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  1. aww this is so sad. );

    Friday, January 29, 2010

    i was suppose to meet yen at 1 pm but she isn't feeling well so the plan is cancelled. and now i am already in uni. ahhh wasted my ticket only. the moment she told me i already validated my ticket at essendon.

    if she told me earlier i should have just went home with aunty doris. cause i went to essendon DFO with aunty doris this morning to buy my cousin's polo tee from ralph lauren.

    since i have already validated my ticket might as well come to uni and blog abit then balik. yea i know so sad right?? siennn..

    remember i was saying i saw a pair of shoes for $30? just now i went back no more already cause the packed it up and sent it to the factory outlet at smith street already. ): i really like it though. i might consider going there to get it. hmmm...

    this is the one i liked. just that the one i like was like a denim bluish green. and its leather, the front part.

    oklaaa need to catch the train in time so i don't have to validate another ticket. this is so sad man.... came all the way here just to type this and then balik. ))): one and a half hour of train ride le...

    k laa. byee. ))):

    much love,

  2. i want you back ASAP! );

    Thursday, January 28, 2010

    i think for the next week plus or so, i will only get the blog properly from uni. cause if i blog from home, the signal will be so weak (cause it is somebody else's one) and i won't get to upload any pictures. so yeaa.. then it will all be words only. not that i put much pictures anyways. hmm..

    yesterday i went out with aunty doris to do her tax return on sydney road at brunswick. i haven't been to that area before. went walking around and had a mix kebab. lamb and chicken. $7.50.

    then she took me to pass by the old house which i went to last 10 years ago. i don't even remember much anymore. and that area is so different than the one we are at now, Strathmore.

    after that we went to DFO essendon cause aunty doris wanted to buy a pair of black pants for julian for his work.

    as usual, went window shopping. i saw a pair of tony bianco sneakers. for $30. ohhh i like it! might be going back to buy this weekend or something. and and a pair of skinny jeans for $40 and a bag for $40.

    i wanna buy. ): maybe i'll just get the shoes. actually there is this deal that 2 for $30. BUT the other colour of the same design is so ugly. might get the same one but a different size. see whoever can fit la.

    and i need to buy a polo ralph lauren polo tee for my cousin. i saw this nice green one. and should be asking jia wei to bring it back for him for chinese new year.

    went home and slept for a while then the usual night routine starts. dinner which was indomie, then watched tv. watched new amsterdam. i find the guy kinda cute. (:

    i was suppose to sleep early cause today got uni and stuff but ended up i was playing world of goo until like 12 something almost 1 am.

    it is cuteee. ((:

    ferns install it in my macbook. yes, i am that bored. cause usually don't play much games.

    without my internet i am going in weird ways. )))):

    the late sleeping caused the late waking up today. i had to rush like mad. but still manage to catch the 8.36 am bus.

    later i got a small test, wish me luck yo. :D

    tomorrow i will be back to uni cause i am meeting yen pei. going for lunch somewhere nearby. see la whats there to eat.

    oklaaa. got to go to lab soon. ada test. byeee!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

  3. oh my god oh my god! how laaaaaaaaa?????

    Wednesday, January 27, 2010

    i am think i am going nuts without my internet!! going cuckoo already. ))))):

    and the best part now is, i won't have it for another 10 days or so!!!! DAMN!

    but yet i can't be travelling all the way to uni just to use the internet. its stupid having the pay my transport and then use free internet in uni. )))))):

    i want you back. ): without you, i am not being myself. i slept so god damn early yesterday night. it is true that i need you everyday. i won't deny it anymore. come back...... please? ):

    i will be going insane soon. trust me, i will if this continues. )))):

  4. i don't feel very right.

    Tuesday, January 26, 2010

    something kicked in, and i am having all sorts of thoughts in mind. thoughts that i can't seem to fit them into a big pictures. they are now like little jig saw pieces from all sorts of pictures, jumbled up together.

    it's annoying.

    maybe it is the internet lacking that makes me have so much time to think. which its no good for me.

    argh! )))):


  5. Woke up early this morning cause I had to get over to jia shen’s place by 11 something so I took the 10.06 am bus. We had plans for yum cha which is dim sum with the bro and his girlfriend.

