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  1. tempted to tell.

    Tuesday, November 30, 2010

    didn't blog yesterday cause by the time i got back from asia cafe was already like 2am. and just straight went to bed.

    so now my posts are all like a day late.

    okay okay lets start with yesterday, after breakkie with teck wei, i slept for like half and hour and was just lazing around the house and onlining.

    and aunty made one of my favourite food.

    fried wanton and fuchuk. (((:

    then went with cousin brother to get his wedding photos and stuffs done at jalan ipoh. after that dinner was at wangsa maju.

    the food was all good. :DD

    after dinner, got home then drove my altis for the first time out even without license. HAHA! but only to cherly's house only la then went over to murni in enlin's car together with cherly to meet up with qihong and eejun. then yew wei joined us too.

    the boys were there to watch their newcastle and chelsea match.

    my ribena special.

    during half time we left to station one to continue the other half of the match one geh but then somehow they weren't playing it so we just went to the hawker opposite mcd in taipan.

    was there till it finished then jia shen came by.

    me and cherly and jia shen left for another yumcha session along with teck wei. was at asia cafe.

    my ice lemon tea and indomie.

    left about 1 plus in the morning, came home and slept already cause we had breakfast plans this morning.

    suppose to wake up at 8am cause breakkie plan is at 8.30am. but couldn't wake up. the night before i made sure teck wei to be my alarm clock so his phone call woke me up which i am pretty sure i still sounded so dead asleep on the phone. haha

    which he then came and fetch me about 15 minutes later and then went to get jia shen then cherly and went over to usj23 for dim sum.

    got home not long then went out to jpj at pj to get my license done.

    home about 11 something then about 1 plus drove the altis officially with license out to pyramid with my cousin.

    and met up with qihong there. we just went walking around ni.

    had jumbo mango mix at ice monster.

    cousin and mr lim. (:

    qihong left to look for his mum and bro and i had to go to jusco to get new pillow and bolster.

    was home by 5pm. loveeee driving my new car lo. :DDD

    slept for like an hour then dinner then just stayed at home lo. no plans tonight. just watching house bunny on tv lo. well... more like hearing.

    tomorrow going for harry potter. (:

    okla niteeeee!


  2. 多想永遠擁抱你..

    Sunday, November 28, 2010

    its 9 something in the morning now. just got back from melur for breakkie with teck wei. somehow his text managed to wake me up and yea cause i am not free during the day and he so smart haven't sleep yet the whole night and thought i would be free in the morning so yea.. breakfast it is. (:

    hmmm.. so so start with yesterday.. was so busy till when i came back i have no time to blog also.

    breakfast yesterday was at usj 14's hawker.

    had my favourite vegetarian food.

    been looking everywhere for this lady cause she use to be at the hawker at taipan which is now pappa rich? or is it even still pappa rich? but yea that corner shop. finally i found her. :DD

    then went to uncle's after that went to see my grandparents at wangsa maju and brought them to old town minum teh for like an hour which i had hazelnut white ice coffee and my cheese and ham polo bun. (:

    should have just stick to my usual fresh lemon ice tea. haha

    then later fetched cousin from UM after his exams and he dropped us off at ISKL in ampang which is the International School of Kuala Lumpur cause mum's customer comes friend invited us to watch her son's high school musical production play.

    all the casts.

    it was Footloose the musical.

    and its really really good!!! lead actor is the guy with the black cardigan (:

    way way above my expectations. Chris which is mum's customer comes friend's son is the lead actor, Ren McCormack.

    its about this boy Ren McCormack leaving Chicago and moving into this small town called Bomont. and dancing is against the law in this town. so its basically about how he changed their perceptions and about his life.

    really goooood ((: enjoyed my so much last night.

    by the time i got home also like 11pm already and then dinner and uncle was here till the MU match was over and i slept at about 1.30am.

    which means in total i only slept for 6 hours till teck wei's text woke me up. now i am feeling sleepy already..... haha maybe nap awhile. (:

    tonight out for dinner. :D


    much much love,

    music addiction : 张智成 - 末日之恋
    (on my repeat for like 30 times already) thanks to teck wei. haha (:

  3. my perception had change. (:

    Saturday, November 27, 2010

    900th post. :D

    cleaned my room nicely before i left.

    during exam period it was like a junk yard. notes, clothes, hats, pants, pens, calculator, money, etc all lying around on my bed on the side i don't sleep on and on table.

