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  1. just a normal friday afternoon.

    Friday, July 31, 2009

    woke up at 12 pm today. i feel so like back home but yet not. i slept at 3 am and woke up at 12 pm. well.. its so typical of me back home in malaysia. but... now i wake up late and i am not alone at home and everybody else is already awake.

    it just feels awkward to walk down the stairs when everybody is at the kitchen lingering around. and having the cousin to say "good morning shereena" at 12 pm? weird somehow...

    ate instant noodle for brunch. i always had a thing for instant noodle. (:

    watched bones for a bit. its actually quite an interesting series. the cases are so rare and the technologies are soo good plus they have more than normal conversations on sexual things?

    watching it with my mum and uncle when they say those things are sooo awkward. seriously. i dont know whether should i laugh at it or pretend i didnt catch the dirty jokes. hmmm...

    watched two episodes on season 4 and went upstairs and start reading my book.

    five people you meet in heaven? sounds interesting.

    in fact it is my present from tim that ferns went to buy and came late to the airport to send me off. and it seems the book is a life changer? according to tim, its a good book. lets see about that.

    jo ann smsed me saying that she is out shopping cause she has an international ball tomorrow. its been quite a while since i actually talked to her. i guess everyone had been busy.

    around 5 something 6 i helped mum to prepare dinner. she was making wantons. i actually really helped. unbelievable? just believe it.

    had a good dinner, bathed and saw a miss call on my phone from jia shen. so i called him back. i am meeting him tomorrow at melbourne central at 12 pm.

    but before that i think i am going out with the family to footscray and to some shoe shop. with cheap prices. i am really looking for a pair of boots. :D

    watched so you think you can dance and now i am here. thought of catching some 90210 before i sleep since i am not chatting with anyone at the moment.

    and i think i am only able to catch one episode maximum. i have to wake up at 8 am tomorrow. thats early!

    oklaaaaa. ciao people! goodnight!

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Here Comes Goodbye - Rascal Flatts

  2. day 4 in melbourne.

    Thursday, July 30, 2009

    left the house by 10 am to catch the 10.05 am bus. well the bus stop is just around the corner which take less than a minute to reach. (:

    the nearest bus stop.

    hopped on the bus and stop at Essendon train station. then took the train down to Melbourne central. cause i needed to go to QV's three phone shop to get my phone and my new number.

    the nokia e63 is actually kinda cool. there is wi-fi. (:

    then went to Victoria market. cause needed to get some food to cook for dinner. some meat and some asparagus.

    their wet market is soooo clean. unlike those is malaysia.

    walked around Vic market for abit and i bought another woolen cardigan. i've been eyeing on this since my last trip here which was last year march. $25.

    ate spanish donuts. churros! i love them. i kept on eating and eating. 7 for $6. not too bad.

    on the way walking back to Melbourne Central station, i stopped by Hudsons Coffee to try out White Hot Chocolate which tim's sister, sue yee said it was nice.

    it was kinda good but i am just not so keen to hot drinks yet.

    took the train back and stopped at Essendon and then ran for the bus and came home. i notice the buses are actually kinda empty all the time. hmmm...

    messaged a few people to try out my number and see. the few people was sheng loong and jo ann. its been so long since i've heard from jo. at least i had one reply from her.

    i slept from 3 up to like 6 something. it was a good sleep. but halfway through, jia shen called me saying that calling him would be cheaper than smsing. in fact i think its free? not so sure of the rates yet.

    had pasta for dinner. i so love it. aunt cooks good pasta! and i hope i wont put on much weight. i wonder...

    watched some tv shows and now i am here blogging. had a chat with my cousin, joyce. i guess the fact that i left hasnt quite got her into yet.

    the woolen cardigan that i bought today.

    oklaaa... i think i am off to somemore 90210. i like that show. since i dont have to wake up early tomorrow. i can stay up late tonight. (:

    much love,

    music addiction : Always Be My Baby - David Cook

  3. direct factory outlet.