    Got over there then drove over to Doncaster and ate at the usual yum cha place that we go. Tai pan restaurant. Yea yea it’s call tai pan. Super pack I tell you. Like it is as though buy one plate free another or something. It was not bad but I still miss the usual dim sum I have at night at Kuchai Lama. Spent $25 on breakkie or I would say brunch?

    Then went over to Doncaster’s Westfield shoppingtown cause his bro wanted to get the necklace which was sent for repair at the swarovski outlet there. There you know the expensive crystal shop that everything look so pretty in the glass cabinets? (((((((:

    Went for notebooks hunting at the good guys after that. Jia wei’s girlfriend wanted to buy and apparently there is this very cheap and worth it deal at the good guys. So we went to the Nunawading and the Brighton branch to check it out. Both also tak ada so now on waiting list.

    Since we were in brighton already, might as well go to the beach there. My first time there and it’s like st.kilda beach but with a better environment or I would use a better word, atmosphere. :D

    Cause there is this café there that is called the Baths facing the ocean. And people drink beer, have a glass of champagne or wine or a cup of milkshake or even a glass of fruit juice along with meals that varies from garlic on toast to wedges in sour cream to beer battered fish and chips to pastas.

    We had the wedges with sour cream and our individual drinks. Jia wei’s carlton pint, iris’s cappuccino, jia shen’s milkshake and my pineapple juice.

    brighton beach is all about the colourful beach huts. (:

    The atmosphere was good. But if it’s the beach that we are comparing, the one at mornington was still the best but that’s abit too far off. So I guess compare st.kilda to brighton, I prefer st.kilda.

    But the pier café’s atmosphere isn’t as good as the one at brighton.

    Left brighton beach at 5 something 6 I suppose then went back to jia shen’s and lingered around for a bit till the right timing train came. I was taking some series and skype with cherly for like two minutes. Ahah!

    Then I was off for home. The whole journey home I was texting qi hong and ranting to him bout some stuffs and envy those who went to Malacca to catch up with him. I wanna tag along too! )):

    It’s gonna be another 4 months plus. So long somemore. Another semester to go. ))): I really miss my friends. I really miss them. I guess I miss them a lot more than I am miss.

    Now that the internet isn’t there to occupy my time, I feel so isolated. Like I have so much of ample time to just study study and study. Which annoys me. And it gives me time to think.

    Everyone knows I ain’t no good friend towards spare time that makes me think. I tend to push myself into corners were I can’t find a way out. It is like literally my thoughts are all jammed up at one place and seems so hard to sort them out.

    That’s when I kill those free time which series or something to keep me busy. Which I did. Ugly betty just makes me happy. Eric mabius looks so hot on tv and now, grant bowler as well. :DDD

    Aussie Grant Bowler. (((: look familiar?

    look like daniel craig kan?

    grant bowler looks like daniel craig but somehow hotter. if he would have daniel's blue dreamy eyes, then it is perfecto. :DDD

    I just need my attention drawn to something else. That’s all.

    No internet is sad. I am actually writing this in Word so that I could go to uni and post this up. Its not about me being a typical blogger. I think or I guess I just needed to type it out to feel slightly better.

    I am not gonna wait till uni to post this up already. Maybe just fit in a couple of pictures when i am in uni.


  6. i have lost my mind.

    Monday, January 25, 2010

    went to uni today. published a blog post and scheduled one. which is this one. ((:

    it is so sien la not having the internet. i tried and tried to upload my pics yesterday but the signal was really weak so in the end i gave up and went to bed. there was suppose to be another 5gb more to use but julian said he used it to download his series at the start of the month.

    thus, the early internet cut off. ))): hopefully the new plan will start next month.

    went shopping a while at supre and valleygirl then headed for home. dropped by moonee ponds to see see as well. :D

    as usual, after i get home, i'll be munching off some food and dinner and then glued on the couch watching tv. i watched three episodes of bones last night with aunty doris. which i have already watched before. ahaah.

    apparently there are fireworks on midnight.. hmm.. i shall see from my house then. (:

    tomorrow is Australia Day. which is a public holiday. i guess i will be home doing nothing as usual. and then start picking up my notes and study for my test on thursday. the test contributes 10%.

    the time is passing so fast. january 2010 is coming to an end already. february is catching up and then cherly will be here. ((((: can't wait. :D hehee.

    oklaaa... got to go already.

    whenever i smell that familiar smell, you automatically pop into my mind.
    and this is just so crazily creepy of me.
    never did this in quite a while already.
    i too find myself scary. hmm...

    love ya'll.

    sher xoxo.

