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  1. :) being slightly happier.

    Tuesday, June 30, 2009

    life should have more colours. (:

    i am posting my first blog post with my macbook. kinda cool weihh... ahaha! (: its feels different. the keyboard tapping sound is kinda loud.

    and i dont have my editor in this book. soooo i cant edit my photos to make the size smaller. there maybe a way but.... i am still noob at being a mac user.

    so i guess the genting trip will not be posted up just yet. until i get all the pictures and alsio my editor.

    just got back from bangsar with the rest. the intention of going there was to get a drink as in cocktails. soooo we roamed to streets and settled down at Friends bar.

    ordered pina colada which cost me RM 25 bucks. its pineapple juice plus vodka plus lime. i didnt know till my cousin told me. it was okla. not too bad but i prefer teh o ais limau.

    the dj of the house was familiar cause he was the one at the dance competition at pyramid the last time when i went gaga over fellest. (:

    after the drink, we all went to mamak. mamak is more like my place. how could i live without mamak man. maggi goreng. teh o ais limau. ahahah!

    australia's mamak will never be as cheap as it is here. its not goooood.

    was there with ferns, jack, wei jun, yao yun, cherly, jia shen, kar mun, keng yew, xindi and her boyfriend.

    oklaaaa. my first experience out with friends for drinks. at least i get to do all this before i leave to aussie.

    i was just being asked whether am i prepared leaving. honestly yes. i am sooo prepared for whatever that is coming up for me over there but i am just not prepared over leaving people here.

    life for me over here may not be the best but its all that i have back here. everything i have is all here. my family. my friends. my favourites. i dont know.

    but well.... things will be fine. dont matter how rough life could be, there is always a bright path somewhere. its matter of how you see things. but dont expect people to guide you through it or having someone there to always pick you up when you fall.

    there isnt such things in life. you are always on your own. there may be friends or families but its still up to you yourself.

    i feel lighter now. i really do.

    i know you saw it. whatever it is. there are parts where i actually enjoyed that the person is you. but... its not up to me at all. thats why it brought me down. thats why i started to not enjoy it anymore.

    dont matter what you will still always be that good friend in my life. there are way better stuff ahead of you and i am sure you'll do well. provided you really put enough effort my dear.

    seriously. you may be the good friend but really not a nice person to like laaa. (:

    hoping to see you soon. i am leaving and so do you. soooo it'll be ages till i next see you. even this is too fast to tell, i'll really miss you.

    shit. i keep on holding onto and imaginary mouse. it feels stupid! ahaha! :D cant blame me. i am too use to using a mouse.

    off to some shows and some chats. nights people!


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  2. bye youu. hello friend.

    Monday, June 29, 2009

    this is by far, my proudest moments. i sat the solero shot. :D

    just got back from genting. not really just but still not long enough. it was a nice trip laaa. a memorable one i guess. was there since friday.

    was with cherly, yao yun, jia shen, ferng lin, chun kit, jack, hong jiun and keng yew.

    i shall blog about it soon enough. tomorrow maybe. provided my internet connection goes fine. its been a real bitch these few weeks.

    all this while i've realise on how ignorant i am. but it just never hit me to do something about it. and it only takes someone to make you get something and actually do something about it.

    i dont know what happened or wait maybe i know. just somehow surroundings of whatever in my life just made me shut off things. i dont care and i dont intend to care. i was always like that.

    i'll try my best to care. somehow in some way. maybe.

    i finally changed it! the picture was there for months and i finally changed it. not to please the person who told me to but that i actually realise how stupid i really am.

    i mean you dont care at all and why i actually bother. it was actually my worse decision that the person is you. i always said i dont know why it was you but there is actually a choice and i chose you.

    you've been the worse person to like. but somehow a nice friend. and i guess friends is already the bottom line of how things can be.

    from now on, its a sincere, hello FRIEND! (:

    i am letting it go. i am letting the feelings that all this while helding me back, all go. its not something i could do in just one day but i've already made the decision to and i think that is the start of it.

    i will be out with you as my good friend and have the last day out with you cause since i wont be getting any where near you for at least a year.

    k laaaa. seriously, i feel better when i know i've already made a decision. and i am actually smiling to myself now. ahahaha! its a good start. :D

    bye peeps!

    sher xoxo.