    Wednesday, July 29, 2009

    woke up around 9 something. had breakfast. something so unusual for me back home in malaysia. i dont have breakfast back home. and now i am having half boiled eggs which i hated back home. weird.

    walked down to the train station.

    the hill i dread to walk up.

    thats the hill i have to walk up whenever i take a train home. these few days that i am here, i havent walked up yet cause i've been taking the bus home. but seriously lo. tiring. ):

    the train station.

    the nearest stop to get to my aunt's house.

    reached melbourne central within 20 minutes. its really not a far journey to travel. seriously.

    Nokia E63.

    went to get my phone thing done today but i had a chat with my cousin yesterday and he wanted the Nokia E63 instead of the samsung. and apparently it can be change but i have to wait for a couple more hours.

    had to redo the whole agreement thingy so i needed to get a new number. the new number seems not bad. :D

    after that me, mum and uncle walked down to southern cross sation. the DFO is just there. went in and hunt for my boots and just browse through some shops. was keeping an eye on a white pair of Ck jeans but i dont see them.

    in the end i bought stuff for myself. (:

    lunch. lipton red tea. <3>

    speaking of red tea, ferns, remember we will buy this to drink for lunch whenever we are at jusco? i know i like it. i heard tim likes it too.

    perfume in melbourne is cheap. wayyy cheaper than home. not way cheaper but cheaper. i saw this blue one thinking i should get it for a birthday present so it should remind her of me. but lets see how. i can go there anytime to get it.

    then walked down the docklands. its a waterfront sort of place. the breeze from the sea was good. so chilly yet nice. (:

    the waterfront.

    the stadium facing the waterfront.

    after that we took train back to moonee ponds from southern cross station. nice station though. very umm... i dont know how to say. well most of the trains leaves from there. like to sydney or ballarat. i am not sure if they have it in flinders. maybe they do? since flinders is also like the main one?

    southern cross station.

    the craigieburn line. the line i had to take.

    went off the train at moonee ponds station. then walked along the row of shops again. i like going into thir chemists. its like guardian and watsons back home. but they sell perfumes. genuine yet cheap. so many varieties. (:

    the bus stop to wait for the 501 bus to get home.

    came home and watched more of 90210. i am starting to like it. hot hot guys! and girls are pretty too. somehow this is the only series i am agreeing in pretty girls.

    the stuff i bought.

    scarf for $5. the black cardigan for $10. good buy eh? i like them. (: thats all for today.

    now, i am trying to find out what is stupid tang kah tim lying to me about. he is making me thinking that he really lied.

    stupid fella. where are you? in china or back or somewhere else? i am sure he is hiding something to make me annoyed. hmmm..

    but i am feeling honoured cause he said "i miss u shereena" when he never said it to anyone else? but well.. thats just what he says. anyway it really did sounded gay for a bit. ahah! (:

    k laaa~! off to bed soon. i am getting tired easily here. you see, things i dont do back home i do it here. i dont sleep early back home! and now i am. amazingly hard to believe.

    with love,

    music addiction : Her Diamonds - Rob Thomas

  4. meeting a friend! :D

    Tuesday, July 28, 2009

    woke up around 9.30 am cause had to be at flinders street station at 11 am to meet up with jia shen.

    my room.

    a huge big mirror.

    got ready and left for the train station. had to walk down though. but i dont mind the walking down. i just dont like the walking up.

    the road taken almost everyday?

    either here for the train or the one around the corner for the bus.

    was there on time and waited for him. was with my mum and my uncle. its fun meeting a friend over the seas. i guess the same excitement i had went i met up with qi hong in singapore?

    but well these excitements will go away soon enough since this isnt a vacation trip for me.

    went to open my bank account at Westpac bank at 90 collins street. the guy there is pretty friendly. settled everything. have one normal daily use account and a savings account. banked in my bank draft too.

    went for lunch at chinatown. they all had duck rice and i had beef noodles.

    and then went to get my phone number and sign up for the plan. had jia shen to refer me so we both get $25 credit? i suppose? not sure.

    my new phone. samsung F480.

    same as jia shen but i dont think i'll be using it. i guess i'll give it to my cousin to use back in malaysia. i am happy with my blue phone! ahaha! (: blueeeee..

    then went with jia shen to get his groceries at safeway. but all he got was a packet of cereal. i am really fascinated with the self check out counters. cool!

