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  1. lovely dinner!

    Sunday, May 06, 2012

    totally totally enjoyed yesterday night's dinner and company. we should really do this more often. i'll try to make the effort when i get back to malaysia and have nice dinner plus dress ups with the besties.

    before talking about dinner, i shall start with lunch (:

    went to clayton town with teck wei for lunch and also to go buy groceries. lunch was at Dapur Indo mentioned in my second last post, tainted love. 

    both of us shared the gado gado.

    he had the mix rice plate.

    i had their nasi goreng kambing ((:

    lunch was so so filling. i had to tapao back my nasi goreng cause i can't fit anymore in already. haha! then we went to get the groceries and all that. the day was so miserable. kept on raining and raining. carried bags of food whilst walking in the drizzling rain is no fun ):

    went back to MA rested awhile then i got ready to go out for dinner. which i was running abit late to catch the bus cause i wasn't done with my make up... i am a super amateur when it comes to putting make up on. and i take an awfully long time to make sure their perfect. not perfect, i'll rub them off and reapply. especially those corner ticks of eyeliner...

    but still managed to catch the right bus to catch the right train.

    me, yesterday.

    had to take pictures of all my accessories lar okay..
    4 inch wedges & geometric necklace & hearts tights: ebay
    rings: lovisa
    bracelet: ritual
    envelope clutch: sportsgirl

    super super love my outfit for yesterday!! <3
    dress: ebay for $10 =DDD

    met up with audrey and loong at flinders. the rest were running a little late so we went over first.

    dinner was at The Deck on Southbank in southgate avenue.

    free flow of bread and butter (:

    our kitchen selection to share for 4pax. $36 there was duck lover parfait, zucchini fritters, fried bread, prawns, some i don't know sauce and some duck thingy in that bowl. and they were all really nice! considering i don't eat liver, that duck parfait was good! everything was good! =DD

    yao yun's duck sausage, lentils and hazelnut hollandaise for entree. $17

    my baked dory with autumn cabbage and clams. niceeeee! the fish was seasoned beautifully ((: $34

    audrey had the lamb rump, jerusalem artichoke, braised radicchio with mint. elvin had the same one as well. $34

    loong had the crab and zucchini risotto. $30

    teck wei and yao yun an wei ping had the special for the night. lamb tenderloins with jerusalem artichoke, lentils and roasted mushrooms. $34

    celine and wei bing had the duck breast with sweet carrot, fennel and charred baby onion salad. $34

    there wasn't a very wide selection but all of us ordered everything on their mains list. haha i didn't remember what all the mains came with so its copied off their menu on their website. hehehe! but all of the food was really good! so nice!

    the lovely company for the night!
    top picture (clockwise): yao yun, celine, elvin, wei bing, wei ping and audrey
    bottom picture (clockwise): me, teck wei and loong.

    really nice dinner company <3

    the girls for the night! hopefully we'll have a girls night next friday too! all of us looked really really good yesterday too!

    as i said i really loved my outfit for the night. hehehehe =P

    i used to not like lace cause i had this thought in my mind that it itchy. but now i so love lacey dresses! HAHA

    hahaha and so happy that our dressing up dinner went really well too! the food was great! company was great! and all of us looked fabulous! hahaha!

    our total bill came to $365.50. over 1k plus ringgit. HAHA!

    left straight after dinner and went to meet up with cherly to head back to clayton together. 

    but on the way to melbourne central,

    i made a pit stop to get froyo! heheeh i super love cacao green! hahaha

    was back in MA around 12am. but i so thoroughly enjoyed yesterday night =D


    woke up about 3pm. straight went to cook lunch.

    tom yum soup, green curry and rice and my leftover fried rice. hehe both the tom yum and green curry have the same ingredients. fish cake, chicken, green beans and carrot. hehe

    then just sorta lazed around for a while. catching up with shows and work. then it was time for dinner.

    cooked curry chicken and had it with rice (:

    now i am happily sipping my strawberry and apple juice while typing this. dear is busy with his report. i'll keep myself busy till he is done then we will be watching mission impossible in bed =D

    hehe nite peeps!

    aiyoyo... back to uni tomorrow... )): no fun leh...

    with love,

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