  7. 20geek is just so little. );

    Sunday, January 24, 2010

    my internet is down. ): i am currently just tapping on someone elses wi-fi to blog this. which the signal is only one bar and it is taking ages to load!

    bandwidth sudah sampai limit so i have no choice. ))))): siennn..

    no internet for a week is sad. )))): really sad. argh!! i can survive without my phone for a week but its tough asking me to survive without my internet for a week. )):

    byee. ): sigh....


  8. yesterday was just one of those usual days which i stayed at home and did nothing kinda days.

    woke up at 10 something this morning to wash my clothes cause apparently it was suppose to be a sunny noon or something like that. after i took it out to shine, it started to get gloomy and drizzled a little bit.

    anyways the clothes was under shelter so it wasn't so bad. took the 11.36 am bus and left to the city as i was meeting jia shen for lunch.

    met up at melbourne central then went to carlton. had nasi lemak at the nasi lemak house somewhere near lygon street.

    nehh won't really go back and eat again.

    it had good feedbacks and stuff but i rate it like a 6/10. nothing special. they only had drumsticks! which i don't like. i prefer thigh. and the rice is abit different. the sambal is hot but like just pure chilly hot not sambal-ish kinda hot and the papadam was so not nice. ahah. and the egg they gave me was small. ))): $8.90 yo.

    after that went to dfo south wharf with the aim of getting a present for julian. went into all the guys shop and looked hard and then finally settled in FCUK. got him a jacket for $49.90 from $119.95. pretty good deal. (((:

    i like it and it was so happen a M size. he always wear jackets anyways.

    so yeaa.. presents are all done. now i just have to think of a way to give it to him. as i really don't see him very often. maybe i will just put in on the dining table. the card already says happy birthday he should notice what right..

    or maybe on aunty doris's birthday which is the day before his as i think we are going out to dinner to celebrate.

    so cuteee!

    came home and watched Stuart Little 2. oooohh so cuteee! then lingered around as usual and came up and faced my laptop till like 3 in the morning.

    i loveee my new icons and my wallpaper! NYC babeh!!!
    an inspiration for me to achieve my dream.
    i change most of my icons on my dock and the two little snooker balls at the side. cutee!

    i was busy changing my icons on my dock and my wallpaper and skyped with my mum and aunty and cousin for like an hour till then had to say bye cause they were going out yam cha. ))): and i can't join. how saddd..

    that's pretty much about my day.

    with love,

  9. i am really curious to know.

    Thursday, January 21, 2010

    today went to uni as usual. nothing much really. the subnetting shit is still making me go nuts trying to understand when to use 8 or 128 or what network id and what broadcast id thing... ughh!

    got home around 6 pm and slept for like half an hour. i was super tired. woke up and ate dinner. aunty doris cooked bolognese sauce with penne pasta. ((((: yum yum. and some kangaroo meat sausages.

    after dinner i was munching on her little quiches. oooo i love them! munched two of it before ileft the house to uni and another few after i got back and one after dinner. HAHA!

    then i was watching the secret millionaire on tv. it's like this reality show that millionaires sort of undercover and volunteer at orphanage or womens homes kinda thing and at the end donate them some money to help them out kinda thing.

    this guy gave like 200 plus thousand. he really sees it.

    it's always very touching. and as i usual i am in my don't-know-what emotional times, i teared. but really very touching lo. hehee..

    then went to north essendon's video ezy shop with aunty doris and returned the dvds and also borrowed ink heart.

    i likee the show. watching for the second time.

    brandon fraser's shows are interesting and i usually like them. ((((: and i like the way he acts. funny.

    after that came upstairs and had a three way call with ferns and jia shen cause i wanted to ask ferns something about installing windows 7 and they were happily playing games. so yeaa.

    then continued to watch the three episodes of mercy which i streamed from uni. oh oh and i watched american idol chicago audition at uni today. that particular video streamed so damn fast.

    and was having this chat with yen pei on facebook. i don't know if you guys remember her. i met her in the malaysian club barbeque thingy. gonna meet up with her next friday around uni area.

    excited though. haven't actually went hanging out with someone whom i have not known since back home. so yea! ((((((:

    my mum just added me in facebook. how cool but how weird huh? HAHA!

    ughhhhhh its so damn blardy hot ahhhhh!!!!! i really can't stand this. i want the cold weather!!!! summer please go away. i don't need you anymore. all you have to do is leave the long days of sunlight behind and leave.

    i want my air conditioner like home!

    okayy i am getting cranky. stay away people... sigh.. nite...


