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  1. #100happydays Part I.

    Thursday, March 27, 2014


    Yess.. I am on the #100happydays bandwagon with Instagram :D

    Joined it on the 16th of February with my girls! Even created our own hashtag for it to share our experience together! #theadventureofJSSY :)

    Anyways, I guess I shall catalog the days down with my Instagram picture but...., I'll also add proper pictures of the happy event from my baby camera! And since I am at Day 40 now, I can't be doing all 40 days in one go... But, let's try with 15 days first shall we?

    Actually these #100happydays blog posts are good for me to catch up on lost time and things I have not blogged about! :D

    p/s: excuse the horrible quality of instagram pictures. With all the resolution change and all, it's not doing the pictures any good. At least my baby cammie pictures are still good!! :D

    Day 1
    Day 1 of #100happydays; A whole day out with mummy dearest! From our favourite kind of meal; Japanese food, to a good Malaysian made movie called The Journey! It's been a while since I went on a day out with mummy dearest and days like today makes me miss her so much. I'll be heading back to Melbourne in a couple of days and there's no doubt that mummy dearest is on the top of my list of people I'll miss! My life would never be what is it today without this superwoman of my life! She gave me everything I have and made me who I am today! It's us against the world until the end of time! Forever has and forever will!  I'll love you forever and always mi ♥♥ Thank you for everything you've given me! I'll always be eternally grateful!

    Our Japanese lunch meal was @ Zen in Pyramid :)

    My first visit :) ever.

    A whole plate of yummylicious goodness! All the salmony favourites!!

    Caterpillar Roll. Unagi in the middle and avocado on the top :)

    Awesome stuff!!! Anything mentaiyaki is gooooooooood!!! Will always always order these Hotate(scallop) Mentaiyaki if it's on the menu! Too good and inexpensive!

    And my cha soba! :) I always had a thing for cold soba :D Ate this with the rest of the food while mum ordered a small set as her main.

    Obviously you can tell that ordered a little too much for two but...... fear not! I am a heavy Japanese food eater and wiped everything clean! :P

    Overall, I really enjoyed my lunch @ Zen! Now, I see myself going back again when I am in Pyramid and am craving for Japanese food :) 

    Zanmai used to be my favourite but I reckon the standard has dropped so much since it first started. Yes, it is cheaper and more economical than Zen but I still think the ratio between quality and price has to be met in my opinion :)

    After lunch, we went for our movie, The Journey! I would say, it is a pretty good Malaysian made film. It was above my expectations and that's always good! Cameron Highlands were filmed to be prettier than what I remembered it to be.. And the meaning behind the movie is just what we need to be reminded, to appreciate the people you have around you and create good memories together :)

    My OOTD :)
    Dress: PhatCulture
    Bag: Michael Kors Selma Satchel
    Sandals: Steve Madden

    Day 2
    Day 2 of #100happydays!! Striked something off my bucket list! Have always wanted to have highlighted streaks with crazy colours but never had the guts to. I finally did it!!! I wanted a turquoisey colour but they didn't have it and it was suppose to be a bigger chunk of hair but I chickened out. Not knowing the results would be so cool and pretty!! This is a combination of a violet/magenta purple with lavendery lilac ends, bright pink and coppery red! I am already so hooked on this! I wanna do this moreeeee!! I'll be sure to get blue greeny streaks the next time!!! Which will be in six months time but it's ok! I am thoroughly thoroughly happy with thisssss!!! Although it's lasting power will only be for under a month, I am happy enough!

    I finally did the colour streaks!!!!! I was so so so happy with the outcome of it! Although I wanted the bluey tones more, I too am happy with these colour combination! Now I am addicted to these funky colours!

    Of course a #selfie is a must! But A selfie in understatement tho :X

    Totally totally did not regret doing a bold change! I LOVED IT!!!

    Day 3
    Day 3 of #100happydays; being loved by Aunty! A two hours slow boiled bowl of birds nest! Sweet and chunky and yummy!!!