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  3. a new toy.

    Wednesday, June 24, 2009

    my blueeee macbook. hehee. :D

    went down to KL to get my influenza injection today. and then went over to pyramid to meet up with ferns. since he is sooo good at all this.

    i bought a 13" Macbook Pro!! (: and its blue!! ahahahaha!

    its damn cool lo. but..... i feel so noob at it. i hardly know how to use it lo. have to get use to it already. i am bringing this baby over to melbourne.

    its a new addition to the blue gadget family. :D

    tomorrow i will be out for movie. Transformers 2. it looks good. hmmmm.. will be watching with ferns and tim.


    leaving. it somehow just sucks la. its not that i am not prepared for whatever that is coming up over there. in fact i am really excited for whatever is coming up there. but.... i dont like leaving here. sighs.

    and the days are getting red. pain. emoish. sighs.

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

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  4. i never knew.

    Tuesday, June 23, 2009

    its never predictable.

    oh-m-gee! chace crawford is damn hot! and he is voted the hottest bachelor by peoples magazine. hawt hawt hawt.

    and zac effron is another eye catcher. he got sooooo much hotter now. :D

    ooooo and steven strait!!! hottie alert!

    just got back from yam cha session with jia shen, cherly and ferng lin. and it was cherly's treat. (: i became lifeless ever since i stopped work.

    going out everyday. spending money everyday. hmmmmm..

    had a chat with jia shen before i entered the house after he sent me home. i have a month left. a month left in malaysia.

    i am suppose to spend more time. with anyone at all. friends. my mum. my family. sighs. i really really hate the feeling of leaving.

    and there is another bastard in my life which i dont ever want to see. dont matter who he is, he is soo not worth it.

    my life isnt exactly going very good but i guess it is still good enough. i got my wish fulfilled. i am going to australia. but.. other things?

    life was never easy. but i never expected it to be like this. i am struggling hard to be able to stand on my own foot but.. i am afraid that one day my knees gives way and i collapse.


  5. not even in the dad part.

    Monday, June 22, 2009

    happy endings just never occured in my life.

    i will let you know. i want to. i dont want to bring all of this with me. eventhough i wont get the ending that i have all this while wished for, at least i told you.

    i am not in my best moods and someone got me at it. i dont know.

    i just want a nice movie with you, is it soo hard?

    should i write or should i tell? its not long away. i have only a month left. or should i pick up the pen and paper now and start writing? or should i think of what to say to you? sighs.

    when you have someone that loves you in every possible way he cans, appreciate it. dont let him down. its not easy to have your bestfriend as your boyfriend. someone who truely knows you well.


  6. the last day of work.

    Saturday, June 20, 2009

    today is my last day at work. walking into the shop at 9.45 am then sitting on the safe box waiting for the clock to strike 10 am and the take the keys and open the shop.

    the usual stuff.

    then take the bucket and fill water from the toilet then come back and wipe all the racks, the stage area, the mannequins, the cashier counter and the floor.

    the same old routine everyday.

    the cashier counter which i spend most of the time standing at.

    my landyard.

    me and vanessa.

    i belanja-ed them 1901 cause it is the 19th of the months so it cost only RM2. but there was only 4 working today.

    and... vanessa belanja-ed me sanfrancisco coffee's extreme chocolate! ahahaha! thanks so so much. (:

    the bryan came. the fella which is damn nice to bully. the one that says aduh all the time and plays non stop with the footballs in the shop.

    bryan leong. the half indonesian.

    me and issac. the new guy.

    me and matthew.

    the last day of work passed fast. ah wong came to our shop with a whole bunch of people to take video. they were having some interview thingy.

    and then i left. there it is. my last moments working there.

    mum came to have dinner celebration with me. and we went Sushi Zanmai. for the second time in a row. ahahaah!

    my third pair.

    bought a pair of ipanema.

    lots of love,

    music addiction : Kris Allen - Heartless

  7. its goodbye to some.