  10. i am getting sleepy... this is so not me. and it's not that i woke up early today cause i didn't. woke up around 11 something.

    went to airport west with aunty doris today. saw quite a number of $10 stuffs but had to restrain myself as i have too many things already.

    came home and helped aunty doris to make some little mini quiches. oh damn i love it. i am soo making it for my mum when i get home. (((((: anybody wanna try? HAHA!

    then i watched Not Forgotten.


    i hate all this black magic thing. creeps me out like really creep me out. one of the five dvds that we borrowed the other day.

    aunty doris said "look, it's the mentalist guy and looks scary. wanna watch?". HAHA! yeaa the mentalist guy.

    simon baker.

    aussie though. he is like this hot dad kinda thing. one thing is for sure, the aussies are proud of him being popular and famous in the hollywood world.

    i was reading some malaysian food blog. and i stumbled onto this.

    ramly burger!

    i miss it so so much. i tell you when i get back home, i am gonna make sure that the first night i am gonna have that. at usj 4, daging special tambah cheese. (((((: yum yum~

    and they had this video thingy that says in New York City on the 5th avenue 230th street or something which there is this sky bar that serves mini ramly burgers. all the way to new york babeh..

    and the other thing that i crave as much as my ramly burger is maggi goreng.

    mamak maggi goreng~

    for me, food like this, it's better to eat out and its cheap. compared to whatever i am eating here, 5 ringgit of maggi goreng is damn blardy cheap okay!

    the more i look at the pictures. the more i am salivating. ahhhhh~~~

    oh and i was playing with my new application. it changes whatever pictures you have into polariod like pictures.

    just dump the picture on the camera icon, a sound will pop up when the picture comes out from the camera. you know the really polariod camera kinda sound? the as you can see, the image will slowly start to appear like a real polariod camera.

    the after product. cool eh?

    was watching new amsterdam on tv just now. the storyline is very interesting. hmmm..might catch it next week.

    the guy is immortal until he finds his soul mate.

    and he is a detective. a smart one that lived since 1800. weird much? interesting i would say.

    oklaa... i am going to bed already. feeling tired. tomorrow got class from 10.30 am till 4.30 pm. ughh long day. )))):

    oh oh and julian is upgrading the internet plan already. i have 30gb for myself!! oooo yeah! :DDDD

    niteeee peeps!


    music addiction : Lifehouse - Sick Cycle Carousel

  11. today's uni was as usual. i am having a blurred mind over subnetting. hopefully i'll get to master it. my exams are mostly based on that to start the whole thing. if its wrong from the start, everything goes wrong. )))):

    watched harry potter and the half blood prince again with aunty doris just now. she haven't watch it and i was soo blurred after the first time i watched it, soo we borrowed it.

    the first time i watched it, it was really boring because i didn't get it. but just now, i find it rather interesting and wanting to watch and see whats gonna come up next. i've always had a thing for harry potter. believe it or not, i've never watched lord of the rings. yeaa i am weird. (:

    omg that smile when you say hi. its like a heat wave that makes me warm inside as well.

    i was watching mercy episode 6 just now. shows about nurses and doctors always have a lot of dramas. but i still watch it. i mean i don't like follow it week to week but since i had a free uni bandwidth to use, might as well stream it and come home and watch.

    i sorta teared over the episode just now. whats gone into me man? but well, it's sad. the old couple married for 65 years are so sweet together. the guy that would love her unconditionally and sends lunch, cries together and make sure they are by their sides.

    i wonder. that thought, shall be just kept in mind. its too funny saying it out in public.

    i am going to bed. i woke up early and had a long day and now i want a long rest. good night people!

