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  1. whenever i get to MA i kinda get too lazy on updating my blog. usually at home i have nothing much to do so i have freer time to update but here, i rarely have the time anyways. and i'll be here till like next friday so yeap..

    plus my finals is coming up.. hmmm =/

    anyhow, i'll start with thursday la...

    woke up early in the morning to make sure i went down to the city to collect a pair of shoe and to do some present hunting as later in the afternoon i have to head over to clayton. in short is, morning go down city, get everything done then get back home to bath and collect my clothes and laptop then head over to clayton..

    loveeeee this knitted top from sportsgirl! (((: $20

    and went to collect this pair of boots..
    no more shoes for me for at least a while.. hehe =P

    and also managed to get all the presents. and was home by 1245pm. packed everything and left the house and got over here in clayton at 3pm. went to monash's campus centre for a sushi roll as lunch.

    dinner, we ordered dominos (:

    ended up doing my assignments and mahjonging over in khai shien's room till about 2 something 3 in the morning i think?


    woke up about 2pm and studied a little bit, watched an episode of movie and studied a wee bit more, then about 6pm we left for dinner.

    we as in me, teck wei, khai shien, rachel and gen.

    went to carnegie's kimchi grandma. jeremy joined us too. sooo there were 6 of us (:

    dinner came to about $16 per person.

    then went to do some grocery shopping and was back in MA about 935pm? headed to khai shien's room again and they played a few rounds of mahjong, ate the horlick and maltesers ice cream that gen made and just sat there at chit chatted. cause jeremy left at about 1030 cause he had to go back down to the city to work. so yeap..


    supposed to leave MA at 12pm to go down to the city and meet up with celine for lunch but i totally overslept and only woke up at 12pm. hehe.. in the end me and khai shien were 20 minutes late than scheduled time and teck wei was too sleepy that he didn't join us today.

    we headed over to Affogato on hardware lane for lunch.

    my lamb meatballs borek. $11

    its like roti canai wrapping lamb meatballs, semi dried tomatoes, spinach and cheese inside. i quite like it. would like it even more if there would be more stuff inside. i reckon its abit little in the inside.

    khai shien's ham panini. $11.. i really liked this one.

    celine's chicken panini. $13.50

    yao yun came and joined us later too and had half of celine's chicken panini. after lunch, headed over to koko black in the royal arcade on bourke street.

    my baby chocolate mousse! yumssss me likey likey! $4

    yao yun and her hot chocolate.

    khai shien's iced chocolate.

    celine just ordered a small pot of earl grey tea. basically we just sat there for like 2 hours maybe? and played like 4 5 rounds of monopoly deal i think. cause we were placed at this corner with comfy couches and a nice table to have a monopoly deal session. hahah!

    left the city around 6pm and me and khai shien reached back at MA at about 7pm?

    i fried chicken thigh schnitzel and hashbrown for me and teck wei as our dinner (: mine with one hashbrown, his with three. hehe and both with one schnitzel.

    now... i shall continue studying.. yorrrr my exam next friday aaaaaa! help a help!!!

    and this is my next semester's timetable. not too bad la i would say. =D


    much love,
    sher xoxo.

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