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  1. i always wondered. always.

    my mind travels through everything. every single thing. sometimes it makes me smile sometimes it makes me feel so weirdly sad.

    the more my mind emptied, the more its not doing any good.

    if that place is not filled, the old one who filled that spot wont completely go away. its like there are still footprints and dust left from the path it had walk through in my life.

    i feel like i couldnt completely sweep all of it off. the dusts and the footprints. the spot cannot be left empty like that. its just weird.

    weird enough that when questions is asked, opinions is asked, things that were told makes me think. makes me think so much. which makes me want to get the spot filled even more.

    this annoyingly suck so much.

    i have to do my assignments which i have no idea how to. its due 8.30 am on friday. then i have a presentation and a report due on friday as well.

    argh. suddenly this coming week feels so long but the time isnt enough.


    i just want it to be filled so much. the spot to be filled. that there will no longer have an empty spot anymore. i want it so much because i want those footprints and dusts to be removed. you know like on a beach when you write something, the ocean will just take it all away?

    i just need something new.

    i am here for 3 months. time passed so quick but yet it felt long in a way. because i am still dragging myself over the past.

    we never get all the things we want dont we?

    i just want the past to leave. and that when i am looking back at the past, i am smiling or even tearing over the memories. not living in the past. not feeling sad over the feelings i had when i was in it.

    i now really want to travel. it makes me happy.

    all over USA!

    my main priority. NEW YORK CITY!


    los angeles.

    beverly hills, california.

    washington dc.

    still plenty. oklahoma, north carolina, lousiana, new orleans, alabama, mississipi, arizona, salt lake city, colorado, kansas, oregon, idaho, wyoming, south dakota, iowa, michigan, minnesota, chicago, ohio, virginia, new jersey, rhode island and a whole lots more. the whole usa pratically.


    venice, italy.

    rome, italy.

    paris, france.

    santorini, greece.



    milan, holland, ireland, london and whole bunch of other places over europe.

    with a bunch of friends. have the best fun ever. with my mum. enjoy the most and have great memories. with the ones i love.

    mark my words. i will!

  2. he is even more fine. (((((:

    just got back from a jog. the weather is nice to go out and walk and jog but its not nice staying at home. its hot!

    i opened my room windows yet i dont feel anything. my notes are now my temporary fan.

    was watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 thats why i managed to stay awake and go for a jog. if not, i think i would be still sleeping at this time.


    i like it. its nice. (((: the first one is nice as well.

    oh damn, boy you are so fine.

    all guys look good in black huh? especially a white dude with hazel brown eyes and dirty brownish blonde hair that is not gelled or waxed. its as though the hair just got dry from a shower not long ago and wearing a silver chain across his neck with a slight muscled arms. that black polo tee just made him look even better.

    when i got home, i was greeted by a wave saying hi.

    it was good. damn good. btw,

    shereena likes you! :D

  3. as years goes by, feelings grows.

    Thursday, October 29, 2009

    one's life is made up of tiny little details.
    every little detail is flashing through my mind.
    every tiny bit of details i could ever remember.

    but its giving me an unease at heart and mind.

    words cant describe the current feeling at this current moment.
    i wondered why.

    i am questioning every part of it.
    its grey, unpleasant, mixed feelings.

  4. i finally jogged.

    Wednesday, October 28, 2009

    being the one that stands out.

    i did the electronics project presentation slides till about 2 something am. thats because halfway doing, i was distracted by other stuffs. blogs and movies. gossip girl. (:

    left the house for uni at about 10 am. went to uni only for a one hour class. thats so sad. had to travel all the way there. ):

    by 12.30 pm i was already done with uni. instead of coming back straight, i went to Rebel Sport on bourke street to check out the jerseys. and even went to the one in melbourne central.

    just went to have a look cause i cant wait for mine. now i having the dilemma of whether i got the size right or not. )))): hopefully i got it right.

    by the time i got home it was 3 pm already. and i was sooo determined to go for a jog today, i forbid myself from my nap.

    and.... yes! i left the house 10 minutes to 5 pm and went for a loooong walk. its not technically a jog cause i am walking more than jogging. but... i tried to walk as fast as i could.

    the weather was kinda nice also. i was out for 40 minutes. i reached home around 5.30 pm.

    i havent been going for a jog or running for like ages. ever since i stopped taekwando, i just stopped running. and thats like 2 years plus ago? nearly 3?

    now my thigh muscles are hurting like crap. )): i shall get back to it on friday. :D

    had pasta for dinner. spiralli with tuna and zucchini and tomatoes. seeing aunty doris cook, everything seems simple and fast. hmmmm...

    watched celebrity masterchef and ncis los angles and the normal ncis.

    i am still full over dinner.... but i feel like munching the tim tam which is right next to me now. sei lo..... whats the point of going for a jog la...

    oklaaa. skyping with mum later.

    see ya'll!

    lots of love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Use Somebody - Kings of Leon

  5. ohhhhhh yesss!