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Heels Over Head - Boys Like Girls

  12. skyped with tim this morning from like 3 am till 4 am. it's been quite a while since i've talked this much with him. talked craps as usual, gossips as usual, and me nagging him to study, scared him for a little while by remembering him about the movie the last breath, and the usual friend catching up moments.

    so now yea. i can say that once in a while i skype with tim. (:

    woke up so late this afternoon. 1.41 pm. i had my own sweet time sleeping. yesterday night was cold and nice to sleep. it was like 10 degrees.

    today's temperature is like 20 degrees and it was raining and raining and its cold. exactly a week ago, it was the hottest day of summer and today it was cold.

    melbourne's weather is really weird.

    i am now having my jacket on and cuddling nicely under my doona which is my comforter. i don't usually do this often. never quite needed my jacket before this.

    in the evening i was out with aunty doris to borrow some dvd to watch. just at the video ezy shop at north essendon.

    borrowed 5 dvds for $11. two new releases and three weeklies. of which, two of it are the ones i wanted.

    and not to any of your suprises, i am done with both of it already.


    which i have been wanting to watch for so long but just couldn't download it and voila, finally watched it. i like anne hathaway and kate hudson. they are prettie. ((:

    i like it. despite all the bitching and everything, i would really want my bestest friend there by my side on the biggest day of my life.

    and something else kicked in, i teared in the show. weird.

    and and the other show is...


    the start of it i thought it was just some boring show but as the show went on, i liked it. there is something in that weird funny crazy romance story that i wish i would even get an inch close to. and its cute. well... alisha cuthbert is cute as well.

    i have been exploring more about my mac. i was reading some websites on the mac applications and getting some screen saver and some wallpapers.

    this is how my dashboard looks like now.

    i've added a couple of widget. the very colourful clock and the widget for me to blog from my dashboard.

    and my desktop wallpaper.

    it's suppose to be animated. the pictures will keep on changing. and it's all my itunes' songs artworks. which is actually my screen saver but i downloaded this app that converts screen savers into wallpapers.

    pretty damn cool to me.

    i'll go on and read more about it and download more apps. ((((:

    hmmm... tonight i think i am going to bed earlier. my flu is getting very annoying. and i have uni tomorrow which i have to wake up at 8.10 am.

    nitee ya'll.

    oh and one question, do girls get thinner when they are having period? hmmm... just asking. BYE!

    much love,

    music addiction : Owl City - Fireflies

  13. aiyo...

    Sunday, January 17, 2010

    panaromic shot of mornington beach.

    woke up at 9 something this morning cause i followed aunty doris car to the city. rather than me waking up half an hour earlier and catch the bus then the train, she dropped me off at flinders.

    caught a train to burnley station cause i was meeting mum's friend there.

    to my suprise, uncle john looks wayy different than what i imagine him to be. yea, i have not met him before. and he is really nice. met his wife as well, aunty wai ping. i hoped i got her spelling right.

    they took me for a sorta mamak for early lunch. i suppose, brunch? its called rich maha at vermont south. there is one is the city as well, on little collins.

    i had mutton briyani and teh tarik ais! finally after six months, i have my last time favourite, teh tarik ais! i wanted to try out the curry puff but i was too shy to get it. it wasn't my treat. ):

    the brunch was satisfying. i haven't had such food in a looooong time.

    then they brought me to their house at forest hill. i love their house. its so nice inside. simple and homely and pretty.

    and i was very fascinated by their coffee machine. cool thing!

    the weather today was so weird. so we stayed inside talking. and to my suprise, i was chatty as well. for someone whom i am only meeting for the first time, i definitely am not chatty.

    then they brought me to this place called brands smart at i dont know where already. its like a really mini DFO. after that, they sent me home.

    they are really nice people. it's good. (:

    i've got to hear alot of their adventurous when they were a student travelling all over australia. makes me really want to go as well. Tasmania, Gold Coast, Sydney, Queensland. oohh maybe end of this year. ahah!

    came home skyped with mum for a little while then i slept. woke up, ate dinner and watched tv. thats practically it for today!

    tomorrow i have no uni. yay can sleep in!

    oklo. nitey night people!

    with love,

    music addiction : Kate Voegele - Forever and Almost Always

  14. love is a battlefield.

