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  1. qiu qiu =D

    Friday, April 29, 2011


    sydney will come in the next post.. i have to get to the earlier stuff that happened before i went to sydney. hehe

    this was like last friday night. before that was steamboat over at raymond's. just kept on eating eating and eating. hehe

    then went over to Lion in melbourne central for a drink.

    took a cab back to jia shen's cause there weren't anymore trains running. then got jia shen to send us back to MA for a surprise celebration for him which became a failed surprise. ahah!

    my good friend, low jia shen turned 21! *loves* good good friend ((:

    after that just chilled and watched gun metal grey and just crashed on the bed.

    saturday i had a lunch then was yumcha at old town kopitiam with teck wei, wei nian, tek yit and jeremy at first which he left earlier. while everyone else went for some MASCA meeting thingy.

    i think we sat there for like 2 hours?

    had teh o ais limau. miss it!

    dinner was with jo ann and robin who came visiting form canberra. a bunch of us. me, teck wei, khai shien, yao yun aka zoe, loong aka benjamin! (HAH!) and jo and robin.

    first up rose garden.

    meet benjamin loo and zoe loy (: HAHA!

    only jo ann can capture him smiling with his teeth.

    don't know whats teck wei up to. apparently he anti khai shien when it comes to taking picture with him. haha!

    then dessert at south yarra. grecos!

    i was trying to move robin cause i wanted to sit beside loong and..

    whack him! cause he kept insulting me. now he insult me once, i tell estee once. hehe (: and no insulting in two months =DD

    it was just really good catching up times. as usual i'll be gossiping and bitching about people. we talked about everybody if there was anything to talk about. hahah! the boys was saying that it was gossip girl season 1 up to 6. HAHA!

    then went back with khai shien and teck wei. headed to oakleigh first cause the boys needed to get groceries and most importantly is teck wei needed to stock up his chips. ahah!

    after that was just chilling at MA.

    sunday night was a gathering with the s9. cause chee xun was in melbourne. unfortunately i have no pictures whatsoever from that night.

    basically it was just us waiting for chee xun for about 45 mins then walking to some vegetarian restaurant at chinatown which then finding out the shop doesn't exist anymore. finally settled down at chilli cafe on russell street.

    chilli fried rice and ice lemon tea (:

    chee xun treated me dinner for helping him getting MU tickets when i was in working in nike the last time. hehe and he also bought apple strudel for us from perth which happens to be really famous as the shop is only in perth.

    left to yao yun's about 9 something. then me, teck wei and yao yun took a train and got aunty D to fetch us home. spent that night skyping with tim, chit chatted, watching gun metal grey and ended up sleeping at 1 something in the morning.

    and woke up at 430am got ready and then headed to the airport.

    everything after that comes in the next post or maybe the next next one? i am heading out tomorrow and will be spending a night at MA which means i'll only be back on sunday. so yeaa.. will see when the sydney post comes up. hehe

    i know i am lazy when it comes to posting long post. hehe

    hmmmm me is now stressing on where to apply my internship. and my exam timetable sucks max. i have one paper on the 4th of june, one on the 6th and two papers on the 11th!! two freaking papers in one day... HELP!!

    4 papers in a week. then i got like a week and a bit before my winter classes starts. and in this one week plus people are still with exams. teck wei only finishes when my winter classes starts )): no fun gehh..

    kla back to american idol. when this easter breaks ends for me this sunday, i gotta buck up on those studies already.. sighh

    ciao peeps!


  2. ting a ting a ting =DDD

    Thursday, April 28, 2011

    loveeeeee sydney at night. its so beautiful. so beautiful to cruise along the harbour. love it!
    whats more to ask for than who i am with and where i was (:

    i am back from sydney!!

    the trip was good. like fun good ((: i went abit cuckoo during the trip. start being infected and influenced to say all sorts of things i don't usually say nor do.

    had awesome awesome food. walking around sydney. i love city. i can say now, i'll definitely be back. just to roam around the city.

    weather was really crappy. and the rain and everything just ruins the plans.

    everything was an experience. including the flight cancellation i had to go through last night. but it was settled. painfully pricey. but settled. and yet till the end, i love my sydney trip.

    most of the time it was just me, yao yun and teck wei during this trip but i would say out loud that i am glad i went with the both of them. it was fun times (: the bonding, the random night youtubing, the sleep in till 2pm, the alarm buzzing in yao yun's ears and all that fun.. everything was nice =D

    i would do a more detailed post tomorrow as now, my series catch up is at the number one priority.

    this is just to let all ya'll know, me is back at home!

    and maybe a slight update about what i did today. basically just sleeping in till like 12 something. cooked lunch, watched gun metal grey and then sending teck wei down to the city and came home and dinnered and just catching up on the series i've missed which now includes american idol (:

    now, vampire diaries and one tree hill time. ciao.

    much love,
    sher xoxoxo.