    Friday, June 19, 2009

    its my second last day at work. and we made an appointment to ask may wong to come over for lunch. after sooo long of not seeing her, i was excited for her to come. hehee.

    settled down at sushi zanmai for lunch.

    me and may wong.

    she's pregnant and her husband doesnt want her to over work so ask her to quit work and stay at home only. how niceee.

    jun finished morning shift and it will be the last day i am working with him because he is off tomorrow. well... he had been a nice colleague. a funny one. i'll miss his noise. ahah!

    but work was just like normal laaa.

    jia shen, cherly, chun kit, hong jiun and jack dropped by cause they were on their way to MOS and talked for a bit. then nick's gf's cousin came and they started running around the shop chasing each other and even involved me.

    it was fun laaa.

    i love hanging onto that rack. (:

    and it'll be the last day of me working with nick cause tomorrow he'll be going back office for meeting the whole day. so i guess this is it.

    my supervisor, soon-to-be EX-supervisor, mr nicholson chin. :D

    i'll mis him tooo. he had been a nice guy to work with. he thought me lots of stuff actually. and he is part of my great experience in Nike. (:

    that was pretty much it. tomorrow will be the last day of work! yay!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peas

  8. i have no idea.

    Thursday, June 18, 2009

    i really dont know.

    i saw you smiling widely in a picture. maybe it is because of the person standing beside you is the girl you like all this while. the one that matters to you.

    i dont know whether i should feel thankful that i saw it and make the hold onto you less tighter. or should i feel heartache and sad.

    whenever i talk to anyone else about you i somehow feel some happiness in me but always ended with a sigh. i myself dont even know why i cared, feel sad, and somehow sometimes feel happy because of you.


    work was like usual. i guess somehow i will feel the heavy heart not working there anymore. i dont know.

    tomorrow i am working from 10 to 10 and there is a shop briefing so means it comes with breakfast so i have to be there at 8 am. earlyyyy.. and also lunch with may wong. long time havent see her already. i somehow miss her. (:

    until now, i cant process the informations i got. 7 months pregnant? ohh fuck it. i cant believe that it is actually happening. i am sad that it had to happen on her. and she walked with me through my childhood. sighs... why chose a path like this??

    oh yess... i told my cousin to ask his friend to get me a liverpool jersey from UK. i hope i get it. :D

    much love,

    music addiction : Kris Allen - Heartless

  9. a movie outing.

    Wednesday, June 17, 2009

    there was already a planned movie outing today. and according to ferns, drag me to hell is nice to watch so we all went for it. trusting him since he watched the trailer for 25 times. (:

    me, ferns, loong, kah tim, jia shen and cherly went to pyramid to catch the movie.

    went the first things first i was hungry. and so was tim sooo we went to Shihlin and asian avenue there to get the xxl chicken and sneaked it into the cinema. :D

    it was just so so.

    but tim was really freaked out over the movie. he became paranoid when cherly walked out of the toilet and ter touch him. ahaha! his reaction was damn funny.

    they all went back first leaving me there cause my cousin is going to fetch me from pyramid to KL. and mana tau i heard a really bad news. a news till now i still cant process. sighs. i dont understand why.

    went down to KL to buy something and then came back. well.... that pretty much sumed up my off day.

    nights~! ciao.


  10. holidays.

    Tuesday, June 16, 2009

    the friend is back for a month. (:

    my internet connection had been a bitch. its not that i didnt want to go online or i didnt have the time. the stupid thing just wouldnt want to connect.

    14th june.

    was working till 8 pm and went with mum to summit after that. bought quite some stuff. cheap good stuff. (:

    came home around 10 plus and when i was eating halfway, jia shen called. saying he is hungry and wanted to go out makan. yessss.. he is back. and no one else knew cause he wanted to give them a suprise.

    so i called jack asking where are they and they were at makbul so i told him i'll be there. which is abit different cause i dont usually join them for mamak so i think he suspected already.

    once we parked the car, chun kit came to the car and started showing middle finger to jia shen in a funny way and jack and hong jiun started jumping on jia shen.

    let me announce this, jia shen fat already!

    after that keng yew and hau yang dropped by also. they were already halfway to setapak but they came back for him.

    around 1 am we left. and went i came home, i saw an ambulance parked in my neighbours house. i wonder what happened as he is already kinda sick. sighs. life huh?