    Saturday, January 16, 2010

    just finish watching american idol atlanta's audition. "pants on the ground...pants on the ground" ahahah!

    its too bad that american idol is not showing on normal australian tv but only on foxtel which you have to subscribe for. which i don't have.

    soo.. i had to stream it. the only season which i caught all the episodes exclude the auditions was last season. ohh kris allen!!! <3 no doubt he isn't as "famous" as adam lambert is, but i still don't like adam lambert and don't intend to change my mind.

    kris allen is oh-heart-melts sweety when he sings with his guitar. ohhh...

    let's hope this season will be a fun ride.

    just finish skyping with my mum. 9 of them are going for movie at gardens for avatar 3d. and i am not there. ): i will usually be the one that starts them up and go for movies. ))))):

    sien lo.

    hmmm today was just another weekly outing with jia shen. so typical. lunch, sit down and drink then ciao.

    but today slightly different cause there was a detour to south wharf to hand in my resume to nike.

    after that i went over to highpoint to get aunty doris's birthday present. i think she is gonna love it. now i shall pray hard she doesn't get the same one for herself. fingers crossed!

    tomorrow i will be out for a lunch meeting with a mum's friend. hopefully it'll turn out good.

    catch you guys later! ciao.

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Kris Allen - Heartless

  15. it will be a good day? nahh its crap!

    Friday, January 15, 2010

    i was too caught up with ebay yesterday night till i got lazy to blog. i was on ebay searching for iphone cases. hehee i can't wait till i get my iphone now. :DDD

    i had two iphone cases shipping to my front door already. lets see whether i'll get what is shown or not. (((: i got it cheap anyway. hehee.

    woke up at 12.30 pm this afternoon. printed out my resume and photo copied my testimonial letter from nike so that i can go and hand it up to nike factory outlet store at dfo south wharf tomorrow.

    i hope i'll get the job.

    its gonna be good for me. first, i get paid and get paid in aussie dollar. second, i'll get to know more people. third, i will be able to shop without converting it back to ringgit. and fourth, which is not so important but it is just being typical me, i think there are hot guys working there or not there will be hot guys visiting a nike shop. :D

    i watched step up again for the hundredth time. then cleaned up my room. and don't know did what till it was time for dinner already.

    aunty doris is out so i am home alone tonight. i just finished watching make it happen again for the fifth time? and now watching the island on tv.

    oh ewan mcgregor is hot. correct me if i am wrong. his accent makes him even hotter. oh hot hot hot! HAHA! and his eyes. bluish green. niceee..

    tomorrow i will be out with jia shen i guess. for lunch and then head to dfo to submit my resume.

    much love,

    music addiction : Hayley Warner - Good Day

    i am starting to want a lot of things.
    i am starting to question what will there be for me.
    and also getting in these emotions to want something so bad again.
    it has been too long and i am starting to ask a lot of questions
    but no much answers given.
    i am still stalking you.

  16. its so wrong, yet feels so nice. hmmm?

    Wednesday, January 13, 2010

    i did nothing beneficial today. ate laksa for lunch. watched zombieland while eating. hmmm... said hi to julian when he got back? chat with cherly online. watched vampire diaries episode 8. had dinner. online searching for a blue iphone cover. and chatting to jack now.

    his new hair cut looks very cool! hehee. it's been a while since i caught up with him. still the same old jack. (((: funnay!

    oh ya and i was also watching the getting started tutorials of some of the mac programs. like iphoto, pages, numbers and key note. oh and iweb.

    i tried some stuff with the iphoto and made a book. i can't actually print it out but i can buy it. which has no point. BUT it makes a damn good slide show. watching it brought me back to that two days.

    i screen captured some of the pages.

    our genting trip.

    my first trip out with friends. i don't know about them but i still lovee that trip alot. eventhough we had no car we were all together.

    it was fun. really fun for me.

    wahh nice iphone cover very expensive. siennn. the three i like also $15 USD each. )))):

    oklaa i am going to be already. tomorrow got class and have to wake up early. long day tomorrow. nitee yo!

    lots of love,

    music addiction : Journey - Don't Stop Believing

    i somehow saw a white pair of dolce and gabbana.
    along with a pair of rags jeans.
    something about it feels enough for me.
    it's not like those i always imagine about but yet enough.
    and those dusty brown messy hair.
    the more i write this, the more it doesn't feel right.
    but yet it feels somewhat nice?