  3. want somemore.

    Thursday, April 21, 2011

    ended up sleeping at 530am this morning. was caught up with something and instantly fell dead asleep right after. till aunty D woke me up about 1 ish in the afternoon cause we were going to highpoint.

    yeaa present hunting was successful (: which is good. and the phrase that comes up after this is so just typical me typical girl. i bought something too :P

    shorts and cross body bag from sportsgirl (:

    was in highpoint till i think 4 something? then went to coles cause i wanted potato chips. so had aunty D drove me to the one in essendon.

    well i bought 4 packets. but when this picture was taken, one packet was happily inside my stomach. ahah! spent $10 on chips. haha

    got home and gun metal greying till like now. well dinner break in between but yea. fyi, its a tvb series. not some game or whatever.

    sighh i am having headaches... might go to bed early tonight. tomorrow should be staying home. don't have that feeling to go anywhere tho there is somewhere i wanna be at. but yea..

    saturday should be spending a night at MA cause i am likely to go dinner with joann and then sunday night dinner with s9s (: looking forward to my long long weekend. sydney monday morning (((:

    hmmm.. i am like dilemmaing over something right now. i wanna go but its awkward but going its awkward too. tell me what to do? sighh.. see how when the time comes.

    for now, i think i need some sleep.

    not feeling very "me" tonight. for some reason...


  4. adding water to soya sauce. and drink =P

    Wednesday, April 20, 2011

    today was such a gloomy day. woke up my room felt like it was 6 something in the morning where yeaa there is light but not bright enough kinda thing. and i woke up at 11am. so yea.. pretty damn miserable la the weather today..

    about 6 ish i went out with aunty D to the good guys' VIP sale. but before leaving the house i was cleaning up the noodles box where we keep our instant noodles. cause apparently there is a rat in the house and its nibbling off the noodles and making little holes. creepy much? HAHA

    so yea went out to good guys and bought some electrical stuff as a favour to teck wei. he needs to start having a proper kitchen and proper meal. start by becoming an amateur chef first.. my dear (:

    after that me and aunty D went for thai food at north essendon. it was like pouring rain and we figured some hot and spicy meal would be good for a chilly day.

    had it at a restaurant called the emerald buddha?

    ooo the tom yum prawns was niceeee.

    stir fried mince chicken with basil. ermm.. it was okay but hated the bamboo shoots. me no likey bamboo shoots ever....!

    stir fried soft shell crab with curry powder and vegetables.

    papaya salad. this is yummmms! me likey likey ((:

    dinner came to about $62.30.. hm.. was so so full after that! i had pretty heavy meals today. first was two packet of indomie for lunch and then heavy heavy dinner.. nice heavy dinner ((: haah! after dinner went over to aunty D's friend's place. by like 9 something i was home and was busy printing out boarding passes as i checked us in for our flights to sydney and return already (:

    oh and my easter break starts tomorrow! YAY! going highpoint with aunty D tomorrow. going present hunting. ((: i haven't been to highpoint since i got back. i miss the place! wheee :PPP

    klaa.. i am back to watching gun metal grey. and maybe harass someone by text simply cause i can't harass by msn. hehee

    oh and have i mention i looooooovvvvvvveeeeee one tree hill? haha!

    goodnight dearies!

    lots of love,
    sher xoxo.

  5. hi hi..!

    i just slept for 3 hours since 830pm and now i am not completely awake yet. had a wake up call at 10pm from teck wei which i made him do it before i went to bed but i was just still too tired to pull myself up from bed. till i knew i had to wake up simply cause i can't be sleeping at 830pm till the next day and maybe i have some work to do hehe plus it was really hot in bed. so yea now i am awake (:

    well.... not fully yet.. (:

    i guess if i took a picture with my phone on a particular day then i'll blog. so yea part of the reason i've not been blogging very much is caused i haven't been taking pictures much as there really isn't anything to snap of. haha

    anyways.. i was up at 945am this morning. then left the house at 10am. by the time i got to uni was an hour and a half later. and i had a mid semester skills test today. and also VLSM test. pretty sure my VLSM was a pass but the skills test hmmm i am not sure tho most of the things are working properly just somehow the PC isn't pinging to anything =/ anyways.. it is just 3 stupid marks. doesn't make much of a difference.

    went to Haddons on campus and bought myself a vege mini roll during break. $3

    i finish the VLSM test earlier so i left uni at about 2pm? by the time i was home was close to 330 already..