    got my new sets of keys. one of the key is BLUE and the other is flowery red? the flower is yellow. but damn expensive. hmmm..

    jia shen left after that though. it was already 2 something 3.

    from melbourne central we walked back to flinders station and took the Craigieburn line back home. stopped at Moonee Ponds though cause wanted to try to hop on the bus to get home.

    had to walk through this row of shops before reaching the bus stops so as you know me, i was window shopping-ing. ahah!

    saw some boots. wanted to buy though but i guess i should keep my options open before i decide? later i see something nice, i regret. the boots aint cheap. $100 or $150 per pair?

    went to the chemist to get some stuff. they have nice perfumes there with cheap prices! seriously. i now like the fantasy from britney spears. 50ml for $25. cheap!

    at the bus stop.

    in the bus.

    buses in aussie is wayyyy better. bus in subang sucks. seriously. they stink and people in the bus are weird excluding me. well just some are weird.

    the bus trip home was nice. i am considering to take this more often.

    stayed at home and watched 90210. the room became dark as the sun was setting down. it was around 6 pm?

    ate dinner and continued my 90210. i now like that show. there are hot guys!! (:

    well.. me and my hot guys. melbourne seems to be the place for me to scout hot white guys. everywhere i go, i'll see one. :D

    k laaaa. i am sort of getting sleepy. yes i know. its early and unlike me but seriously. i guess my sleeping time are finally going back to normal?

    bye people~!

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Thunder - Boys Like Girls

  5. its 12.35 am. i feel a sudden quietness. really damn quite lo here. everyone else in the house is asleep. i shall now get use to sleeping slightly earlier.

    its good that i get to go online. i get to catch up with people i am missing already. yay! i am seeing jia shen tomorrow. :D :D

    good night malaysia. good morning australia. <3

  6. say hello to melbourne!

    Monday, July 27, 2009

    finally i get to go online.

    qi hong drove me to airport yesterday. talked to him as much as i could. ferns, steph, yao yun and cherly came after that. then jack, chun kit, hong jiun, adrian, keng yew and shelaine.

    i cried. qi hong was the one who made me started crying. i will miss him alot. as he wont be coming to aus also. steph might be coming over for hols end of this year. yao yun and cherly coming over next year! ferns going for holidays maybe?

    teck wei called me. i called qi hong. smsed the rest.

    the whole journey here, i watched 90210 till 3 am malaysia time and slept for 2 hours. horrible two hours. i cant find a comfortable spot to sleep.

    cherly got me a pair of earring. steph and her touching letter. kah tim gave me a book. those were the gifts i got at the very last moment so it was in my hand carry.

    reached around 6.30 am malaysian time. which is 8.30 am aussie time. came home, ate breakfast, talked a little bit then left to Swinburne to check some things with the office people then went t walk around.

    the campus is quite big. a train station right in the middle of the campus. Glenferrie station. orientation next monday.

    shall see whether got hot guys and nice people to make friends with or not.

    despite my oh-so-lanci-face, i have great people back home which are my close friends. wondering if there are friends like that here?

    reading people's blog makes me emo abit. makes me tear. but well.... everything still has to go on.

    no picture yet. need to unload my bags now. i'll update soon enough.

    maybe meeting jia shen tomorrow?

    oklaaaa... take care people!! i love all of you and missing my friends!!

    lots and lots of love,

  7. i should already left malaysia. provided the flight isn't delayed. this is a scheduled post.

    i am leaving to melbourne to continue my studies. and should be there for 4 years or more (maybe?). sighs. as much as i want to be back for all my semester breaks, i dont think i will unless there are really special events happening back here or when there are really really cheap airfares or really really long holidays.

    one year once. maybe? i dont know.

    my first overseas trip was to Melbourne when i was eight. i absolutely loved the place. and made a vow to myself that i'll be back to study there. even if i am there for a year, its enough. as long is i am there. now i am going for 4 years. wayyyy more than what i expected.

    but now that i really got what i wanted and what i wished for, i am sad that i am leaving. i am sad that i am leaving all my great friends, my families back here.

    no doubt my mum is leaving with me and she will be spending 3 weeks with me there but she'll soon leave me there. i had been with my mum through the most joyable moments and through the most heart piercing pain ones.