    Tuesday, October 27, 2009


    i just clicked the word checkout!

    in maybe 13 days max, i'll get my first original jersey! ((((((: happiness! plus its with torres's name on it. yay me!

    i am saving off my next month's allowance to buy this. its worth it. :DDD i cant wait for it to get here. (((((:

    my last wishing list on the football side is the spain jersey. maybe i'll wait till when world cup is around the corner. or when they launch a new one or something. heheee.

    okayy lets talk about today.

    my day started so sweaty and tired. cause as usual i left the house to wait at the bus stop for the 8.01 am bus. was waiting with another girl till about 8.10 am and was wondering why the bus wasnt here yet.

    then the piping maintenance workers stopped by with his car and said "there isnt going to be a bus that will pass by this road cause its closed. you have to go to the other street."

    by the time we walked to the next bus stop, i figured we've already missed it. so i had to walk down to the station.

    the next train was at 8.25 am. by the time i decided to walk it was already 8.17 am. and i usually take like 15 minutes to walk. imagine how fast i had to walk.

    and luckily i did make it on time to the station. the moment i step onto the platform, the train was arriving.

    i went in the train panting and sweating and everybody started staring at me while i was fanning myself. ughhhh the day just started off bad.

    but... uni was just like normal. my three hours break all i did was my maths assignment and watch antm cycle 13.

    i reached home from uni around 4 pm and straight went to bed for a nap hoping that i could get up an hour later to go out for a jog or at least a walk.

    and knowing me, i continue sleeping till 7.30 pm. ate dinner, watched ncis and aussie ladette to lady and now i am here, on my bed blogging.

    i still feel the happiness over what i just purchased. (((((:

    oklaaaa. i need to get going with my electronics project presentation slides.

    nights peeps!


    was reading qi hong's blog. i saw the picture of his watch. in form 5, there are he'll loan me his watch for me to wear for the day. his watch is kinda yeng.

    this brings me back to the form 5 days. i used to drag a table and put it in between his table and jia yi's table i think. if i am not mistaken its jia yi.

    anyways, no table is suppose to be there. you know the middle walk way kinda thing? the arrangement is suppose to be 2 2. now i added one in the middle so its like a long stretch of 5 tables.

    purposely just to talk to him and crap with the boys behind class. and tim will have another table behind me. ahahaha! it was damn fun laaa. puan salasiah will walk right infront of my table and ask me to do my work. ahaha!

    damn, i MISS FORM 5. and.... HIGH SCHOOL!

    with love,

    music addiction : Kings And Queens - 30 Seconds To Mars

  6. tried something different.

    Monday, October 26, 2009


    today was just normal. nothing special happened. it was just a tired boring 20 degrees day.

    i dont know if i am skyping with my mum tonight or not. if i am, i will ask her about the jersey. keeping my finger crossed that i'll have an approval.

    i think tomorrow i have to do the presentation slides with julian during my three hour break. its due friday.

    then i have to my programming assignment due next friday. ahhhhh sien programming....... ))))):

    i have nothing much to write about today. hmmm...

    i guess i should start emailing julian my telecoms lab pictures.

    see laaa what has tomorrow got for me. i'll be back tomorrow. ciao people!


    SIEN! now i have to wait for a week to get the jersey. ))))): ONE WEEK only i can order it! ))): i had to ask a relative to check it out for me in singapore. ):


    music addiction : Robbie Williams - Bodies

    ~el nino~

  7. torres scored for liverpool yesterday.

    2 - 0 (!!!!) against manchester united.

    beat that MU. mu sucks thanks to christiano ronaldo. HAHA! i dont know why people can like that face? i mean girls.

    and.... his stupid act during the world cup 3 years ago was shit la okay. the portugal against england match. he is just another stuck up bastard.

    sorry la huh i dont judge footballers based on skills. i judge them from how ethical they are and how hot they are!

    and that concludes why i dont like mu even when ronaldo is no longer there.

    oh-so-hot!! (((:

    now, he is more like it. talented hot footballer! torres. <3

    liverpool 09/10 away kit.

    i sooooo want this liverpool jersey right now. i just need another approval from my mum and i'll get it! woo-hoo!

    spain jersey.

    and hopefully this as well. this is in my wishing list for two years already. ))))):

    somebody... help me to find laaa. i cant find it!

  8. thats how i react when i don't like YOU.

    Sunday, October 25, 2009


    i have nothing much to blog today though. well.. i'll crap something. (:

    nothing interesting. all i did was watch aunty doris do her gardening while i was chit chatting with her. went to airport west for some shopping with aunty doris. which landed myself a $10 black cardigan.

    came home, did the usual stuff. online and continued I Love You Man, ate dinner, watched australian idol and rove and now i am sitting on my bed writing this post. (: hehee.

    yesterday morning.. i mean this morning i fell asleep halfway watching a movie. by the time i woke up it was already 11 am.

    when i unlocked my laptop, there were so many conversations windows on my msn. and most importantly, one of it had to be you. the timing we had never seem to be right.

    ahhh enough of that.

