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  1. reality? painful.

    Thursday, December 30, 2010

    currently blogging through another macbook. mine sent for servicing to ferns already. it only left me for less than half an hour and i already miss my blue book..... ))):

    don't think i'll have a proper blog post till my baby comes back to me. ))): i emo.

    well.. today.. slept for only 4 hours then woke up went down to town with mum till like almost 2 ni reach home. then 2.30pm went out to see doctor with teck wei cause my back is like super pain till i can't tahan already.. thank him for waiting an hour at the clinic with me. (:

    came home rest awhile then gotta go out with cousin to fetch mum. by the time i got home it was like 7 plus already. then 8 something almost 9pm ferns dropped by help me with some tech stuff with my mac and my hdd.

    then went out to murni to meet up with en lin, loong and qihong. the three of them were there to watch the malaysia football match. then qihong left earlier.. we were still there planning on our trips.

    on the 8th next week is roadtrip to ipoh. then another 3 days 2 nights trip to penang too.

    shall see how things go. should go to bed soon already. very tired today. good night peeps!

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

  2. quite awhile now..

    Wednesday, December 29, 2010

    i am finally back from a very tiring weekend which i don't think i'll have the time ever to post up all the pictures we took during the weekend.

    in short, my cousin got married. so i was away for the whole entire weekend since thursday night till last night almost 12am only i reached home.

    congrats oh lou hoong and xiao pei jie! (((:

    the last few days alot has happened. i don't even know where to begin.

    just a short update to show that i am still alive. feels so weird that i haven't been around. until that now i am getting lazy to blog already.

    all i did today was sleep and then went down to pavilion. for the first time in a long time, i got so bored of shopping. walking around by myself passing by same shops over an over again is so boring..

    maybe cause i am so bothered by the pain, everything doesn't feel right anymore.

    needa wake early tomorrow. better go.. ciao.


  3. quorra.

    Thursday, December 23, 2010


    today went out at about 12 something. picked teck wei then went over to parade which i couldn't even get in to any of the carpark. so annoying! i go there just to go cobbler ni lor also so mafan. then went ss15 look for another cobbler but he say cannot do..

    gave up and left to kl. drove to pavilion. reached about 2pm. went to buy movie tickets then went hunting for socks then went walking over to low yat to get my external hard disk which i bought 1 TB for RM360. i desperately need it already. hehee (:

    got back to pavilion cause it looks like it was gonna rain then went for lunch. very late lunch. i think about 3 plus. settled down at wong kok char chan teng.

    my cheese baked rice and my iced fresh lemon tea. (((:

    at 4.40pm we watched tron.

    i kinda like it.. hehe =D

    first the ticket is like super cheap. RM8 ni.. plus the seats are like awesome! damn comfy lor..

    the storyline is not too bad lar. i like the graphics and everything looks super cool! i quite enjoyed the movie. plus sam flynn who is garrett hedlund looks kinda good le. his character in the movie also quite yeng. which is another plus (:

    after movie then we left already. driving back from kl during rush hour is crazy. but still i quite enjoyed driving today. tho i was like some crazy kl driver just to keep up with the other crazy drivers. traffic was mad...

    plus, i sorta drove teck wei to like this mini tour around kl since he was so lost and not knowing where were we. the twin tower at night is nice la...... (((:

    by the time drop him back also about 8.30pm already. i quite enjoyed today's day out. hehe.. i came home, and felt hungry so cooked my own dinner since no one was home.

    xo seafood sauce noodles. one of the 40 packets of noodles which we bought back from hong kong.

    just been home watching tv and onlining. should be going to bed soon already. night lor!

    with love,

  4. i wonder if something happened to you tonight?

