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    Sunday, July 17, 2011


    today is one good day. went out shopping with aunty D and came home with stuffs. its very unusual for me to come home without stuffs. so yeap =P

    just went walking around highpoint. practically walked the entire mall.. and had quite a late lunch cause we were covering the grounds first then only went to eat.

    had laksa king (((:

    aunty D's ipoh hor fun..

    apparently ipoh hor fun here is like "wat tan hor" back home. not the usual ipoh hor fun i know that has shredded chicken and hor fun in soup. hmmm...

    and my nasi goreng.

    the portions were so big.. i am still full right up to now. tho i had a little bit of curry with two pieces of chicken that aunty D cooked and had it dipped with a slice of bread for my dinner.

    love dipping bread with curry! hehehehe.. think i am gonna have it for lunch tomorrow when i get back from classes too =DD


    i super love what i bought today...

    my first owned clothes from sportsgirl (: i super duper love this knit jumper. $35 ♥♥

    its abit on the pricey side for me cause i don't usually buy an item for that price. but when i super duper love it, there will be an exception (: plus.. aunty D gave me ang pau for my birthday so might as well just get it as tho its a present from her.. hehe

    valleygirl tank with the "now" colours. $5

    seriously i think now the orange and the pink is like some IT colour or something. its everywhere in all the fashion shops. plus the yellow and the blue too. which they are all really bright colours.. even tony bianco has this whole entire range of pumps with those colours..

    target sloppy oversized long sleeve jumper-ish. $7

    plus mum's birthday present, a $10 garnet pendant for myself and a nail polish (:

    hehehe... i do shop but i would say the price i go for is quite reasonable and most of the time cheap to me. which is good ((:

    okiela... i'll get back to my series.

    and then class tomorrow )): plus tomorrow after i get back from uni, i gotta work on my lab report.. hmmss..

    nights peeps!

    with love,

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