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  1. happy new year my dears! +

    Thursday, December 31, 2009

    hey hey!

    seems like it is gonna be a very wet new years. it has been raining since 9 pm. supposingly 9.15 pm there is one session of fireworks but it was raining quite heavy soo i don't know whether it went on or not.

    currently i have all of them overnighting at my place. we were suppose to go down to city and see the fireworks but we got lazy and just decided not to go. luckily didn't go. raining so heavy man.

    oklaaa. what new years resolution should i have le?

    get good results.
    save money and go travel.

    thats about it i guess. i don't usually have new years resolution one lo. maybe lose a little bit of weight laa. ahaha! oh oh AND MAKE MORE FRIENDS IN UNI!!!! the most important one. (((:

    okayyy i am bored. feel like sleeping already. the two of them are in my room with shut doors and ferns is beside me playing psp game. what should i do laaaaa..


    oklaaaa. here in melbourne, there is still 25 minutes to new years. hopefully the rain would get smaller so i could see some fireworks.

    nitee yo! and happy new year in advance~


  2. williamstown.

    Wednesday, December 30, 2009

    okayyy so here goes my williamstown post. we went on sunday, 27th december. took a train there. had to figure out which direction to walk towards the beach cause me and jia shen haven't been to williamstown before.

    my style of the day, hiphop. YO YO! :D

    my $10 jacket from dotti.

    williamstown beach.

    there were quite alot of dead jellyfish around.

    we got hungry so we headed for lunch. went into this restaurant, sat down, opened the menu only realise it was expensive.

    so we being typical cheapo people, we ordered...

    one pizza for $23.50 and shared among the four of us and asked for normal plain water which doesn't cost anything. hehee... smart le?

    BUT the pizza was nice! i like it lo. char grilled chicken with mushroom. yum yum! i fina all this restaurant's pizza are damn good. there is another nice seafood pizza at st kilda. i feel like eating it again!

    then we weren't satisfied over lunch yet. still hungry so went to buy fish and chips for another $7.

    hehee... trying to ban yeng! (:

    then took back a train to the city.

    i really didn't know cherly took this of me. hmmm...?

    i was trying to turn jia shen into a cool dude.

    successful? no?

    our williamstown trip was quite fun. ((((: especially i had my friends. ((((: yay!

    today was kinda boring. was suppose to go mount dandenong, but tak jadi. so in the end i woke up at 11 am and left the house at 11.50 am to jia shen's house.

    reached there around 1 something and lazed around then went to checked out the place where cherly wants to rent.

    left for home at about 5 pm and reached home around 6.30pm.

    now i am seeing cherly's clothes and seeing her trying to pack and talking and surfing the net. she just tried on this high waist skirt she just bought from guess, and she tried walking funnily with it and do funny movements, she looks damn cute and funny.

    oh i can't wait for her to get here and study. (((((: that time i got not many friends out of uni also not so bad. :DD hehee, my girlfriend tau. (:

    oklaaaa. ciao dulu!



    music addiction : Kris Allen - Man in the Mirror

  3. heheee... BLUE people! +

    Tuesday, December 29, 2009

    woke up at 10 something cause had to be out at moonee ponds by 12 pm to meet up with the boys as we are going to highpoint for movie.

    had lunch at a cafe at moonee ponds which was actually quite cheap. i had my mushroom risotto only for $6.50.

    took a tram to highpoint and bought our tickets.

    my first ever movie watched in australia. to be precise, in melbourne.


    i know i liked it. the show was nice. the effect is good. the colours are oh-my-god-so-shereena. and the dude is hot. and and he is an aussie. ((:

    costs me $10.50 for the movie ticket. cause today its tuesday and its cheaper.

    hot lo. i knew the voice of the girl was very familiar as i have heard it from somewhere. mana tau its zoe saldana.

    after movie we went to the city to eat dinner.

    stopped at parliament station. and i find parliament's station's escalator is damn cool. its like super steep and long. okla not super long but long.

    melbourne's parliament house.

    jia shen brought us to eat chicken parmagiana at Mrs. Parma on little bourke street.

    the prices are a little bit pricey though.

    hmmm... the below pictures are taken when we were waiting for our food to be served. and its like a funny cherly and jia shen sorta argue for fun moments.

    actually moments like this happens often and its funny to witness it.

    ferns purposely didnt want to focus on them. somehow look cooler when they are blurred. ((((:

    and then the food arrived.

    salami weiner schnitzel parmagiana. DAMN good!

    mushroom chicken parmagiana.

    dinner was nice. (((: paid like $15 per person. it's not the meal i ate the most but it was niceee. satisfying!

    then we took a train to south yarra and had dessert at cafe greco again on chapel street.

    toblerone cheesecake.

    THE VERY GOOD mud cake!

    apple crumble. the taste is kinda blend for me. i don't find it sweet at all.

    dessert costs us $6.75 per person. but but it was nice. so its okay. i don't mind paying to eat something good. :DDD

    then i took a train back home with cherly. had my aunty to fetch us from the train station.

    today, i used $40 on movie ticket and food! damn alot right.... next month must save back kao kao. heheee...

    the williamstown post tomorrow la okay? :D

    nitee yo!

    sher xoxo.

  4. bratswurst. $

    Sunday, December 27, 2009

    here is the christmas eve and christmas day post.

    i had to post it up as soon as i could cause if not, i will drag and drag then i won't post it up anymore.

    on the 24th, in the morning we went to victoria market.

    and had great breakfast. hehe. hot dogs. (((: yum yum. and also my spanish doughnuts! churros! ((((: i really really love those.

    after vic market, we walked over to flagstaff garden.

    chilling and looking at birds and messing with a worm and talk and laughed like mad people in the park. HAHA.

    took a city circle tram to swanston street.

    then don't know why we walked to hudsons coffee on elizabeth street to just sit down and talk and chill.

    jia shen cupping his cheeks.

    then his boobs.

    and ferns looks scared looking at him.

    after hudsons coffee, we went separate ways. the boys went back to unilodge and sleep and we girls went shopping.

    i bought a jacket for $10. i shall show you went i post up my today's post to williamstown. damn cheap i tell you.

    we had dinner at ying thai on lygon. DAMN spicy la i tell you....

    after that we went back to unilodge and watch one episode of how i met your mother then went down to the streets and see whats there to do on christmas eve but there is NOTHING!

    and it was raining. sien man. so we settled down in starbucks till about 11 pm then we just walked on swanston street right till southbank.

    southbank and it was drizzling a little.

    then walked over to crowns to see the fire fountain thingy at 12 am sharp. and that's where we celebrated the christmas countdown.

    went back to unilodge and watch half of the dark knight and slept at 2.30 am. woke up at 10 am, went to hungry jacks for breakkie and left to my place.

    cause my aunt is having like a christmas feast thingy at home.

    the amount of food.

    boiled prawns.

    cheese baked potatoes.



    lamb cutlets.

    some beef sausage like thing? forgot the name.


    filo rolls.


    they had fun eating so much at my place and talked and just chilled for christmas. it was good laa i would say. the companies was great.

    and and... nevermind nothing.

    so basically we just ate and ate and ate. yet still had lots of fun. i don't think the four of us had spend so much time together before.


    today's post on williamstown maybe tomorrow? hehe. off to some movies with cherly.


    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Journey - Don't Stop Believing