    while i was watching idol, one of the dude nathan brake sang this song that adam lambert sang on american idol. and made me thought back of how weirdly off pitch and painful to hear when adam lambert sang.

    and his stupid picture of him kissing his "boyfriend" just popped into my mind. OMG man its disgusting. ughhh.. in short, i just dont like him.

    when i dont like someone, i'll be like that. considering yesterday when jia shen brought up this dude that i dont like i went all cranked up when i was talking about him.

    whats up with that dude man? a dude that is sooooooo not lengzhai and lands soooo many girls. just maybe cause he is rich, he rules the girls? oh please. the girls are blinded by a dude which is rich, spoilt, MAYBE smart, have a SLIGHT surfer dude style and drives a blardy swift.

    its my favourite car. and made me feel on par with that guy when it comes to taste on cars. and thats a disgrace for me.

    sometimes i really do pity those girls. oh-i-am-SO-sorry ladies. (((((: too bad for ya'll. :DD

    that is what i'll give when i dont like someone.

    and.... i want a spain and liverpool jersey with torres's name on it! i am looking all through the internet already but i cant find the spain one. i mean the womens spain jersey with torres's name.

    but i found the liverpool one though. including shipment to here, its 52 pounds. which is how much ah? and is that an okay price? hmmmm...

    i really want them!! it has been on my wishing list for like a year for the liverpool and two whole years for the spain one. ))))))):

    okayy laaaa... skype with mum first. nights night!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Before The Worse - The Script

  9. i ached, i ached, i ached inside.

    Saturday, October 24, 2009

    woke up at 10 something today. cause i had to catch the 11.36 am bus in order to meet them at 12.30 pm in melbourne central.

    when i was at southern cross station, jia shen texted me and said he just woke up. that was like 12.15 pm maybe?

    when i reached melbourne central i thought of just walking around while waiting for him to reach. then he called and ask me and loong to take the train to camberwell and he'll hop on the train at richmond station.

    as celine was suppose to go to camberwell straight cause box hill station is on the same line.

    all three of us were already on the same train and we reached camberwell! called celine and ask her where is she. she said she is still in box hill.

    she mixed things up. as you see, we go to camberwell from the city and she goes to camberwell from box hill. cause camberwell is in between city and box hill. she thought we were meeting her at box hill station. huge huge mistake she made.

    since she already told us what she wants to eat, we proceeded to Sofia first without her. ordered everything then called her again. she said she is at glenferrie. she somehow passed the camberwell station and had to take another train to get to camberwell.

    dont know what has got into her today. when she arrived, we were already almost full. ate so much already. all that we left untouched or i would almost untouched is her chicken and mushroom risotto.

    here is all the food.

    first, the NOT NICE soup that jia shen ordered. mussel soup.

    pasta mista for two.

    which is actually combination of three pasta of our choice. it was mainly seafood-ish. ((((: me likey.

    chicken and mushroom risotto. niceee!

    and lastly, chicken hawaian pizza.

    for your information there well all LARGE! and there was only four of us you know. damn banyak food. the table next to us had six people and they had one variety lesser than us.

    loong with the large pizza.

    this was all our food.

    i was soooo full i tell you. really VERY full. but but, we still had room for this...

    gelati! colourful. (((:

    ehhh nice le. the only flavour that i didnt like was the pistachio. whatever ice cream of whatever brand, pistachio flavour is a no no.

    only loong ate that green pistachio mint thing.

    sooo we packed back the food. since loong didnt want any, i tooked the pizza, celine took the risotto and jia shen took the pastas.

    today's lunch cost me $18. not bad laaa. i was very very full. full till i could hardly eat much dinner. haha.

    after lunch, we just went walking around the street then decided to leave for home. celine went back the other way to box hill and the three of us left the other way towards the city.

    jia shen went off at richmond station then loong and me went off at melbourne central station. i had to switch to craigieburn line so loong teman-ed me till my train came.

    and we went our separate ways.

    got home, and watched half of I Love You Man. still paused at 37 minutes. i shall continue later.

    went downstairs for dinner and after dinner i watched ella enchanted.

    its not bad.

    but there are soooo many shows on cinderella story plot already. but somehow i always loved them. how could a girl not love fairy tales? i mean its like an excuse to dream and imagine something beautiful.


    oklaaa i shall continue the movie and prolly skype with my cousin and mum or something.

    outfit of the day. ((:

    nights everybody!

    ps : i miss my friends. ALOT!

    with love,

    music addiction : Wheels - Foo Fighters

  10. its called She Wolf.

