama.

    finally bought some stuff from fos. two tank top and one long sleeve tee. two tank top only for rm16. i shouldnt have bought the black one from mng which is rm25 for one.

    the only thing was that it is printed mng basics on the behind. extra 13 bucks just for the words.

    spent nearly 50 today. not bad laa.

    tomorrow i should be going to low yat cause my cousin wants to go and get the psp games and that means i will see that cute boy that works there. remember the one i was mentioning the last time?

    he is so cute laa. i hope he still is. :D

    and then probably going to midvalley cause sales are going on and its like really cheap. 60%? i dont care. i must get something tomorrow.

    off-to-oc-marathon. bye peoples. (:

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

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  2. september baby.

    Monday, September 29, 2008

    my gossip partner and my girlfriend.
    happy birthday~!

    first, sorry for the late post. i was out the whole day so i couldnt get anywhere near the internet to update.

    happy birthday stephanie! she was my kindergarden classmate. i found her in my pictures. hahaha! i still remember how i went up to her and ask her whether she had a sister. because when we were in the same class in form 1 i didnt know she was same age as me.

    we became close ever since form 1 and now we still are. she had always been that person i always talk to and gossip about almost anything and everything.

    i was only in the same class with her for one year. and that one year brought us close. remember the so-called-doing-project sessions in your house?

    we ended up playing ps2. and at that time i was addicted to tony hawk. remember those doing-nilam-project at mpsj library? the part where we got scolded cause we were talking too much?

    i just love her to bits. <3

    happy birthday my dear~!

    today was out the whole day. going lcct in the morning to fetch my cousin, morning dim sum at usj 21, visiting cousin's condominium in usj 1 and going to pyramid till 8 plus.

    bought a tank top from mng and also a pair of flats from skechers. rm169 for a pair of flats but i love it. :)

    another thing i want. i want that MNG jacket laa. rm159 le... my mum dont want to get it for me. :(

    adios peoples. (:


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  3. dean winchester.

    Saturday, September 27, 2008

    i cant get enough of him.
    he is hott~!

    so far i only got the episode one of season 4 supernatural. i like that show laa. not because of the guys but its rather nice and intresting.

    other than the story line, of course it is the guys. when i watch the start of it, jared was the eye candy of mine. but after more and more episodes, jensen seems to be the one my eyes are glued on to.

    jensen ackles is the guy with the one full package. from voice, looks, style to body. :D and jared padelecki's hair make him not so attractive.

    jensen ackles is love. :)

    remember the dinner i said i was going to yesterday night? it was in the curve instead of one utama. to get there took us one and a half hours. it was damn jam.

    even in the jam i was looking outside the window hoping to see some hot random fella driving nice cars. :D and i saw this one guy not bad and his car number plate attracted me first. its DAY 32. it just caught my attention.

    and the driver was actually a teacher in USJ 12. you know the malay teacher in the afternoon session? the not bad looking one? i think its encik hafiz. i think. he was with his girlfriend.

    The Curve alot of hot white guys le. i bumped into quite a few.

    ate at The Apartment in The Curve. the guy that treated me and my mum dinner was mum's good friend. he is actually quite good looking le. he is rich, smart and has an adorable son. :)

    this morning went yam cha with the boys at melur.

    came home and downloaded songs and series, watched movie and nothing else. the grandparents came over to visit.

    went to uncle's house from 4 plus till 9. and now, i am at home blogging. :)

    thats all for today. toodles!

    sher xoxo.

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  4. its finally over and done with!

    Friday, September 26, 2008

    those were the really really fun times.
    you can tell it from my expression.
    count yaoyun in also. she's the photographer.

    supposingly there was suppose to be another sleepover during the august holidays. but i guess once we are at different places its hard to have time to get together anymore.

    cause clearly we werent that 5 close girlfriends anymore. more like 4? or maybe lesser. i have no idea.

    once really really close friends. i mean real close. now, i am only close with 3 of them. its very true that as time passes, things changes. nothing could stay forever.

    so dont say forever if you dont mean it. no point saying it when it is not forever.

    i am so relieved that trials is over and done with. its over. woo-hoo. but yet consequences will be after the one week break.

    i cant imagine how my results would turn out. thinking about it now is already very freaky. no doubt people says it is trials but yet? its the last thing we have to sit for before finals and now, this last thing is already over.

