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  1. 2 weeks.

    Monday, January 21, 2013

    Hey hey! 

    I've been back in Malaysia for exactly two weeks and I have already put on 1.5kgs!! An average of about a kg per week.. You could see why is it as you read on. I have seriously been indulging on food and lots of food non stop! Been whacking all sorts of food that I have been craving for.. People say 'you are what you eat'. So true but so not fun! ):

    But I am trying to cut a little on the food intake until the boyfriend gets back because I know when he is back we will most likely be going out to eat often as I have this long list of food places that I want to venture with him. :D Good things or good food are meant to be shared (: 

    I will only likely lose the weight I have put on during this trip back to Malaysia when I am back in Melbourne. For some reason, I am able to shed weight when I am in Melbourne altho I eat and eat non stop. Maybe because I also walk alot? To get to places and to hop from one public transport to another is a form of good exercise I guess? :D So yeah... I am not worried about these weight that I am about to put on because I know I will lose it back soon! Which means... These food indulging expedition will go on until I head back to Melbourne! HEHEHE *Actually in Melbourne I also go on food expedition quite often... HAHA!*

    Tuesday, 8/01/13,

    First lunch meal on the day I got back. Sushi Zanmai with mum @ 1 Utama.

    Of course I HAD to have my all time favourite Japanese food lah right... Somemore it is so cheap as compared to the ones in Melbourne. But.... this Sushi Zanmai branch in 1U isn't as good as the other ones that I have been to. Unless... all the other branches are also at this low standard already. Because the crabmeat salad was fishy, the soft shell crab maki isn't crunchy AT ALL, the salmon sashimi was soft and not fresh. The only thing that was still at its standard is the hotate mentaiki (the scallop). Hopefully the usual Sunway Pyramid's Sushi Zanmai won't disappoint me this bad. Shall go to Pyramid and try one day.

    Had all sorts of nyonya kuih from Nyonya Colors @ 1 Utama.

    OMG! I have missed nyonya kuih so much! Especially Kuih Koci and Kuih Bingka! So so good! :D

    Also bought my favourite mango mochi from Hui Lau Shan. Altho it could never beat the ones from Hong Kong, but this will have to do. So glad that I could finally find it in Malaysia!

    Wednesday, 9/01/13,

    Had Korean BBQ for lunch with mum @ Bulgogi Brothers in Pavilion.

    I finally got to try the "heart shaped beef patty" from Bulgogi Brothers! It was niceeeeeee! All of the above food for RM88 as it was for two. It comes with refillable side dishes (I think there were like 6 side dishes, one soup and some sweet corn with beans), the heart shaped beef patties and thinly sliced beef marinated in bulgogi sauce. Super filling and so satisfying! The meat was soft and tender and juicy! YUMS!

    Dinner was @ Dragon-I in Pyramid with the family. I love their Szechuan Lat Zhi Kai Ting!! Recommended by the boyfriend! He has been telling me about this dish and I just had to order it to see why he has been raving so much about it. And it was good! :DD

    Thursday, 10/01/13,

    It was Qihong's birthday! I haven't met up with any of my friends since I got back and it was seriously about time that I meet up with somebody. And usually I would do breakfast with Qihong whenever I am back in Malaysia and we did breakfast on his birthday! Our usual heng dai breakfast outing!

    After all the yes and nos, we finally decided on PappaRich.

    Two Omega half boiled eggs, two slices of roti bakar with butter and kaya and soya cincau ice blended. Breakfast was Qihong's treat. I should be the one treating the birthday boy but manatau he paid for everything cause I bought him a nice gift. HEHE

    My Heng Dai! Mr Lim is single and available. Just for the info HEHEHE :P

    Had chicken rice from USJ 11's famous hainanese chicken rice shop (the one beside kampar kopitiam) for lunch! Thanks to qihong who detoured there for me to tapao before fetching me home after breakfast.

    Mum was having a gathering over in BSC with her ex-colleagues but I went tagging along as well. When I only know like a few of them. They were meeting up in Madam Kwan's and its good food so I thought why not right? HEHE

    Outfit for the night! Love my aztec mint green peplum top! Paired it with the jeggings mum bought for me from uniqlo (: Super comfy!

    Friday, 11/01/13,

    Went out to Bangsar Village with mum as she was meeting up with five of her old secondary school classmates. I tagged along cause they were going to Ben's for brunch and I hardly ever say no to brunch :D

    I ordered their french toast with caramelised apples, onions and beef bacon with maple syrup. Meh... Not up to my brunch standard. And it was like RM22 or something...