    vacuumed and made sure everything was alright cause i'll be away from my room for like 3 months le.

    aunty D fetched me to the airport at 8am and checked in my baggage within like 10 minutes after i reached. that's cause i flew by airasia Premium. soooooo niceee!!

    now don't ask me fly by MAS already. i rather use the money of flying MAS and pay to fly by airasia Premium. super niceeeeee!! i don't even need to consider emirates at all. with airasia premium, upgrading to 30kg you only pay 18aud. super cheap!

    first check in is like nobody one. when everyone was like lining up till like so damn blardy long.

    went over to the international gates straight after cause i have nothing to do anyways. and went earlier cause needa do tax refund for the ipad.

    and just sat at the boarding gate watching eat, pray, love.

    second thing bout flying by premium is you get to board first. (:

    boarded the plane about 11pm. it was kinda delayed a little bit. 20 minutes or so.

    third, look at the seat laaaaa!

    i can have my laptop at the side, bag on the seat and everything also i don't feel crampy at all okay.

    fourth, leg room is omg spacious la.

    fifth, there is a power socket so i could charge my laptop!

    sixth, you can like adjust everything. and lie completely flat too. thats like super cool okay!

    okla food is like normal la. no biggie.

    and they provide proper pillow and blanket too.

    but you gotta give back one, not like MAS, wanna take then can just take. har har!

    i practically slept my whole way back.

    like seriously i've never slept so much on the flight to anywhere before. eventhough i had like so much shows to watch and all that, all i did was while charging my laptop, i was just having songs playing on my earphones and i slept.

    i get to lie down like bed le, might as well sleeeeeeep.. :DDDD

    sorry la i am kinda jakun about flying premium. my first encounter to something like this le. i absolutely loved it! my upgrade for $100 is so damn worth it!! (((:

    almost reaching already.

    touched down about 4.40pm and by 5pm i was out of lcct already. lastly about premium is that the baggage comes out first than anybody elses.

    and my bagged was tagged hi-flyer. :D

    went oldtown yumcha awhile with mum and two cousins. fei zhai and oh lou. :D and called teck wei and also qi hong. (:

    dinner was at zanmai. (:

    we are treated like some serious regular at zanmai lo. i mean yes la mum, cousin they all are super regulars so practically knows everyone there. we are never needed to queue up at all one. like seriously just walk in only. awesome!

    after that just came home chill till like 1 something only slept.

    it just nice to be home. but honestly speaking, it wasn't as exciting as the first time i got back 3 months plus ago cause at that time i haven't been home for like a year, this time just 3 months plus so... yea.

    going out in a while. visiting uncle and my grandparents. and then going for some concert thingy. will be back tonight. (:

    sher xoxo.

  4. i am back in malaysia now. (: which is the fun part bout today that i mentioned in yesterday's post. eheh =D

    left melbourne this morning at 11.20am. but woke up at like 7.15am which i only slept at 3.30am cause i skyped with tim for like 2 hours before i went to bed.

    his birthday present from me two years ago. (:
    photo courtesy of tim's n82. =D

    i am so glad that he really likes it. i mean its worth the hunting high and low for it times.

    it was so good talking for that long. tho i was like really sleepy and had to really get to bed but you know its hardly that i caught up with him and we've been trying to schedule this skype call for like days already. and also i really needed it at that time.

    made me laugh until my jaw ached when we were done skyping. haha me miss him..

    okla i will blog on today's flight home and dinner later a little bit la. needa unpack my bag first. ciao!


  5. finally i have some time to get to with blogging. i was too tired yesterday to blog and the night before too.

    first and foremost, yesterday's exam was like super crappy la. gosh...

    after exam i met up with victor and celine who is now already back in malaysia. so fast! we went to Trunk Diner for lunch which is on exhibition street. (:

    my wagyu burger. $10 but i added some onions so extra $1.50.

    it was a nice place for lunch la. so cafe-ish and i love it! tho it is abit pricey but nice atmosphere. (((: just sat there and chit chatted. and then mana tau victor paid for our lunch. it was his treat! thank youuuuu so much victor!!

    too bad i forgot about pictures. ):

    then i left to dfo to get a polo from tommy hilfiger for my cousin and also go shopping. i only bought like two tops for $5 each because i was like so exhausted to walk anymore. my bag weighed a tonne, and i was like super lack of sleep.