    specialist maths was catastrophic. i practically died miserably. i am drop dead serious.

    i thought i could at least get through with it cause in tuition things seems to be so easy to catch up but clearly it isnt. i dont even know what i was writing in that exam paper.

    omg. my worst nightmare. :(

    after exams we went over to taipan Old Town for some food. talked like usual and laughed quite abit. and i know something about adrian yeong that is sooo funny! :)

    since all this trials are over, i can watch my series with less feeling guilty. 3 episodes of the OC and the fourth episode of season 2 gossip girl.

    the only worthy looking guy in the show for now, chace crawford is still love. :)

    going to one utama later for dinner. with mum's friend. and he has such a cute son. if i would know i will have a kid like that boy, i dont mind having more than one. :D

    i am so hooked with the song Just Stand Up by a whole bunch of girl artists that their song i am in love with. its a song about standing up on cancer.

    signing-off. (:

    lots of love,

    music addiction : Just Stand Up - 15 great singers (thats not the artist name, its just too many)

  5. mathematics? eww.

    Thursday, September 25, 2008

    maybe it was the environment,
    the friends and the time we've spent together.

    college dont suck that bad actually. its just that its a very different environment. people you meet are different and people you talk to also.

    cut things short, i just miss high school.

    the recesses, the friends and the cool teachers. thats mainly it. and also neighbouring noises. the sudden clapping of hands? its all.. history now.

    today i had the maths paper. this was equally as bad as physics. so yeahh. there goes another of my finest subject in high school. now, i literally suck as terrible as i could. i shouldnt have compare them. maths in SAM is slightly deeper than add maths in form 4 and form 5.

    at least i managed to wake up at 3.30 to actually do my formula paper. i even dreamt of getting up early cause i have not done my formula paper. i actually dreamt about it. gosh.

    we were like some jakun people infront of taylors crowding around one car and making so much noise before the exam started. i know, we were abit swayed off the exam track. it was 6.15 in the morning. what do you expect?

    went out for lunch and reached home by 12. i am relieved that i only have one paper left but its specialist maths. relieved yet not so relieved.

    ended up going on the OC season 2 marathon. 4 episodes straight. and the 5th one soon. and also first episode of season 4 of supernatural.

    blardy hell. the guys are smoking hot. seriously. jensen ackles is everything in like one package full? except jared padelecki's hair. ugh.. it looks greasy and long and not nice.

    guess thats pretty much for today?

    pray that i wont die miserably for spec maths tomorrow. not that it'll help but it makes me lie to myself. :D

    off-to-watch-the-oc. :)

    sher xoxo

  6. sky high?

    Wednesday, September 24, 2008

    i want to be up there.
    all the peacefulness, clouds, sunsets and stars.
    it was great staring out at a place with no one at all.
    i somehow loved it.

    as much as i wanted to wake up at 3 to study i cant get up. my energy were are drained out before that. i was trying to sleep earlier so i could at least have 4 hours of sleep.

    but i couldnt sleep. its not that i wasnt tired or something. i was tired but i just cant sleep. my mind was wandering till i have no idea where and how possibly far it could go.

    thinking of physics today was already enough to kill me alive. and plus the other reasons, it drained out everything from me.

    instead of getting up to study, i just managed to get up and get ready. jia shen already appeared in front of my house at 6.

    can i say physics was murderous? omg.

    wasnt so used to getting home early. was home by 11. and watched oc. and tried to study maths. maths paper is tomorrow at 7 in the morning. how cool right?

    my day had so far not go so well. i doubt that it will even get better so yeahh. its bad.

    until now, i cant get rid of it. maybe the coming holidays i should really close myself up. dont let me see nor hear anything that has got to do with holding me back.

    off-to-some-nap. tired. :(

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

  7. physics now suck big time for me.

    Tuesday, September 23, 2008

    its giving me severe headache.

    physics tomorrow.
    i am damn blardy stress out because of stupid physics paper.

    and its at 7 oclock in the morning.
    this means i have to wake up at 3 to study?

    i have no time to think about other stuff anymore.
    my mind has too much things to think about already.

    i hate exams.


