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    Friday, November 05, 2010

    didn't blog yesterday because i went to sleep at 9.45pm. damn early lo.. like the earliest i actually went to bed here in oz. haha

    and slept right through till this morning 7am. woke before my alarm rang. haha

    apparently mum called me too when i was asleep and was asking for my ic number to book air tickets. thank god i gave the right one cause i have this tendency of not knowing what i said when i am asleep but yet most of the time it seems to be right. just that i couldn't recall what i said. haha..

    okay so start with yesterday.


    celine was the one who gave us the tickets. thankssss celine! (((:

    and bought this melbourne cup pin as souvenir. plus 2010 the 150th anniversary also. (:

    met up in melbourne central around 10am. then i went to buy a bottle of hairspray and bread then off we left to flinders and switch trains and got to flemington racecourse.

    wheeeee.....! finally i got to see real cherry blossoms!!! so pretty and look so fake but its real! so cool wor....!

    a random shot which first started off with us helping this bunch of guys to take their pictures. then ended up they want a pictures of us girls but we asked them to come and take together too.


    okla i won't wanna go to the race again unless there is like an exception or something. got nothing to do one. not like we bet on horse racing nor drink so pretty much nothing to do.

    we were there less than 2 hours then ciaoed already. haha

    but still... thanks to celine for the tickets la. at least now i got to experience what the race is like. (((:

    then we took the train and went to chapel street for greco's mud cake!

    oh my favourite laaaaa...! yummmms!! (((:

    sticky date pudding. not my slice of cake. not a fan of dates.

    after greco's was some shopping in the city. first stop melbourne central.

    which i spotted this omg so nice pair of black pumps.

    but but not comfortable one. i only wore it for like 5 minutes and i think i got a sprained just then by wearing it. but look damn awesome lo...

    after that just went walking on bourke street and bubble tea at ten ren's then came home already.

    came home had a pie and slept. that sums up yesterday. (:

    i had fun tho!


    went to uni for my last day of class. till 1.30pm and i went... hehe shopping. (: can't blame me le.. i haven't been like really going out shopping for like a month already la. hands and legs damn itchy already..

    since i know i wouldn't be able to shop until i go back to malaysia. i might as well do it now.

    just walked on swanston street and to docklands.


    awesome day!

    came home and then also found out i passed my practical exam too!!

    double the happiness!!!

    now i am off to watching some series and then go sleep and wake up early and do laundry. then going out to ikea tomorrow for the eat your discount thing.

    then after tomorrow quarantine at home and study. booooo....! (:

    kla off to vampire diaries, greys anatomy and private practice and america's next top model if possible. nights!!

    lots and lots of love,

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