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  1. Wednesday, November 28, 2007

    went to pyramid today with jia shen, en lin, qi hong, tim, chun kit, and cherly. supposingly was lagoon but because of the rain this morning, we cancelled it. it was a pretty regretful decision. its so sunny! and the best part is there is not much people in lagoon. ahaha.

    but we had fun in pyramid too! we watched a horror movie. scare the heck out of me. "The Last Breath". sssCccaRRyy....

    everyone freaked out after the show except chun kit. ahaha. especially tim lah. he is soooo scared. ahahahaha.

    today was a good get together. bowling, movie, eating, talking was real good. all the laughing and everything. bowling was funny. ahah. deciding where to go, look lost, dont even know where each other are, arcade, was all funny. as though everything is going hair wire but yet fun. ahahaha.

    off to bali tomorrow! and only be back on saturday. ahaha. its shopping time. this trip is going to be when i let evrything out, have lots and lots of fun and to seriously think of stuff i should be thinking about. i m having massive confusion of feelings. ahh great?!

    youu are already in the stage where i think damn alot about everything, worrying, and confusing myself off. sigh.

    okay now. i m not going to think bout it and go for a holidayy. owh shit! i have not pack. ahaha. leaving tomorrow morning somemore. nights! xoxo.
    i'll miss you.
    maybe it should come to an end.
    l good things come to an end??

  2. Monday, November 26, 2007

    yes lahh. i m done and over with SPM!!!

    i've been looking forward for today since like dont know when. but biology was abit hard and the reason of it being hard is because the reading wasnt enough. finally everything is over before a whole new life, college life starts. finally!!

    it is actually quite sad though that i wont be seeing some of my friends anytime soon. except some lah. bye everyone! and good luck in everything.

    going to subang parade tonite and get my little pony... whee. ahaha. its adorable and i like it. eventhough abit too childish but there is always a kid in everyone ryte? its very pretty. =D

    i like it.*
    now its all about having fun after SPM already. supposingly tomorrow we are going to lagoon but under certain reasons i dont think we are going already. maybe we'll make it up to catch a movie together or something.
    i m thinking of cutting my hair short soon. but i m not sure when. i still like my hair but i've been with long hair for like what? since primary school. think should i cut it short? slightly shorter than shoulder length. ahaha. =) give me some suggestions. okay?
    youu are all that i think about now. since SPM is over. ahaha. <3 data-blogger-escaped-align="center" data-blogger-escaped-loves.="" data-blogger-escaped-p="">darlingg. <3 data-blogger-escaped-em="">

    You're my every,
    everything that I could ev
    er dream of.
    You are my baby love.
    Butterfiles everytime you come around.
    You're special,
    boy it's your, your style.

  3. youu.

    Friday, November 23, 2007

    ONE MORE DAY to go. one more day of exam. one more day i m gonna be in school as a twealvean. one more day in school uniforms. 26-11-2007, the last day of my high school years. i'll miss evrything about it.
    2 weeks of exam is finally coming to an end. and after that is fun time. before evryone starts going to college, national service, leaving the country and everything. this year was one heck of a year. 2007 is the year i cherish most <3 data-blogger-escaped-.="" data-blogger-escaped-align="left" data-blogger-escaped-faves.="" data-blogger-escaped-p="">woo-hoo bali here i come! 5 more days till i leave to bali. i just cant wait that i can go shopping crazy. ahaha. =) genting is also coming around the corner. i cant wait for it too. we'll have loads of fun in a group. 17-12-2007.
    when i look at you as someone i admire most, you think i m just looking at a friend. my mind is filled with thoughts of you but you wont figure it out. *sigh* well, we are great friends so i guess i wont want to break the friendship by letting you know the truth.
    your heart is a mystery to me.
    you're on my heart just like a tattoo,i'll always have youu.
    i hope you'll be my tattoo. <3 data-blogger-escaped-span="">

  4. a month.

    Friday, November 16, 2007

    wow. exactly a month off blogging. i m sorry i totally lost track. wasnt having to0 much time to go online. =)

    SPM is going on right now. but well. 6 more days to go!!! woo-hoo. i just cant wait after that. we have loads of plans already. prom? and some other things.

    on the 3rd was our graduation day. i didnt even have the time to upload the pictures. nearly cried that day when the played the video. was pretty sad leaving school. some cant wait to but definitely not me. i love high school! =)

    sad things is i m leaving high school already. i had the most fun this year over the past few. made friends with a few new ones this year that brought me loads of joy. *wink*
    dickson - sorry i always scolded you, kah tim - thanks for the fun and laughter and everything. =) and the ones before the bond is closer. alot closer. cherly & stef - the bestest friend i could ever find, qi hong - breastzz. good luck, yao yun - i'll miss you girlfriend, jia shen - you are the man. =), chun kit - cherlyy~~, walter - nicest ever, okay it'll go on and on. =) thank you soo much! its u all that made my year. i m gonna miss you guys so much!

    writing this is enough to bring me watery eyes. sobs. as people usually say, we should keep in touch. but the question is how many does? is definitely not guaranteed. but we MUST! it is a must people.

    well thats life. we have to move on with it. wish all of you out there. twealveans Class of 2007 the best of luck!

    as for you. i hope things work out well. nothing is impossible. =) i m gonna miss your laughter the most. =) iheartyouu.

    i miss youu loads. xoxo.