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  1. coming 6 days getaway to hong kong (((:

    Sunday, December 12, 2010

    just came back from a very short yum cha session with the two lins, en lin and ferng lin and also loong.

    stoooopid la.. i haven't sit down yet already kena zhat. but but i still love them la. ((:

    cause before that i was in mandarin oriental for a malay wedding dinner. left the house about 6 plus reach there and waited and waited.

    the food only came at 10pm okay?!!! like super damn late la.

    somemore so little. 5 little dishes shared among 10 people who finished everything in like 15 minutes. yes, we were all that hungry. imagine being there from 8pm till 10pm just simply waiting. and the food was only so so.. just the rendang was nice.

    there were 72 tables and its some big shot's daughter's wedding but it was disappointing la. but well...

    i like this baju kedah of mine. designed by Bill Keith. just that it needs some alteration now cause its abit big.

    straight came home then went out to meet the guys already.

    basically today all i did was at home la. woke up at 12pm suppose to go out with ferns which i later turned him down then just stayed home onlining till going out for dinner.

    onlining at home is good. got to chat with teck wei who is in queensland for quite awhile too (: was also watching my newly downloaded vampire diaries and criminal minds. omg la VD is going hiatus till january 27th le... long way to go.. )):

    anyways i will be away to hong kong tomorrow till friday only i'll be coming back. i am pretty sure i am gonna have lots of fun these 6 days. (((:

    so yea. till then, lots of loveeee!

    sher xoxo.

    miss you =)

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