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  1. went back to uni today to get some stuff sorted out. which is now all settled and i am super happy about it!

    then went to the city with aunty D.

    first stop was yu-u for lunch. $18 set lunch.

    aunty D's crumbed salmon.

    and my sashimi set.

    yu-u is think quaint basement japanese place on flinders lane. its pretty easy to be missed as there isn't like a huge sign and the entrance seem pretty dodgy like you are about to go underground to some don't know what place. ahah

    then was just walking around in the city till about 5pm. then headed to sensory lab for coffee break.

    my chai and aunty D's skinny latte at the back.

    about 6 plus we got home. ordered thai take out which was really good. i really enjoyed my dinner. the food was yums! and now... prolly heading to bed early.

    early start tomorrow. provided if i can wake. haha


    first puffy sleeves top.


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