    Mum's little breakfast. Meh... 

    After trying Plan B's brunch the last time I was back and this time Ben's brunch, I have concluded that their brunch is a no no. Plan B's hollandaise sauce was not nice and just generally their brunch are just meh... BUT their other food is still pretty good (: So yeah... no more brunching at Plan B and Ben's..

    Went to visit my grandfather after brunch and brought him to Empire Gallery and settled down at Serai for lunch.

    Shared their Nasi Kerabu with mum (: It was pretty good leh! And also had sirap selasih. So typical Malaysian food. hehe

    And then to celebrate Qihong's birthday, we had a small get together dinner over in Nando's Taipan. It was a table for six.

    Dinnah! To conclude, nandos in Melbourne taste a wee bit better.

    Happy 23rd Birthday Mr Lim (((: My heng dai/ji mui HAHA!

    After dinner we went for yumcha at Melur. Our usual big group yumcha. So nice to get together with these friens whenever I am back. Reminiscing about the past good memories in high school. So much fun!

    All of us shared two roti tissues. It has been a long long time since I last had roti tissue. Yums!

    The night ended close to 1230am. Coming home is somewhat all about the yumcha session with the friends as well. It really nice having a bunch of close friends that get together once in a while and crap about life and share stupid yet funny memories that made us who we are and how close we are today.

    Saturday, 12/01/13,

    Ramen lunch over in Empire Gallery.

    I have turned into a ramen fan since the year before last after I had this awesome bowl of ramen in pavilion :D Ramen iz good :DDD

    Dinner was half a ramly burger. Double daging special (: Would have love it alot more if there was more sauce. This is from the USJ4 stall.

    Sunday, 13/01/13,

    Lunched at the USJ11 hainanese chicken rice (:

    Look who dropped by in the evening!! :DD My Baobei! <3 So cuteeeeeee! My lengzhai nephew! (: He seems to like the chocolate scented moose that I bought for him :D Have been missing this little rascal so much! But so far I only saw him twice... ):

    Dinner was at one of my favourite hawker dai chao place. I super love their "yuet kong hor" (Bottom left) :D Its over in Paramount. Super jeng! ((:

    Splurged on a new pair of jeans. Super nice and comfy cutting (: My first ever high end jeans. HEHE

    Monday, 14/01/13,

    Started the day with a packet of nasi lemak with sotong and beef rendang (: My first packet of nasi lemak since I got back.

    Then went out with mum to Mont Kiara to get my camera fix over at Olympus Malaysia.

    Had lau sar bao from steam room. Omg oozie awesomeness man!! Had been ages since I had good and nice lau sar bao! Ate it while drinking Chatime's passionfruit QQ :D

    Then we went over to Wangsa Maju to meet up with my grandfather for tea. Since he will be going back to Seremban soon, I might as well meet up with him as much as I could.

    OldTown for tea. Polo bun with ham and cheese :D

    My grandfather who had just turned 80 years old. Am really thankful that he is still healthy (:

    Got back to subang in the evening and then sent my car for a bath. Pretty sky colours! :D

    Tuesday, 15/01/13,

    Strawberry Field's pineapple fried rice and sizzling hot plate yee mee in black pepper sauce for lunch with mum (:

    Went out to SkyBar with mum as we were meeting her highschool classmates. Because one of the aunties claimed an offer of a free bottle of champagne when RM100 is spent. So the six of us ended up having a girls night out (:

    Right on the 33rd floor of Traders Hotel. Overlooking the whole KLCC park (:

    Free champagne! :D

    Food that we ordered! The food was not too bad (: Especially the lamb chops :DDD

    Mum's friends ordered a bottle of red wine but I totally don't fancy red wine... Too dry and sour. Not my kinda taste.

    Their pool area (: The feel quite nice hor... :P

    Look at the AWESOME VIEW!!!!! And the colours transition.. :DD So niceeeeee!! I have always love the twin towers at night! So pretty!! I am so coming back again with the boyfriend when he gets back and take awesome pictures with my cammie! :DDDDDD Still am amazed with this skyscraper that we have right in the heart of KL.

    Awesome backdrop! And mummy dearest <3

    Picked out a little black dress for the night out to SkyBar (:

    Wednesday, 16/01/13,

    Vacuumed pack chicken feet. Something different eh?

    Had dinner @ Ole Ole Bali in Pyramid with the S9s. Ice Blended Pulut Hitam drink and Nasi Campur. Yums!