  8. SAM trials?

    Monday, September 22, 2008


    hellooo peoples :)

    today the chemistry paper is over and done with. it wasnt so bad as i expected it to be but yet there are alot of question where i am uncertain of.

    if they said the finals wouldnt be as hard as the trials then probably i should be relieved. i had actually alot more to answer than the one i did for my mid year which i pretty much sucked to the bottom as it could be.

    i really hope it will be fine. i really do. my dreams on chemistry have not squashed to million pieces yet just into two.

    SAM Chemistry is tough. damn alot of stuff involved. now, Form 4 Form 5 Chemistry is a piece of cake. seriously. my brightest and most proud of days was my chemistry results was back in Form 5 because i was certain of that A. but now, a B i would be sooo thankful already.

    enough of chemisty. its over. :(

    since tomorrow is the ESL paper, i watched two episodes of OC and the third episode of one tree hill. in case you guys are wondering, ESL is English as a Second Language.

    i am actually watching the OC back again after leaving it for nearly 5 months in my laptop. i know i am slow with it, i am just at season 1. :D

    one tree hill is the total opposite. i have been keeping track of it since god knows how long when i visited malacca. missed the first few episodes of the first season because i just started my first episode of it at the hotel in malacca. i think it was 5 years back.

    now it is season 6. and i still am loving it so much till i download it every single week just to keep myself with its latest season.

    it was pretty much a dull day. exams took the main part of it.

    i wrote a letter hoping to send it out one day. as much as i want to stop it, the light is still green in my mind. i still cant yet.

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Bethany Joy Lenz - Feel This

  9. spanish is sexy.

    Sunday, September 21, 2008

    te amo?

    hellllooo :)

    what the hell laa. trials on monday and now only i am feeling the pressure. first there wasnt any pressure at all and now, suddenly everything just rush towards me.

    trials?! oh crap. i am soooo dead.

    my oh-so-hot cousin will be back next year. somehow i am looking forward to seeing him. :) you know, i always had that thing in looking at him since i was a kid. imagine that. :D

    went to crocodile farm for dinner. got one white guy there and he looked not bad. maybe because he is a white guy thats why. everyone that knows me well enough should know shereena has a thing towards white guys.

    damn stress laa.. i dont know what am i doing also. sighs.

    going there brings me memories. reminds me of that body contact. i am already trying my best. my very best and yet i still cant.

    love ya,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Flo Rida - In The Ayer

  10. jeans, heels and tshirts.

    Saturday, September 20, 2008

    comfy jeans.

    helloo dears :)

    went to college today and didnt do much also. everyone was busy talking and i dont know doing what. lecturers werent teaching already instead they gave us time to revise and ask questions.

    going is the same of not going but it was better than staying at home. at least i made the time useful by going to college TRYing to study.

    mum told me yesterday that she wanted to klcc today to shop and agreed to come to college and pick me up then go back down to klcc. it seems that my cousin came along too.

    did quite alot of shopping. was actually suppose to go to isetan cause they were having some members presale thing. it was only for members. the 3 floors of isetan were close and only open for members except the supermarket was open to all.

    going in is like going in a room full of womens. seriously. damn alot of people and mainly are womens. i cannot stand the crowd.

    i thought i would at least get something from the pre sales cause thought of getting something from perlin's silver. eventhough there were some nice accesories, i still didnt get them.

    it was too crowded already. i was wishing to leave the place as soon as possible.

    left isetan and headed to nike. cause i had 20 bucks nike voucher so i thought of getting something. passed by levi's and saw that they are having sales.

    Levi's is having sales you know?! its the first time i am hearing this. even when i was in hong kong, everything was on normal price eventhough it was sales season. the point is, Levi's NEVER have sales! maybe they had before but i never knew about it.

    and after all they have sales so i bought another pair of levi's jeans and i am loving it. <3

    so did my mum and my cousin. mine was only on 20% discount but my cousin's was 50% off. three pair of jeans less than 500 bucks. ok laa for a levi's.

    and nike was just next door. hahaha! i bought a tshirt and i love it. i freaking love their logo laa.

    after that was vincci. i've been wanting to get a pair of peep toe heels and i got it. and it is on sales. so i bought it! its a jeans material type. and another thing i bought which i love. <3

    OMG! trials is next monday and i went shopping at klcc today. sighs. shit laaa... i guess its progressing well. i am still hanging strong on that decision cause i had to. i really had to. hope things would go well.

    bye peeps,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Faber Drive - When I Am With You

  11. memories.

