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  1. my brunch today. shredded roast chicken with a slice of cheese and some lettuce with toasted multigrain bread. (:

    woke up at 1pm today. i was up at like 8 something and then fell back asleep. managed to text cherly before she left and replied some texts and then slept right through till 1. haha

    did nothing much. only studied a little bit tho.

    before i know it, it was like 7.30pm already. means it was time for X factor. (((: wheeee i love watching reality tvs la okay. (:

    and.. tomorrow i am having a major presentation. i hope i'll be fine tho. we shall see about that. have to leave home about 9am. double the sienness.

    made plans to meet up with loong for drink after that since i haven't catch up with him for like almost a month already.

    now, i am back to preparing presentation slides and writing what i am gonna talk about. sien sien sien laaaa!

    then friday first paper. oh no!



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