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  1. Sunday, March 30, 2008

    actually i still have one more tag. but can i ignore it? 3 tags in a row... how boring is that? it seems nothing much to blog about nowadays.

    everyday is all about college and coming home and sleeping and repeating everything again. tiring and stressful. everytime i come home i feel so sleepy and tired. shit.

    there is assignments and work to do next week. i'll do it later. today i had drama marathon. i m starting to like the show. as usual mike he is sooo hot! hot plus yeng. drools* and there are other few ones which are not bad too. but mike is better. mike he mike he. obsessive* ily.

    yesterday i went to midvalley for a night movie. and watched 10,000 bc. its not bad. for me i wouldnt say its really good but so so only la. not too bad. today noon will be going to one utama or the curve for lunch. breaks is the most i could ask for.

    my blog is always bout love and feelings. my only way of expressing. things i wish for but never had before. everytime there is at least a line of what i crave and what i've thought about.

    i m hoping for that rainbow in my life. those colours represents alot. YOU. everything starts by wishing for it right?

    ever wondered how u know when you are really in love? or who would that be? or how is he like? how same or different can he be from the person in your dreams? or will he be that ONE you've been looking for?

    love stories makes me think. alot.

    after hearing someone talking about him and me talking to that someone about him, it made me felt something. it wasnt as strong as it used to be but there is still something. seeing him up there is the same as me seeing him in person. as i have not been seeing for probably a week. i miss those brown eyes.

  2. Saturday, March 29, 2008

    these few days i damn lazy want to blog. since that i've been tagged, just do it for the fun of it la.

    Tagged by rui siong. again.

    Name 5 people you can think of rightoff the top of your head.
    Don't read the questions underneathuntil you write the names of all 5people.
    This is a lot funnier if you actuallyrandomly list the names first...NO CHEATING!

    1. Cherly
    2. Alex
    3. Stephanie
    4. Derek
    5. Jia shen


    1. HOW DID YOU MEET 1?
    err as far as i could remember was... i think at rekacipta club when we were in form 1.

    2. On a scale of 1 -10 how would u rateyour friendship with 1?
    10.5. she's always there when i need her.

    3. How long have you known 4?
    ermm. since form 1? err 6 years? okay.. nearly 6.

    4. How do you know number 3?
    the first time i know her was in kindergarden. which i forgot that we were in the same class when we were kids. but well got close with her ever since form 1.

    5. wheres 5?
    probably at home? i dont know.

    6. A fact about number 1?
    a blur and funny girl. i love her.

    7. Who is 4 going out with?
    i have no idea. haha. he didnt tell nor i asked him.

    8. What does 1 do for a living?
    part time turning into full time shopaholic.

    9. Would you live with number 3?
    yes i would. we can just talk about anything. absolutely anything.

    10. What do you like about number 2?
    i find him hot. i mean.. err yeah.

    11. Do you miss number 5?
    no. thats so gay to miss jia shen. eww no!

    12. Would you make out with number 4?
    ermm. probably if i were still in form 1 i might. but now... we are just great friends.

    13. What’s your opinion of number 2?
    i dont know much about him. i find him nice. well i still havent talk to him yet. literally.

    14. What's your favorite memory with number 5?
    i cant stand being in the same class with him. i mean going anywhere with him. genting to pyramid or anywhere at all. he make me laugh my butt off. =)

    15. What would you do if number 1 and 2were going out?
    err that i dont know. be the spotlight and go along. omg where did that come from?

    16. Ever had a long conversation with 5?
    yeah. had quite a few times. i mean like long long ones its a few times. i talk to him nearly everyday.

    17. Have you ever slept at 2's house?
    no. dont even know where nor know him personally yet.

    18. Do you hang out with 3 a lot?
    yes. anytime i could find. she is who i am comfortable talking with.

    19. Who have you known the longest?
    stephanie. <3

    21. How often do you talk to 1?

    22. What about 2?
    none. how sad? i wish i just could start talking.

    23. Have you ever thought 3 more then a friend?
    yes. my girlfriend.

    24. Would you go out for a date with 5?
    no. unless my world had turn upside down. or i suddenly just got blinded by his so called "hotness". so there is still a chance.

    25. Do you dream about 2?
    once. XD

    26. What did no 4 did to you that you can never forget?
    some things that happened in form 1 which i think he probably had forgot.

    27. What have you done for 1 that the person never forget?
    sadly i dont remember any. =) there has to be something.. err..

    28. What's 3 hobby?
    well.. sleeping. haha. i dont know. spot guys like mua?

    29. people i've tag.
    none. i dont think they would have the time or interest to do it. unfortunately it ends here.

  3. Wednesday, March 26, 2008

    i got tagged by rui siong.

