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  1. its cup day today. means public holiday. but no holiday for me... so so sad.. ):

    woke up so late that i gotta rush out of the house in like just 10 minutes. then realise it is a public holiday thus its gonna be the weekend timetable for the buses and train. and then figured out i didn't have to rush so much cause the bus wasn't gonna come till another 10 minutes.

    this is one thing i like about the spring carnival. guys in suit... girls is pretty colourful dresses and nice hair and fascinators and all that.

    made me wanna go along too. if it wasn't for exams tomorrow, i really would. but considering that the weather wasn't so good, i might be a little relieved i couldn't make it. har har..

    got to uni and met up with davin and started working on routing stuff. tomorrow's exam is gonna killllll me....! HELP!

    luckily managed to work through most of the practical part and got everything done. now i am just like super worried of the theory part...

    went for lunch at petaling street.

    my "sing chau mai". singapore fried vermicelli. not bad (:

    apparently their mee goreng is not too bad too.

    was in uni till about 5pm then we left. got home, didn't do any study but watch aunty D cooked and ate fried rice and pulut hitam and just finished latest episode of gossip girl.

    i know i have an exam but no harm for that 45 minutes right? (:

    will be heading off to bed. gotta wake up early and study. study my ass offffff...!! don't like exams. seriously hate it!

    oh and met james in the library who was kind enough to just suddenly give us some chocolates which davin didn't want so, i took it all home. :DD

    it was really out of no where. haha

    kla kla. good night.

    sher xoxo.

    cherly is going back this weekend. omgsofast!! and i haven't seen her almost a month now.. omgomg! and her exams are over.. and i haven't even started. BOO! haha (:

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