    she is the person that waits for me when i get back home from anywhere. even how sleepy she is, she'll wait. she always call to see how am i. she'll always notice the quiteness in me and always ask me why. she tends to know whatever i like and whatever i am about to say even before i could speak it out.

    she had be the one and only one that means soo much in my life. if it wasnt for her, i wouldnt even had a chance to fulfill my study dreams.

    i love her too much. now, there wont be me there to forbid her from making those calls, protect her from all the disturbance, watch tv together at night, having her to tug me in bed everynight.

    but i know she is strong enough to be fine. i love you mum! my cousins, my aunts, my uncles and also, my grandparents. my grandma from my mum's side, my grandpa from my dad's side, i will miss all of you soooooo much!

    lets hope everything will be fine, everyone is healthy and please always know that i love all of you!

    my friends,

    cherly, i will miss you sooo much girl. i wont be able to go out and shop with you anymore and always stand by the side and see how much you shop. i wont be there for you to tell me about your shopping adventures.

    i wont be able to go out yam cha with you and talk about almost everything at all. i wont get to tell you my problems straight in front of you. there wont be anymore group gossips.

    there wont be anymore movies watched together. i wouldnt sit in the car you drive anymore. your very scary driving skills. we wont be taking pictures together anymore. i wouldnt be updated of your life that instant anymore.

    i wont laugh along with the rest when they laugh about your tummy, your orangeness. you wouldnt be there to insult me with the rest on the directions, the "invisible me" and stuff.

    i am not there to nag on you. wouldnt have you asking me about any plans for tomorrow. having you to call me to wake up for any sudden outings, even there isnt anywhere to go, we'll just go out for lunch.

    i am glad that the same class in form 4 brought us this close until today. make sure that we will keep in touch. we must and i know we will. i want to know every single detail about your life and i'll keep you updated as well.

    i will miss you so much. really really alot! remember what you promised me. take care of yourself please..... and get there soon! i am looking forward to continue all that there with you.

    steph, i am gonna miss you babe! i wouldnt have you to cycle to my house anymore for the slightliest thing. i cant just randomly sms you about stuff. i cant talk to you bout hot guys anymore. i cant go random shopping trips with you already.

    i cant drive past your house and always have that tendency to look into your house and most of the time at night, i'll see you seated in front of the computer. i cant laugh so much with you already. we cant gossip about people anymore.

    i miss the taekwando times last time. i miss going to the padang with you. i miss tuition. i miss all the fun we had. all the weird things we did. even the sitting bus together to pyramid or you showing up at my doorstep and shouting out my name. i will miss all of it. i will really really miss you!!

    i am not going to see you for at least till next year end. i just dont know how to imagine that. sighs. i will never be there to hear your stories and i wont be the one that you tell stories to anymore. i wont be there to laugh at how people laugh about your hair or whatever. i just wont hear that laughter of yours for a long time. and i wouldnt be able to take part into those funny insults people give you.

    steph... make sure we are still close! i dont want this friendship we had all this years just go so cold and so flat after i leave. i'll really miss you alot. keep me updated and keep in touch please!

    yao yun, i am going to miss you smarty pants! we wouldnt be able to joke and laugh around over something big or small. i wont be able to laugh about the funny yet sometimes lame things you say. i wont get to disturb you about how smart you are when you yourself dont like to admit it. we wont be talking so much about Jensen Ackles anymore.

    i wont be here to see you doing all the absolutely random funny things anymore. no more Boob woman. no more weird things that i hear from you. we wont crap so much about hot guys anymore. i wouldnt happily volunteer to fetch you back to kk anymore.

    we wouldnt go on trips together. drunk at the same time. going for the space shot for 3 times in a row. seeing you being exactly like jia shen. insulting me. those retarded faces. seeing you get drunk till you laugh and cry at the same time. asking us to keep you off the rail so you wont die. uttering out your weight proudly. ahah!

    i wont force you to get into skirts or dresses anymore. i am sure you'll be glad at this. seeing you turning into another jia shen. the lessons taught. i'll just miss you la.

    you also better get to Australia soon. get your ass there woman! it would be sooo fun to have you and cherly there together with me and refresh the good old times together.