    The rules:-
    1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
    2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
    3. Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names.
    4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

    Random fact 1

    i nearly got hit by a car today. well thanks to ernest. DO NOT attempt to step on my shoe anymore or you'll lose such a great friend. what a waste if u did right? so dont. a clean hug would be better. XD

    Random fact 2

    i love jellyfish. i got fascinated by that see throught skin and how they move. adorable but yet harmful. especially the tiny cute baby ones and the pink ones.

    Random fact 3

    i want to own soo many different types of cars. seriously if i have the chance that i actually own a car it will only be these cars or those better. i dont mind. like a mercedes? or a audi? or a BMW. all time favourite. especially that 6 series. *omg drooling*
    ~red volkswagen beetle.
    ~red suzuki swift.
    ~red mini cooper.
    ~red toyota yaris.
    actually whatever colour would be good. but best is red. super hot and yeng.

    Random fact 4

    i used to not like to blog. i find it a waste of time. and now i blog nearly everyweek. haha. things changed pretty quick for me.

    Random fact 5

    i've been emoing for days. and got better. haha! but well shereena is still always that emo girl since high school. a fact that will never change but will go lesser. =)

    Random fact 6

    i m craving for sony t2. my gosh seriously i want the blue one! i wont promise i'll take alot of picture. but i just love the colour. it goes along well with my blue vaio and the mouse. i want it all blue. one big happy family!

    Random fact 7

    new york was where i always wanted to go since i was a kid. probably i was too influenced by the shows on tv. hot guys and hot stuffs.

    Random fact 8

    i criticise people very well. whatever la right. i m just being honest. haha! and... this makes fact 9. i love spotting hot guys. you know... just by looking also would do just fine. seriously. hot guys are meant to look.

    Random fact 10

    ooo and.. i fucking hate 1 person in my life that i'll never forgive at all. hatred in my bones. too deep to be true.

    people i've tagged. aaron wong.

    i think 4 would do just fine la. nevermind la. disobey the rules for once! as i have 10 facts. short facts.

  4. dad. wait are you my dad?

    Monday, March 24, 2008

    i hate my life. especially with you in it. oh wait. you werent always in it. how can u promise me things and then dont do it? i respect u alot. i really do. but why is it you are the one that is making me cry and that tears roll down uncontrollably.

    where are you when i need you? disappearing and then later suddenly texting me with those words of yours. i dont know whether i am loving you till i cared soo much or what. or i think i am starting to not like you for who you always were. dont make me turn you into that person i hate. please.

    i envy those with such perfect family. i had been standing soo strong all this years. well at least i thought i did. but suddenly i felt so vulnerable. why do you have to always bring me all this feelings that i dread i'll have.

    i cant even diffrentiate how much i love you or how much i am starting to doubt you. i hate how much you make me cry all this years.

    i never had you. officially had you*

    today's college will be one rough day. i hope not. i shoudn't let this get into me. i need a break. my eyes are hurting. words cant even come out of my mouth to say i hate you. maybe i dont. i dont know. i cant even tell.

    my mood has gone from going better to worst. thank you very much.

  5. Saturday, March 22, 2008

    another day of my one tree hill episodes. i just couldnt get enough of it. it can bring me the widest smile and yet bring out the emoness of me.

    makes me think alot. and in the end confuse myself.

    one thing that is for sure that Jackson Brundage aka. Jamie Scott reminds me of him when he was a kid. everything of this kid make me see another him. when this kid grow up i bet he'll be one hot guy. =)

    james lucas scott. the junior you* that i missed in my early years.

    i miss australia soo much. i cant wait that i m actually living there. its gonna be soo long more. and i m craving for my things that i hope my mum would get for me from bali. i had quite a few but i still want more. =)

    the emo part of me. after show effect.

    a chapter in my book.*

    i guess it is just another chapter of my life. things seems to turn out not too bad but not really the way i wanted. the bad part of me is i never want to seek advices from others until i really think that i really really need one.

    why was it soo hard to tell? haha. okayy i accept that in a very sarcastic way.

    i dont need any of you to be a part of my life. it is just fine without any of you people in it. thank you.

  6. melbourne

    Sunday, March 16, 2008

    i m home from melbourne! the trip was awesome till i wouldnt even want to come back. it was too short though. a week isnt enough for everything but was good enough to keep me with tonnes of memories. i will work my way to get to melbourne in 4 years time.

    those who visited: me, my mum, joyce, aunty julie and uncle felix.

