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  1. i feel for you my dear friend.

    Wednesday, June 30, 2010

    35 minutes to the SPAIN and portugal match. i want ronaldo to go home!

    woke up almost 1pm today then had instant har mee for lunch and watched another tvb series called ghost writer then cousin came back to fetch me out to follow mum for appointment at bukit jalil country golf and resort.

    cause he was going somewhere and didn't want my mum to go alone wor...

    the houses there are like huge lo!

    mum's customer's place. i like the landscaping of the garden.

    left there close to 7pm and then went casablanca for dinner with oh lou hoong. :D

    had quite some dishes. there was chicken, fried rice, fried mee hoon and fish head noodle. but i only managed to take picture of the fish head noodle.

    i was hungry la. forgot to take already. :DDD

    went over to oh lou's house for the first time after that but only for like 10 minutes then i came home already.

    then 9 something cherly came to pick me up then went jia shen's place to look for his mum to pass her some stuff.

    in the end stayed there close to an hour talking. haha!

    then met up with khai shien and teck wei at melur. i didn't see them for so long already lo!! i miss them!

    had two cups of my favourite teh o ais limau and maggi goreng! (((: FINALLY!

    sat there till like 12.30am then left. it was a good catch up. tomorrow might be meeting up again. see how la.

    and tomorrow i will be out in kl to settle some stuff with mum then i am going shopping alone prolly at klcc or pavilion. :D

    tengok dulu la.

    k laaa.. by the time i am finished with this, the match starting already. i was too busy with the chats in between thus the slow blogging.

    bye! i can't be distracted now.

    ronaldo be prepared to pack your bags and go back to portugal!!

    saw a very pretty rainbow on my way back today. and i know things will be alright..

    much much love,

  2. when will it be me the next in line?

    Tuesday, June 29, 2010

    today was quite a good day.

    went out lunch with ferns and tim and cherly at sushi zanmai. i was craving for proper meal from sushi zanmai.

    had their chicken katsu zaru soba. nice but price increase already! ):

    i wanted to eat somemore but i was already full. i still tak puas la go there eat. need to go one day with mum and cousin they all again. (((:

    sat there for like 3 hours i think? was good chat laaa..

    mum was sick so she was home. before i got back, went wong soon kee and bought their fried chicken for mum. their fried chicken are like so goooooood!

    too bad no picture. forgot.

    then slept a while then left out to pick up steph and go snowflakes together. dropped by her place and talk to puan evelyn a little while first. and texted tim and just somehow he fetched me and steph there.

    their bestseller which was nice. (:

    something that tim ordered for me. nice too. i like the soya ice thingy but i preferred the bestsellers toppings.

    (((: kinda like it more than abit. :D

    was there with adrian, cherly, ferns, tim and steph of course. good hang out. i miss this people so much! apart from cherly la, i see her all the time. :DDDD HAHA!

    got home and watched half of netherlands and slovakia match. i mean less than half. i kinda like slovakia though. but nevermind la. netherlands will do as well.

    cousin's friend got drunk and he started talking all weird stuff. damn funny man. i kept laughing till i started tearing. HAHA!

    k laaa.. i think i am going to watch ghost whisperer in a bit. ciao!

    with love,

    music addiction : Train - Soul Sister

  3. i finally had my ramly burger!! (;

    Monday, June 28, 2010

    i was too occupied yesterday so no blogging. cause i went out yc with ferns cherly keng yew hau yang kar hoe they all and got back at bout 12 something?

    then played mahjong till like 6 am! ((((: DAMN NICE man!!

    okay back to yesterday. so the morning i slept like at 4.30am cause i was catching up with the spain vs chile match. which they won which i am happy about!

    then woke up at like 9 something so that i will be in time to get to the salon to do my hair.

    but first breakkie was chee cheong fun. omg i haven't been eating for so long lo.

    love it with curry sauce!!! LOVE IT!

    tar pao-ed and ate it in the salon then did my hair.

    now it is like dark. which feels so much healthier. :D

    then went aunty's house for gathering lunch celebrating cousin's birthday.

    had all my favourite vegetarian food. (((:

    got home and slept like gao gao. was soooo tired la. then left to yc at night lo. finally i saw ferns!!! ((:

    came home and played mahjong till 6am. slept till 1pm today. :DD

    and had char kuey teow for lunch. or brunch..?

    and played somemore mahjong. HAHA! the left out to gardens at 5 something.

    just went walking around in between gardens and midvalley only.

    i saw this coach sling bag which i want lo.

    but somehow know that mum won't let me buy.... ):

    and ended up buying all this junk food. HAHA!

    my lays!!! ((:

    on my way home, stopped by to get ramly.

    yummmmmmy!!!! daging special tambah cheeeeeese!

    was suppose to go out yc one geh but i don't like to go to shiok la. i don't shisha also. and i rather stay at home than go lo unless i have to go. i just somehow rather go oldtaste always again than go there. don't know why.

    now watching the germany and england match. somehow i think england will lose. *edit* england did lose. HAHA!

    k la.. night lo. tomorrow i don't know wanna go where le. hmmm don't know if tim is free to meet up. see how la.

    lots of love,
    sher xoxo.