    Day 4
    Day 4 of #100happydays; Meeting up with my paternal grandfather for lunch emoji Am his first grandchild plus also his favourite! emoji I am grateful for the amount of love he has for me. Being in his 80s but yet travel down to KL by bus from Seremban just to see me for two hours. My one and only grandfather and also the best one!

    Lunch was @ Madam Kwan's in Pavilion :)

    Yummy laksa!

    And my Nasi Bojari! Yummyyyyy! I love their Nasi Bojari! Turns out, I always order it whenever I am at Madam Kwan's, It's one of those more atas Malaysian food restaurants that I like :)

    Day 5
    Day 5 of #100happydays; it's an old picture taken during last year's CNY but it is a picture that reminds me of how happy I am this trip home. Happy and thankful to god that my grandma is alright! After that really critical episode, it is almost a miracle that she is recovering incredibly well and almost back to her normal self. I can't dig out a picture of just us but this picture means so much to me. The way mum and grandma are hand in hand together.. Family is what makes my every trip home worth it and what makes my heart feel heavy to leave.. My grandma is seriously one tough lady to have fought through all of that! Love you, Popo!

    I don't think I can express enough on how grateful I am to God that Popo is doing so so well. Thank you for answering all of my prayers..

    Day 6
    Day 6 of #100happydays; is being loved unconditionally emoji Mummy dearest and Pa always without fail would fetch me to the airport every single time I fly back to Melbourne. I'll see them in two months! Miss and love them lots! Take care please! emoji am flying off in about half an hour already! To the rest of the people here, take careeee!!! See you guys in slightly under five months!

    Day 7
    Day 7 of #100happydays; witnessing and capturing such beautiful projected lights!!! Most of the building in Melbourne city tonight are being projected with animated lights. An event that only runs today from 7pm to 7am. Am so glad I came back in time to catch this! Although the crowd was super ridiculously horrible, looking through the pictures I captured, I think it was worth more than a little squeezing and walking emoji Melbourne, my second home!! Sooooo pretty tonight! This event is called the White Night Melbourne that is held all over the city emoji

    I was back in Melbourne just in time for White Night!! It was an event that I really wanted to go if I could and I did! The whole city literally came to life with all the colours and lights!

    The crazy crazy crowd! There was slightly over half a million of people that attended the event within the 12 hours (7pm to 7am).

    I rarely ever have the chance to take pictures from a crossing because most of the time I'll be rushing through. And because of the crazy crowd, everything was moving slower and so, I managed to get this shot :)

    *To me, the highlight was Flinders Street Station!! So prettyyyyyy and colourful with all the different lights design! And so, there is more than a few pictures of it!*
    My favourite design of the station!

    Melbourne, my second home!

    A cathedral.

    Another crossing shot! :) Coincidently, they are both of Collins Street but taken from different horizontal street.

    Randomly saw this Ben&Jerry's van. I was secretly hoping they were selling or distributing it somewhere.. But nope..

    The state library! Looks funky!

    We left the city close to 10pm from Melbourne Central. Literally walked almost a whole circle from Parliament Station to Swanston/Bourke to Flinders Street then to Russell Street and down Londsdale back on Swanston and lastly to Melbourne Central.

    Thank god we left early man. Even earlier also the train was quite packed already.. Overall, it was a good night out! I loved all the pretty lights!!!! :D

    Day 8
    Day 8 of #100happydays; celebrating the boyfriend's birthday together! It's nice to be back just in time to celebrate the day with him emoji it started by watching YouTube videos after videos and listening to good songs until 430 in the morning and then followed by sleeping in until it is wayyyy past lunch time HEHEHE emoji now, we are out in Clayton town coincidentally attending the street fair and also getting lunch and then doing grocery shopping! Will be picking up some items to cook one of his favourite dishes for his birthday dinner tonight emoji HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAREST! Hope that the year brings you abundance of joy and happiness! Remember that your best years are still ahead of you, and I'll be there with you through every ups, downs and in betweens emoji Love you! ♥︎

    The boyfriends birthday dinner, I made one of his favourite dishes! :) He seemed happyyy with it!