    15th june.

    woke up at 6 am cause of jia shen. i had to be part of the plan to make the suprising cherly plan work. and i was suppose to go back to sleep but i couldnt. in the end, tossing and turning on the bed till i got out of bed at 8.30 am.

    went out breakfast with ferns and jia shen at maju maju then went maxis to get jia shen's temporary number.

    then came back home for half an hour which i slept then went out to again with ferns and jia shen to fetch cherly at monash after her exam.

    after picking her up, we went to summit cause jia shen wanted to cut his hair. then went to pyramid to makan.

    as i was working at 2 pm so after makan i went to work and they went for movie.

    work was fine. the phrase "i dont like you" is always mentioned to jun. ahahah! for the fun of it cause he likes to whack me. stupid fella.

    and for today,

    i am going later with them for Drag Me To Hell. hahahaha! and some shopping. i already eyed on what i want to buy. :D

    ciao people!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Rehab - Rihanna

  11. no boundaries - kris allen. <3

    Sunday, June 14, 2009

    hoping for a brand new and free start.

    i am sooooo tired. the days left for work is getting lesser and lesser. i still have 5 more days! (: i am happy that i'll be away from the tired working hours. but somehow will feel different that i dont have the new plus good colleagues around.

    i am sure i will be back there often to visit. :D

    today i saw her. the her in your life. at least as far as i know, she is the her in your life. you never tell me anymore. maybe because you are afraid of me being emoish and paranoid over it?

    i asked jun a question today. should i call on that day? he said its up to me. if i do call, i'll definetely cry till very terrible. soooo i dont know. i feel like just texting but.. it will be the last time so maybe a call should be sincere thing to do?

    met qi hong and jenn hsen today. they dropped by a while and i havent been seeing that pilot friend of mine for some time. errr.. a week? ahaha!

    and i picked up the phone when there was a call for the shop and the voice sounded soooo familiar asking about a futsal shoe but i had to go check the size so i asked him to wait a while.

    when i picked up the phone again, the voice said "eh shereena ah?" i was like yeaaaa... and its actually han yang. no wonder it sounded sooo familiar. ahaha! it was funny la somehow. oh ya, i even met the ex but i dont think he saw me.

    i was really damn tired at work today. was hoping to be able to go home at 8 pm but.. cannot. so it was 10 to 10 for me today.

    i am off to bed already. tomorrow working 10 to 8. another long day.

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Bedshaped - Keane

  12. i dont know laaa.

    Saturday, June 13, 2009

    i just need a shoulder to lie on.

    today was pretty normal. worked from 2 to 10. and time at work passed quite fast somehow. was teasing nick all the way about him being skinny. went break with jack and chun kit. did my shopping list and the list of stuff i am bringing to aussie.

    went for some window shopping. and thats pretty much it.

    now stressing what songs to burn for nick. he only gave me 7 songs. the rest i have to think. sien lo...

    i have less and less to blog each day. i have sooooo much in mind but yet dont know how to phrase it into words. sighs. its never easy.

    especially knowing that whatever i write about will make people treat me diffrently. having to think on how to face me in future. i dont want all that.

    tell to people? it doesnt help. maybe i told the wrong person or maybe it is just unhelpable. maybe i should just use words that are less obvious.


    music addiction : Pitbull - I Know You Want Me

  13. my day wasnt so shiny.

    Thursday, June 11, 2009

    you are still my sunshine.

    lets just say i am soo hoping for my phone to ring. why does whenever i really hope and wish for something, i just wont get it?

    my day was dull. waking up at 2.30 pm, waiting for my stupid connection to get connected, screening through channels on astro yet still cant find something to watch, eating, trying on my old cheongsam and finally i get to go online. :D

    as usual reading blogs and downloading shows. and also reading my old blog posts.

    my day is still dull.

    when i read back my posts, i've noticed how much i've said about going over to Melbourne. i am leaving in less than 2 months. its a good thing that my dream is fulfilled but.. i am leaving.

    i've really said this before meh? "its like leaving everything you love and like behind somewhere far". its true anyway.

    i am leaving you, you, you, and a whole lots of other people. dont get me wrong, i am really looking forward to continue my studies there. but i just dont like leaving people behind.

    the four letter word. life. quoted FROM tim.