    Wednesday, December 22, 2010

    woke up about 11 plus this morning then close to 1pm i went out for lunch with teck wei. lunch was in taipan's kfc. i haven't had kfc in a long time already. so yeaa...

    my snack plate (:

    after fetching teck wei home, i went to fetch cousin from home then went down to old klang road just to drop him off at honda to collect his bro's car then i drove off by myself to pyramid to walk around by myself.

    did a little shopping in pyramid. =DD mng got sales mar... =P

    bought a pair of pants which i didn't take any picture of. i wanna buy lor the other pants in the picture one. maybe tomorrow la?

    after that cousin came looking for me in pyramid. the civic was parked in pyramid and we left in my altis to fetch mum from office. after fetching mum, we went to midvalley for dinner and walk around cause mum is in need of buying a pair of heels for the wedding this weekend.

    had dinner at Secret Recipe.

    prawn macaroni with cheese ((: niceee.. but as years goes by, the number of prawns is decreased by half lor.

    after dinner just went walking around ni lor. i wanna buy heels la. like not enough of heels like that one lor me. i guess it is never enough. charles and keith have nice heels but expensive. )): plus i don't wear them very often. just that everything looks so nice makes me feel like owning them.. =/

    got home also about 10 something already. did alot of driving today. haha.. tomorrow too since i will be going down to kl with teck wei cause needa go low yat get my external hard disk and maybe catch a movie too.

    ramly plan tonight got cancelled, so i guess i'll just stay home watching The Town and then return the discs to jack. hehe

    oklor.. good night lor. i go watch show first. ciao!

    lots of love,

  5. step up?

    Tuesday, December 21, 2010

    just came home about 12 ish am..

    morning cousin's phone call woke me up about 10am just for breakfast. i slept at 3am the night before lor... =/

    went all the way down to jalan imbi for breakkie.

    tangkak beef noodles. RM7.90 a bowl

    nice! but i am still a loyal customer to the pudu one. to me, nothing will top that already! (: well at least none that i've encountered.

    then went to damansara millennium to fetch mum. then back to kl then to taipan then to subang parade area then back to taipan only back to home.. wah sien. but at least i was inside a Toyota Alphard la. super comfy man inside!

    cause it'll be cousin's wedding car this weekend. so yea...

    finally i got home about 2 ish 3 pm and i slept till about 5pm. then left out to kl about 6pm like that for dinner.

    dinner was at Hakka Restaurant. yummmm!

    this is just half of the dishes we ordered. i was too busy eating till i forgot to take pictures of the rest.

    after dinner went for yumcha with mum, cousin and marvin! who came visiting here for just a couple of days.

    knew him from back in melbourne. i think i've mentioned here before. he is the guy who works in aldo south wharf. wait.. use to work there.

    good catching up tho. went to pick him up then went pappa rich awhile then dropped him off about 11 plus.

    got to pass by klcc too on the way home. i love the night lights la. think i've said this so many times lor. one of the reason i am missing hong kong so much right now... ):

    taken through the alphard's sun roof.

    i should prolly head to bed soon already. been sneezing non stop. =/ good night lor..

    sher xoxo.

    i want to tell but yet at the same time i don't want to.
    and help...?

  6. want to be brave. someday at least.

    Monday, December 20, 2010

    my dinner tonight. Roti Hawaii and Mango Special from murni. (:

    just came back from yumcha session about 45 minutes ago. i sorta organised it cause dickson is back for like two weeks and i haven't seen him in a long time. so yea.

    those who went was me, yao yun, en lin, ferns, dicky, cherly, jia shen and jack. all we did was just sit at murni usj 9 there and talk and just catch up lar. since i've been back i haven't even seen jack. so yea... nice catching up. tho it wasn't like a proper one la. hehe

    as i said today just went pavilion with en lin for like two hours only. just went looking for his stuff the ciao came back home already. got home, i was tired but refuse to go and sleep, i asked teck wei to go out for snowflakes with me. =DD

    been bugging him for like a few days already. i drove out and then it rained so we were at snowflakes till the rain sorta stopped a little.

    and something embarassing happened in the car lor. damn pai seh la.. something about the wiper. hehe ((:

    got home i finally slept for like 2 hours cause was having bad migrain then 9 something out for yumcha till just now.

    now watching Wall Street the dvd with mum which i borrowed from jack. hehe ((:

    i am getting super lazy to blog about hong kong lar. i needa go buy a new external hard disk first before i can resize all the pictures. will TRY to get it scheduled by friday since i won't be home till monday. shall see how la.

    good night peeps!

    with love,

  7. still not brave enough.