  17. the weather is fluctuating like shit!

    Tuesday, January 12, 2010

    photoshop does cool stuff. (:

    yesterday night i had to sleep with a 37 degrees temperature. that's what they report in general so at my housing area, it should be plus minus 2 degrees.

    thats so hot okay. i woke up with my hair damped. i full blasted the fan and no blanket yet it is still hot. ughhh i hated it!

    those who knows me well, i don't mind the cold but i can't stand the heat. i don't know how i survived malaysia walking on the streets at mid afternoon with a pair of jeans last time.

    today it was reported to be 40 degrees. but thank god when i was going out to uni, it was gloomy so no sun and it wasn't hot and the wind was kinda cooling.

    i was in uni the whole time with air conditioning so i was fine. (: with the weather this two days, there alot of cancellation of train services. it is just to hot to get the trains running efficiently.

    i barely slept last night so when i came home i was drained. had some rest from 7 something till 9 something pm.

    and then watched the last hour of Transporter.

    now, i am trying to see which was the episode of vampire diaries that i missed last week and stream it online and watch. :DDD

    then maybe watch some other movies. since i have no class tomorrow, i can sleep late. ((:

    i kinda like network administration. i learned about windows remote assistance today. which i just saw a live demo between ferns and tim the other day. cool! i hope i don't speak too soon. hehe.

    tomorrow its gonna be 23 degrees. see the huge difference between one day and the next? ughh this is making people fall sick. i am catching a cold already. the sudden hot and sudden cold. weird la the weather nowadays....

    the happy me. :DDDD

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Doesn't Mean Anything - Alicia Keys

    seems like you don't matter much anymore.
    i don't get the heart thumping feeling when i see you appear green anymore.
    i think it is a good change.

  18. this is the time where i really miss my air conditioner from back home!
    very very the hot ah!!!!
    i now miss my room at home and my living room. )))):
    hot days please go away.
    okay fine i don't mind the hot day but not hot nights please....
    i wanna sleep.... )))):
    and i can't.

  19. the salvatore brothers. +

    Monday, January 11, 2010

    woke up around 10 something this morning. but didn't have my lunch till like 2 something almost 3 pm. eventhough i was hungry, i knew julian was downstairs and it'll be too awkward for me to go down and eat my laksa and watch my show when he is watching tv.

    i know i am weird.

    finally couldn't take the heat upstairs and my growling stomach, i went down. but at the same time i heard the doors shut and he went out.

    so yea. it was better anyway. had my laksa and watched Armageddon. and with a full blast of the fan facing directly at me.

    you guys have no idea how super hot today was. i was indoors yet i felt the heat and thank god i had no uni today. ((((:

    it was a blardy 43 degrees. i was just out of the house for a little while to get some clothes and i literally felt that i was going to burn if i was to stand under the sun longer. i hate the heat and it was that bad.

    i like Armageddon.

    it touches my heart when people die and sacrifice themselves. and liv tyler is really pretty. rarely i comment much on the girls but she is really pretty. oh i love her eyes. oh oh and ben affleck is so hot! :D haha.

    but somehow when i watched world trade center back in the form 4 year, i wasn't touch emotionally at all. like AT ALL. there were people crying and sobbing all the way but i felt nothing. weird much?

    or maybe the guy sitting next to me distracted me too much. i was too focus on the fact that he is out at movie with me with my other friends and looked cute in that purple shirt and black pants and that look which i was attracted to once.

    well... it was a long time though. i didn't remember this on purpose. and that was just a fling with a guy that doesn't matter now anymore anyways. :DD

    got ready and went out with aunty doris for dinner. had it at Pacific House at richmond. oh i love some of the dishes that were ordered today.

    i had an amazing time eating. and talked a full conversation in mandarin with an old lady. i know i sucked at it but she did understand me. i guess thats good enough. ((:

    came home and watch vampire diaries. i like the show. and i like the guys even more. HEHE! (((((: now i like both of them. they are both so hot! (((:

    i am going to bed soon. need to wake up early tomorrow as i have classes. ughhhhh HOT!!! siennnn macam mana mau tidur?


    i can't believe how much i actually stalk you.
    i have this weird thing for you when i look at you.
    i am practically glued to you.
    omg. that's bad.
    BUT no "feelings" what so ever. just a thing.
    that i have no idea how to describe.
    there maybe a cantonese word for it but it sounds so bad.
    so no no.

