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  1. Hello peeps!

    Wokays I gotta start catching up on my backlogs. No surprise there… I always am catching up with backlogs… HEHE :D

    Since I’ve been back to Malaysia I haven’t really blogged properly at all. When I say proper I mean fully loaded with pictures and in some way involves food. So…. Now I shall start the new year (it’s only been 11 days in… it is still counted as the new years!) with a foodie post!

    Judging from it’s title it obviously has to be my never ending love for Japanese cuisines. I am always out on a hunt for good and awesome Japanese meal. A good price range for me is anything under RM60 per person and everyone is full to the brim and happy. I rarely ever patronize a Jap place above that price tag because there are so many affordable and nice ones that you could even get for less than RM50.

    Whenever I am back home in Malaysia, I only ever crave for one kind of cuisine, Japanese food. Because the Japanese food scene here in mega huge and there are so many affordable but yet super damn delicious and good! In Melbourne, the restaurant kind of Japanese food is never cheap and affordable…  but I do have to admit, it may taste better because everything is just fresher.

    Anyways, I shall announce my new found love Japanese restaurant, The KOBE Japanese Restaurant! It was previously known as Machi Japanese Kitchen. It is still the same chef, just under a different name and some renovations.

    Mum is very familiar with the area nearby because we have a close aunty popo that just stays two doors away and so, one day they went to Machi which was what Kobe used to be called and they went for lunch. Then, the night itself when I have my routine calls with mum in Melbourne, she was raving about this place to me over the phone. We all share the same love for Japanese food. It kinda runs in the family and immediately I told mum, I HAVE to go when I am get home!

    The first time mum brought me there, the boyfie came along as well. I briefly mentioned the place in this post but there is a whole lot of pictures of the food I ate then. Until today, the boyfriend still keeps this place in mind being the place he had the most nicest/most "song" time eating Japanese food :)

    About three weeks ago, me, mum and aunty popo went back there for lunch. In the intention of wanting to check a new place out because we thought Machi San has moved to somewhere else and wanted to see if this new place was any better than the previous one.

    The moment we walked in, the décor felt the same. There was some minor changes but nothing big and then we proceeded on with flipping through the menu anddd it still looked identical to what it used to be.

    So in order to test if it was better, I ordered some similar items as I did the last time.

    While we were eating halfway, Machi San came out to greet us. And we were like, “We thought you’ve left!” But apparently he didn’t. It was just a name change…

    It's time to taste if the food is still as good..!

    The tamago mentaiyaki is still as goooooooood!!

    Soft shell crab hand roll :)

    Chawanmushi :)

    And my unagi + sashimi + zaru soba set = unagi bento! So worth it for less than RM40!!

    In short, I super love this restaurant! The food quality is good and it is at a very very reasonable price! On a further plus side, the chef is super friendly. Everytime we're there, he'll always come out and talk to us. And even remembered I came with the boyfie the last time cause he was asking me how's my boyfriend. Not only that, he was also telling me about the specialty of Australian beef and even taught me how to cook steaks and how to tell how cook they are!

    I hardly ever meet any chef so friendly one lo!

    Revisit? YES YES YES! Waiting until the boyfie comes back!

    Machi Japanese Kitchen

    More random food posts shall come up. I have been eating out quite a fair bit so I should really post them up cause the food hunt that I've been having were really good and deserve to be mentioned!

    I am off for Japanese buffet lunch tomorrow @ Tao! :D

    Andd.... my Sydney post? :D Up SOOOOOOOOOON ok? Sorryyyyyyyyy! I have just been procrastinating too much!

    New year resolution No.3, stop procrastinating Shereena!!!

    That's all for now! Byeeee peeps!


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