  14. why???

    why is it when i cant go out, everybody had so many plans and everything and almost everyone was free. and when i could go out and was planning to go out, i ended up not going out and i cant find anyone to go out with me. sighs. why laaaa why...

    i wanted to blog about today but i dont have the mood anymore. i finally realised, its a bad thing to hope soo much over an outing and lastly always ending up not going.

    it happens to me all the time.

    the last kl trip planned with cherly and yao yun they all when suddenly in the morning cherly's mom took her car. and something somwhere in between that i dont remember but i know there is. and now this.


    i am thinking of just going to pyramid and walk around alone but i somehow find it pathetic that i spend most of my time there and now on my off day yet i am thinking of going back and the best part is i am thinking of going back alone.

    screw it. i shall stay at home and rot.


  15. work seems better.

    Tuesday, June 09, 2009

    you make me dream. a dream that i dont want to wake up on.
    but yet a dream which will never be a reality.

    work was pretty fine today. one of the girls quitted today. and i was please to hear that she quitted when i walked into the shop for work at 2 pm. but i wasnt please to know that the she is not the she who i wanted to get rid off. but well... the other one which i dont like is leaving by sunday. makes not much of a difference.

    nick wasnt around today though. so it was me and the two new guys, jun and issac, vanessa and the other indian girl.

    talking about the world being small, jun knows chun kit as well. i just found out when adrian came with chun kit to buy a pair of shoes.

    and about today, halfway working, tim passed by. and at that moment i was waiting for his reply mana tau he appeared in front of me. but he was in a hurry so he just said hi and then left.

    for break i went to kfc with jun. talked quite some stuff with him and he seems like a great friend to work with.

    work today seemed fun. somehow. it was like a picnic cause of the going back and forth to the storeroom for sweets then san francisco coffee's ice blended chocolate.

    it passed fast and its a good thing.

    and i met christopher ho today. talked a while and whatever he said about the course i am taking just made me think. i wonder if i am really choosing what i want. i hope so.

    sighs. tomorrow i had to wake up early cause i have to open the shop since vanessa and nick had to go back office.

    another full shift for me. 10 to 10. how sadd right???? k laaa ciao first. i cant wait till thursday cause it is my off day and i am suppose to go hunting for tim's prom stuff with him. hmmm..



    music addiction : Beautiful -Akon

  16. i am tired.

    Sunday, June 07, 2009

    i find it cute.
    but all this only happens in my imaginary world.
    my reality is cold and scary when it comes to love.

    work today was fine. but i was working morning shift and i only slept at 3 am. so i was practically like a zombie. thanks to him laaa.. making me lose track of time.

    i worked till 6 pm and mum came with aunty jaime and jess for dinner.

    went shopping a while. which i bought a pair of long leggings and a house slipper from la senza. (: its damn furry and damn cute.

    then went dinner at Pasta Zanmai. the food is not bad but kinda pricey compared to Sushi Zanmai. almost double the price?

    then went to the padini fair which i bought two shirts. you know those lose lose ones that goes along with leggings? both that i bought was also green colour. i dont know why these days i love buying green tops. hmmm..

    came home and almost threw my modem on the floor because it doesnt want to connect to the internet.

    i told qi hong about him. i guess he is the only one that knows about all this. maybe i too afraid of being judge. or maybe i myself is not convince over the feeling i am facing.

    i am sooo tired but maybe i am hoping for someone to make me feel abit fine before i sleep. i dont know.

    will i see you? sighs. maybe i should say, will i have the guts to see you?

    oh yaa... and i am looking for that rubber band thingy that looks like a telephone line. the cruly curly one. ahaha! and just found out from shelaine that only pasar malam got sell.

    lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIAM! i guess its the last wish of the day. hoped you enjoyed yourself. (:

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : David Cook - Come Back to Me

  17. virtual? or real?

