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  1. maybe it is the red.

    Friday, June 04, 2010

    woke up almost close to 2pm today. cause i chatted with celine and jia shen till like 4 am. celine was in the airport before she flew back to malaysia.

    yorrr... she balik already. i haven't even exam. ))): i wanna go home! aiyoyo exam la.... sien!

    studied a little bit. just a little bit. :D

    today i was particularly without mood. don't know what is wrong also. i damn lazy wanna do anything.

    between then and dinner, let's not talk about it. :D

    ate dinner and then left to highpoint with aunty doris. went to see spectacles and just walked around myers.

    bought a polka dots scarf. (: cheap!

    now i am searching high and low for the Last Song but i can't find a real torrent to download. help me people! i wanna watch..... )):

    sien la. no mood. bye.


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