    Sunday, December 19, 2010

    my dinner last night. daging special tambah cheese tambah black pepper tambah mayo. =DDD
    awesome! eventho it may not look very appetising. hehe


    my internet connection had been very bad until that i got so fed up, i just don't go online. as i am back, texting would seem more reliable than sending chats over msn.

    anyways i am so lazy to blog about Hong Kong because i have tonnnnneeeesss of pictures and alot to write about. see la when i am free during the week to get everything done.

    so far been back, i've only seen teck wei. will meet up with the rest tonight to catch up and also dickson is back! so yeaaa.. i haven't seen him in almost one and a half years already lor.

    lets hope i won't get lazy and start blogging soon lar kay. cause this weekend i won't be around too. cousin's wedding so i'll be up in pahang the whole entire weekend.

    and later would be going out to pavilion with en lin. seee la.. maybe tonight after yumcha lar i'll do the pictures resizing. (:

    lots of love,

  8. Greetings from hong kong!

    Tuesday, December 14, 2010


    First night here in hong kong....! Awesome! I miss hong kong very much okay.. The last time I was here was 4 years ago and I barely went the places I wanted to go. Hopefully this time I could get to those places I see on tv....tho I am only spending like 4 days here not including today cause by the time I got over here from Macau was already 7pm.

    No no.. Only 3 days to be exact cause the fourth day is just in the airport as my flight is at 2 something in the afternoon. ):

    Macau was great! Eventho it was just a day and I bought nothing, it is still a nice place to walk around. The heritage buildings and all that looks amazing. But well everywhere you go, all you see is just casino.. Like seriously every single corner. I went to one last night too. And it looks super nice inside. Even with all the smoking areas, the place still smells damn nice. Inside is like so grand la. Makes genting's casino look like so crappy.. Haha

    Mum bought a Burberry bag today which looks super nice and it's like below RM700.. (: mum buy means I get to use also =P hahaha! I smart le.. basically only mum bought something today.

    Will blog detailly about my trip when I get back on Friday la.

    This is just to state how much fun I am having (((: plus I've been eating like super a lot!!! The food here is like awesomeeeeeee la! Ate I think 5 meals today. There are meals not snacks or munching okay... But worth putting on weight over everything I had today. Hmm... Except mcd la maybe.

    Anyways I better get going. Should go and sleep already. Tomorrow I am conquering city gate outlet mall at tung chung! Apparently things there are like alot cheaper cause they are factory outlets. Just like DFO in australia la i guess.. Shooooooooppppiingggg here I come! Let's see what I buy. (((: can't wait for ocean park and walking around the city and going up the peak the next few days.

    And I can't wait for the cold weather. Yesterday and today had been quite warm... I miss the cold weather! (: hehe

    Goodnight peeps!

    Sher xoxo.

    I am not use to not texting at all.. ):
    But at least yesterday when I was flying to Macau, I managed to see stars.
    Only you'll know what that means.. ((:

  9. coming 6 days getaway to hong kong (((:

    Sunday, December 12, 2010

    just came back from a very short yum cha session with the two lins, en lin and ferng lin and also loong.

    stoooopid la.. i haven't sit down yet already kena zhat. but but i still love them la. ((:

    cause before that i was in mandarin oriental for a malay wedding dinner. left the house about 6 plus reach there and waited and waited.

    the food only came at 10pm okay?!!! like super damn late la.

    somemore so little. 5 little dishes shared among 10 people who finished everything in like 15 minutes. yes, we were all that hungry. imagine being there from 8pm till 10pm just simply waiting. and the food was only so so.. just the rendang was nice.

    there were 72 tables and its some big shot's daughter's wedding but it was disappointing la. but well...

    i like this baju kedah of mine. designed by Bill Keith. just that it needs some alteration now cause its abit big.

    straight came home then went out to meet the guys already.

    basically today all i did was at home la. woke up at 12pm suppose to go out with ferns which i later turned him down then just stayed home onlining till going out for dinner.

    onlining at home is good. got to chat with teck wei who is in queensland for quite awhile too (: was also watching my newly downloaded vampire diaries and criminal minds. omg la VD is going hiatus till january 27th le... long way to go.. )):

    anyways i will be away to hong kong tomorrow till friday only i'll be coming back. i am pretty sure i am gonna have lots of fun these 6 days. (((:

    so yea. till then, lots of loveeee!

    sher xoxo.

    miss you =)

  10. bring me there.