    Smaller birthday gifts :) The main one has yet to be bought cause the decision is still undecided haha!

    Day 9
    Day 9 of #100happydays; celebrated the boyfie's birthday with his friends in Monash emoji had a cake and sang a song for both the boyfie and Janelle as their birthdays are only 3 days apart emoji Happy Belated Birthday my love and Janelle!


    Day 10
    Day 10 of #100happydays; had a good sweat out emoji eventho it was just for an hour and a half instead of the booked two hours because I got lazy after the last break HEHE emoji it's been awhile since I played any kind of sports and felt good picking back up the only sport I ever played! But tiring until I slept straight after dinner and am awake in the middle of the night just to post this up before the day ends(Malaysian timing) hehehe

    Day 11
    Day 11 of #100happydays; managed to prepare these dishes in under an hour! Eh... Not easy the bf's, there's only one hot plate top emoji Asam fish and celery with tofu puffs for dinner tonight! Yummerz!

    Probably the first meal of the year I cooked up that has healthy vege in it haha!

    Day 12
    Day 12 of #100happydays; staring at my new bag love makes me too happy!! Just had the sudden urge to wanna look at it so I took it out and stared at it for a moment and starting wiping specks of dusts away emoji I love it tooooo muchhhh!! Thank you for making my craving and desire happen, my love!

    I don't think I can ever express enough love for the bag right now! I LOVEEEEE IT!!

    Day 13
    Day 13 of #100happydays; manicure time emoji tried out OPI liquid sand for the first time emoji love the texture! And the good thing about it is that even if you screwed it up, it will go by unnoticed emoji

    Day 14
    Day 14 of #100happydays; having the bf prepare lunch for us :D a rare scene but sure is nice from time to time :P

    Day 15
    Day 15 of #100happydays; eating awesome Korean Fried Chicken with the boyfriend! The highlight of the dinner! Korean food would be my second most favorite food in Melbourne! emoji Brunch would always be my first choice here emoji but anyways, it always brings happiness to when another good Korean place is found! Their soy and garlic fried chicken is awesomeeee!! And I think the bf too is starting to like Korean food, partly thanks to me but the bigger part should be thanks to Runningman hahaha!

    Dinner was in Clayton @ Hudadak :)

    It's the row of shops facing the train tracks! If any of you are interested :)

    The thing I like about Korean Food is the unlimited top ups of side dishes!!

    Beef bulgogi.

    And the yummy Korean Fried Chicken! We took a basket of half sweet chilli sauce and half garlic and soy!

    And we both love the Soy and Garlic moreeeee! At first the waitress was like warning us "Soy and Garlic, spicy. Very spicy" and we were like okay..... How spicy can it be? But turns if you even drink a teaspoon of those sauce right there..... It's OMG spicyyyyyy! The taste literally lingers around your throat.. Of course, I tried it and was stung by it and then I sneakily convinced the bf to try it as well but didn't mention how spicy it would be XD HEHEH

    And lastly, these water tissue thingy were so cool! At first we both thought like why are they giving us some tablet thing.. Then when we read "Water Tissue" we were like ok..... And when you pour water on it, it just instantly rises up and there's your wet tissue! So cool eh? At least it was cool to me :)

    Anyways, that is the first 15 days of #100happydays!

    Will be back to blog prolly next week. This week am super busy with my final year project's programming coding... I think I won't survive this week very well... But at least, I'll be spending the weekend at the bf's anddddd tomorrow there will be a short term guest in Melbourne and we are going for dinnerrrr!

    Have a lovely weekend peeps!


    Zen Japanese RestaurantHudadak on UrbanspoonMadam Kwan's