    Thursday, September 18, 2008

    i love the place.

    have i mention how badly i missed hong kong?

    the last time i went i didnt have that much fun as i expected i should. there was fun but as in the places they took us, it wasnt so grand. didnt do that much shopping also because it was winter sales. every clothes were just too thick to wear in Malaysia.

    the company that went together was good. except for some. but the peoples that were around my age was quite fun to hang out with. especially my oh-so-hot cousin~!

    he is blonde and he is good looking. well to me he is. but there is just one flaw. his shoulders arent broad. i mean the outlook he only has one flaw. the inside, i dont know.

    talking about it, the peck on my cheek still makes me smile like a crazy girl until today. and his so red yet cute face. =D

    wait, this was suppose to be about hong kong right? okayy... maybe i swayed off abit too far.

    i cant wait to visit hong kong again. i really really want to go again. i hope my mum takes me there end of this year. i really hope so.

    college was fine today. went to pyramid a while cause cherly said there was this student log in thing at topshop. only students with student card could go in.

    i am not a topshop fan. seriously. their clothes just somehow dont go along with me and the price isnt cheap.

    met a few schoolmates there. one of them is chong chin yau. let me tell u this compliment again chin yau, you looked better. seriously. alot better than before. according to him, its because of the hair "tail" he has. hahaa!

    thats all today. :)

    sher xoxo.

  12. for the last time. *youu*

    Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    its empty.
    i am letting all out
    and letting it go.

    trials is just next monday. i havent really been studying much and trials is supposed to be important. but there is too much in mind now. even if i would have picked up a book and read, i will get it but there is alot in my mind.

    it had always been the time that i should once and for all clear youu out of my mind.

    as much as i am saying that i like youu, i dont talk to youu. we dont communicate as we used to when we were friends. i mean we still are but we are just not talking like we used to.

    even last time a small minor problem youu are facing, youu would come up to me and ask for my opinion. how i think about it or how youu should do to make things right.

    now, none of this had ever happened. i know its because of the college life in a way but i didnt even dare to spend time talking to youu about anything.

    and i am not going to tell youu how i felt at any point of time. but i would at least hope that i have the guts to communicate with youu like i did before.

    i am going to make this sound like what i did to youu cause its what i treasured about youu last year. youu may know who youu are. but just act as though youu dont. if youu didnt notice, it would be even better.

    i missed all of it.

    • the day we had a party and youu look like a lost kid which needed his friends. i knew it that day when youu asked for my help to get rid off her, that was the day i couldnt say no to youu. i would try my best to help dont matter what.

    • the stories that youu told me about how your relationship worked out but mainly i was just wanting to talk to youu more.

    • the days where i would stand at the walk way on the left side of the gate just to hear youu talk and just to say bye.

    • smsed youu practically everyday and everytime it started by "heyy, what r doing?''

    • convinced youu to go study together in school.

    • waking youu up early in the morning cause youu said youu want to study.

    youu've walked together with me through my spm month. i know youu have not noticed how much you've helped but i did.

    i had adore youu in every single possible angle that i could. your eyes, your smile, your laughters, your words, and youu yourself.

    and also the way youu look so high upon yourself in such a cute way. your goofy cute look and the hot sexy look. your eyes is enough to make me feel like i was sleeping on a water bed.

    but i was always just an observer. never been the used of those looks.

    all this had always been only about me. i dont expect anything.

    and now, i should let it all go. i should stop having the word youu in my blog anymore. it should all stop.

    i am tired already. tired of standing beside youu and act as though i dont like youu. i am tired of it.

    dont worry about it, i am giving up. i was just another secret admirer of yours and now i wont be anymore.

    with lots of love,

  13. my life, my rants.

    Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    it could all be just fine.
    and i dont need you in my life nor hers.
    we are living VERY well.

    it had been a rough weekend. well... it started off pretty well by me going back to my hometown for a weekend to celebrate the mooncake festival as i wasnt actually back there since chinese new year i guess. or probably not but i know i havent been back for a while.

    going back is equivalent to good food, good rest and also more free times.

    had my first driving without my instructor and also a kancil. and i did pretty well. it wasnt an auto but i had fun with a manual. won 4 bucks on mahjong. well.... i havent been winning much for some time.

    the first day started off real well. staying up till 3 with the companion of my laptop and my movies. it was my only partner at 1 in the morning. everyone was too busy in their dreams. and also i had some other person to sms with but... after like 4 messages, he fell asleep. i dont know why, i just love talking to him. makes me feel not me.

    unfortunately, i had a rough night. i couldnt sleep well and my nose failed me. terrible flu the whole night and also means terrible breathing problems that night also.

    took abit too much of my inhaler and over dosed myself. yeah.... you know, all the trembling and fast heartbeats. that sort of thing.

    mum had been trying to get my butt of the chair to get me to a doctor but i told i was fine which i know i wasnt but you know... the keep her of worrying about me.

    i really thought i didnt have to visit a doctor because i havent blacked out yet. i was still surviving. but it was to the extend that i would really pass out on myself.

    the breathing was bad. i could hardly feel myself anymore. i thought i was going to have my first pass out in my life. even a simple walk from the hall to the kitchen made me feel like i was floating on the floor.

    not to say, up the stairs and to the room to get my stuff, my heart was about the beat out of my chest and air just dont seem to get in.

    but after while of cooling myself down, i felt better. could at least still walk myself out to the car to come back home. in the car, i still had the time to sms lim qi hong to check out on him.

    got home, and i knew i wasnt able to make it to college the next morning. college means stairs. stairs means a near black out. i better not take the risk.

    so i was home the whole day after a visit to the doctor.

    and now, i happily blogging without feeling a single problem. asthma had always followed me throughout my life. and i am sure i will make i through dont matter what.

    after all, there are plenty of stuff that i wouldnt let myself leave behind. and alot other things that i didnt have a chance planting my fingers on. so yeah... i am fine and will be fine.

    i dont need another person to get involve in my life anymore. she left you a sms to tell you that i wasnt feeling well and all you said was "i didnt receive the sms".

    well... let me tell you this, pal?!, these are all plain bullshits. if you think you deserve my respect towards you, give me some respect as well. dont expect me to acknowledge who you are when you walk in my front door and act as though you were this noble fella that done nothing wrong.

    and fyi, you dont earn my respect towards you. you are just equivalent to a nobody in my life. so live with it... pal?!

    i know its just words but it is a piece of my mind.

    youu, maybe it is time to just let go. but i still can bear letting youu go just yet. the feeling of youu in my sight, brought me twiching in my heart.

    yours truly,

  14. dailys.

    Friday, September 12, 2008

    this is how my hand is when i thought i already stretched my hands straight.
    at least once i used to THINK is was straight.
    clearly it isnt.

    teck wei had been complaining about my hand like for quite a long time ago. and he gives really really big expressions when he sees my hands like that.

    it isnt soo bad laa.

    during physics class today, i was too bored so i ended playing with the eraser. then teck wei joined me. hahaha! you know that game where u press the eraser and it will roll to somewhere else until you reach on top of your other friend's eraser?

    teck wei won btw.

    well.... i felt like a primary school kid playing that. it was soo long ago since i played it.

    nowadays, i really dont know what to update about anymore. sighs.

    qi hong will be back today! i thought i wasnt going to see him cause the initial plan was, i am suppose to go back to Raub tonight. since there are some urgent things to do, i'll only leave tomorrow.

    so... i MIGHT be catching up with qi hong tonight. but you know him laa. the plan might be cancelled at the very end.

    sighs, two days in a place with no internet connection. sien man. thank god i have plenty of movies and dramas in my laptop.

    youu, what if that day i tear and say goodbye to youu? i couldnt bear myself saying goodbye to youu eventhough at that point of time youu may not be my YOUU.

    ciao guys. :)


  15. great bondings.

    Thursday, September 11, 2008

    our colour coordinations.
    our great friendships.

    last time tuition was a really really fun thing to go for. with friends that had been together for years in the same place studying together and also other friends which we dont even know they existed before to a group of friends which was really close.

    and the teacher was really really nice to give us so many extra classes without charging and when pmr arrived, she even lend us her room for us to study. talking about Miss Lim, i havent been hearing from her much. but i have to sincerely thank her!

    i miss the group of friends. but once having such great people around is definately better than not having at all. its all great memories.

    how nice if i was just a form 3 kid and dont have to worry about whatever i am worrying about now. but life has to go on somehow.

    recently college had been really really off the hook. off the hook in the sense that things are getting more and more tough, exams is just a month and the half away, and the life is getting more and more boring.

    its good hearing from qi hong especially after he went to malacca. eventhough our conversations are not long, at least i know he is doing fine. despite the complains he had been giving. hahah!

    nowadays even if i want to come online and blog, i dont even know what to write already. life wasnt as intresting as it was for me before.

    and now, i am seriously craving for landing my fingers on the steering wheel on an auto car. manual just isnt my type but it is exam type. sighs. and shit!

    youu, words about youu dont seem to come out from my mouth already.


    music addiction : You're My Angel - Loretta Chow

  16. a love story i LOVE.

