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  1. whenever i get to MA i kinda get too lazy on updating my blog. usually at home i have nothing much to do so i have freer time to update but here, i rarely have the time anyways. and i'll be here till like next friday so yeap..

    plus my finals is coming up.. hmmm =/

    anyhow, i'll start with thursday la...

    woke up early in the morning to make sure i went down to the city to collect a pair of shoe and to do some present hunting as later in the afternoon i have to head over to clayton. in short is, morning go down city, get everything done then get back home to bath and collect my clothes and laptop then head over to clayton..

    loveeeee this knitted top from sportsgirl! (((: $20

    and went to collect this pair of boots..
    no more shoes for me for at least a while.. hehe =P

    and also managed to get all the presents. and was home by 1245pm. packed everything and left the house and got over here in clayton at 3pm. went to monash's campus centre for a sushi roll as lunch.

    dinner, we ordered dominos (:

    ended up doing my assignments and mahjonging over in khai shien's room till about 2 something 3 in the morning i think?


    woke up about 2pm and studied a little bit, watched an episode of movie and studied a wee bit more, then about 6pm we left for dinner.

    we as in me, teck wei, khai shien, rachel and gen.

    went to carnegie's kimchi grandma. jeremy joined us too. sooo there were 6 of us (:

    dinner came to about $16 per person.

    then went to do some grocery shopping and was back in MA about 935pm? headed to khai shien's room again and they played a few rounds of mahjong, ate the horlick and maltesers ice cream that gen made and just sat there at chit chatted. cause jeremy left at about 1030 cause he had to go back down to the city to work. so yeap..


    supposed to leave MA at 12pm to go down to the city and meet up with celine for lunch but i totally overslept and only woke up at 12pm. hehe.. in the end me and khai shien were 20 minutes late than scheduled time and teck wei was too sleepy that he didn't join us today.

    we headed over to Affogato on hardware lane for lunch.

    my lamb meatballs borek. $11

    its like roti canai wrapping lamb meatballs, semi dried tomatoes, spinach and cheese inside. i quite like it. would like it even more if there would be more stuff inside. i reckon its abit little in the inside.

    khai shien's ham panini. $11.. i really liked this one.

    celine's chicken panini. $13.50

    yao yun came and joined us later too and had half of celine's chicken panini. after lunch, headed over to koko black in the royal arcade on bourke street.

    my baby chocolate mousse! yumssss me likey likey! $4

    yao yun and her hot chocolate.

    khai shien's iced chocolate.

    celine just ordered a small pot of earl grey tea. basically we just sat there for like 2 hours maybe? and played like 4 5 rounds of monopoly deal i think. cause we were placed at this corner with comfy couches and a nice table to have a monopoly deal session. hahah!

    left the city around 6pm and me and khai shien reached back at MA at about 7pm?

    i fried chicken thigh schnitzel and hashbrown for me and teck wei as our dinner (: mine with one hashbrown, his with three. hehe and both with one schnitzel.

    now... i shall continue studying.. yorrrr my exam next friday aaaaaa! help a help!!!

    and this is my next semester's timetable. not too bad la i would say. =D


    much love,
    sher xoxo.

  2. pouring the heart and soul.

    Tuesday, July 26, 2011

    i have been MIAing for quite a while now.. seems like i have so many days to catch up with. first up,


    went to MA around noon. then me, teck wei, jia shen and khai shien went to chaddy since cherly was already there.

    had japanese for dinner. $12.60 for both.

    that night itself had a drinking session. khai shien didn't join cause he was too tired so it was just the four of us plus ck, rachel and gen.

    we had chivas, gentleman jack?, cherries dipping in gentleman jack and baileys.

    by the end of the session it was like 1 plus only. went up to the room and was kinda sleepy already so went and lie down. but it was a bad bad idea. made me feel so sick.. i literally went into the toilet and sat in front of the toilet bowl for like so long.. in the end still went back to bed without puking. ahaha


    lunch, ck fetched me, teck wei, cherly and jia shen to kotaraya. had their hainanese chicken rice. and about 5 something, me, teck wei and khai shien headed out to catch the bus and get down to the city for our s9 dinner in welcoming wei ping's arrival.

    oh and went down to the city together with ken too. but had a miscalculated journey and over shot till north melbourne and had to take another two more trains to get to melbourne central. hahaha!

    me and audrey.

    ernest, khai shien and daniel.

