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    Tuesday, August 30, 2011

    i tell you the week has been passing by so fast. i haven't been updating regularly and i've been out everyday.. going to uni counts as going out too.. then when weekend comes, i'll be in MA.

    been in MA the past weekend for most of the time as i had to be a butler to my dear. and i tell you.. it is not easy taking care of someone who can't get around much. haha also.. i've been a chinese sinseh as well. i've been chopping up ginger almost every night to put it on his leg to help with the sprain. hmmm.. somehow it helped for the swelling but not much of the pain tho..

    yesterday night we went out for a random late night snack. we as in me, cherly, sean and ck. all the sudden cravings for pancake which brought us to a nice ambience pancake parlour branch with a nice manager. haha

    came back and found out my dearest fell and scraped his skin by hopping and sliding on a pillow that was on the floor ):

    slept about 3 something this morning and was up at 8 something to walk with him to monash's campus centre then went back to MA, cleaned up the room, slept for half an hour then went out to campus centre again. this time for lunch and accompany teck wei for his doctor appointment. after all that, walk him back to MA and stayed for an hour then left for classes.

    which i have a report to write on the lab i went for just now ): and it all looks so complicating. hmm.... i'll see what i can come out with la..

    oh, aunty D cooked some awesome pulut hitam for dessert tonight! yumsss!

    hmmm... a couple of pictures from the weekend. a jumbled up one.

    korean lunch which was treated by derek's sister as me and yao yun met up with him to catch up. yao yun haven't seen derek for 8 years! and i haven't seen him in 3 years? good catch up tho. i miss that boy!

    sunday afternoon was all for wei ping as it was her birthday. brought her to lunch and then to dfo for some shopping and we ended the day by her belanjaing me chatime's bubble tea. hehehe thank youuu wei ping!

    sunday's night dinner. awesome nasi lemak. which only cost $5.50 btw.. yums!

    yesterday afternoon's grocery shopping at clayton town along with cherly and khai shien.

    that's pretty much it about whats going on from friday till yesterday. (:

    now, i am going to bed once i get this posted up. i am exhausted... tomorrow class starts at 1030am somemore..

    and i wanna announce my regrets...! i regretted not going for maroon 5's concert when yao yun went!!

    i am currently very very into adam levine~ always had been, but now just slightly more than before. hehe =D

    he is so fine (: ahah and i realised a habit he makes when he sings. and now teck wei is using it on me. haha ahh~

    kla goodnight!


    music addiction : Dia Frampton - Inventing Shadows

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