    then got home was watching first episode of the tvb show gun metal grey. it is an old show la just that i downloaded it sometime ago. then was downloading the new episodes of 90210 and gossip girl.

    had it done downloading fairly quick so i was watching right after. and also while having dinner at 6pm which was instant wanton mee noodle soup ((:

    then aunty D got home, i was eating chocolate ice cream with her. haha!

    tomorrow will be my last day of class before my easter break. my break starts on thursday and next thursday i'll be resuming back my classes. since i only have one significant class on thursday i am replacing it to tomorrow so that it'll have a break till next sunday instead =DD

    looking forward to the holidays man!! sydney here we come!! and jia shen's birthday is this weekend. umm... chee xun will be here in melbourne.

    hmm.. i am just gonna have fun for this break and then gotta start studying already. i think finals is in like a month and a half... ))):

    oh and i just checked my winter term timetable. i have classes everyday from 930am to 130pm except thursdays. thursdays i don't have classes. but but... in such a cold weather, i gotta wake at 745am everyday... ))): torture man.... )))):

    kla.. now that i am awake and nobody is replying me on msn, i think they are out at maccas, i shall go do some work and then maybe watch series.

    i know i watch series like how a guy plays his games. hehe =D

    goodnight people!

    ooo me can't wait for all new episode of one tree hill tomorrow!! hehehe love love the show (((:

    chill out yo!


  6. aint nothing else matters more.

    Monday, April 18, 2011

    sssssupp peeps!

    me is back (:

    hmmm okayy... let me start with.. saturday.

    woke up earlier that morning to do another load of laundry. then about 1130am i left to MA. by the time reach also 130pm. just lazed around. chit chat with cherly, play with my phone, fell asleep on the chair and then lied on the bed for like 30 minutes. cause the night before i only slept less than 6 hours. hehe

    about 6 something me, teck wei and khai shien left to the city to get to loong's place for steamboat. we were there at about 710pm.

    fooooooooood!! awesome!! and nicee!!

    we as in me, teck wei, khai shien, loong and sheng nee ate first cause we were too hungry waiting for yao yun and celine to get there. and jia shen went out to somewhere so we went on eating without him.

    i was so so so full! but damn nice. and i can assure you i ate like super duper alot! hehee yumsss laaaaaaa!! both tom yum soup base and the clear chicken stock soup base also niceeee!

    after that we had our drinking session as usual. this time was Johnnie Walker Red Label. and we finished up the bottle again. still got one bottle of Jim Beam in loong's cupboard waiting.

    then left back to MA with khai shien and teck wei at about 1130pm. by the time got back also 12 something 1 already.


    woke up at 2 something in the afternoon. HAHA! then ordered dominos with teck wei and khai shien. cause cherly went out for lunch.

    we only had our dominos i think at 5pm? the delivery guy came knocking on the door gave us a shock on how he got in into MA. haha

    damn nice!

    me likey likey dominos. damn alot of "liu". yum yum! for the three of us, two pizza, two garlic breads. $8 per person. okla...

    i love the dominos online order thing. so cool! can add stuff remove stuff however you like. awesome!

    was so full after that. then i was watching supernatural and grace under fire's latest episode that teck wei helped me to download. i think about 8 ish? jia shen drove by with cherly and brought me, khai shien and teck wei out to chadstone's coles to get grocery. well technically is cherly, teck wei and khai shien needed to get stuff la.

    all i got was a bottle of nestea and a pack of red rock deli chips. hehe

    then got back about 10 ish 11 i think? i was watching a stupid show called 127 hours. stupid stupid! watched 30 mins of it. and then fast forwarded right till the end. basically its just about him and his stupid hand being trapped and then cutting it off by himself. stupid show! but teck wei temaned me watch for like close to 30 mins tho. hehe

    which then later i decided to watch the Notebook. had teck wei to teman me watch bits and pieces of it too. cause he was busy studying. so yea..

    then then..

    cherly made pancakes. hahah!

    she so cute la. i know she had fun making them. AHAH! me love the sara lee ultra chocolate ice cream. eheh

    ended up sleeping close to 3am.

    woke up at 1130am today. then about 12pm i left MA to get to uni. uni was so so la. then after that i dropped by moonee ponds to get to reject shop cause i needa buy a big box. it was so not fun walking around for like an hour plus with a heavy handbag and with my clothes bag... )):

    by the time i was home also close to 5pm already.

    the box i bought today for $8. big enough to keep my flip flop and flats. and the box is now full already. hehe

    mua room (:

    i just finished up grace under fire. nice show (: now i needa go write some stuff in my LAN principles journal. tomorrow got a test. then maybe off to bed? shall see how.

    just to post up how i have been looking like lately.
    looking tired as always. the eye bags.. i know... and the dark circles too ))):

    goodnight dearies!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

  7. in love with an old friend.

