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  1. How was twenty twelve?

    Wednesday, January 02, 2013


    HAPPY NEW YEAR PEEPS! Happy 2013! :D

    I am back from my Sydney trip (: touched down last night and just got back to the boyfriend's place. Will be spending the remaining week in Melbourne with him before I head back to Malaysia next week.

    Woke up close to 1pm today and then went down to the city with the bf to have lunch while yumchaing with Wei nian and tek yit. Sat at coconut house for like two hours just chatting away. But the food not nice one..... ): it was my first time ever in these 3 years in Melbourne and it proves my point of never wanting to go try.

    Wokays.... So how was 2012?

    It was a year filled with serious ups and downs. Lost my aunt right at the beginning of the year which lead to darkness in the family. Which until right now I doubt any one of us are completely over it yet... But everyone believes that she is in a much better place right now. You will forever be in our hearts aunty Molly (: And because of this incident, everyone started treasuring life even more and made sure we made the most with the time we have with each other. Everyone in the family got much closer <3

    In the last year I also had my fair share of fun. Travelled to Taiwan with mum and her colleagues in February. Travelled to Gold Coast during easter with friends and Sydney end of the year with the boyfriend. Travelled to Macau and Hong Kong in June with the family. Last minute Singapore plans with the two closest best friends in July which I made it to my second Universal Studios.

    Worked in Maxis as an intern for 8 weeks. Basically I didn't do much in that 8 weeks as they were soooo many holidays and I went for my Taiwan trip. All it taught me was just how to write a long report and obey going to work during office hours. Had a serious hard time waking up in the morning. I still have 4 more weeks of internship left to do...

    And in May 2012, my little nephew was brought into the family! (: a precious little thing that draws so much attention. I can't wait to be back to hold him and make sure he recognises me cause I won't be home much. Heheh :P

    With uni and studies..., it hasn't really been the best year. Which makes one of my this year's resolution to be study really hard and graduate by mid of next year! I HAVE TO!

    Went for my first clubbing experience. But... I didn't enjoy it. So it is safe to say that I won't get addicted to it (: you know lah... Some people get hooked on it after they've been for the first time. I am quite proud to admit that I am not one of those people :D

    My relationship with the boyfriend became much stronger and better in so many ways. Met both of his parents and his sister. Spent quite some time with them too. Made me feel more secured with him if that makes sense...

    Had one of the worst luck ever by the end of the year. I managed to wreck TWO dslr camera's LCD screen of which one of it is my baby and the other was a camera I borrowed. It is likely to cost me a bomb when I get back to Malaysia to repair them. Super bad luck weih....! ):

    Attended the boyfriend's graduation and also was honoured to witness the other close friends graduate as well and share their proud moments with them.

    Lastly, spent New Year's Eve in one of the top countries in the world to watch fireworks, Sydney. Although it wasn't the best night ever, it was an experience and it was also my first alone trip with the boyfriend <3

    I'll blog about my trip soon. Like within this week as I'll be heading back to Malaysia next Monday night.

    Overall, 2012 made a significant difference in every aspect of my life. It was spent pretty wisely. Although there were tears and failures, there was also lots of joy and laughters.

    I am still not feeling the kick of 2013 yet. Still feels like I am in 2012... HAHA But nonetheless, I am pretty sure it will be a great year! At least I hope it would be (:

    Resolutions for 2013,

    Study harder! My one and only major resolution for the year...!

    Once again, happy new year!

    Lots of love,

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