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  1. hello!

    uni today was just group meeting in the library. which i got a $5 fine by the way. blame me for not getting the time right.

    was home by like 4pm.

    and now my journey in the train is like fully occupied with me playing games on my iphone. its a pretty rare scene but yea i guess its gonna happen more from now on. (:

    slept for a bit then woke up for dinner and then x factor results show.

    enrique iglesias is like so HAWT! :DDDD haha!

    suppose to be studying but i am slacking right now. i should really start writing stuff into my lab journal already. tick tock tick tock... wednesday is coming........ dread it!!

    tomorrow is the melbourne cup day. which is a public holiday and i will be going back uni to study with davin on wednesday's test. it'll be productive. i hope...

    for now, back to my papers. no no don't like it!!


    lots of love,

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