    Saturday, June 06, 2009

    mine is one sided thats why. and i wouldnt call it love.
    i just like tooooo much.

    i am done with gossip girl season 2. as much as i love chace crawford, i dont really like his character in the movie. so fickle minded. i dont know how to say. but.. i like ed westwick's character (Chuck). somehow after watching sooooo many episodes, i am starting to like him in the show.

    i cant wait till season 3. but not as much as i am hoping for season 7 for one tree hill.

    work was fine. somehow one day then the next day and so on passes kinda fast. i am having nice friendly customer and weird looking customer who makes my time pass kinda quick.

    well.. today not much of an update though.

    tomorrow i will be working morning shift then will be having dinner with mum at Pasta Zanmai. ahah! i have been craving their food since forever. i mean before the shop opened i have been seeing their posters and stuff and i wanted to eat since then.

    dont know what got into me yesterday night. i mean early this morning. i sent a sms to a friend about how i felt at that moment but i couldnt remember what i sent. until i checked my phone again today at work then only i realised.

    maybe it got too much into me till i didnt know what i was doing. sighs. see you... you are always the start of this sort of matters. i know you dont want to be apart of it but i cant help but to drag you into all this unhappy problems of mine cause you made me feel this way.

    well... i guess its better to have someone else to distract me.

    i finally saw him online. and started scolding him for not replying my messages. it seems he is too busy with his stuff. he is the only one that makes me pour my secrets out. talking to him somehow i dont have to care on what i can say and what i cant say.

    but i cant talk much with him tonight. i have to wake up early tomorrow. seee thats the thing. i dont like morning shifts.


    but i still managed to talk to him till 3 am. there goes my sleeping time. i am only left with 5 and the half hours. sob sob. ): or maybe it was worth it.

    sighs. but will we meet?

    much love,

    music addiction : Rihanna - Cry

  18. S9.

    Friday, June 05, 2009

    S9 class of 2008.

    work was fine today i guess. people talked and got along. its somehow a good thing. and there is another new guy at work, Matthew. he maybe old but he surely doesnt look like a 26 year old. (:

    the GM, Mr.Chim dropped by and said that we had too many staff and demanded that we should cut off two people. and at first jun got it.

    jun came into the storeroom while i was having my dinner talking about converting him to a part timer and stuff and asked me to teman him go look for other job since i was on break. so we went to Topshop and Quiksilver and Tough.

    honestly, he is a nice guy to work with and if you ask me, i would want the two girls to leave rather than having him to leave. after we came back, i heard that the plan changed. instead of jun, the two girls got it. i am more than happy that they are leaving by the 14th of this month.

    means i am going to work the last 5 days at nike without the two of them. i am super happy!

    matthew seems to be a funny guy. i guess from now on, this 16 days of work, it will be fun. oh thank god for having new people. i mean new yet nice and fun people.

    tomorrow i am doing afternoon shift. i wonder if i would see you online again and get myself carried away by talking to you. but i guess you are busy cause you never reply my texts. ):

    was talking to wei ping and realised how much i left out on keeping track about my collegemates. i somehow miss SAM. i miss s9. those were the good old days. i am busy with work till i had to for go the outings and gatherings they had.

    lets hope there will be one soon enough and i am already done working. i need alot of catching up with them.

    oooh yeah. and it is a small world that jun knows yong shen. ahahah!

    oklaaaaa. ciao dulu. want to watch Gossip Girl. love ya'll. xoxo! i wonder how late i will sleep today. and i wonder if i am able to catch you online.

