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  1. need a tiny break....

    Wednesday, May 30, 2012


    i am in the middle of reading calculations example for monday's exam but i am constantly being distracted by all sorts of things. either me being sleepy or refreshing facebook or refreshing instagram or constantly craving for food and desserts.... i know i am like totally side tracked.. not good not good XD

    today is a very happy day for me. my new born nephew is here! i am currently an very excited aunt! i can't wait to go back to see him (: hehehehe

    see see so cute! looks like both daddy and mummy. more of daddy's eyes! small eyes! HAHA! so cute and tiny and CUTE! <3<3

    cousin sent me a video of him and he is so cute! can tell that my cousin is a super duper happy dad today! welcome to the family, my little nephew =D

    went to uni this morning for my Communication Principles revision class.

    mcd breakkie. now they are having some limited time only burgers and all that. i think there is 6 new stuffs on the menu for a limited time only. but i think sausage mcmuffin with egg muchhhhh better!!

    revision class lasted for about 2 and a half hours and i was like so sleepy. slept for 4 hours then went to uni.... =/

    today was so gloomy. the was barely any sun. plus all the thick clouds...

    came back around 2pm, reheated food for dear, caught up with mum through viber and then i completely snoozed off. till about 630pm. the sky outside was already dark when i opened my eyes.. so don't like the short days!!

    about 7 ish i think.. we went out to the Taste of Singapore for din din.

    today's menu is the Nasi Kuning with ayam masak merah ((: $8.50

    been home since 8 something 9 and i am trying to make my studying productive. but aiyooo... i just ate mashed hard boiled egg with mayonaise, cheese, black pepper and soya sauce. and boiled some meatballs. i am not hungry but just keep wanna munch and munch on food! omggggg.... ))):

    and btw, i super love my own braised yee mee! "mun yee mee"!! so yums my god! i can eat this and my mee hoon everyday. not meaning to self praise but seriously damn good lor...!!

    today after reheating, tasted even better! plus it is so easy to make!! hehehehehe =P

    outfit today.
    my cupcake knit & red hooded coat: taiwan
    leggings: bangkok
    furry ribboned ugg inspired boots: taiwan

    oklah back to studying. bye... )): bye bye peeps.... very reluctant to leave.. hahaa

    with love,

  2. swotvac time..

    Monday, May 28, 2012

    hello people!

    haha i have been MIA-ing for damn long already. okla about a week but it feels long to me... been so busy last night till i was so sick of it. everything had to be due on the last week of the semester all at once. damn crazy man. finally submitted my last assignment this evening. now this whole week i am just suppose to study and study for exam. first exam is next monday!

    anyways lets go back to.... last tuesday?

    when i am emo, i'll eat. eat all the comfort food and that's when all of my cravings will start coming out one by one. this time i was emo over the hectic week..

    after class eventho i have dinner waiting at home for me, i still went to maccas and had their chicken and cheese burger and a small fries. felt slightly better after that..

    outfit of the day.
    sweat shirt: nike
    cut off black denim shorts: jeanswest
    scarf: asos
    military boots: williams shoehouse
    accessories: lovisa, bangkok and ebay

    somehow the colours made me feel a little happier. hahah!

    on wednesday,

    i had a presentation in the morning. it went alright la i suppose. after lecture i went to talk to my lecture over some issues and i was feeling so down after that.

    straight away walked to cacao green and had my favourite, froyo! original with cheese cake bits. and they gave me free blueberry froyo to try. i still prefer original ((:

    i remember the day ended quite late for me. i stayed back in uni to finish up a group project that was due on friday.

    my very basic outfit. super love my tommy vest!!
    black long sleeve merino wool top: glassons
    jeans: levis
    down feather vest: tommy hilfiger
    boots: aldo
    scarf: princess highway
    watch: guess
    rings: lovisa
    necklace: bangkok

    i was so dotted that day. my iphone cover had polka dots on them. so does my laptop sleeve and my scarf. ahahah! i think by now you guys should notice that i am like super into polka dots. heheheh!


    finally got my traffic light system for my digital electronics design subject working. and the demonstration we got 5/5! awesomeeeee! and handed in the report on the same day itself as well (:

    after classes, i stayed back in uni with a bunch of friends to do my lab report.

    quick lunch. lamb kebab $4.50

    was in uni till about 5 something. by the time reach home about 6 something, the sky was like pitch black already. so annoying..... don't like the days to be so short lah!!!

    came home and was greeted by this in the mail. my cute silicon penguin iphone case! =D


    suppose to not have classes on friday. and it was like super duper heavy rain and i had to go to uni to do assignment with a friend.

    love my cute warm and furry ugg inspired boots from taiwan! =D

    went over to clayton after that. thank god it stopped raining when i was on my way there..

    dear cooked dinner for me! (: loves!

    chocolates to munch while doing assignment and lab report. teck wei's dad bought it went he came over. dark chocolate with lemon and almonds seems to really go well!

    dear's diablo 3 arrived that morning and he was like super duper happy... hahah and i was curious what is so nice about it so i pulled the chair and sat beside him while he plays and me with my laptop doing my work.

    to my surprise, diablo 3 quite fun ler... hahaha! been watching him play for like ever. since friday. ahha! even i know what everything is, whats going on and all that already. hahaha!

    saturday night,

    me and the boyfie went to khai shien's room for mahjong while waiting for our pizza delivery. saturday got some deal that 3 pizza is only for $24. hehehe


    pizzas and garlic bread.