    Monday, September 08, 2008

    as usual keanu reeves is blardy hott.

    the movies i've been downloading includes The Lake House.

    i've watched it like 2 times and i still dont mind watching it from the start again. and i've just finished it for the third time.

    i love this show.

    living in a fantasy where it was so surreal yet the feeling was strong. it may be just a show, but it brought me to feeling it to that level as well.

    bloody hell. it made me feel so lovey and sad towards the ending. and then made me smile again. now days, there will never be guys like this anymore. not that the Alex in the show is real, but i love the way he was.

    after watching it for quite a number of times, i'll still tear dont matter what. imagine knowing the guy you love is already dead. and he was the guy that died in your arms on Valentines Day.

    the writer is amazing. its another world of art. meeting and loving someone you've never met and yet it is so deep.

    this reminds me of If You Could See Me Now by Cecilia Ahern. its one hell of a book. things that weren't expected to happen, happens.

    So come to me, now we can be what we want to be
    I love you and now I see
    This is the way it should be
    This is the way it should be
    This is the way it should be, for lovers
    They shouldn't go it alone
    It's not so good when your on your own
    I'm very sure, this never happened to me before
    I met you and now I'm sure

    youu, everything in this post reminds me of youu. every single detail does.


    music addiction : Paul McCartney - This Never Happened Before

  17. take care my dear.

    Sunday, September 07, 2008

    my dearest.

    my dearest, lim qi hong will be leaving tomorrow already. eventhough malacca is near and he'll be back often, i still wont see him that much already.

    wont be able to hear that voice where he is standing right in the middle of the field yet i can still hear him from the other corner without him shouting.

    i just love zha-ing him whenever he tells me about his girls stories. especially at this one period of time, i have been zha-ing him non-stop just to make him not fall into the same thing all over again.

    and according to him, i've help alot. but in a very harsh way. =D as a friend, i shouldnt let him fall in it again. it brings no good for him.

    now, i have no one to message when i am emo already. especially when i am college, i would just sms him whenever i feel like it.

    its not that i couldnt later, but it wouldnt be that often already. at my down times, he helped me alot. giving me advices that pulled me back up to stand on my feet again.

    i remembered how badly i was complaining about most of his things. his phone, his wallet, and once, his blogskin and alot other things. he knows when it comes to complaining, i will nearly complain about everything when it comes to him.

    now, he is off to Malacca to study for his Pilot. i sincerely wish you all the best my dear. when you come back, you better visit us!

    limqihong, i'll miss you.


    spoiler alert. i watched finish both of the episode 1 already.

    gossip girl.

    Chace Crawford aka Nate is still so hot. and he is sleeping with a married woman. i thought at the start she was Serena.

    Chuck suddenly gave me that feeling that he is a passionate fella. he really likes Blair.

    Serena is back with Dan. yay! by far, the only couple i like.

    one tree hill.

    i forgotten the ending of season 5 already. luckily they had some flashbacks.

    Lucas is back with Peyton. i prefer her than Lindsay. Chad Michael Murray aka Lucas's hair is nearly bald. he has that sexy look but i prefer when he had more hair.