    Friday, October 23, 2009

    today i took the bus instead of walking down to the station. cause today's first class was telecoms tutorial which my lecturer is superbly nice.

    i was late for class for about 10 minutes. if i would have walked down to the station, i will be like 20 minutes earlier sitting in the class all alone with my mac.

    uni finished at 1.30 pm. but i my downloads still had like half an hour for it to finish. so i went to the food shop on campus to grab a foccacia for lunch.

    since it was still on campus, that means there is still internet connection. so means my downloads are still downloading.

    i only have gossip girl episode 6 which havent finish. 90210, supernatural and one tree hill was done and i am also done with watching them already. ((((:

    i came home and watched bones episode 4 and supernatural episode 6. then slept for like 2 hours and then cooked my own dinner as aunty doris is out dinner with her friends.

    my own cooked fried rice.

    it was edible la. in my opinion, still got room for improvement. a wee bit salty. one day i should try cooking pasta. (((:

    then i sat in the living room onlining and watched 90210 episode 7 and one tree hill episode 6. by the time i was done with those two, it was already 10.30 pm.

    ooooo and Robert Buckley is soo hot! he is in one tree hill! been noticing him since fashion house then lipstick jungle and now one tree hill!

    see that body! hot hot hot! and i have a half naked dude in my blog which my mum reads. ahaha! but its okay la. once in a while a hottie like that is needed to spice things up in my blog. :P

    uggghh and i hate it when i typed robert buckley, robert pattinson comes up. i soooo dont like that drug addict looking dude. eww.

    i sooo love one tree hill. :DDD

    and qi hong suddenly msn with me asking me to go station one and dont be late.

    i assume they are all there now. i miss it. i miss yam cha sessions. now i am always home watching movies off my mac. sometimes even alone at home. ))):

    but well, at least i do have my once a week lunch with jia shen and celine and sheng loong too for tomorrow!

    hehee. we are going to Sofia at Camberwell. yay! italian~

    but but celine and sheng loong going back to malaysia soon already. celine is next week. loong is next month. soooo soon!

    oklaaaa. i shall continue doing my stuff. and waiting to skype with my mum. cause apparently the whole bunch of them are in my house. my aunt, my grandma, my cousin and uncle felix too!

    good night ya'll.

    you always do that! you popped out of no where and say hi and how are you and all that, then you just suddenly leave like that. ALWAYS.

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Shakira - She Wolf

  11. this is me today.

    new white headband from supre. earrings from flemington flea market. yellow plain top from dorothy perkins. black skirt from mng. necklace from diva. and i was wearing flip flops. (((:

    woke up around 8.45 am. wash some clothes. ate my breakfast. watched the morning show for a bit then i left the house to catch the bus.

    reached uni around 11 pm. the maths class is at 11.30 am. everybody was studying outside the class. i felt prepared but i was afraid that when i enter the class, i'll jumble up my thoughts.

    but well.. it wasnt too bad. i think out of the 30 marks i cant do like 6 marks? thats like maximum. hopefully i'll get good marks. its like 15% out of my final marks.

    then i happily left uni to go and do some window shopping. i went to supre again. bought a dress for $5. and another dress for my cousin also $5. early birthday present and its cheap. aha!

    the $5 dress. not too bad eh?

    then i came home and watched Ice Princess. i downloaded it a couple of days back in uni.

    i've watched it. but i like it. ((: its nice. typical chick flick la. plus michelle trachtenberg is pretty. but in gossip girl she is soooo bitchy. i felt like slapping her from right to left. well... her character is the issue.

    then aunty doris went out for meeting so i was home alone watching Glee and Amazing Race and Beauty and the geek.

    now i am up in my room waiting for mum to come online for skype. and currently chatting with tang kah tim. it just feels like it had been a long time since we had a proper conversation.

    couple of nights back, i watched My Bloody Valentine and Friday The 13th.

    jensen ackles was the stupid killer in my bloody valentine. a hot and sexy killer. ((((: *drools*

    and this, its not bad. very predictable plot though. but i never expected the ending. i thought that psychotic fella would already been dead.

    well... this pretty much sums up my whole day.

    lets see what tomorrow has to come. hopefully a nice weather again. today was not bad. not too hot and not too cold. nice!


    music addiction : Michael Jackson - Black or White

  12. the sense of fashion is changing.

    Wednesday, October 21, 2009

    my two new headbands that i bought today from supre. $3 each.
    white and brown.

    i was late again today. i woke up at 7.50 am when i had to catch the 8.01 am bus. i got all ready and walked downstairs and realized i forgot my house keys so i had to run back up to take and by the time i got down, and walking towards to house door, the bus passed by.

    i missed it.

    so in the end i had to walk all the way down to the station with a fast pace. cause the train i had to catch was 8.19 am. as it normally takes me 15 minutes to walk.

    i guess i got too carried away over my sleep and my dream.

    i dreamt of you. i mean not technically dreaming of him but in the dreams, having my best friend telling me that you asked about me. as though as you cared about how i felt for you.

    well... when i think back of it, its not really of a big deal. so i guess i really completely moved on from you. like completely. i am happy i did.

    because when i was home last few months, i told myself that i wouldnt bring this feeling with me to australia. people kept telling me its hard. you'll miss him even more. even i started to doubt if i could really give myself that excuse that leaving malaysia means my feelings would leave as well.

    apparently it really did. i am glad i did. i mean it wasnt like going anywhere also. the feelings were getting all ugly and sad but still there was abit of joy.


    did telecoms lab today. something to do with modulating the signal waves. since our group was done with the lab, next week we dont have to come for lab. cause this lab work was suppose to be done in two weeks but we finished it today already.