    please please get there soon enough! i'll miss you alot!!

    qi hong, omg~! i will miss you so so so so much!! imagining the day where i wont text you everyday ranting about my life my problems or you telling me about your daily rants. i text you everyday but when i am there i cant. you also told me only limit to 5 texts per day. thats soo minimal to whatever the amount i texts you nowadays.

    i will just randomly ring you up and talk. having you to make me laugh somehow yet sometimes piss me off. i cant go complaining to you about how much you go out with other girls but not me. i wont be here to disturb you about your taste in girls. i wont be here to whack you and disturb you and zha you.

    i wont have you to text me in the morning to wake me up and complaining how late i wake up from bed. i cant go on shopping trips with you anymore. cant seat in your modified BMW 3 Series already. knowing that you will have sooooo much fun back here with your other girlfriends but i am not one of them.

    i wont have you to lie onto when there is no one there for me to lie on. i wont have you carrying heavy stuff for me anymore. i wont be having a friend that drives me around and when i complain about the being cold, i have your jacket there for me to put on. ):

    i will not see you for at least a year and a half. i wont know whether you've grown taller or became more man or something like that. i dont know how to put in words about how much i will miss you. i will miss my zhi mui, my heng dai, my dear and my darling which is you! sighs.

    lim qi hong, remember this. you'll always be that friend of mine. the combination of everything. my heng dai or zhi mui or dear or the closest guy friend of mine. i will miss you soo much my dear!

    ferng lin, get to melbourne laaaa. i shall pray hard that you will. i'll miss you laa stupid. we've never been close till last year's finals preparation. then to working together in the same mall. going lunch together.

    going to jusco and ate cheap nasi lemak, mcd, ming tien, kfc. still remember i brought kfc into mcd just for the refillable drinks? ahaha!

    you'll fetch me to work and also back from work. going to get ramly after work when i am hungry. whenever my computer is down, you'll always be called. and i always have something to ask cause i am no good at this. but you are very good at it, you computer freak! ahaha!

    you influenced your manager to give me stupid nicknames. you've never stop insulting me. but yet you've been nice.

    fetched me to ktm when i needed transport. going to random lunch together at kenny rogers and had me eating your muffin. i'll follow you to fetch en lin home to kemuning utama just cause i didnt feel like going home yet but ended up doing a good thing by keeping each other companied during the jam.

    you offered to drive my mum's car back from kk when i couldnt drive back. you offered to come along with me just cause i wouldnt drive home myself. you've been my listener to all the problems i had with him.

    just get to melbourne laa. even for the holidays or something. i want to see you there! i'll miss you laaa geek. ahahaha! no no 2gbs. wait 4 gbs! ahah!

    and remember my windows 7. hahaha!

    tang kah tim, i still miss you la bro. all the best yeaaaa for the uni and stuff. (:

    chun kit, i'll miss you laaaa uncle!

    jack, dont smoke sooooo much laaa no good for health. cut down somemore. i'll miss you tooo!

    teck wei, stupid chinese~!!! unbelievable as it may seem, i'll really really miss you eventhough you insult me none stop. you've been a great friend. (:

    adrian. bye blur dude! good luck in US!

    jenn hsen. stupid MU supporter.

    dickson! you stoooopid. ahahaah! i miss yelling at you.

    walter, i'll miss you my dear friend. my high school buddy.

    yew wei. bye my dear! i'll miss you.

    bye liam! i'll miss you and your 'reena'. take care!

    i'll miss you la sean.

    khai shien, faster go melbourne laaaaa~! cepat cepat!!

    wei ping!!!! i'll miss you!! (:

    felix!! ahaah! i'll miss you la bro.

    hong jiun. sei sor jiun!

    keng yew. take care lo! (:

    michelle malthew.

    ee jun.

    stupid wei jun!! HAHA.

    shelaine and hau yang, i dont have a picture taken with the both of you. but i'll still miss you guys. (:

    my dear friends, you'll always be missed.

    even people i havent been seeing in ages or havent been talking to much. when i think back of the memories, i miss it all. those memories made me who i am today. and also my ex work mates. (:

    goodbye everyone. i shall see you guys soon!

    good bye malaysia! hello australia!!