  4. i am getting fatter by the day! (;

    Saturday, June 26, 2010

    i updated my iphone software to iOS 4.0 already. so now i have all the iphone 4 features. (((: oh so cool man!

    wallpaper background on home and lock screen.

    folder sorting.


    so cool kan? and it is faster. especially with taking the pictures. but don't know whether is it me or what, somehow like not so clear one. hmmm....?soal

    got up at 12 something today with the thought of going out lunch with ferns to pyramid zanmai one geh. then meet cherly there.

    mana tau keep calling ferns nobody pick up. message nobody reply. in the end i gave up...

    left the house at 4pm to fetch my mum at her office. i first time drive alone to town and fetch my mum le. in fact, just first time driving to town by myself. :DDDD damn syiok man!

    after picking up mum, went over pavilion.

    i just went to cotton on to get a dress for my cousin cause she likes mine that i bought from OZ. and to padini concept store cause i wanna get to vincci and i was there like most of the time.

    only had one hour to spare cause meeting up with mum's customer for dinner. suppose to leave pavilion at 6pm one, in the end left at 6.30pm. just cause i was busy choosing shoes.

    then left to imbi to pick them up then headed over menara hap seng for japanese.

    sashimi super nice!!!

    damn nice weih! but like damn expensive man.

    qi hong actually asked me for yum cha but by the time i got home close to 10.30pm already. so it was kinda late already. in the end, no going out.

    watched the brazil and portugal match. omg man i really damn mm song c.ronaldo. and the referee also like makan money already one.

    k laaa.. i am gonna watch my tvb series last two episodes. byee lo!

    tomorrow i will be out to do my hair. finally my hair will be to a better state. now it is like horrible man. yay!

    oh and this is how many pairs of shoes i bought. nice?senyum

    much love,

  5. Italy sudah BALIK RUMAH la!!

    today is a good day. i went shopping and i had my favourite meal. so it is a good day.

    woke up at like 12 something then left out to celine's with cherly at about 1 something 2. went over to celine's and had a little bit of the cha soba she was making for hau yang. haha!

    then left to midvalley. celine drove me and cherly. :D

    they were having some VIP sales for topshop, dorothy perkins and miss selfridge.

    but didn't buy anything from there la. everything still like very expensive. plus certain things i've seen before in oz for like $10 and they selling for like RM100 plus. expensive nyaaa...

    and they gave free lychee cooler voucher from juice works. (:

    after that just went to MNG and i bought some stuff and then left already. was home by 6pm. i slept till like 8pm till cousin came back then went out to fetch my mum at pavilion.

    i drove to kl. ahaha! i haven't been driving properly for like 11 months already. it's been too long! :D

    after picking up my mum at pavilion residence, we went to pudu for dinner!


    super syiok!!!! lapar

    got back and watched italy vs slovakia match. omg man italy plays like crap. not even like a champion. whats that man.

    wanna support italy one geh but after that i change direction already. slovakia... somemore got alot of lengzhais. HAHA!

    oklaaa... tomorrow i think i will be out lunch with ferns! i haven't been seeing him for so long. miss him though!

    then after lunch i need to drive down to kl and pick my mum up and go to pavilion for shopping! yay!

    oh and this is what i bought today. a sling bag, and a checkered shirt.

    nitee lo!


  6. woke up at 12 something today. then continued watching my tvb series on astro on demand.

    the mysteries of love.

    i kinda like it lo. plus i haven't been catching up with tvb dramas for soooooo long. i found a website that when i get back to melbourne, i will be able to catch up with it already. :D

    went out at about 3 pm with cherly to old town. cause she needed to use my laptop to blog and just pergi minum ni.

    i wanted the ham and cheese polo bun instead but tak ada.... sedih

    then left to pyramid to meet up with celine and hau yang and celine's brother. just went walking around then go find nick. nick my supervisor.

    omg! it has been so long. i miss working with him weih... and he still the same la still so skinny. ahahaha! one day must meet up with him and vanessa go catch up. sengihnampakgigi

    after that went movie with the rest plus keng yew, kar mun, vera?, hau yang sis and another guy. all together 10 of us.

    watched it in 3D. (:

    quite nice la. paid RM20 for it though. haahaha! okla not that expensive la.

    went makan dinner at murni at usj 9.

    hau yang and celine's super huge cup of "lily special".

    "i love you" drink. longan, nata de coco, ribena, soda and lemon. nice!

    roti hawaii. taste like ramly. nice weih....!

    after dinner went to shiok cafe at ss15 and meet up with jack. actually i don't feel like going one but my main purpose was to meet up with adrian. i haven't seen him for like a year already le..

    he still the same la. but nice catching up though.

    got back close to 12am. now i am continuing with my tvb series. k laaa.. nite ya'll!

    oh and i am waiting for ferns to be back tomorrow and tim on friday! (((((: waiting waiting....

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Airplanes - B.O.B