    yay! means next wednesday i dont have to wake up at 7.30 am. instead i only have to wake up at 9.30 am. woohoo!

    after our lab, the other group came in. which all of them are in my telecoms lecture. this guy suddenly came up and said "it smells like munt". oh and for the record, my telecoms lecture has two hot guys. one is the dude that looks like Matt Lanter and the other is this dude.

    his expressions were so funny when he said that. apparently "munt" is puke in aussie clubbing language. i dont even know if the spelling is right. other than munt, "chander" is also puke is OLD aussie slang.

    i was giving them the total blur face. i never knew such words. ahaha!

    i have a maths test tomorrow. i hope it will be fine. its covering whole of differentiation and those stationary points shit which i am not very good at AND NO CALCULATORS allowed. thats sooo sad.

    dickson just told me that he'll be coming over to australia to study! he'll be going to gold coast. eventhough not melbourne, at least he is australia.

    and congrats to him that he got the air asia loan thingy to come over to further his piloting dreams. i am happy for him!!

    i got to go and catch some sleep. and hopefully try ot wake up early to flip through my maths book.


    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Garth Brooks - Butterfly Kisses

  13. oh japanese FOOD is so love.

    Tuesday, October 20, 2009

    my blue decorated favourite japanese restaurant on Chulan Square.

    just got off the phone with mum.

    they are going to Rakuzen for dinner. ))): my another favourite japanese restaurant. the other one is Sushi Zanmai.

    i want to eat japanese food. i want my bento set. yakiniku beef set. )))): my sushi. salmon sashimi and salmon belly. my zaru soba. ))):

    mum promise she'll take me to eat puas puas when i get home.

    oh and she said yes to hong kong trip next year! woohoooo!! i need to get a job and do fairly well for my exams and i'll be flying off to hong kong for a nice on-our-own-cantonese-speaking vacation! yay!


    did i mention that today was so warm? today is the first day since i got here that i experienced air conditioned trains and bus.

    it was warm air everywhere.

    tomorrow is suppose to be slightly better. 20 degrees. but still i am guessing it would be abit warm as well.

    okayyy... i am off to friday the 13th. :DDDD jared padelecki. and i also downloaded my bloody valentine. jensen ackles. (((((:

    and as usual my weekly dosage of gossip girl, 90210 and one tree hill. the supernatural is still in downloading process.

    i've already watched gossip girl and 90210. left my one tree hill for tomorrow. (((:


    with love,

    music addiction : Michael Buble - Fever

  14. i fell asleep so early last night. i was actually watching flash forward on 7 then i fell asleep on the couch. aunty doris woke me up around 9.45 pm.

    i went up to my room, lied on the bed and slept like that the whole night. i wasnt dressed for bed. and i woke up at 7.35 am.

    had a very long sleep.

    first, i shall briefly talk about yesterday.

    i didnt wake up early to study for my programming test. i woke up at 6.30 am, switched on my computer while i was still lying on the bed and then just suddenly gave up. i shut my laptop and continue sleeping till 8.50 am.

    i was late! i was suppose to leave the house at 9.05 am. so in the end aunty doris fetched me to the station.

    programming test was not bad. i could do half. anyway its just a 5% test.

    i was relieved that the test was over! on my way home, i went window shopping a while. i bought two pens.

    to be precise two recycled pens.

    its tagged one for $2.95 but the lady charged me $1.50. at first i only picked one. since she charged me cheaper, i bought two.

    and paid $1 for charity.

    and i got this wristband like thing that says, "follow your heart".

    reached home around 6 pm. helped aunty doris to cook the curry chicken. well.. i helped a wee bit only. but i think i can cook it. who wants to be my guinea pig??? ahaha!

    the rest of the night is sleep sleep and sleep.

    now, i am having three hours break. well its only 2 and a half hours left. i am smart enough to bring my laptop charger today so i could stay on for how long i like.

    oh and i am downloading lots of stuff. heehee.

    i still need to do the maths assignment and then continue onlining. ahaha! (((:

    today its reported to be 27 degrees. thats like so hot! even yesterday 21 degrees was like hot already. i mean you cant stand still or you'll feel that burn from the sun.

    ciao dulu!

    i suddenly feel like going to hong kong. if i get a job here sometime from now till before i get home next year end, i'll drag my mum to go with me. and thats if she lets.

    i have been looking at cheap hotels in hong kong. yeaaa i know its still a long wayyy to go. ahahah!

    and um..

    thinking of watching ANTM cycle 13 on youtube. well.. if its already on youtube.

    lots of love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Kelly Pickler - The Best Days Of My Life

  15. it gives me a fever.

