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  1. hellos people!

    i should be doing my assignment right now but i am kinda on a break. hehe =P but i i'll be super busy until next weekend.. so so busy. next week itself i have like 5 assignments/reports/presentation due. super crazy week. i promise i am gonna pamper myself with some nice food next sunday! prolly ikea meatballs?? hehehehehehe

    okay.. just going to solely blog about all the food i have been eating the past two days.


    off to the city for buffet at Langham Hotel.

    its at Melba (:

    the seafood section.

    the indian food section.

    the chinese stir fry section.

    all the roast meat.

    cold salad entree stuff.

    cheese area.

    japanese food area. look at all the sashimi!!

    ice cream and chocolate fondue area ((:

    look at all the desserts!!

    those are all the variety of food that they offer. super damn awesome la righttttt!

    my first plate of sashimi.

    and the rest of the food i had. i didn't manage to take picture of everything i ate but i tried to most of it ((:

    oh emmm geeee! their duck is so so so good! this duck pancake is super damn damn awesome! i kinda regret only eating two )):

    the naan is freshly made. yums!

    my second plate of sashimi!!!! =DD

    i had to eat and eat until i was eating enough in order to worth the money i paid. hahaha! i didn't even have dinner that night. too full from lunch. haha

    outfit of the day (:
    knit sweater: forever new
    polka dot top: forever new
    jeans: levi's
    booties: novo
    envelope clutch: sportsgirl
    accessories: ebay/lovisa


    lunch was at monash sports centre with dear, khai shien, ks's friend and cherly.

    had two pieces of boneless fried chicken and chips (: $7

    then came back to MA and continued with assignments. ughhhhhh i hate it so much! hopefully next sem i won't be having much of this at all.

    at night, went to chaddy with dear, khai shien and cherly for dinner... at...

    papparich! (: its newly opened and apparently its good. hehe we waited almost half and hour okay... damn banyak people!

    khai shien's curry laksa. yumss! $12

    cherly's asam laksa. $12

    my briyani rice with sambal prawns and ayam masak merah. its not the best but for melbourne's malaysian food standard, it is considered to be pretty good already. haha $12

    dear's roti telur and nasi lemak. he was like super craving for roti for a long long time. and he couldn't resist both... he even wanted satay but the price was ridiculous man! $6.50 & $12 for both.

     and i ordered tau foo fa for dessert. somehow i was craving for it. tho i was never a tau foo fa person. but it was yums! but cost $5... hahaha

    came back continued abit of assignment and then went to sleep. cannot tahan anymore of those work already. haha


    hehehe managed to get dear into making pasta for lunch for me =P

    and have been assignmenting and watching the season finale of grey's anatomy. omg it is so sad!!! ))): i is emo from it... their season finale always very tragic one... )):

    kay lahs... off to finishing up this assignment. have to and must finish it tonight!! SHEREENA!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! STOP PROCRASTINATING!!!!!!!!!!

    heheh =P

    lots of love,

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