    i slept at 11.30pm the night before and woke up at 2.30am to study. and was up the whole day after that. tired until...... =/

    then i got back to the city to get some chocolates and was suppose to head home then yao yun called and ask me to go dinner with her and jo ann. so yea i was like why not la... eventhough i was like dead tired.

    jo ann came with robin and off we went to lygon street to eat at papa gino's. nice le the food.. ((:

    our vegetarian pizza which is nice!

    carbonara risotto. yummmmmmyy!

    fettucini marinara. yummm too!

    me and yao yun.

    me jo and yao yun.

    forgot to take picture of jo and robin. haha. they are both so cute la together! ((:

    total was only $13 each for 4 of us. good lo. cheap le. plus its nice food. i quite enjoyed last night's meal.

    then went to freddo's for ice cream.

    some berry flavour which i forgot the name and roche.

    we left about 9.30pm. and i reached home about 10 something. and i had some packing to do. by 1am i collapse on the bed already.

    ooo and my free tshirt from rebel sport cause when you sign up you get $20 voucher so i got this. cool tshirt! (:

    today, had to wake up at 10am cause i needa vacuum up my room and i had to go out cause cousin's tommy polo needa change size.

    done with all the cleaning by 12pm and left. met up with yao yun and off we went dfo shopping again. :DDD

    waited for her at the tram stop in front of southern cross station so that we could get on the same tram.

    it was a rainy day today...

    while waited i had my sushi roll lunch. ((: gonna miss it when i get back. haha!

    today i got mood to shop lo. (((: so was yao yun. she rarely go shopping with me and she bought more stuff than me somemore. hahaha!

    i bought two tshirts from jeanswest and a high waisted shorts from jay jays.

    we were there till 4 something i think. walked through the exhibition centre on our way back cause it was raining. and there was this Sexpo thing going on there. hahah couples and bunches of friends are going for it together. so funny.

    and if you get in they will give you this sticker that says, "i just got fucked @ sexpo". i saw it on some girls tshirt. hahaah.. sorry mi abit vulgar, if you are reading this la! ((:

    it was a fun day out! i enjoy shopping with my girlfriends one lo. :DDD

    then got back to city and went to priceline to get vitamins and all that then safeway for vitamins and chocolates. after that i thought of going to max brenner to have their chocolate brownie one geh.. but it was like 6pm already.

    so instead we just went straight for dinner.

    dinner at menya, melbourne central.

    my curry katsu don. $8.50

    after dinner went chill at yao yun's place till like 8.30pm only i left. awesome yet tiring day....!

    now i got somemore stuff to do before i can sleep. gotta wake up at 7am somemore. not fun.

    BUT it will be fun tomorrow. (((:

    ciao first! love ya'll!!


    music addiction : Altiyan Childs - Somewhere in the World

  6. tell me who's that girl... ((:

    Monday, November 22, 2010

    altiyan childs won the X factor australia 2010!

    he is one major transformation. like seriously.. i absolutely hated him at the start of the competition cause i find he is some joker who takes nothing seriously and can't go far. hahaha turns out i am so wrong.

    and after the week he did bon jovi's living on a prayer, i was like omg he is good. like really good... then he started showing this other side of him no one saw. and its beautiful. i mean he has this desperation is wanting to win the competition so badly and he is somewhat a great guy. well.. at least that's what he is potraying on tv la.

    glad that he won.

    sally chatfield. ((=

    but yet i loveeee sally too! that girl doesn't have to win the competition to get far. she is like a star already. pretty sure i am gonna hear lots about her in the future. (:

    and i loveeee both of their winner singles. Somewhere In The World. awesome song!

    altiyan's version.

    sally's version.

    today is just super damn hot. like seriously hot until... hate it!! please la hot weather come after i ciao back to malaysia already la..

    ironically, malaysia is hot too but here is hot and dry which makes it feel twice as hot. thats why..

    did maths and watched the little mermaid. cause i downloaded this whole pack of disney cartoons. and i still prefer this drawing kinda cartoon than the now disney cartoons. the digitalised ones makes it feel a little unoriginal. haha!

    hmm.. now i shall go do my usual routine online stuff and then go sleep and wake up tomorrow and study study study.. )):

    so looking forward till my exams are over. i already have wednesday lunch planned with victor and celine. we are going to trunk diner! heard so much about it.. now i get to go try before i ciao home. :DDD

    signing off. mwahs!

    lots of love,

    music addiction : Guy Sebastian - Who's That Girl