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  1. it felt different somehow.

    Wednesday, December 01, 2010

    its 2.30am and i just got home not long. plus just had ramly burger. super full now...

    my daging special tambah cheese. =D awesome!

    usj 14's ramly is actually quite nice. (((: i just forgot one thing, is to ask the abang to wrap it is the paper instead of giving me the box. anyways this place is open till like late. (:

    went for 11.15pm harry potter at pyramid with teck wei just now. he came to fetch me about 10pm and got there 15 minutes later. cause i booked the tickets and thought it was gonna be quite some people so yea.

    mana tau not much people one. so yea we had like an hour and nothing to do. so walked around pyramid awhile with all the shops already closed, then decided to go to the mamak outside and have a drink first.

    movie was not bad la.

    pretty boring at the start and i have no clue what was it talking about. but i guess it would be a good last part. hopefully. :D i have my hopes up for that.

    cinema so little people somemore and it was cold and i was just with tshirt and shorts. ):

    finally went to the movies after like almost 4 months not going. i missed out on damn many shows already lo. including my favourite step up 3d. sob sob =/ but nevermind, ching teck wei downloaded for meee... =DDD hehe

    then after movie, he drove me to tapao burger come back eat cause he wasn't eating also. and tapao-ed for cousin too. according to her, its nice also. haha

    anyways, today was nothing interesting other than me going out for movie. so yea.

    now i shall go watch an episode of series then go sleep. and then wake for breakkie with cherly and jia shen at 11am.

    nitey nights!!

    lots of loves,
    sher xoxo.

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