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Natasha Beddingfield - Angel

  19. someone else is willing to.
    if i were to wait for you,
    i might be all wet standing there waiting for you to show up.

    i slept at 5 am this morning. conversations with you make me get carried away of time. the time passes so fast when i am chatting with you.

    i've known you for years. and probably the one and only guy that i tell everything to. talking to you somehow makes me feel comfortable. but we dont do it often. maybe once a week or even once in two weeks.

    you said i am like you thats why we could get along. maybe it is. i missed out being the friend in your life. but i wonder when i leave how often i can talk to you. we only talk at weird late hours like 2 am till 5 am.

    sighs. i want something from you. i am wondering what it is like walking beside you and go for a normal day out.

    as i've said, i am liking a person too much till i want to distract myself purposely to others and get my mind off the person i like.

    i am tired of liking and thinking and hoping over something useless and pointless. i guess i rather move to something else that treasures my presence.

    but there is this part in me that says eventhough i am tired, i will still hold onto you until the day that i board the plane. but there is something for sure, the feeling is fading away. it isnt so strong anymore that it could take over all my feelings and emotions.

    as much as i like you, nothing pays off.


  20. it all relates and means to me.

    Wednesday, June 03, 2009

    i want a garden wedding. simple and lovely.

    there it is. the last episode if season 6 of one tree hill. it is that one show that i watched from form 1 up to now. its been 6 years. the one show that made me tear so much and yet love it so much.

    the season wouldnt have ended in another way. it was good. really really good. i shall hope for somemore but i heard the new season wouldnt have Chad and Hilarie because they didnt sign the new contract. ): the show would be different without them.

    relationships on screen are always better than reality. the love between Haley and Nathan it just beautiful, supportive, with all their hearts. and the sudden love between Brooke and Julian was expected yet cute. lastly, Lucas and Peyton's ending couldnt have been better. touching, lovey. the example of dreams and wishes would come true.

    all this is just part of why i love the show so much. call me a crazy fan but whatever. its hard to find people these days that loves this show. well... at least none of the people close to me likes it.

    there goes my off day. waking up at 2 pm, bathing for an hour, boiling sausages for late lunch, watching two episodes of one tree hill, chatting and soon going to fold the clothes stacked on my couch.

    after that maybe dinner with mum and cousin, watching tvb dramas on aod, chatting and onlining all night and then sleeping a 3 oclock in the morning. pretty much expected already.

    by far, only one person made such an impact in my love life. someone i would remember so much in the future but yet we will be the best of friends. someone that i could mention about it the future and have jokes with on how i was so attached to him.

    i know from years to come, i will have you in my life as the friend that you've always had been to me. a good friend that will be there with me throughout my greatest moments in my life. i dont want our friendship to just end or be cold and unentertained to after i leave. you have to always be there whether is it physically or mentally. remember that.

    i guess what i learned from the season finale is that, at your weakest and darkest moments in your life, only true friends will stay there for you. it works whether it is on screen or in reality.

    watching Brooke and Peyton being the bestest friends they could, it reminds me of my best friend. eventhough we may not be seeing each other every single day or talking or gossiping or going shopping together, i guess we know that we will always be there for each other. and cherly, i believe that nothing will change in years to come.

    one tree hill makes me emo. (:

    lets hope work will be fine tomorrow since there will be another new guy working. Matthew. i only work well with guys somehow. i dont know why but thats a known fact.

    with love,

    msuic addiction : Kate Voegele - Sweet Silver Lining

  21. the logo on my tshirt. <3
    and its now my desktop background. <3

    i finally bought it! my first owned liverpool thing. (: whenever i wear this i will remember alot. the game. the place i watched it. the date. the person. hotties. it will just refresh all my good memories.

    work was fun today. first time after sooooooo many days of sucky working periods, today was fun. only four of us was working tonight. me, vanessa, jun and issac.

    the two guys are nice people la so far. especially that issac is damn funny. the way he sings, the way he talks is just funny. ahah! and jun seems kinda easy to talk to. and he knows yong shen. small world.

    they both said the same thing about their first impression on me. i am lanci! ahah. i know i am. its already a known fact that i have face problem. quoted by kah tim "your face lanci like fuck". ahaha! that was a good one and its true. (:

    walter came to visit me today though. talked for quite a while until we saw puan teo. her daughter bought something from nike and we sort of talked abit then she left. walter said he somehow still feel the vibe when he is talking to her. ahahah!

