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    Friday, June 18, 2010

    omg i am going back tomorrow already! sengihnampakgigisengihnampakgigi

    i think my bag is like just nice 25 kilos. but when get to the airport, somehow right it will be like heavier one le. don't know why also...soal

    today was my last paper! programming. i think i could pass but definitely won't like score very high la. ahaha!

    after the exam i met up with cherly and went to dfo. cause cherly wanted to shop. so we went to south wharf. bought myself a pair of white skirt for $5. (:

    jia shen came to dfo for a little while then we all went together to max brenner at QV.

    it was cherly's treat. thanks girl! senyum

    sat at QV for sometime then bumped into zaf and nabil. ahaha haven't been seeing her since last year. it's been a while.

    after waffle was ice cream! omg today's weather is like perfect to eat ice cream man.

    too bad it wasn't eaten at the park. i find eat with cold weather and outside with cold wind only shiok! i guess that is what i am missing today. i didn't really have the feel cause we were just sitting outside of the shop. and only i ate. so yeaa..

    loong came and join us a while then we all walk from lygon to collins and i left to flinders to catch a train and they had other plans.

    got home at about 6pm?

    omg i love salmon laaaaa.. but i still miss my cod fish! waiting to go back malaysia and eat. aunty doris' salmon always very niceee!

    now i am kinda tired cause i woke up so early this morning. 4am... )):

    but i haven't skype with mum yet. though i will be seeing her very soon. HAHA!

    tomorrow will be off to the city for lunch with yao yun, jia shen and cherly and hand in my CV to aldo then at night will be heading to the airport!! (((:

    omg so fast!

    i am here for 11 months already. omg seriously so fast!!


    oklaaa... i better go find something to do before i start falling asleep soon. oh and germany lost? what happen? i didn't watch the match so i tak tau.

    i am just seeing the score. and klose got red card? and podolski's 60 minute penalty why got an X there one?

    hmm.. hmm??

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Bethany Joy Galeotti - If You Are Missing Come on Home

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