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  1. hellos!

    i am flying off to hong kong tomorrow morning at 630am. sorry that i mentioned in my last post that i'll be flying on monday. i mixed up the dates! hehehehe :P

    trying to update what had happened the last few days before i fly to hong kong. tho i am like super sleepy right now and i am only allowed about 3 hours of sleep, have to get this done lah... if not i'll get lazy when i get back next tuesday morning. hehe
    anyhoos... rewind a little back to the flight back to malaysia. Saturday morning,

    the travel outfit (:

    i was watching kuen wong the whole entire way. as in the tvb drama, gloves comes off. and bought all those snacks. hahahaha! i can't sleep. might as well stay up and eat and watch shows. hehe

    mum and god-pa came to pick me up from the airport. and straight we went for breakkie. i wanted to eat wantan mee! that was the first thing i could think of when they asked me what to eat. haha!

    went home after breakkie and napped till about 3 ish cause i was totally drained. had only an hour of sleep during the flight.

    for tea time or more like lunch, me and mum went to ss15 to have kopitiam style lunch (:

    i think i went home and slept somemore after that. HAHA!

    dinner was fried rice and french fries and hot dog. cooked by aunty.

    then went over to cousin's and play with my lil nephew. hehehe he is so cute! and i made last minute plans to meet up with ferns. and end up going to steph's place and chilled. and just chit chat. ferns helping me with my laptop and all that. nice seeing the two of them after 4 months! <3 was there till about 1 something almost 2am.


    mum bought nasi lemak for breakkie. tho i told her anything will be fine but secretly i wanted nasi lemak. and she read my mind! =DDD nasi lemak with daging rendang ((((:

    i was missing the bf. i went into my suitcase and pulled out this tshirt. HAHAH!

    see see...!! my little nephew. Justin Lee Zhen Nan <3 he is so cute hor...?

    so tiny and so cute <3

    it was aunty's birthday. we went out to makan at the hawker place to order dishes and rice for dinner. the old fatty ho shop. and guess what?! Miss Lim, my old tuition teacher, runs the place! and both of them, husband and wife still looks the same!

    the food we ordered. mun yee mee, yam ring with marmite chicken (the marmite chicken was seriously DA BOMB!), belacan fried rice, thai styled fried fish and fermented beancurd cooked with vege.

    was on an hour skype call with dear that night. missing his voice already...


    day out with mum and cousin sis.

    first stop, Antipodean Cafe in bangsar for breakkie ((:

    mum's latte.

    my big breakfast! RM19. sooo much eggs that i can't even finish. was so so so full! portion was really big. tho taste wise was pretty normal.. so so ni lah..

    i heard that Plan B is good too. something similar ish.. will go try their brunch one day!

    mummy dearest <3

    outfit of the day. super love this outfit!!
    bodysuit & paperbag shorts: forever new
    wedges: tony bianco
    accessories: abit of everything
    bag: guess

    then went over to midvalley cause we needed to check out the money changer there for the HKD rates.

    ochado's 3Q passionate tea. me likey! and their pearls are the small ones. prefer them more than the big ones! nice! better than chatime!

    nyonya kueh for tea :D

    dinner was sorta braised fish paste noodles. super yums man! the noodles are made of fish paste completely! nice nice :DDD


    woke up at 945am cause i had breakkie planned with qihong. he came to fetch me and off we went to melur. and yew wei was already there waiting.

    finally saw limqihong! hahaha my heng dai (: and i was too busy catching up and all that, i forgot to take picture of my roti telur and teh o ais limau. hahah!

    got back about 11am then went out with mum to Setia City Mall.

    in klang.

    wanted to check out the uniqlo there for a pair of pants. but in the end also no size ): sob sob... i really liked that pair of orange jeggings )):

    had dried pan mee at the noodles shack.

    outfit of the day!
    maxi dress: factorie
    accessories: abit of everything
    flats: london rebel
    bag: guess

    the mall is quite big. lots of shop that i am yet to explore cause mum had to rush back for something. and one thing good about it is, there isn't much people and they have lots of shops! don't have to squeeze with people. and i am guessing there will be more choices and sizes since there isn't thaaaat many people YET. hahah!

    was home by 2 something. and i know i would get bored and end up sleeping. which i don't want to do that so i dragged cousin sis to sunway pyramid with me. hahah!

    bought this skirt from kitschen for RM30.

    but was only in pyramid for less than two hours. then had to drive to midvalley to pick cousin's gf and was home by 5pm. i don't know what i was doing till it was time for dinner. i didn't even nap... ):

    dinner tonight! cooked by aunty. "yuk choi" soup, vege, sotong kangkung and meat chops. hehehe :D

    after dinner at cousin's, i came home and packed my hong kong trip luggage and settled everything. after posting this up, i am going to sleep for 3 hours and off i'll be in hong kong tomorrow!

    i am taking god-pa's camera with me to take nice dslr pictures!! super love hong kong's night lights and i have to document it! but but.... the weather in hong kong will be back apparently... ))): its hot and super wet! )): noooooouuuu.....

    klah! i'll be back next tuesday morning. shall see when i'll be back to blog lah k..

    goodnight hehe :P

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

  2. for a month and 10 days.