    Saturday, December 11, 2010

    just came back not long from pyramid. a little after 12am..

    i would still use today even if its after 12 la. (: stayed at home the whole afternoon today watching my downloaded shows until about 7.15pm only i left to pyramid.

    omg man i forgot today was a friday night, it took me AGES to find a parking spot!! i was in there for like 30 minutes okay.... was super frustrating lor.. luckily i managed to find one.

    met up with vanessa, nick and su chian infront of nike.

    tonight was our nike ex-colleagues gathering dinner. :D

    and settled down at sushi zanmai. seriously lor, when i am in pyramid for dinner, zanmai it is. hahaha!

    4 of us, plus three more who i forgot their names and wendy.

    me and uncle nick. ((: supervisor, don't play play...

    me and vanessa. ((: assistant supervisor..

    su chian and me. (:

    they are the only three people that i know. that i ever worked with who attended the dinner today. so yea... i miss may wong, jia chen, bryan, zi jun, tze huei and issac lorrr... )):

    issac was suppose to come also lor.. ): haven't seen him in like ages! and jia chen too couldn't make it cause of stpm.. ): the rest... le?

    towards the end only five of us. the other is wendy.

    still got more pictures one geh. but in su chian's camera. including the group shot. all of the pictures above is courtesy of my iphone and vanessa's ipod touch. ):

    after dinner and all the taking pictures also about 10 something almost 11 already. so we all left for home..

    and so happen cherly is in starbucks pyramid with jia shen cause they were gonna catch a movie at 11.20pm. so went to chit chat with them awhile first before i headed home cause i haven't seen them for like a week already and since i drove, i can go home anytime.

    keng yew and vera came later too. they were double dating for rapunzel the movie.

    they left for their movie and i left for home then went tapao-ed some drinks from melur. now just stoning in front of my mac.

    wondering whether i should sleep or watch an episode of gilmore girls? i miss ching teck wei lor now... ):

    and i wanna see the kl night lights again. driving along jalan ampang and then going through bangsar's jalan ara which has this awesome awesome kl night view. maybe should go to lookout point again someday just for the view.

    me love the night lights. (:

    kla. goodnight peeps.


  11. change.

    Friday, December 10, 2010

    starting to really like my jay jays $10 skirt. (((:

    just finished watching the new episode of 90210. like finally ((: nowadays it takes me three days to get to watch the new episodes of anything. stupid connection here... damn slow lo.. )):

    yesterday after i came home i was too tired to blog already. only cause the night before i slept for like 4 hours plus only then woke up about 6 something and followed cousin to fetch mum to work and i was practically in kl the whole day la.

    breakkie near mum's office. then petaling street for cousin's breakfast then jalan ampang then back to mum's office then university malaya then mum's office then bangsar village.

    went for lunch at chatterbox again in bangsar village.

    their food is really nice le. plus reasonable price. (:

    after lunch back to jalan ampang then persiaran hempsire then gardens by 2 something.

    did my hair at Andy Ho's salon in gardens.

    just sat there till like 6pm only i was done lo. then mum came to pay for me. dinner was at little penang cafe.

    asam laksa.

    penang har mee.

    lobak. i still love this very much. :D

    little penang in midvalley used to be like super awesome.... now? standard dropped like no one's business lo. disappointed.. ):

    then we left and went to collect burger at usj 4. i regret not ordering.. )):

    came home watch tv awhile then i slept already. practically slept for 12 hours plus. from 10.30pm till 11am. hehehe! (:

    now i am gonna go watch gossip girl's new episode and definitely my ONE TREE HILL! hugeeeeeee oth fan lo me! ((((:


    new hairdo.

    i think about 5 or 6 inches of hair gone. snipped away... ): but at least my hair looks healthier la. my split ends were horrible man before this. so now is all good. :D

    much love,

    music addiction : Mmm - Laura Izibor

  12. mind effed up la.