    and... i saw mr. rasyidi today! remember the form 4 english teacher that only thought us for three months? i mean those in 4 browser and 4 winzip. its been soooo long since i saw him and he gave me a damn funny laugh when he saw me. the good old high school days. ):

    shit man. do i really look that old ah? jun said i look like his age which is 19 or older than him. sighs. and yesterday a guy which is younger than me one year, called me AUNTY! that is really damn damn sad. stupid fella.

    i am off tomorrow. yay! i get to watch the three new episodes of one tree hill that i downloaded. :D i just love the show too much.

    and.... i am in love is Kris Allen's Heartless. i have been playing the song again and again since morning.

    sighs. thinking about a person who doesnt even care is pointless and depressing. as much as i said i not so mentally attached anymore, i am still holding onto it based on this very slight connection.

    oklaaaa. off to my one tree hill. nights people!

    and lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHEAU TIEN! i shall go visit you when i am in melbourne. long time didnt hang out already. hoped you enjoyed your day. (:


    music addiction : Kris Allen - Heartless

  22. no boundaries.

    Monday, June 01, 2009

    one of the two reasons i love liverpool.

    eventhough there was this 'talk' during shop briefing but the ending is just one thing pretend. pretend that things are fine. pretend to talk like friends. another word to phrase it is, fake.

    i may talk to her like usual but i dont like her. we may talk during work but i can guarantee you, there wont be any talk outside of work. i have plenty of people to talk to rather than talking to her.

    and i think i just dont like this particular one person. the other one is actually kinda fine to me. in fact i went shopping with her just now.

    ahhh whatever la. work is dramatic. lets hope the new people brings better working environment.

    i am getting myself a liverpool tshirt! finally i found myself a nice liverpool tshirt. its pretty simple la but compared to the other one they have, the one i wanted to buy looks better on me.

    even it is the guy's tshirt, at least i have a liverpool tshirt and make it memorable. it somehow means in a different way to me. :D

    and... i managed to get 20% discount from the adidas people. ahaha! but after discount it will cost me RM 87.90. somehow expensive. but i guess it is worth the memories.

    and i am getting it tomorrow~!

    i bought damn banyak things from padini but i guess it is worth it. really damn cheap la. and comfy.

    sighs. tomorrow i am working from 10 to 10 le. at least it is my only full shit left. i hope it will pass fast. and then wednesday will be my off day! (:

    k laaa. i am tired already. nights!

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Ashley Tisdale - It's Alright, It's Okay

  23. i am stupid enough to wait on something that i can never get to.

    work was fake. i dont know how to say this but i think i am starting to turn into that two face person that i hate. i hate the bitch cause she is damn blardy two face but well.. i guess i am becoming like one too.

    i cant help but to be two face. maybe it is an excuse. i dont know. but i cant be working the whole day yet dont talk to her and get all moody and arrogant looking just because i hate her. i am trying so hard not to care but i cant. i keep it inside and remember and then revenge. thats just me.

    i cant believe how much i laughed and joked with her after whatever happened yesterday. as much as i hate people who are like that, i am damn two face towards her.

    screw it.

    i had some words of wisdom from you yesterday. i am trying so hard to listen but yet just somehow listened only half. since when do your words make so much sense?

    finished work at 10 pm and went to buy ramly with ferns and chun kit. ferns drove though. and it was his last day at work. ):

    came back and received a message from an ex college classmate asking me about the MU tickets. i was shocked to see that it was from chee xun. glad that i managed to help him though. maybe thats the advantage of working in nike.

    it was thaaaaat important till i managed to con him to treat me a meal in australia. ahahaha! and also made him thank me sooo many times. btw, you are welcome chee xun. (:

    talked to jia shen for a bit and realised so much.

    i guess i myself is being stupid to hold onto something that has no future at all but i yet i couldnt tell myself to let go. love? maybe it is for you but i dont think it is the word to describe me.

    there is a shop briefing tomorrow at 9 am. i wonder how things will be. and thank god i am only working till 6 pm.

    k laaa~! its late and i have to go to bed. nights people!

    much love,

    music addiction : Flo Rida - Sugar