    Sunday, October 18, 2009

    woke up at 9 something today. cause i was going out with aunty doris to the flemington racecourse market. left the house around 10 something.

    was there till about 12 something. it was not bad. lots of things to see. i saw this really nice sling bag but it was like $40. expensive....

    after that, i headed to moonee ponds' chemist warehouse to get some nasal spray and eye drops. first i am having bad perennial allergic rhinitis and second, my eyes always hurts.

    came home and just lazed around the house. talked to julian and aunty doris for a while, sewed a button for my pants, ate sweets and sour tapes and thats about it.

    then i had to keep up with my programming test tomorrow. i have a soooo bad feeling over it. i even have that feeling of failing. that feeling which i had when i didnt like sejarah in high school, that i didnt like add maths, i didnt like biology.

    and.... i practically failed all of it throughout. well.. not in the finals but those tests i have in between. ))))): this is annoying. i dont like programming too. i just want a damn pass! thats all!

    aunty doris cooked a satisfying dinner tonight. it was a huge piece of salmon and spaghetti as side dishes. spaghetti with mushrooms and tomatoes and basil leaves. i was sooooo full....

    really VERY full. and i am putting on weight. i am feeling happy eating but i guess i eat wayyy too much. ahhaha! yeaaa now i have a new aim, i just want to be the size i was before i got here. thats all i'll ask for. (((((:

    after dinner, i watched australian idol.

    Kim Cooper is out. )))): my favourite among all. well... its true that her last week's performance wasnt good but overall, i think she is a brilliant singer. her voice is strong.

    but well...

    some of the ones i like are still in. James Johnston and Toby Moulton is still in. plus i have this new dude that i like. Stan Walker. he is damn versatile. i mean he sings songs that people dont sing for a competition. and he nails it. pretty cool.

    this two are the ones i liked from last week.

    stan walker's single ladies for big band week.

    you know big band week is like those huge trumpets or whatever they are called and the cello and big drums and violin and all that. a big bunch of people sort of orchestra like? yeaa...

    james johnston's fever.

    i just find him so hot. and he is only eighteen. and i loveeeee his voice and his style. how to not love that cute lil' thing you tell me?

    i need to now struggle on my programming. or maybe i might just shut the book and cover my face with the sheets and go to bed and worry about it tomorrow morning. might even wake up early to get it absorbed in.

    i am more like an early morning study kind of person. but somehow here in melbourne, i have trouble pulling myself off the bed every morning. ))):




    good night people. i aint got much of the mood tonight. i really feel like just covering my face with the sheets and hopefully have a rest.

    i really dont like programming!!


    music addiction : Landslide - Dixie Chicks

  16. today's outing was not bad. (((: first i met up with celine at melbourne central then we went to rubi shoes at bourke street to walk around while waiting for jia shen to come. the we moved onto supre. that place, has soooo much of things! i feel so lost in there.

    after meeting up with jia shen, we went for pancake at pancake parlour on bourke street. cause there is this girl standing on the street that gives out free voucher for a buy one free one short stack.

    so thats like 4 pieces of pancakes. jia shen had two cause he didnt have lunch and one each for me and celine. it was not bad. i was never actually a pancake person. $3.10 per person.

    then we were off to dfo. in the tram on our way there, there is this weird aussie dude that talked to celine. he asked, "do you want to know something nice? the world is ending." or was it "its the end of the world?"

    something to that effect la. it was weird man i tell you. something is wrong with them and sitting public tranportations. ahaha!

    anyway, our main purpose was to just walk around at the new dfo. oh ya remember the bag i was mentioning earlier, the $20 one? i bought it already!

    my new bag.

    and its actually $10. to be precise, its $9.95. they tagged it wrongly and it was from $49.95. cheap cheap. and i like it. reminds me of my old bag.

    i am happy that i got what i wanted. my casual bag. ((((:

    after dfo we went to degraves street for a drink. i had mocha. and i was never a coffee person as well. but that street, seems like got quite a few nice looking cafes.

    by the time we were done at degraves street, it was almost 6 pm already. so we headed off for our early dinner.

    since there is only going to be the 3 of us for dinner, we settled down with thai food. cause if more people were joining, we could go for greek.

    but... thai was not too bad. suprisingly i could eat. i mean it wasnt too spicy for me. i am also not a spicy food eater. i am practically hopeless with it.

    our 3 dish dinner.

    one seafood tom yam, one chicken green curry and one stir-fried vege with beef. comes to about $14.90 per person. oklaaa..

    but i was damn full i tell you. celine even went for freddo's ice cream after dinner. then we thought of going to crowns to see the fire thingy but we were already over the hour so we decided to go home.

    waited with celine for her bus and me and jia shen left. i was going to follow him back to murrumbeena cause aunty doris is also at murrumbeena for a house warming.

    walked with jia shen to the house he stayed at when he just got here to meet up with his brother. then we drove back to their house. and i called aunty doris saying that i am already reaching the station.

