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    Tuesday, August 02, 2011

    aiyooooo i don't wanna study already lar...

    woke up about 1pm today.

    cooked nissin noodle's shoyu flavour for lunch.

    i love the nissin brand instant noodle ler! its all over hong kong and its damn nice in my opinion...! the shoyu flavour got like seaweeds for me to sprinkle on the noodle after also.. me likey likey! ((:

    about 2 plus everyone came over to teck wei's room. everyone as in the both of us, ck, jia shen, cherly and khai shien. all ended up watching the lonely island's music videos. omg so farneyyyyyy! ahah!

    then about 5 pm went to clayton town with teck wei and khai shien. mainly cause needa do grocery shopping.

    and dinner was at this kebab shop in clayton town.

    teck wei's mixed plate.

    and my mixed kebab. $8.50

    hmmmm... cherly is buying banana bread from maccas for me in awhile (: hehehe i shall now resume to studying.

    yorrrrrr i bu yao du shu liao laaaaaaa... and die or not.. i am not feeling the whole finals stress!! maybe cause its like winter term so... arghhhh i don't know lar..

    emo jor.. ciao..


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