    Jamie reminds me so much of julian. he is the younger version of jules.

    i pity Dan. and i hate that nanny Carrie. she is psychotic now. she is torturing Dan like shit. for once, i actually pity him.

    currently downloading some movies. i am in the mood of watching shows again. The Lake House is only 4 % away till it finish downloading. i am soo in love with that show.

    i know it is a wrong timing to start watching shows now.

    youu, i missed the chance of seeing youu the other day. it was seriously a waste.

    much lovee,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Secondhand Serenade - Fall For You

  18. my favourites from gossip girl and one tree hill.

    was suppose to go to the padang this morning to see the guys playing football. but i was too sleepy until i couldnt wake up. i set alarm but i off it in the end.

    around 10.30 a.m. i had to go to the driving institute for the try test called QTI. it was stupid i tell you. stupid! stupid!

    my engine died off a couple of times. the fella's car damn freaking hard to drive. but i still passed it. and it rained so heavily laa.

    came home and rest a while. around 2.00 p.m. jia shen came to fetch me out to pyramid. along with sean, cherly and khai shien.

    the plan was to go to pyramid for a movie. Money No Enough 2.

    the show was ok only laa. no doubt some part was pretty sad till my tears kept rolling. but it wasnt as good as i expected it to be and also wasnt as good as what people said.

    had a birthday party after that at Ara Damansara. somewhere near walter's house, which is where i met the accident last time. damn phobia already.

    nothing much there also. was kinda boring for me cause it was my mum's friends. but the house was kinda nice. for a guy that stays alone to maintain such a house, its already a very very good thing.

    actually Toyota Caldina is a really not bad car. looked kinda sporty.

    i cant wait for my One Tree Hill season 6 episode 1 to download finish. and also Gossip Girl season 2 episode 1.

    new season for Supernatural, Ugly Betty and Terminator is coming soon. it only starts next next week in US. but trials is around the corner. i should stay off all this for a while.

    now, i am off to watch 21. heard it is nice.

    youu, i miss seeing your face and actually talking to youu.

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Miley Cyrus - See You Again

  19. where dreams and wishes come true.

    Saturday, September 06, 2008

    i miss Japan!

    from maple trees, mount fuji, universal studio, bullet train ride, tokyo disneyland, cute stuff and peoples there.

    lets just say i was a not so smart kid back then. i did not enjoy my Japan trip to the fullest cause all i did was what usual kids would do.

    i didnt go shopping. i was in Japan and i didnt go shopping?! haha. i only went hunting for keychains. how smart right?

    it was way way back in 2004. i was only 13 then laa.

    i am having the driving try test tomorrow. hope i dont fail it eventhough people say usually they dont fail the try test.

    youu, having fun is it? i hope so.

    with lovee,
    sher xoxo.

  20. dreams?

    Thursday, September 04, 2008

    that dream was about you only.

    until now, the image of that dream is still flipping through my mind. i know i shouldnt even think about it even a bit.

    but seriously, i prefer the you in my dreams. he seems alot friendlier and alot nicer and also alot more attractive.

    everything should just stay as it is. dreams should be dreams and reality should stay in reality. as time passes, things might just turn out right. but please make me keep you off my dreams.

    i read something yesterday night. it made me dont like you even more. i seriously CANNOT stand your face. seriously, i dont know why i dont like you so much but i really really dont like you.

    and obviously you dont need me to like you too but i just felt like saying that i do not like you.

    college was like usual today. had fun break times again. laughed damn alot. we even made ferng lin walk all the way to kfc to find us. hehe.

    rained quite heavily today after class.

    jia shen and teck wei went to get cherly's car while we waited inside taylors. first time sitting cherly's car drove by jia shen. and jia shen kept complaining that her car not enough power. hahaha!

    had driving after that. i was hoping that i didnt have to go. but i still went. tried the JPJ route. it wasnt so bad. but roundabouts very the ma fan.

    youu, look gay with that piece on youu. seriously. try changing it laa.

    sher xoxo

    music addiction : Beyonce - Work it Out

  21. yesterday's college was like normal. just that it was tiring cause there was tuition till 5. and omg... i passed my freaking specialist maths paper!! damn relieved man.

    after tuition i went down to kl with my cousin to find my mum and my cousin's girlfriend to go down to pavillion.

    and something happened when i was walking towards my mum's office. it was damn embarassing. i dropped on the road. not only drop, i kneeled on the road and sprained my ankle. and i was wearing my new levi's jeans. luckily it didnt tear or something.

    walked around pavillion and was going into all the designer's boutique. rich people damn nice laa, they get to buy all the nice stuff. no doubt the things may not worth the price, but people are buying the brand.

    especially jeweleries in Montblanc. its seriously very nice but also damn expensive. Coach bags are not as expensive as Loius Vuitton and it is more towards a youngster's fashion line. but Coach in USA is sooo much cheaper. like really really damn cheap.