    Friday, April 15, 2011

    now i only blog once a week. i knoww... time has been flying by like nobodys business and before i know it, its the weekends already. its going too fast! please slow down a little? neh wishful thinking...

    soo, today is the first friday that i am home in the afternoon. ever since i got back to melbourne from malaysia, i haven't been home on friday afternoons. i'll usually be at MA. but today... i got lazy. heh =P so stayed home instead and did cleaning. "autumn" cleaning. haha!

    did vacuuming, laundry, changing sheets, and toilet cleaning. its about time for all of that.

    my room carpets feels so much better now =DD

    after all that cleaning, i only ate lunch at about 3 something.

    had aunty D's fried noodles from last night for lunch ((:

    then was watching endless love, antm and grace under fire. and before i knew it, it was time for dinner. had nice meatballs for dinner tonight. yumms!

    tomorrow i'll be over at MA till monday before i get back. cause there will be a steamboat at loong's place tomorrow so yea i kinda have to stay out if not i'll miss out on all the fun.

    i am sure it'll be fun tomorrow! looking forward! its nice having gatherings once in a while where everybody sort of get together sit down and eat and chit chat and just have some fun ((: me likey..

    now, i am off to bones and vampire diaries. then sleep. and hopefully wake to do another round of laundry. this time for my dark coloured clothes. denims, black tees etc.

    good night people!

    i'll be back with updates about the weekend on monday!

    till then, xx NA.

  8. california king.

    Sunday, April 10, 2011

    hehe hiii....

    i know now i practically blogging once a week or twice tops. sorry sorry! weekdays are pretty much just routined uni and home and shows and "studies" and thats it. nothing very interesting. so yea..


    i shall start with friday (:

    went over to MA as usual.. then just lazed around, studied abit and had Maccas for lunch with teck wei, cherly and jia shen. maccas is the term for McD here in aussieland. so yea (:

    i wanted angus the great but its no longer available.. )): instead i settled down with mighty angus. $6.75

    then went back to MA just hanged out in cherly's room till it was like time to go out for dinner in the city. the five of us, me, teck wei, khai shien, cherly and jia shen headed down to the city about 6 plus and had dinner at jalan alor along with raymond, shu hua, jeremy, jones and was joined later by hsini, by and vicki.

    teck wei's nasi belacan. it taste good but the portion is really small cause its stuffed inside a medium sized coconut and you are paying $12 for it...

    my char kuey teow. hmmm the taste is not bad but i don't like the texture of the kuey teow. nothing beats kuey teow from home.. and this cost me $10...

    after dinner i had to ciao. got home also about 9 plus already.. then studied my stupid maths.. and ended up sleeping about 3 plus.

    saturday morning, 9 ish i left to MA again. had cherly to teach me on my management work and had khai shien to cook korean noodles for me for my lunch.. hehe ((: then it was raining and i was sorta stranded there cause of the non-stop rain.. so i crashed over and didn't come back home. haha

    then had maccas for dinner with jia shen surprising cherly by fetching us over to maccas instead of us walking in the rain and squeezed 6 of us in the car. me, teck wei, khai shien and sean at the back..

    this time, double quarter pounder. omg so niceeee! i didn't know that till i tried jia shen's the day before. hahaha $6.45 (:

    after dinner just hanged out at MA's carpark then moved to khai shien's room. seeing them play monopoly deal and then had pau (: ended up sleeping about 3 something yesterday. i remembered i had a packet of smiths thai sweet chilli before i went to bed.

    hehehehe my new current favourite. smiths thai sweet chilli ((: well i didn't really eat the whole packet la.. and became someone's smiths feeding machine. haha what a name..

    woke up about 1 something this afternoon. then had maggi over in cherly's room along with teck wei, jia shen and khai shien dropped by later. chit chat and then went over to teck wei's room and helped him abit on his lab report. i was reading the words out loud while he typed. haha not bad timing for 1200 plus words in an hour (: or less..

    about 6pm left out to nando's for dinner with the four of them.

    not too bad eh. $6.50 per person. a whole chicken, large bowl of fries and 6 dinner rolls.

    after dinner had them escorting me to the bus loop to wait for my bus. awww how nice right my friends.. =DD was home by 9 plus.

    tonight feels so cold. i wanna go to bed already. emoing over what someone said... so not fun ):

    i'll wake up earlier tomorrow and study for my test la. i so don't like you fourier series.. this sem maths seems hard ):

    klaaa nitey nite!

    lots of love,