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    Thursday, June 17, 2010

    stayed at home the whole day today. studied my programming. sort of. haha!

    woke up at 12pm and before that it was raining plus it was so windy and it sounded so scary with the rain like whacking onto my window.

    basically today nothing much la. programming is boring. at least i am sorta getting it already.

    just finish packing all my stuff. and i think my luggage back to malaysia is like overweight two kilos. and i have a feeling that when i get to the airport it would be like extra another one and a half kilos.

    and cleaned my room somemore and painted my toe nails. (:

    rather than paying for pedi.

    oklaa.. i am going to sleep already. feel like waking up early and study my programming for a bit. then aunty doris will fetch me to festival hall.

    tomorrow will be my last paper!!! can't wait!!!!!!

    i am like all set to go home already. ahahaha!! celebratego back can do so much stuff. catch up with peeps, EAT, watch world cup with a bunch of people and mainly seriously catching up with friends!

    aiyo talking about world cup.. spain lost.... sighnevermind i shall lost forward to their win next match! must be positive!

    okla. byeeee!

    much love,

    love it!!! 99 times - Kate Voegele!!

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