    walked over to LV in starhill also. their bag's price had increased. i only like two range of bags from them. the neverfull and the speedy. especially that particular speedy.

    let me just hope that i'll afford one in future using my own money to buy it. its really an achievement.

    went to Rakuzen for dinner. i love their japanese food and the place. its not that expensive laa. japanese food had always been my favourite.

    oh ya.. The Loaf's cheesecakes are really very good. the price is reasonable also. i bought 4 and there's still one in the fridge. =D

    came home at 11 something yesterday so i didnt have time to come online and blog. anyway it was just another outing at downtown kl.


    todays college was okla. like normal days. nothing much happened also.

    i had this really weird dream this morning.

    i didnt expect to dream about him this way. seriously very weird. but dreams are always unexpected ones.

    i've never been so close with him in person. even it is just a dream, i can feel that closeness deep in me somehow. maybe it is because i have him in my mind too often until i am dreaming of him.

    but he looked soo much hotter in my dreams. hahaha!

    no doubt sometimes i do find him not bad looking and seriously a not bad person, things had always just stayed as it is.

    somehow i didnt want to wake up on that dream this morning. fantasy was way way better than reality.

    youu, hope that things are going on well. i know it isnt easy for you these days. take good care of yourself laa.

    with lovee,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Rihanna - Don't Stop The Music

  22. bye bye qiqi.

    Tuesday, September 02, 2008

    facial was fine that day. but it was seriously damn painful laa. and people at the facial centre seriously damn persistant man. keep on pushing my mum to sign up for the package.

    after that went to pyramid for shopping since it was the last day of sales.

    and i bought a pair of levi's jeans. i am finally owning a levi's jeans. damn happy that my mum actually allowed me to buy since for the past few days i've been using quite some money. and seriously lo, i didnt expect it to be this comfortable.

    went hunting for qihong's present. manage to get him a collar tee from colins. i am sharing the present with tim.

    was already late for the farewell dinner at night. cause i had to go home first and change and jia shen was suppose to come and fetch me at 7.45 p.m.

    the farewell dinner was at Pizza Uno taipan. but not all made it. tim had trials so he couldnt come, steph was sick and chun kit was in malacca.


    click on it to get a larger picture.

    us trying to settle down with which food to order.
    credits to yew wei.

    me and the boy that is leaving us for malacca.
    credits to yew wei.

    me and the good bestie, cherly.
    credits to yew wei.

    yew wei, me and qi hong.

    qihong and cherly.

    qi hong and walter.

    another shot of the both of us.

    me and limqihong.

    qi hong and cherly. but dont know where she looking at.

    cherly and walter.

    cherly, walter and dickson.

    me and qi hong again.

    cherly, ee jun and me. another guy which will leave together with qi hong.

    ee jun and the three girls.

    these are the only pictures i have. i am still waiting for those from en lin and jo ann.

    qi hong fetched me home. first time trying his driving. actually he is not bad. =D thanks anyway!

    this dinner cost me 40 ringgit le. damn pain laa. nevermind laa. give face to them so we must go. i hope qi hong likes the present. eventhough it is not the red he likes.

    anway, it was a good gathering though.

    youu, are still very much in my mind.

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

  23. a sleek piece.

    Monday, September 01, 2008

    my first owned titus. its blardy sleek.

    went out to midvalley today. supposingly was only with my mum and cherly but we managed to make jia shen follow to. it seems to him, going with us was weird. but yeahh.. he followed.

    parked in gardens because midvalley was seriously packed with humans. walked around gardens and the first thing i bought was this sleek accessory!

    thank you soo much mummy! she also got herself another one from titus.

    practically the whole time we were just walking around seeing stuff. trying to get stuff too. but it is either things are too messy or my mum simply wouldnt get it for me.

    and mum treated us sushi for lunch. again thank you.

    only cherly and my mum got clothes for themselves. me and jia shen was just looking around. and seriously.. damn banyak people in midvalley.

    it was a good day out. jia shen, i am sure you dont feel cheated already right? it wasnt so badd.

    will be out for facial tomorrow and also going to pyramid with mum and cousin. so MAYBE i'll get something. i hope at least.

    and also the qihong and eejun's farewell tomorrow at taipan. hope it'll be fun. HOPING.

    youu, hoping to see youu soon my dear. i know i will. <3>

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Secondhand Serenade - Fall For You