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    Saturday, December 11, 2010

    just came back not long from pyramid. a little after 12am..

    i would still use today even if its after 12 la. (: stayed at home the whole afternoon today watching my downloaded shows until about 7.15pm only i left to pyramid.

    omg man i forgot today was a friday night, it took me AGES to find a parking spot!! i was in there for like 30 minutes okay.... was super frustrating lor.. luckily i managed to find one.

    met up with vanessa, nick and su chian infront of nike.

    tonight was our nike ex-colleagues gathering dinner. :D

    and settled down at sushi zanmai. seriously lor, when i am in pyramid for dinner, zanmai it is. hahaha!

    4 of us, plus three more who i forgot their names and wendy.

    me and uncle nick. ((: supervisor, don't play play...

    me and vanessa. ((: assistant supervisor..

    su chian and me. (:

    they are the only three people that i know. that i ever worked with who attended the dinner today. so yea... i miss may wong, jia chen, bryan, zi jun, tze huei and issac lorrr... )):

    issac was suppose to come also lor.. ): haven't seen him in like ages! and jia chen too couldn't make it cause of stpm.. ): the rest... le?

    towards the end only five of us. the other is wendy.

    still got more pictures one geh. but in su chian's camera. including the group shot. all of the pictures above is courtesy of my iphone and vanessa's ipod touch. ):

    after dinner and all the taking pictures also about 10 something almost 11 already. so we all left for home..

    and so happen cherly is in starbucks pyramid with jia shen cause they were gonna catch a movie at 11.20pm. so went to chit chat with them awhile first before i headed home cause i haven't seen them for like a week already and since i drove, i can go home anytime.

    keng yew and vera came later too. they were double dating for rapunzel the movie.

    they left for their movie and i left for home then went tapao-ed some drinks from melur. now just stoning in front of my mac.

    wondering whether i should sleep or watch an episode of gilmore girls? i miss ching teck wei lor now... ):

    and i wanna see the kl night lights again. driving along jalan ampang and then going through bangsar's jalan ara which has this awesome awesome kl night view. maybe should go to lookout point again someday just for the view.

    me love the night lights. (:

    kla. goodnight peeps.


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