    2/2 Fenacre street,

    home sweet home*

    day 1

    julian and aunty doris came and pick us up from the airport. got to try julian's driving skills as he fetched me back and the rest was with aunty doris. went home and practically slept till 1 i guess. woke up and ate. then went over to a factory outlet called DFO. got myself a hoodie. i love it! DFO is somewhere nearby only. visited the supermarket, bakery and bought some chocolates.

    day 2

    me, uncle felix, aunty julie, joyce

    at the train station.

    mummy, aunty julie, me, joyce

    old cathedral*

    went to the city. wasnt so use to seeing soo many white people walking on the streets and duhh i will check out for hot guys. naturally i will. took a train down. wonder around the city and went over to victoria market and managed to get some souvenirs.

    while waiting for the tram.

    in front of a MNG store.

    waited for the tram to get us to St. kilda beach. got myself a pretty necklace. =) nice place but very hot lahh. its not any better than malaysia's weather. damn alot of people sun tanning at the beach. they just love hot weathers dont they?

    alot of people*

    walked along the southbank and moomba water festival was going on along the Yarra. its sort of like a carnival sort of thing. there were water skiing going on too. saw some crazy guy jumping into the Yarra river and swimming inside. drunk fella.

    shadows of me, joyce,uncle felix and aunty julie.

    city of melbourne*

    shadow of the day*


    on my way back to the carpark we walked in front of crown and manage to see the fire thing going on. its was rather hot cause even if you were a distance away, you can still feel the heat. too bad camera battery died off.

    day 3

    went shopping at highpoint. haha. it was too hot to stay at home. bought a tshirt. went back and linger around the house and took some pics.

    our reflection*

    his car and the view outside the house*

    day 4

    off to the great ocean road. to the 12 apostles. rented a car cause aunt doris car just wouldnt fit the 6 of us. on the way we stopped at Werribee and went to the rose garden and the mansion.

    werribee rose garden.



    pretty pretty flowers.


    the mansion is rather eerie though.

    finally reached Lorne. stayed over a night here. the scenery, the beach , the food is super nice. even the view infront of our room is great. =)

    nearly sunset*

    i love my mum.

    stomped our feets on the beach at Lorne.

    fly up high*

    beautiful sea*

    me and you.

    stomped my footprint on the Lorne beach.

    especially the view from the pier. it was just beautiful. cold and breezy. relaxing.


    never ending sea*


    i love it!

    celebrated joyce's sweet 16 here. it was great that she enjoyed. sweet 16 in australia is soo cool you know. i had mine in eden, subang parade. XD

    happy birthday dearie*

    food. yummy*

    day 4

    room 20*

    the morning light*

    before we left the motel.after that we went walking down the road and got some souvenirs from the tourist centre. nice walk.

    continuing our journey to the 12 apostles. the scenery along the way was great. eventhough i slept for abit but i still saw some. haha.

    local landmark*


    killer view.

    finally got ourselves at the 12 apostles. the view is amazing!

    my darlingg 6 a's*

    later we went over to Port Campbell for lunch. i didnt really eat well though. because it was the released of spm results. been receving alot of smses and sending out quite alot too. got to know that i got 6a's for my spm. but i m not sure on what subject and how many a1's or a2's.

    knowing the results thankfully didnt spoil my trip. was fruitful though, managed to get 100 Aussie dollar from aunty doris.

    thunder cave*

    went back to 12 apostles and spent more time there. the weather was so hot. got myself a sun burned. as i am already dark, i've gone darker. great.

    the rented car*

    day 5

    Monash clayton.

    engineering building*

    visited monash campus in Clayton. my future place to be! i am soo gonna try my very best to get there. i love the place sooo much!

    nike factory outlet*

    did some shopping in the nike factory outlet. things were on 40% off. i made full use of my 100 aussie dollar and got myself a pair of socks, jacket <3,>

    day 6

    was all day at home. cause at night we were having a barbeque to celebrate my results, joyce's sweet 16, and julian's 21st birthday.

    me and my aunt*


    us cooking*

    believe it or not shereena cooked. cooked crabs somemore you know. hahaha!


    there were alot of lamb cutlet and crabs that night. cause we were expecting some guest but they couldnt make it in the end. julian did all the barbequeing where as i just stood there. haha!


    mini magnum*

    after food dessert.

    day 7

    pascoe vale station*


    Yarra* southbank.

    went down to the city again. our last shopping downtown. pictures.

    visited melbourne's aquarium. it was good. i love jellyfish! they are sooo pretty. i was fascinated by the way there move.

    there goes all the trips downtown, hot guys walking on the streets, friendly people who says hi to you wherever you are, cheap things, nice food and a nice house to stay in.

    uncle felix is staying back for another 2 and half months. in the airport was the happiest moment i could ever get. got my heart melted. i got a peck on the cheek by him. ahhh... and two hugs. wooo-hoo. and also my longest chat with him. better than all the hi, good morning and good night.

    bye melbourne! see you in 4 years. i hope.

    i had enjoyed myself in melbourne. it was awesome and amazing. because i had some company. *wink*