    I THOUGHT that she'll come and pick me and we'll go home but... instead she came and pick me to go back to the house warming cause she didnt say goodbye yet. i was there from like 9.45 pm right up till 11 pm.

    talked to a few of the people. in particular, grace and mervin. i hope i got their names right. ahaha! their both malaysians. mervin did SAM wayyyy back in 2003. so we were just like talking.

    it aint so bad.

    by the time we left there and going through all the road works and traffic lights and stuff, we got home around 11.45 pm.

    i was just talking on the phone with mum, cousin, cousin's girlfriend, uncle felix, aunty yong. they were all eating dinner at teluk gong. then i called my aunty in raub and managed to talk with my cousin sister, my aunt, my grandma and my other aunt.

    i had tooo much money left to use. plus everybody sounded happy hearing from me. its a good thing though.

    it was a long day today. plus we did sooo much of walking. and, i loveeee my ballet flats!!! like seriously. it comfy, light and i loveeeee it!!! ahaha! good buy good buy.

    oh ya, yesterday i also went to the South Melbourne Market. i just went to walk around. and i bought some leather straps necklace sort of thing for my pendants and i bought this ring like thing.

    i came home and played with it for a while and mix matched some of my pendants and this is what i got.

    my new long necklace for me to go with my tshirts.

    the blue heart pendant in the middle is from my grandfather from wayyyy back. i also cant remember how long ago. thats the ring like thingy which i bought for $0.30. and the leather straps was 2 metres for $3.

    and i loveee the end results i produced. i figured i wont wear much of the pendant anyway.

    i am getting sleepy. tomorrow morning i think i am following aunty doris to the flemington racecourse for the flea market.

    oklaaa night night everybody!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Kate Voegele - Manhattan From The Sky

  17. i was so lazy to blog yesterday. suddenly i lost the mood to blog.

    by the time i came up to my room, it was already 11.16 pm. then i went to shower and it was already 11.32 pm.

    was drying my hair and switched on the computer, i skyped with mum till 12.05 am.

    after that, i just got lazy. ((((: was chatting with jia shen and celine over our plans today. we were undecisive over whether to go for lunch or dinner or both.

    finally we settled down with early dinner. before that we'll go to the new dfo in south wharf. :DD

    i went yesterday. its not bad. very quite though cause it just opened. plus not all the shops are open yet. there is even armani outlet in there. somehow from the outside, everything still looks expensive.

    $10. cheap eh?

    and... i bought a pair of ballet flats. ((((: finally.

    today we are going again so i shall go and relook and things i eyed on. i saw a bag for only $20. my handbag that i brought here is toooo dressy. not so casual. i want a casual one for summmmerr.

    we are meeting up at 1.40 pm at melbourne central. i am taking the 12.21 pm bus. so i got like 25 minutes to spare before meeting them. i thought of going over to bourke street and have a look at rubi.

    see la macam mana.

    tonight's dinner we have so many choices. greek, thai, vietnamese or japanese. i suggested the japanese. we had three weeks of italian already. a change is needed.

    aunty doris went out. i cant tell her the plans of her fetching me tonight. if i am having early dinner means i will finish early. if i finish early, she cant fetch me from the station cause she'll be at murrumbeena for a house warming.

    hmmm... maybe i should stay somewhere in the city so she could pick me up from the city. let see how it goes.

    its deepavali today. i am missing the food. cause usually on every year's deepavali, i'll be at mum's customer's house for open house. got putu mayam, MUTTON CURRY and some other stuff that i couldnt remember.

    plus there is this indian cake kinda thing that i loveeee! it looks like a mini donut and its sweet. i was telling my grandfather i miss that, he said, "next time if there is anyone going over, tell me so that i could buy and ask them to bring it over for you."

    as much as i want to, it'll have to go through the hassle of declaration to get that in here. so when i get back, i shall eat puas puas. ahah! and my grandfather is such a love. whenever i speak to him on the phone, he sounds soooo happy. but i could tell that he is aging already. ):


    i guess whenever i go back to malaysia, my first priority is to see my grandparents. time flies so fast and that means they age very fast as well... ))):

    oklaaa. got to get ready to go out. but first, eat breakfast! my stomach is making the growling noises already. i am hungry.... :DDDD

    with love,

    music addiction : Leighton Meester - Somebody To Love

  18. one, two, THREE!

    Thursday, October 15, 2009

    in the end, there is nothing at all.

    i only had one class at uni today. from 11.30 am to 12.30 pm. maths test coming up next thursday already. but before that is programming test on monday!

    shit man... how??????? programming!! )))):

    i had two sushi rolls for early lunch. fresh salmon and fresh tuna. i loveeee the sushi rolls. i can never get sick of it. plus i am starting to like avocado. i know.... but i can never eat it just like that. it has to go with something.

    then i took the train to flinders and i just randomly walked on swanston street. going in and out of boutiques. the weather was so depressing. rain and cold.

    but i still took a tram to smith street and took a look at Nike. no sales at all. and the stuff that i already bought, its more expensive now.

    took the tram back to the city and left melbourne central with the 3.41 pm train. and at essendon, i had to wait 15 minutes for the 4.05 pm bus.

    got home and ate a plate of fried rice, fed sparky some food and went online. talked to jo ann for a while. its been sooo long since i kept in touch with her. hoping to see her soon when she gets over here! ((:

    oh and i was reading ohlalamag to get myself on track on the celebrity stuff. the only site which i actually read on celebrity news. plus there are toooooo many hot guys featured there! :DDD

    i didnt have my evening nap today. i was downstairs talking to aunty doris and watching tv. i watched ghost whisperer, csi and the amazing race.