    the girls. audrey, siew yung, wei ping!!, michelle and me (:

    us. the new s9-08' family in melbourne!! jia shen is missing tho.. hehe

    dinner was at dragon boat which cost us $20 per person )):

    then headed over to brunetti on swanston between flinders and collins for dessert.

    which i ended up with starbuck's double chocolate chip which was located only two doors away and had it while sitting with the rest at brunetti.

    back at MA by 11pm i think?


    went to chaddy for movie with teck wei, cherly and jia shen.

    watched harry potter.

    honestly, i didn't quite enjoy the ending. i preferred part 1 of the deathly hallows.

    but anyhow i still like to watch harry potter. especially the first 4 episodes. hehe (:

    did groceries shopping after movie then went to carnegie for dinner at shyun.

    had their ryukyu don salmon. $10.90

    went back to MA, lazed around then went and watch them play mahjong over in khai shien's room while i was busy customising my new iphone 4. hehe

    later, helped teck wei to cut some of his hair. hahaha!


    woke up at 3pm. lazed on the bed till 4pm. then started cooking fried rice half an hour after that and was only done at 6pm.

    cooked tom yum fried rice but forgot to take pictures ): tom yum fried rice for two. hehehe i quite like it (((:

    cherly came after dinner and helped teck wei to cut more of his hair. simply cause i don't dare to cut much of his fringe and sides. i only did the back of his hair.

    later on, rachel came over and helped him to cut the front and the sides.

    he had the all the girls in his room that night helping him with his hair and cleaning up his kitchen. ahahah!


    went to monash campus centre to have early lunch with them. about 1130 i left to get to uni for my tutorial. after classes, went to milano to find wei ping to hand her my hard disk for movies and series which was when i caught a cold by being under the rain.

    got home by 5pm. chilled and ate some dinner and died on the bed by 9pm. i was feeling so sick with the flu and sore throat.


    slept straight till morning and went for classes. got to the city about 1130am and met up with wei ping and brought her to docklands for some shopping. she needed to get quite some stuffs. so yea.. just basically walking around.

    and lunch was at the groove train.

    they have this lunch deal going on which is quite cheap. its a $12 lunch deal on mondays to fridays between 12pm to 4pm and not applicable on public holidays. and the pizzas on the deals are woodfire pizzas which are supposingly to be nicer (:

    carpricio pizza. and this is really good! i loveeeee it ((: $12

    i find it damn dai lo.. plus its really nice. one pizza and the both of us shared.

    with the full stomach, we went walking around somemore. after docklands, headed over to spencer street precinct. about 530pm we parted ways and i hopped on the train straight from southern cross.

    was home by 630pm (: surprisingly i came back without any shopping bags at all. ahaha!

    my new white iphone 4!!♥♥

    i loveeee it. like seriously.. the resolution is soooo much better than my old 3gs. and...

    me likey my new case. so pweeeeetie! (:

    bought another lace up case too.

    hehehe (((: now i have a new toy =PPPP

    not so fun news on the way... my exam for my winter subject is next friday. ))): boooo... study mode have to be switched on soon.

    i am heading to bed now.

    tomorrow last day of classes. and i am still down with a terrible flu.. helppppppp! )):

    niteee peeps!

    with love,

  3. my dream.

    Wednesday, July 20, 2011

    my dream location on where to be.
    if only one day my dream would come true..
    even for a day, looking over that view, it is enough.

    will not be home for the next 4 days. and will be back by the end of the week. since i am getting paranoid over the little neighbour in my room, being out is good.

    and i'll be a happier person when there's you.


  4. maybe its a sign.

    Monday, July 18, 2011

    me likey my cheap sloppy jumper-ish top from target yesterday (:

    today was nothing but uni, physics, train, bus, eating bread dipping in curry.. yums btw.., watching pretty little liars, doing lab report due tomorrow which i still have a conclusion to right, dinner and now, somemore pretty little liars.

    everyday is so boring. i can't wait for the friday! dinner with the s9s with the main agenda, the arrival of miss lum wei ping!! =DD which she will be here tomorrow! (((: its fun having new addition to the s9 family as time passes by. and its wei ping we're talking about, whats not fun about that right...

    next week will be my last week of winter term.. then the following week exam.. ): sighhhh

    i think i am gonna be bored to death right now..

    =/ bu shuang..


    partly cause.. my dosage of you daily seems to be depleting.. tho its just been since saturday, but it feels longer.. eventho there are daily chats, but somehow along the line, its becoming to one message every one and a half hour. and prolly because i am reaching a state where i am not my usual self anymore. last time, i don't cling. now, i think i am starting to pick up... =/

  5. we are a number.