    Thursday, December 09, 2010

    just got back from ramly with ferng lin. how could i ever not miss him when i am oz la.. tell me.. we were there from like 11 something pm till like 1 something am, just plain talking and me chewing on straws and him suddenly mumbling out formulas cause of his test tomorrow.. (:

    basically today all i did was sleep sleep and sleep la. turned down breakfast and lunch which i am sorry, but then woke up about 1 something feeling hungry and had nothing to eat plus no car to drive out with.

    in the end teck wei offered to pick me up and teman me lunch so we went to McD at ss15 drive thru. i just happen to make it on time for the lunch thingy :DD

    had spicy chicken mcdeluxe. (:

    i miss it lo. oz don't have lo... teck wei finished up my fries while dipping it into the oreos mcflurry. weird but tasted not bad. haha!

    won't be seeing him till i am back from hong kong next week. ): cause now he is on his way to queensland too. )):

    came home and slept somemore. shit man.. i feel like such a pig today.

    then had dinner with mum. and just stayed at home till ferns came by my house about 11pm.

    so yea.. that's pretty much about today. tomorrow i will be out to gardens to get my hair done. let's see whats the price damage gonna be and how it would turn out la. my hair is like shit now and is desperate for a change!

    everything is so shitty right now but thank god i have at least one or two people to rely on. seriously THANK GOD! ((:

    goodnight peeps!

    and and i want that shirt i am wearing. it's from topshop and i regret not buying it already. now its gone. noooooou! ))):

    lots of love,

  13. little rosie.

    Wednesday, December 08, 2010

    was out with s9s almost whole day lo.

    9 something in the morning khai shien came and fetch me then went over to teck wei's house which wei ping is already waiting there in her car. so i hopped onto her car and teck wei went with khai shien.

    got to esso near the old jusco in klang and met up with michelle and ken. and brandon was late!

    then off 5 cars went to some shop called angsa emas? for bak kut teh. then vincent and ernest came to join.

    total 9 of us. but only 8 ate la. cause i couldn't eat.

    after bak kut teh, wei ping left for home then 3 cars left to cendol klang and rojak which was just 8 of us.

    i kinda like their rojak. (:

    this is because everyone was so concern over me not having anything to eat earlier and kept asking me to eat this and that.

    then we got lost in klang. we as in khai shien, teck wei, me and ernest. cause khai shien was driving and ernest who is a klang person don't even know how to get us to where we were suppose to go.

    got to the eng ann food court?

    for chee cheong fun and popiah and lo hon guo. (:

    which rohit joined us too. then went to old jusco for movie. all 9 of us.

    watched due date.

    funnyyyyy! plus its like super random la. and robert downey jr is hot. ((: had a really really good laugh at one part. HAHA

    done with movie also about 5 already. then we separated and left for home. khai shien fetched both me and teck wei home. (:

    came home slept awhile then went out dinner at zanmai.

    i tell you right, now we are like vvips of zanmai man. we don't have to line up and just walk in the shop already even if there is like a super long queue outside. awesome!

    and staying at home the whole night.

    kinda not in a mood to go anywhere.


  14. expected but yet happened unexpectedly.

    Tuesday, December 07, 2010

    just got back about 12 ish from watching the social network with teck wei in pyramid. (:

    it was good.

    JT's character sean parker was like super annoying in the show la but still... JT is cute. (: and and andrew garfield who is eduardo saverin in the movie is cute too. :D and i feel sad for him...

    i had a good laugh at some parts.

    plus tonight i was given something that i was promised to have. now i shall demand for a longer and much more proper one. :D but we shall see.. and i enjoyed my movie company tonight. (:

    this morning i was up early to catch narnia with cousin sis.

    well... i prefer the first and second one much more than this one.

    and i paid RM21 for the ticket okay... expensive giler la 3D plus there is only 3D... and i don't like watching 3D cause i don't like watching through those glasses. damn uncomfortable lo..

    ben barnes who is prince caspian looked quite good. (: hahaha!

    movie finished about 12 something then fetched cousin home and went to meet up with teck wei, khai shien and wei ping at sarpino's pizza at usj 1 for lunch.

    lunch come back also about 3pm already. and i slept right till 7pm.. haha and out for movie close to 9pm.

    there goes my day..

    tomorrow will be out with the s9s in the morning.

    i should go get some sleep too. khai shien coming to fetch me about 9 something in the morning tomorrow. oh no... earlyyyyyyy....!

    nitey night!