    came up to my room and skyped with mum for 50 minutes. even over a screen and a microphone, i still tease my cousins as usual. ahaha! its like a daily thing for me last time. now, once in a while. :DD

    suddenly i am having a bad flu. and i am getting sleepy already. should be sleeping early tonight.

    and umm... prolly saturday night i'll be out with jia shen and celine for dinner. and maybe with sheng loong. fooooddd.... damn i am putting on weight already! but i cant resist. )):

    oh and tomorrow i should be going to check out the new DFO at south wharf. it just opened. heheee..


    you never meant all the things you told me. i felt it shattered. the hopes. but yet i cant put myself in that position to hate you and shut you off.

    lots of loveee,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : 3 - Britney Spears

    britney's latest single sounds cool! i've always loved her songs despite whether it is meaningful or not.

  19. world with strangers.

    Wednesday, October 14, 2009

    parallel lines will never intersect.
    for me, i just hope it will be bended a bit so it will meet.

    i slept for 4 and a half hours only this morning. always at times where i least expect you, there you are. always.

    this morning was like yesterday morning. it was drizzling, gloomy, cold and emoish. made me feel so restless. and my first class was at 9.30 am. earlyyy..

    i had telecoms lab this morning. it was suppose to be a 2 hour lab but it only took one and a half hours. so me, julian and pablo went for breakfast.

    my breakfast today wasnt as expensive as last week. it was only $5. ((: and pablo is damn funny. he eats and eats and eats. he loves his breakfast. we were asking him how much he wants to weigh, he said 115kg.

    thats heavy! but this dude is not fat. and sometimes it will take me a long time to catch what is he talking cause his spanish accent is very strong.

    after maths, i left for home. the weather is making me emo and sleepy. i was watching final destination 1 on my way back in the train cause i downloaded it during lab.

    reached home around 2 something and continued the rest of the movie. the movie is not bad la. apparently this has survivors. but the whole setting of the show seems kinda old already.

    after that i slept till 7.30 pm. aunty doris cooked fried rice before she went out. i woke up and no one is home.

    i have always loved fried rice. ((((:

    was watching Celebrity Masterchef. the australian olympic swimmer contestant, Eamon Sullivan is cuteeee! ahaaha!

    washed up all the plates and watched gossip girl on my laptop. hilary duff and tyra banks is in this episode. i think hilary duff will be in it for a few episodes.

    julian just got home. he got his hair cut. so short compared to before. maybe it was that sudden change, i am not used to it. made his head look smaller. ahaah!

    aunty doris isnt home yet. i should be going up to my room shortly.

    suppose to skype with mum and cousin later. he is going to brag to me about his graduation. after that, i'll watch my remaining 90210 and then wait.

    while waiting maybe read some of my programming stuff. i have another test next monday! )))):

    i really hope the promise is kept. and i hope it wont be too late. i havent had enough of it since this morning.

    and.. on the other note,

    hey you... everything will be alright okay. receiving that text out of the blue makes me worried. now, hear me out, you are NEVER alone. i maybe thousands of miles away but it doesnt change anything. you still can tell me anything.

    always always remember that i'll be there. xoxos.

    with love,

    music addiction : Kris Allen - Man In The Mirror

  20. i felt for you. *snaps*

    Tuesday, October 13, 2009

    we are.

    i woke up late today! luckily i was still on time to leave the house by 8 am. this morning was cold though. i felt the chill somehow.

    and... it was sooo gloomy this morning. made me feel emo cause of the dark cloudy sky and chilly weather.

    i had three hours break today. all i did was my maths assignment and i watched ANTM Cycle 12 on youtube. uni's bandwidth is free so why not use it to the max right? not technically free considering i paid for the fees but still free in a way.

    and i was downloading my shows as usual. (:

    i came home after maths class. the 3.30 pm bus i took was noisy. girls gossiping, boys talking and laughters. made me thought of my high school days.

    those who knows me, knows that i used to go home by school bus when i was in high school. the bus would always be filled with friends and we will talk and laugh and gossip. those were the days.

    reached home around 4 pm and i slept. the rain is making me not meet my target to go for a jog and instead it gave me another excuse to sleep longer. ahaha!

    slept till 7 something. aunty doris woke up for dinner. after dinner i was watching NCIS then Spiderman 3. james franco is kinda sexy somehow... ahahaha! :DDD

    oh and i finished reading the five people you meet in heaven already. and also wrote a note behind the book on how i got my hands to it.

    its a rather meaningful book. not that it made an impact on me. well.. maybe not yet but somehow everything was just so real. it was different from books i usually read.

    i guess thats all for today! maybe i'll watch the downloaded supernatural and one tree hill. lets see how la. (((:

    and.... why does that someone insignificant always appear in the mind? hmmm...?

    much love,

    music addiction : Snow Patrol - Signal Fire