    Part of the S9s class of 2008. It is so nice that after 4 years we still do gatherings every now and then (: I think only our class does it?

    Thursday, 17/01/13,

    Awesome sashimi set for RM22 and added RM3 for the garlic rice @ Hokkaido Ichiba in Gardens with mum. The sashimi cut quite thick leh! My favourite!!

    Went out to Paradigm Mall for our girls night out dinner date :D

    My girls! <3

    Our food. The mushroom soup was awesome! But seems like the girls didn't really like their food. Initially I ordered the Calzone but I am not a fan of it and Yao yun wasn't a fan of her smoked duck aglio olio but I loved hers leh... In the end I finished up her pasta. hahaha!

    A meal for four (:

    My girls! We've been friends for 9 years!! These are the girls that went through thick and thin with me (: So glad to have them in my life! My BFFs yo!!

    Friday, 18/01/13,

    Brunch with mum @ The Red Beanbag in Publika.

    Their baked eggs! RM18. And so yums!! :D

    Eggs Atlantic Salmon. RM18. Super yums as well! The hollandaise sauce was up to the Aussie standard ((:

    Overall the whole meal was super nice! The only brunch spot that is up to my aussie standard because none of the brunch places that I have been to here is that good. And it isn't pricey! I am so going back for moreeeeeee! :DDD

    They were having some car show thingy. Sexy cars!

    Froyo! Kiwi and Original flavour (((: Quite nice :D

    I received a call from Olympus saying that my cammie is ready for collection. And since I was just nearby, of course I had to go and pick it up straight! :D

    My baby is finally back in my hands! And working perfectly fine! :DDDDD SO HAPPY!!! I have missed you so much my baby!

    Went to yumcha with the gang @ Oregi. And this is their signature drink! :D

    Midnight snack! Him Heang tambun biscuit I have missed you!

    Saturday, 19/01/13,

    Curry mee from Nan King hawker for lunch! (:

    Munched on DS Chua Brothers fish ball soup @ Changkat. Jalan Alor area..

    Then spent the rest of the day at home temaning my grandma cause mum and cousin they all went up to genting for a concert. So I was on taking care duty for the night.


    The following Extra Large sized photos are taken with my baby! I have seriously missed my baby cammie so much! See lah... How awesome it takes photos! So clear so nice!! :D But I have already resized down the resolution so it wouldn't look as good here as compared to the proper file. Nevermind lah.. This will have to do cause I gotta limit my upload size..

     Went to Dome @ BSC for lunch with the whole family.

     Cousin's gourmet chicken pie! Yums!

    Ordered a walnut brownie to share! (:

    Mum's Latte.

    I ordered their Mushroom soup! Dome's mushroom soup have always been good! Yummyyyyyyy :DDD

    And then I became a spoilt child. HEHE #victoriasecret #lingerie #prada #saffianoleather #shortwallet #lightblue

    Outfit for the day out! Super love my crochet shorts from Sydney! Paired it with a simple black peplum top (: Love my outfit!


    Went out to Setia City Mall with Qihong for some shopping and also late lunch.

     Spicy Chicken McDeluxe!! :D The ONLY burger that I would crave for from McD. So sad that Australia's McD doesn't have it.. So super awesome!!

    Smuggled in a cup of Gong Cha's wintermelon tea with white pearls to go along with my burger! (:

    Such a perfect lunch (((: WHEE I iz happy!

    Bought this pinkish red dress from H&M for chinese new year. Love the lace back! 

    I am hoping to go to the H&M over in Lot 10. Love shopping at H&M! Things are affordable and niceeeeee! :DD I purposely went over there just for H&M. I wanted to go to a mall that has MNG and H&M together... Will hop over to more H&M and check things out! 

    Got back home around 6pm and have been home since. For these two weeks that I have been home, all I have been doing is eating and spending most of my time with mum. Sounds like a good holiday! :DD

    I shall now continue on my series marathon. I have a pending list of new episodes of Vampire Diaries/Nikita/Private Practice/Greys Anatomy/Bones/Castle/Criminal Minds/Supernatural. I haven't been catching up with any of it since I got back.

    HEHEHEHE told ya that it is a complete food post! I have been eating so so much right?? :D Shall update again in the next week or so.. Accumulating a weekly post seems easier for me XD 

    Oh and just to express my excitement, the boyfriend will be back next week!! :DDD I SO CAN'T WAIT! My darling is coming homeeee 

    With love,