    Sunday, July 17, 2011


    today is one good day. went out shopping with aunty D and came home with stuffs. its very unusual for me to come home without stuffs. so yeap =P

    just went walking around highpoint. practically walked the entire mall.. and had quite a late lunch cause we were covering the grounds first then only went to eat.

    had laksa king (((:

    aunty D's ipoh hor fun..

    apparently ipoh hor fun here is like "wat tan hor" back home. not the usual ipoh hor fun i know that has shredded chicken and hor fun in soup. hmmm...

    and my nasi goreng.

    the portions were so big.. i am still full right up to now. tho i had a little bit of curry with two pieces of chicken that aunty D cooked and had it dipped with a slice of bread for my dinner.

    love dipping bread with curry! hehehehe.. think i am gonna have it for lunch tomorrow when i get back from classes too =DD


    i super love what i bought today...

    my first owned clothes from sportsgirl (: i super duper love this knit jumper. $35 ♥♥

    its abit on the pricey side for me cause i don't usually buy an item for that price. but when i super duper love it, there will be an exception (: plus.. aunty D gave me ang pau for my birthday so might as well just get it as tho its a present from her.. hehe

    valleygirl tank with the "now" colours. $5

    seriously i think now the orange and the pink is like some IT colour or something. its everywhere in all the fashion shops. plus the yellow and the blue too. which they are all really bright colours.. even tony bianco has this whole entire range of pumps with those colours..

    target sloppy oversized long sleeve jumper-ish. $7

    plus mum's birthday present, a $10 garnet pendant for myself and a nail polish (:

    hehehe... i do shop but i would say the price i go for is quite reasonable and most of the time cheap to me. which is good ((:

    okiela... i'll get back to my series.

    and then class tomorrow )): plus tomorrow after i get back from uni, i gotta work on my lab report.. hmmss..

    nights peeps!

    with love,

  6. uber happy and satisfied! =D

    Friday, July 15, 2011

    been eating too much these two days. but yumsssss! (((:


    had funky curry for lunch with jia shen, teck wei, khai shien and yao yun.

    one meat one vege curry for $9.

    after that had one passionfruit macaroons from lindt and then a cup of taiwan mango QQ from chatime. then went to yao yun's and monopoly dealed.

    ended up being home about 745pm. then spent the night doing assignments and watching pretty little liars. plus went a little emofied last night. only god knows why.


    met up the same bunch again for brunch! more like going for an aussie style breakfast which is super duper yummy and awesome! and i absolutely loveeeee aussie breakfast!

    went to Mart. i've always wanted to try this place. and its totally awesome!

    its a tram stop on the Route 96. mart is the opposite of tram (:

    i had the free range scrambled eggs with chives, shaved parmesan, truffle oil, mushrooms and sauteed spinach.

    it was sooo good!! i loved it!! tho it cost me like $17.90 but worth every penny. i was so happy and satisfied after that. hehe

    yao yun's poached eggs with smoked salmon, creme fraiche, fresh spinach, red onion caper and dill salsa. this was good too!

    teck wei and jia shen both had the scotch fillet steak sandwich.

    and khai shien's toasted chicken pide.

    i don't have fancy fancy ingredients listed for the last two because i didn't take the back of the menu to recall what is in it. eheh

    it was pricey but i loved it so much! can i make a habit of trying out different cafes for their food at least once a month? =DD

    after being satisfied, we went over to st kilda and walked to the pier, had a look at one penguin and just walking along the beach. since khai shien and teck wei both haven't been there.

    managed to walked around and digest our food a lil which we then headed for fish and chips on acland street.

    two of this fish pack, $7.90 each and another two fillets of the fish of the day, $5.20 each.

    i don't think the fish and chips ever tasted this good like today. out of all the times i've been to this shop, today's fish tasted exceptionally good. it was cooked to perfection! just nicely done. not too cook and not rare. yummmms!

    and i think the seasoning on top made it better too. omaiii i wanna eat somemore naoo..):

    then we hopped on the tram and headed back out to the city and went to yao yun's and just hang around. painted my nails dark dark purple, watched and heard the guys played mahjong on their phone, monopoly dealed two rounds and learnt a new term for something i've never heard ever. ahah

    headed home after and was home by 715pm.

    just cleaned up my room and cleaned up my mac. now off to series!

    my presents from audrey and yao yun. SJP's perfume and salt scrub. hehe ((:

    omaiii i am still so full from all the food just now. and i am not even planning on eating anything for dinner. so full but yet craving for all sorts of food nao =DD hehehe