    i only managed to take picture of two. hahah! forgot about the last one. haha!

    love this peekaboo pockets denim shorts! been hunting for it high low for like ever already. finally found these aussie flag ones for $10. so so happy!


    went down to the city for brunch with boyfie, cherly, jia shen and yao yun.

    it was at the Quarter on degraves street.

    dear's the works breakfast.

    and my bagel special ((: smoked salmon on bagel with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce on top! yumsss!

    after brunch was dessert time! went to Chatime cause it was nearer and i haven't had it in a long time.

    ordered their peach milk tea. but it was so bad )): totally destroyed my mood... i need my dessert cravings to be fixed lahhhhhh!

    thankfully the conversations we had over bubble tea was amusing and a nice catch up (:

    came back to MA and cooked mee hoon for dinner. loved it! it was so peppery and totally right for a cold night. hahaha!


    dear went to uni in the afternoon to meet his lecturer and then bought back sushi for me for lunch (((: hehehe

    handed in my last two lab report and assignment this afternoon then about 5 ish we went out to clayton to do grocery shopping. grocery damn expensive ler... like seriously...

    came back and cooked dinner. this time it was a 3 dishes dinner and there isn't anything that was from the packet.

    yumsssss! =D

    i think the chicken can be so much better if i would have used chicken thigh. breast fillet is just too dry. not so nice.. but taste wise it was awesome!

    okay.... now back to studying. aiyo exams lahhhhh....!! sigh... ): bright side, i am going back to malaysia in less than 3 weeks. yay! but noooo.. downside, i won't be seeing the boyfie for a month plus.. ): hehe

    nitee peeps!


  3. Crunch time.

    Wednesday, May 23, 2012

    This week is by far the busiest week ever for the semester. I have so many things piled up. But slowly striking off one by one. Having a presentation tomorrow that I have no idea what I am doing but the good side of it is, there isn't any weightage. Screw up or not won't be a big deal. Just gonna crap and hope for the best during that 5 minutes.

    I am hoping for Saturday to be over. That's when my last assignment for the semester is due. And I made dear promise me he will help me distress on Sunday! I love the things we do together (: makes me laugh all the time and involves movies and food. Enough. More than enough to make me very happy.

    Tho next Monday onwards I have to do major revision and study for the finals which is the week after, sooo.... I am going to let lose on Sunday!! After a whole two weeks of mental torture, one day ain't that much =D

    Heading off to bed now. 6 hours and 20 minutes left before waking up for class. Goodnight y'all.

    Love, sher xx.

    The colours makes me happy. Despite the bad week I have been having.

  4. hellos people!

    i should be doing my assignment right now but i am kinda on a break. hehe =P but i i'll be super busy until next weekend.. so so busy. next week itself i have like 5 assignments/reports/presentation due. super crazy week. i promise i am gonna pamper myself with some nice food next sunday! prolly ikea meatballs?? hehehehehehe

    okay.. just going to solely blog about all the food i have been eating the past two days.


    off to the city for buffet at Langham Hotel.

    its at Melba (:

    the seafood section.

    the indian food section.

    the chinese stir fry section.

    all the roast meat.

    cold salad entree stuff.

    cheese area.

    japanese food area. look at all the sashimi!!

    ice cream and chocolate fondue area ((:

    look at all the desserts!!

    those are all the variety of food that they offer. super damn awesome la righttttt!

    my first plate of sashimi.

    and the rest of the food i had. i didn't manage to take picture of everything i ate but i tried to most of it ((:

    oh emmm geeee! their duck is so so so good! this duck pancake is super damn damn awesome! i kinda regret only eating two )):

    the naan is freshly made. yums!

    my second plate of sashimi!!!! =DD

    i had to eat and eat until i was eating enough in order to worth the money i paid. hahaha! i didn't even have dinner that night. too full from lunch. haha

    outfit of the day (:
    knit sweater: forever new
    polka dot top: forever new
    jeans: levi's
    booties: novo
    envelope clutch: sportsgirl
    accessories: ebay/lovisa


    lunch was at monash sports centre with dear, khai shien, ks's friend and cherly.

    had two pieces of boneless fried chicken and chips (: $7

    then came back to MA and continued with assignments. ughhhhhh i hate it so much! hopefully next sem i won't be having much of this at all.

    at night, went to chaddy with dear, khai shien and cherly for dinner... at...

    papparich! (: its newly opened and apparently its good. hehe we waited almost half and hour okay... damn banyak people!

    khai shien's curry laksa. yumss! $12

    cherly's asam laksa. $12

    my briyani rice with sambal prawns and ayam masak merah. its not the best but for melbourne's malaysian food standard, it is considered to be pretty good already. haha $12

    dear's roti telur and nasi lemak. he was like super craving for roti for a long long time. and he couldn't resist both... he even wanted satay but the price was ridiculous man! $6.50 & $12 for both.

     and i ordered tau foo fa for dessert. somehow i was craving for it. tho i was never a tau foo fa person. but it was yums! but cost $5... hahaha

    came back continued abit of assignment and then went to sleep. cannot tahan anymore of those work already. haha


    hehehe managed to get dear into making pasta for lunch for me =P

    and have been assignmenting and watching the season finale of grey's anatomy. omg it is so sad!!! ))): i is emo from it... their season finale always very tragic one... )):

    kay lahs... off to finishing up this assignment. have to and must finish it tonight!! SHEREENA!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! STOP PROCRASTINATING!!!!!!!!!!

    heheh =P

    lots of love,