  20. spent somemore money! OH-NO!

    Sunday, January 10, 2010

    ended up i did slept off last night. the post for qi hong was scheduled. and i also did wake up at 3 am to call him but that fella never pick up his phone. i think he was too busy on stage singing. (:

    woke up 9 something this morning cause i am supposed to get ready by 10 am cause going shopping with aunty doris today.

    ate some breakkie, raisin toast with vegemite. :D and left the house almost 10.30 am.

    aunty doris drove all the way down to south wharf and parked her car there. it was still kinda quite in the morning.

    did some very good shopping. bought a pair of ALDO boots for $50 and a sling bag for $16. i like them both. but lovee my boots in particular. its damn comfy and its leather.

    ALDO babeh. ((((: from $199.95 as you can see. down to $49.90. cheap cheap cheap. okla not very cheap but worth it. as in its discounted a lot. plus its ALDO which costs a bomb back home in malaysia even for a pair of heels.

    walked so much. went into almost every shop.

    and finally after all the shopping, the last stop was nike. it was the first stop and the last stop of the day. i went in again cause i really wanted to know how to get a job there.

    i asked this lady and she said just bring your resume in and hand it over to the manager. i said i've work in nike before and she said then it will be easy for me to get the job. ((((: ooo yea. i feel like just popping in tomorrow and hand in my resume.

    but maybe not just yet. prolly weekends or something when i am going down to the city. i dont wanna use my ticket tomorrow. more expensive than sunday saver.

    when i use my money on other more expensive things, i tend to cut down on the cheaper and insignificant things. i know, it's useless. but to make myself feel a wee bit little better.

    got home at around 4 something. 6 whole hours out the house. before coming back we detoured to newmarket to buy some groceries from the asian market then went to moonee ponds chemist warehouse for some hay fever antihistamines.

    came home and called qi hong to wish him happy birthday. put down the phone within 30 seconds so i don't get charge so much. cause i am out of money for the month already. i think i am only left with $20 till 19th of jan.

    then chatted with cherly and qi hong and en lin online. (:

    did some packing. polished my boots. tidied up my closet. and then went down when my stomach was growling.

    aunty doris cooked laksa! ooooohh very nicee... there are somemore left overs for me for tomorrow's lunch. oooo yum yum!

    watched bones, chit chatted with aunty doris, see her pack her shoes and now i am up in my room.

    one day one day pass by soo fast.

    tomorrow i will be home cause there isn't classes. then at night i will be out dinner with aunty doris and her friends at pacific house at richmond.

    for now, ciao yo!


    with love,

    music addiction : Art of Love - Guy Sebastian ft. Jordin Sparks

  21. yo yo!

    it's my favourite guy friend's birthday today. ((((((:

    last year i celebrated with him at one utama and the year before that at d'fortune in taipan. but this year, i guess the "invisible" me is celebrating with him back home. or i would say them. they are all at curve for a sushi dinner celebration or something like that.

    lim qi hong has officially turned 20.

    that's a huge number. makes him sound kinda old already. BUT only sound old, not looking older yet. :D

    i think he is one of them whom i miss soooo much after leaving malaysia. he had always been my brother, my heng dai and my zhi mui. most of the time he'll lend me his shoulder to lean on and his ears to hear my rants.

    life in aussie doesn't seem much of a difference since before i left as because i still text him like usual. maybe the amount of texts is lesser but i still text him like i always do.

    i really miss him alot.

    i'd still remember the times he used to bully me in form 5, those once a week long duration of texting when he was in ns, those once a while visits when i was working in nike, those sudden yum cha sessions, those sudden shopping trips and my ride to the airport on the day i left.

    he helped me carry my laptop, and i sat in his bmw for the last time. i guess he had always been with me through my thick and thins in the recent years.

    and i love him so much for that!

    happy birthday my darling lim qi hong. (((((:

    hehee i hope you like the tshirt i got you. it wasn't like a suprise anyway considering that i texted you for what colour you wanted and what size fits you best and then showed you the tshirt on skype.

    well... have a great 20th birthday and have a great year ahead!

    i miss you!

    much much love,