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    Monday, March 17, 2014


    Not sure if you guys read word for word of my latest Sydney trip blog post, but I mentioned that "a little birdy told me I can possibly get the same kind of sashimi goodness as the Sydney Fish Market one, here in KL!" When I found out I could, regardless of where it is, I will hunt it down and try it out! And I did!!! It was just so so SO GOOD!!

    I just HAVE TO blog about this place!!! Even if it calls for spreading more love that would possibly lead to the fishes being sold out earlier than it already does. This place sells if not the best sashimi, it sells THE BEST CHEAP and FRESH SASHIMI everrrrrr within my vicinity when I am back at home!!

    So...., this place.., you gotta get up early for it! The early bird catches the worm, but in this case, the early bird catches the sashimi! Because it is known to be sold out of their salmon latest around 11 something 12pm eventhough the shop opens till 1pm. It is sorta following the morning market times and catered to the morning crowd.

    We left subang around 930pm (it was suppose to be 7am but Tim the driver said it's too early..) and was there in 15 minutes! At first when ferns said it would only take 15 minutes from subang, I was thinking it wouldn't be possible unless you're going on a faster speed. But.. actually, at normal pace, 15 minutes was spot on! Provided if you use KESAS highway :)

    We also managed to find a parking spot relatively quick considering how busy the whole area is from all the morning crowd as the place is filled with hawker centres and a market. And it was a Saturday morning.

    After a couple of minutes walking, I finally spotted the place!!

    Them deciding on which kind of fillet and how much do the five of us need :)

    I think there was two types? A trout and a normal salmon? I can't remember.

    This place doesn't have any area in the shop that allows you to sit and eat. But.., there is a hawker/kopitiam to the right and the chairs and seatings extend right to the front of Top Catch. (As you can see from the first picture. The picture was actually taken from where we were seating to have our breakfast)

    So what you do is.., you order your salmon sashimi fillets and then take it out and eat it along with the other food that you've ordered from the hawker next door. It was a odd combination tho, to be eating salmon sashimi early in the morning and eating it as a side dish while you eat other more normal morning kopitiam/hawker food. But, I actually kinda like the odd combination :D

    In my case, I had a bowl of Loh Yee Mee. It looks good, but tasted just normal. If I am back again, I don't think I'll order it again haha

    Andddddddd...... Here comes our salmon sashimi!!! I think they were priced at about 80+ per kg and try guessing how much we paid for two plates of these goodness...

    Looks so yummy righttttttt!!! Tasted heavenly!!! So fresh and the cut of it was just nice! Not too thick but not thin. Dipping this into the soy sauce and wasabi was just OMGGGG! SO SO SO GOODD!!! Look at the fatty lines! OMGGGGGGGGGGGG I WANT IT RIGHT NOW! THIS INSTANCE!

    I could have just eaten a plate to myself for breakfast man!! Looking at the picture right now is making my stomach growl soo bad.... ): I wanna eat this now! I want me some salmon sashimi right now...... )))':

    Anyways, the two pictures are of the first plate we had which was two fillets. We then ordered another trout fillet as well which is a slightlyy smaller plate than the first place. And the trout sashimi was OMG SO NICE AS WELL!

    I just kept on omnomnom-ing until I totally forgot to take a picture of it.. Dang.. =/ But the second plate was really good. Fattier but not too fat and I reckon it was better than the first plate.

    The portions may have not been enough for the five of us but I think we all equally had our fair share. And for those two plates of sashimi goodness, we paid a total of RM68? 70? It was lesser than RM80 lah anyways.

    Like seriously, how can you get so fresh and cheap and good sashimi at a restaurant? It would have easily costs more than RM100 for the portion we had but also depending to the restaurants and the quality, it would have definitely costs at least two times more than what we paid for at Top Catch.

    I was so happy to have finally paid a visit to this place. And I'll definitely be back for more when I am back to Malaysia next!! I seriously can't say enough good things about this place!

    Apart from the early hours, everything I have to say is good HAHA! :D Because if you guys haven't figured it out, I am an incredibly late waker. I can wake up at 4pm if I want to. So.... waking up early just to eat might be a trouble for me lor..

    But but, for this awesomely heavenly goodness, I will definitely wake up at whatever time for it!! 

    I am pretty sure the five of us (me, Tim, Ferns, Loong and Estee) had a good morning that day! And I am also quite sure they all loved the sashimi. Well.. ferns of course do because he was the one who told me about it and lead us the way there.. :D

    Be sure to check it out if you guys could! For those who loves salmon sashimi, you cannot, CANNOT miss this place! I know I am one crazy salmon sashimi lover and I love this place!

    Here's the address;

    Top Catch Fisheries

    Ughhhh.... where am I going to get salmon sashimi right now leh...? I think my cravings right now will have to be suppressed =/ I don't why I always torture myself like this... Looking through pictures after pictures of good food when I haven't had anything solid in my stomach since I got up..

    I miss being in Malaysia where I can just go out whenever and eat whatever I want because everything is just everywhere and within reach. Here in Melbourne? Fat hopes for me la.. To go out and get good food, you gotta plan your journey with bus and train travels just for something nice. Walking distance? Meh.... NOTHING GOOD AT ALL! Except McDs and Nandos and pizza delivery which I think I'll order tonight... See how sad am I?!??! Good food only come by during the weekends... But that's also IF I want to travel an hour plus with public transport... 

    Anyways, that's all for now! Hope you guys enjoyed my rambly and very exciting food update!

    Shereena xx.

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