    Friday, June 15, 2012

    ello! ((:

    i am currently sitting in my freshly vacuumed room and rather neat and tidy because it is all cleaned up and ready for me to leave it for over a month. will be heading back to malaysia tonight. i am having all this anxiety right now worrying whether my bags are too heavy. hahah!

    i am going back with all of these. and its a total of 48kgs okay... 

    sometimes i wonder what the hell i pack. every single time i'll be heading back with at least 30kgs. but at least this time i know half of it are clothes which i am giving away to my cousins because i won't be wearing them anymore. haha!

    just had dinner. aunty cooked noodles. and i finally have time to blog about the past week right now. wanted to do it last night but i was too occupied with stuffs.

    anyways.. lets rewind back to Sunday,

    woke up early to go over to Ikea for breakkie with my dearest, the bf. hehehe :D only slept for 4 hours and the bf hasn't slept all night. hahah!

    four plates for two people. $3 per plate

    i tell you... whenever i am out eating with him, i always end up eating so much. so not good! but somewhat fun whenever i am out eating with him. hehehe

    then went over to clayton to buy groceries. after that went back and slept until it was enough for me. studied a lil bit then cooked dinner.

    asam fish again ((: but the fish last week was nicer. tho this was good too ((:


    went over to monash clayton's library and studied from about 3pm till about 11 something at night.

    dinner was in clayton town with a bunch of them at Dapur indo. had their nasi goreng ayam (:

    that night was like super cold. i kept hiding underneath dear's blanket and quilt. hehe


    the bf had a paper that afternoon so i went over to monash first to have lunch at their campus centre with cherly and ck and tai then went over to the library to study.

    winter with its autumn leaves still..

    once the bf came back from exam, we went back to his place and i prepared dinner.

    rendang chicken with cheesy omelette.

    slept quite early that night because my last paper was the following day at 6pm. had to wake earlier to study.


    woke up at about 9am to study. the bf only went to sleep at 11am. his body clock super messed up already one...

    cooked indomie as lunch before heading out for exam.

    the sky was like dark already when i was outside the exam venue. so not fun having a paper at 6pm!

    and by the time i was out it was already 930pm and pitch dark.. ):

    bought two foot long subway and kfc back for dear and me for dinner :D

    exams are finally over for me! the last paper was not too bad.. hehehe after eating i straight slept till the next morning. was super tired. haha!

    yesterday, Thursday,

    went down to the city to meet up with Yao yun for lunch. she wanted to try Cookie for sometime already and finally we went there yesterday.

    roasted duck salad and some roti.

    steamed salmon with chinese broccoli.

    Miss Zoe Loy, my makan kaki. aiyo she's going back to malaysia for good already. who's gonna be my makan kaki now.... )))): i is saddddddd!

    lunch damage was $28. but it was nice ((: ambience also pretty nice. hehe

    me being vain. HAHA!

    conveniently used the instagram merged picture. with filters it looks more vintage-y. hehe

    outfit of the day. (:

    after lunch, the both of us took a tram and headed over to DFO for shopping ((: it was a lil gloomy yesterday.. patches of rains here and there.

    spent a fair bit yesterday but was super duper happy with my buyings. scroll down a little more and you'll see the pictures. hehe

    dinner was with the bf at Ipondo. bought the scoopon vouchers two months back i think?

    $27 all you can eat japanese food for two.

    dear, the bf 

    their menu are presented with an ipad. so cool! haha

    and the food was not bad (: i was quite pleased actually. thank god i didn't go when the deal first started. apparently it was very bad according to loong and celine. thank god it was really alright yesterday! and it was so worth the price okay!

    both of us ate so much! i wanted to take pictures of everything but my phone battery died before any food was placed on the table.. so sad ): i think in total we ate like slightly over $50 worth of food. damn dai lah!

    i love my makan dates with him

    then went over to yao yun's and wei ping's place. and chilled for an hour watching stupid videos. haha! i had to go over to collect something from wei ping. so yeah...

    finally back to MA in clayton at 11pm? then i was packing and washing dishes and lazing on the bed which i fell asleep for like less than an hour then bathed and washed my hair.. then cooked. yes cooked at 3am.

    cooked this. asam fish and chicken and some vege. HAHA! some sort of odd hours cooking and eating meals like this. 3am... eat then sleep.. sigh... hahaha

    hehe so so, my buyings,

    jayjays burnt orange coat $20

    dotti super thick aztec print knit, $20

    forever new outfit. paperbag shorts $20, dark blue bodysuit $10.

    hehehehe so so happy with all the stuffs i bought yesterday!!! :DDDD and went to sleep almost 6 in the morning cause i was watching a tvb drama with the bf.

    woke up around 9am today. dear came and wake me up with kisses (: oh so happy! but i was so grumpy cause i needed more sleep... ): left MA around 930am and dear walked me out to the bus loop. i won't be seeing him till end of july! )))): i told you i have separation issues....

    then went back to uni to settle some stuffs and was home by 12pm. did all my packing and i am going back with so much stuffs. all sorts of things...

    was so tired after packing, straight fell asleep till it was time for dinner. just got my web checkin done. and now just lazing till it is time to head to the airport.

    maybe watch my tvb drama. haha

    klah, next post, i'll be back in malaysia already. most prolly posting bout foods. hehehe! can't wait to be back! i'll be heading to hong kong on monday and i'll be back with the family! awesome possum hehehehe

    lots of love,